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Knight Rider Season 1 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Reply 80#80 gyki98's post

was there a reason why you skiped it?


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This episode had few contridiction when did kitt transform into van and other vehicles-i'm assuming KITT can transform any vehicle?.

It's getting point where you are not surprise what he can transform into more about what new features can KITT Do now.


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All the vehicles are fords but it is a nice change to the original


Reply 83#83 codebreaker's post

yes but how comes he can't transform into helicopter?

if they have technology for KITT Transform other vehicles?


Reply 84#84 bala's post

Do Ford have a helicopter in there fleet


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yes the show is so cheesy that its stupid.i like the scenes were they catch bad guys whitch are smartly made but im kinda sick of the pornstar chick and kitt being everythink.soon kitt will be able to turn into a fish or somethink

its still watchable.but the original  is 100 percent better


Reply 85#85 codebreaker's post

thats a good point.i think they will just put a heli with a ford sticker on it


Reply 86#86 gyki98's post

As i'm true knight rider fan i'm sticking with it as long as it last.

Porn star chick-she not a porn star chick she has never done porn but it's just way to attract male viewers but don't they know this show is a guy's show. that reason they put her in sexy outfits.

i would love to see micheal try to do a mission without KITT  -now that an episode love to watch


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i know but she looks like 1


Reply 89#89 gyki98's post

so you don't find her attractive?


Reply 90#90 bala's post

i do but she has too mutch makeup and that stuff


Reply 91#91 gyki98's post

Yeah i do agree with that


NBC grants 'Knight Rider' season order

Knight Rider has been handed a full-season order by NBC, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The action-drama, a remake of David Hasselhoff's hit '80s series, has received the green light for nine more episodes, taking its inaugural season to 22 instalments.

Knight Rider has experienced a critical drubbing and less than solid ratings since debuting in September. The last episode pulled in 7.65 million viewers.

The pickup is NBC's first full-season order for a new series. The Mentalist (CBS), Fringe (Fox) and 90210 (The CW) have also been granted a full first season.


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This some good news now it survive the second season

if bionic woman had start up this year i would think it would be more successful than the launch last year?


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I did not really think much of Bionic Woman, I personally believe it had a very weak storyline and that it would have failed in any year.

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Yeah maybe your right but we were told by network the writer  strike put the end to that show?


Episode 5

I really liked this episode, i liked him going undercover, the car being in yet another different type, and i loved the ending.


Reply 97#97 spratt89's post

i didn't i thought it awful episode he depends too much on KITT


Reply 98#98 bala's post

yeh.i liked the hasselhof knight rider.he had balls of steel .

not a bad ep.i dont like how the asian chick is playing the nerd.its sstupid cause it sounds and looks retarded


Next episode delay

Because NBC has sold air time on Oct. 29 to the Barack Obama presidential campaign, this episode will be delayed. NBC's press site is currently listing it as airing on Saturday, November 1, in Knight Rider's frequent repeat timeslot. However, stay tuned for updates in case this may change.