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About VANISHED & Episode Guide

About VANISHED & Episode Guide

Vanished Aired From August 21, 2006 – November 10, 2006 On FOX.

the plot:
This FOX drama centers on the search for Sara Collins. She's the wife of Senator Jeffrey Collins. Sara vanishes and the FBI lead by Agent Graham Kelton is on the job, but before they can find her they need to find out who she really is.

The mystery surrounding the disappearance is seen through the eyes of the FBI, members of the family and a reporter trying to get the story of her career.

The search for Sara will expose many secrets. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone is a suspect because of their secrets.

the cast:

John Allen NelsonSenator Jeffrey Collins
Joanne KellySara Collins
Margarita LevievaMarcy Collins
John Patrick AmedoriMax Collins
Ming-NaAgent Lin Mei
Rebecca GayheartJudy Nash
Christopher EganBen Wilson
Esai MoralesAgent Michael Tyner

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Episode Guide

1. Pilot

When Sara Collins a US senator's wife vanishes, the investigation digs up secrets from her past¦ and a possible connection to the kidnapping and murder of a child six months earlier. From her estate in Atlanta, Sara Collins tells a caller that her husband has arrived home. Never call here again, she says sternly before hanging up. Later that night the couple attends a benefit. Senator Jeffrey Collins is approached by the Deputy Attorney General, who encourages him to vote with the President's choice for Supreme Court confirmation. Sara vanishes after being summoned to the phone by a concierge... who turns out to be unknown to the hotel staff. Jeffrey becomes alarmed, especially when he finds Sara's necklace on the ground outside, and security is called in.

2. The Tunnel
Jeffrey makes a public plea, offering $2 million for information on Sara with a toll-free number. On the news broadcast Max hears that his mother is a suspect. He sends an e-mail to Jessica asking to see her. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, Peter Manning calls the FBI's number and informs the operator that he knew Sara twelve years ago as Nicky Johnson. The information is disseminated among thousands of other tips. Kelton and Agent Kyle Tyner order surveillance footage from every camera in downtown Atlanta, which numbers over 8,000. Mei finds Max's fingerprints in Jessica's hotel room. The agents go to the Collins house, and confront the boy in front of his father. Max claims that his mother was only recently trying to be a part of his life, but he has no idea where she is now.

3. Drop
A mysterious figure plants a bomb under a manhole. At the FBI lab there's DNA evidence from the fabric Marcy brought them: the blood is Valera's, the sweat is Ben's. A warrant is issued for Ben¦ and for Marcy, who Kelton wants to question further. Peter Manning gives Judy Nash a tape marked "Nicky." Senator Jeffrey Collins finds a strange phone in his home, and receives a text from the kidnappers. They demand $50,000 in $100 bills by noon tomorrow, or Sara dies. They also send Sara and Jeffrey's wedding picture as proof that they have her. JT Morse advises Jeffrey to call the FBI anyway, but finally agrees to get the money for him.

4. Before The Flood
Ben tells Kelton that someone else shot Valera, but Kelton doesn't believe him. Ben tells his court-appointed lawyer that he thinks he is being set up, and that he was only delivering the money for Quinn. He's disheartened to find out that Marcy turned him in. Kelton gets the raw camera-coverage of Jeffrey in the elevator from Judy, and reviews it with Mei. Jeffrey was on the emergency phone, but records show there was no call made to the police. What is Jeffrey watching on the video screen? Kelton questions Jeffrey, but he refuses to answer. Marcy pleads with her father to help Ben because he's being set up. She admits to him that she's pregnant. He asks why she and Sara were not getting along lately. Marcy says nothing.

5.The Feed
Kelton and Mei open up the coffin pulled from the reservoir. It is empty except for an earring identical to the one on the mayor's wife when her body was found. There are scratch marks in the casket. The woman was alive when she was locked in there. She must have drowned inside the casket after her husband approved the reservoir. Kelton thinks someone is trying to convince them to connect this death to Sara's disappearance. Tyner questions why Ben was shipped to the federal detention center. Kelton says he didn't authorize that. Kelton goes to the prison, and he is shocked to see his own signature on the transfer order. He rushes to Ben's cell just as Julian is instigating a fight. Kelton rushes to the cell, and shoots Julian before he can stab Ben. Marcy and Max visit their father at the hospital. JT brings news that Ben was injured in the holding cell, and is being transferred for his safety. JT says that the Supreme Court confirmation hearings will resume on Monday, and Jeffrey can be released that day.

6.Black Box
The FBI has new evidence that Sara Collins is alive in the form of a video feed beamed to a suspect's laptop. The video shows Sara chained to a bed in a bare room but when the feed is cut, the FBI has to race to locate its source. Agent Kelton turns to their prime suspect for answers: the mysterious Quinn, who appears to be connected to Sara's kidnappers. However, Quinn refuses to answer Kelton's questions, even when he offers to protect her from her paymasters. You can talk all you want, she says. I'm done. Kelton tries a new approach and suggests to his technician, Agent Cedar, that they broadcast a signal from Quinn's laptop to track the source of the feed. The signal leads them to an empty field with an antenna. Kelton climbs the mast and finds a black box attached to it. The box is a cell phone receiver used to transmit the video of Sara but it offers no further clues as to her location.

7. Resurrection

The FBI has tracked the source of the live video feed of Sara Collins to a log cabin in the woods, only to find the room filled with blood. DNA tests quickly confirm that the blood matches that of the senator's wife, and a dejected Agent Kelton travels to Jeffrey Collins' home to inform him. The grief-stricken senator holds Judge Rainer and his cronies responsible for his wife's death, and curses Kelton for not allowing him to yield to their demands: Why couldn't you let me give them what they wanted?” he says. Collins was being blackmailed to vote for Rainer's elevation to the Supreme Court, but now that Sara is dead, he resolves to defeat him in the vote. For the time being, however, news of Sara's demise must be kept secret until her body is found.

8. Aftermath
In the final moments of last week's episode, Agent Kelton was gunned down at the Senate, while trying to warn Jeffrey Collins to change his vote in favour of Judge Rainer's appointment to the Supreme Court. At the beginning of this week's instalment, the FBI agent is rushed to hospital, only to be pronounced dead on arrival. As Kelton's devastated colleagues mourn, Agent Mei rejects Tyner's offer of reassignment: I'm going to finish what we started, she vows. Kelton's old roommate, Agent Daniel Lucas (Eddie Cibrian), arrives at the Atlanta field office to take over the Collins investigation. His first job is to identify Kelton's killer from security camera footage by using special face-recognition software. As the computer scans its database for a match, Tyner arrives with news that a security alert was started at the Senate by the Atlanta office but who was responsible?

9. The New World
After the suicide of Edward Morrell, the prime suspect in the Sara Collins case (see last week's episode, Aftermath), agents Lucas and Mei are desperate for new leads. Fortunately, Mei has discovered that shortly before slitting his own throat, the mysterious Morrell sent a coded text message from his phone. The FBI's lab tech sets to work deciphering the message, while an autopsy on the dead man throws up another lead: an ID chip is embedded in Morrell's hand, designed to unlock a security system. The chip functions as a key but where is the door? The lab provides Lucas with a duplicate of the chip while the coded text message is found to match the numbers on a freight train that is due to arrive in Atlanta. Lucas and Mei head to the train tracks, where they observe the clandestine delivery of a large box, which is loaded into a waiting car. The agents trail the car to a warehouse where the delivery is unloaded. Lucas refuses to wait for back-up and decides to investigate

10. The Cell
FBI Agents Lucas and Mei have discovered that Sara Collins' disappearance is somehow connected to an ancient biblical text. Now their efforts to translate the scroll have led them to a jail where renowned theologian Dr Aaron Hensleigh is languishing on death row. Hensleigh is due to be executed in four days time for murdering his wife and research team, but it soon becomes apparent that the disturbed doctor is incapable of answering the agents' questions. Fortunately, another lead comes to light when police detain a van connected to Sara's kidnappers. CCTV footage appears to show that the driver hid something in the vehicle before being killed in a shootout. Lucas and Mei head to the FBI garage to inspect the van, where they find an ancient metal device hidden in the roof of the car. The circular object is covered in Hebrew markings, and the FBI's astonished expert identifies it as a cipher wheel: a 2,000-year-old decoder that could be used to decipher ancient texts such as the one acquired by the kidnappers. This would be the find of the century, the expert says. Biblical scholars would practically kill to get their hands on that scroll!

11. The Proffer
Senator Collins has high hopes that he will be seeing his wife again soon: he has done as the kidnappers requested and confirmed the controversial Judge Rainer, despite his reservations, and paid the ransom. Agents Lucas and Mei are also confident that the case is about to be closed, so are surprised when a man calls Lucas and says that he has information about Sara. “The kidnappers' demands were met; this is over,” Lucas tells the mysterious caller, who also tells him that he is the man who had been sending Agent Kelton the ˜Nathan cards. Why contact me now? The answer is not good: Because they have no intention of giving her back. While Lucas and Mei head off to meet the informant, Sara is enduring more mind-games from her captors. She awakens to find a television placed in her room, and is shocked when its screen flickers into life and shows her step-son Max talking about her. He seems to be at a therapy session, in which he describes Sara as an outsider who only married the Senator for his money. Distressed, Sara tries to turn it off but there is no power switch...

12. The Velocity of Sara
Sara has managed to escape from her underground prison, but her ordeal is not over yet. After breathlessly announcing her identity to a stunned sheriff at a police road block, she is ushered into a police car and taken to the station to await the arrival of the FBI. You're safe now, Agent Lucas reassures Sara on the phone, amazed that closing the case is in sight. I'm coming to get you. Sara's captors, unfortunately, have other ideas. When a man calling himself Agent Lucas' arrives with his men, he wastes no time dispatching the sheriff and every other cop in the building before heading to the back room to retrieve Sara. Having witnessed the carnage, Sara flees unaware that her progress is being monitored by a hidden tracking device.

13. Warm Springs
Since Sara disappeared from the underground bunker in which she was being held, the FBI agents have been wondering if the kidnappers moved her somewhere else. But when phone records from the Collins house are analysed, they realise that Sara actually called home but hung up when Jessica answered. The agents trace the call to a payphone and realise that she is heading north. If Sara is on the run, says Lucas, the guys who took her are going to want her back. They have the resources and they have the will so let's find her first! Senator Jeffrey Collins is furious when Lucas tells him that Jessica spoke to Sara but failed to inform him of the news, suspecting that his ex-wife deliberately hung up on Sara. Lucas also questions the Senator about his father, Eugene, who was present at the Encompass centre while Sara was being treated there. If he was involved all those years ago, could Sara's father-in-law have had something to do with her disappearance? Meanwhile, Sara has abandoned the car she stole from her would-be attacker last week and is continuing on foot. Exhausted, she falls asleep on the ground in the quiet town of Warm Springs, where she is later woken by a curious young girl. Noticing Sara's bleeding arm, the child begs Sara to come home with her and get some medical attention from her nurse mother. Whatever's wrong, my mama won't tell, she promises. She's good at keeping secrets. Sara reluctantly accompanies the girl home, where the mother fixes her up and adds her own assurances: Ain't nobody going to find you here unless you want them to. But after everything Sara has been through so far, can she really trust anyone? While Sara hides out in Warm Springs, the FBI agents are getting closer to locating her after finding the man whose car she stole. He claims that Sara carjacked him, but Lucas knows that he is lying when he realises that Sara took the car to escape a clumsy assault attempt. As they track her movements after she abandoned the car, the agents get another lead the woman who was sheltering Sara has called the hotline in the hope of landing a reward. Sara is on the move again, but it will not be long before the bad guys begin closing in on her... thanks to a tip-off from somebody inside the FBI. With their investigation being compromised like this, do Lucas and Mei stand a chance of ever finding Sara?

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