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Dirty Sexy Money Season 1 Guide

1. Pilot   
When attorney Nick George's father dies, Nick takes over his law practice and must take care of the Darlings and their problems, including human trafficking, illegitimate children, and affairs.

2. The Lions   
Nick searches for his father's killer. When the family has a photo shoot Juliet refuses to be there. Patrick has to deal with his father who wants him to run for the senate.

3.  The Italian Banker   
Nick tries to fix things when the Darlings are blackmailed over a sex tape starring a family member. Patrick is upset over being forced to end things with Carmelita. Brian's wife gets suspicious over the Swedish orphan he brought home. Jeremy tries to keep it quiet about him and Natalie, but when they all show up at a fundraiser for Patrick things get out of control.

4.  The Chiavennasca   
Tripp sends Nick to a vineyard in Italy to get information about his father's death. Nick decides to bring Lisa along to spend some time with her away from the Darlings but Freddy and Karen are following them everywhere they go. After Leticia admits she was unfaithful to him, Tripp decides to find out if all of his children are really his.

5.  The Bridge   
Nick finds he has a lot in common with Simon, Tripp's nemesis. In a case of sibling rivalry Jeremy and Juliet decide to try and outdo each other for their separate birthday parties. Brian Jr. wants to tell Brian's wife the truth. Karen tries to get Freddy into a fancy country club.

6.  The Game   
A high stakes poker game pits Simon Elder against Tripp. Simon tells Nick he will help him find the man who killed his father if Tripp puts up something he wants very badly. Karen needs a favor from her irresistible ex husband, and Jeremy gets a real job working as a parking valet.

7.  The Wedding   
Karen is getting married, but her strong desire for Nick might be more of a distraction then she could have ever thought. The mother of Brian's son comes back into town trying to get back her son, but the once arrogant Brian has another idea.

8. The Country House   
Thanksgiving has arrived and Nick George wants to spend the day with his wife and daughter, but Tripp has another idea. Tripp wants Nick to set up a meeting with Simon Elder so Tripp and Simon can talk face-to-face once and for all. Meanwhile, Letitia helps Karen try and to get closer to Nick. Brian fights to keep his ex-girlfriend, Andrea, from taking his son away from him while Jeremy goes on a first date with Sofia.

9.  The Watch   
This flashback episode reveals secrets about Dutch (Nick's father) and the relationships he had with Nick, Tripp, and Letitia. Karen's intimate view towards Nick is put on hold as she takes a liking to Simon Elder. Brian's attempt to get his son takes a turn he didn't expect and Jeremy continues to hide how much he is worth from Sofia.

10.  The Nutcracker   
Nick learns Simon and Karen are secretly together, but refuses to say why it truly bothers him. Karen doesn't attend the family tradition of watching "The Nutcracker" in order to meet a mysterious person. Brian's suspension from the ministry makes him look elsewhere for a job, and Letitia suggests he go to Tripp for guidance. Meanwhile, Juliet has a visitor from the Seychelles, and Carmelita tells Patrick she thinks she's being watched by someone.


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Heartland Season 1 Guide

1. Pilot   
Heartland introduces us to Dr. Nathaniel Grant (Treat Williams) an intense and overworked lung and heart transplant surgeon at St. Jude Regional Transplant Center in Pittsburgh. Grant is forced to deal with working in the same hospital with his ex-wife Kate (Kari Matchett), who is the organ recovery coordinator. The two must put aside their past differences and battle the clock in order to save lives.

2.  I Make Myself Into Something New   
Dr. Grant is now the chief of staff of the St. Jude Regional Transplant Center due to his friend and mentor Bart Jacobs retirement because of poor health. Meanwhile as Kate waits for clearance to remove the organs of a "Jane Doe" murder victim, she spends the day with her daughter Thea who is nervous about an upcoming party. Dr. Grant refuses to perform a living donation for a son who wants to give part of his liver to his dying alcoholic father. The episode also introduces us to Dr. Tom Jonas, who joins St Jude taking Grant's old position.

3.  Picking Up Little Things   
Dr. Griffith makes a bad incision during a liver transplant causing massive bleeding and forcing the liver to be discarded. The patient still has a chance for survival due to a possible living donation of the patients brother who is in prison for the murder of their foster father. Meanwhile Nathaniel treats a 13-year-old heart transplant patient who constantly comes back to the hospital with complications.

4. Mother & Child Reunion   
Tom is preparing to perform the first ever fetal uterine transplant on an infertile woman. However, he must get Nathaniel's approval before performing this breakthrough operation. Meanwhile, Nathaniel is preoccupied with saving the life of a six month old baby dying of a rare heart defect. Kate struggles to convince a grieving mother to donate her baby's heart, which could potentially save Nathaniel's dying baby.

5.  The Places You'll Go   
Kate and Dr. Jonas travel to West Virginia to obtain the liver from a dying woman. However, Jonas encounters racism during their trip, which delays the organ recovery. Dr. Grant faces ethical issues when he meets a patient who is experiencing complications after receiving a liver on the black market in Mexico. Kate starts dating again.

6. Domino Effect   
Dr. Grant and his team perform an extremely complicated transplant procedure involving three married couples. Mary decides to make a personal sacrifice to insure the operation is a success. Meanwhile, Dr. Jonas' wife arrives and Bart's condition takes a turn for the worse leading his wife and Dr. Grant to push harder for him to get his much needed lung transplant.

7.  A Beautiful Day   
A hostage crisis occurs at a local video arcade, which results in injuries and a possible organ donor from the perpetrator. However, the parents of one of the injured strongly object to his organs being used. Meanwhile, Kate trains a new organ recovery coordinator. Thea seeks to gain more independence from her parents.

8. As We Are So Wonderfully Done with Each Other  
Bart's health starts to decline to a critical state. Meanwhile, Dr. Grant and Kate travel to Cincinnati to recover a lung, which temporarily puts Dr. Jonas in charge of the hospital. Dr. Jonas immediately begins preparations for a complicated transplant procedure, which Grant initially rejected. Dr. Griffith makes a desperate attempt to impress staff due to the impending end of his fellowship.

9.  Smile   
In Heartland's dramatic season finale, Bart passes away and his widow would like Nathaniel to give the eulogy at his funeral. Meanwhile, panic ensues when it's discovered a former donor had cancer and it has been passed to the recipients of her organs. Kate feels responsible for the disaster and scrambles to find replacement organs. Dr. Jonas uses the opportunity to tell Kate how he really feels about her.


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Joan of Arcadia Season 1 Guide

1.  Pilot   
Sixteen year old Joan Girardi is approached by someone claiming to be God. He gives her a mission, get a job. Will Girardi, Joan's dad and new chief of police for Arcadia, is trying to solve the case of a serial killer.

2. The Fire and the Wood   
Joan enrolls in advanced-placement chemistry, after God asks her to stop being an underachiever; Will ruffles feathers during an arson investigation.

3.  Touch Move   
God encourages Joan to learn how to play chess; Will must work with a psychic on a missing toddler case; Helen hopes a miracle will enable Kevin to walk again.

4.  The Boat   
Helen fears Joan is becoming eccentric when she enthusiastically tackles her boat-building project; Will encourages Kevin to join a wheelchair basketball team.

5. Just Say No   
Joan learns from God that she's holding a garage sale on Saturday, which doesn't leave her much time to sort through her family's unwanted belongings. Among the items she unearths are paintings created by Helen during a dark period in her life. Elsewhere, Will goes to bat for a rape victim even though the district attorney feels the case isn't strong enough. Also, Joan catches the interest of a class charmer and a newspaper job falls right into Kevin's lap.

6.  Bringeth It On   
Joan gets a lesson in popularity when God tells her to try out for the cheerleading squad, and her efforts to impress two pom-pom girls pay off with an invite to hang out together outside of school. Meanwhile, Will's first case working with Det. Toni Williams involves an abandoned newborn left in a trash bin, presumably by a student from Arcadia High. Another story line has a classmate sensing a gay vibe in Luke.

7. . Death Be Not Whatever   
Joan baby-sits for a 6-year-old boy who is obsessed with death; officers assault a black man at a gas station.

8. The Devil Made Me Do It   
God's mysterious ways once again bewilder Joan, when He asks her to volunteer at the high-school art show, so that she can keep Adam Rove's sculpture from being exhibited. Elsewhere, Will feels pressure from the DA's office to call a man a hero after he shoots and kills a home intruder. Meanwhile, Kevin grows weary of receiving special treatment because he uses a wheelchair.

9.  St. Joan   
God wants Joan to score an "A" on a test about French saint Joan of Arc. As the teen hits the books, she draws comparisons to the life of the young heroine who claimed to hear divine voices and was burnt at the stake. Helen finds her daughter's newest obsession troublesome and urges Will to have the entire family visit a therapist. Meanwhile, Will is unjustly raked over the coals for shutting down a crack house.

10.  Drive, He Said   
Each of the Girardis deal with crises of varying seriousness, the worst of which puts Will at the mercy of a crazed gunman. The day also finds Helen reacting with mixed emotions after getting a positive result on a home-pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Joan dreads having to take her driver's exam, and Luke is presented with a major distraction just before he's supposed to compete in a high-stakes competition.

11. The Uncertainty Principle   
God instructs Joan to ask a troublemaker to the winter formal. Will uncovers secrets that could prove unfavorable to the former Chief of Police and other members of the city's government.

12. Jump   
Joan is saddened when she learns Rocky (Death Be Not Whatever) has passed away, causing her to further question God about life and death. Will loses his job when his discovery, and whistle blowing, of a political conspiracy causes the town government, and police department, to be resolved. While Luke continues to work on his science project and his growing attraction to Grace and Kevin is injured in a game of basketball.

13. Recreation   
At Helen's insistance, she and Will take a getaway to a spa, but all does not go well when Will cannot forget about his job. And with the parents away, the kids are up to a little recreation of their own; Kevin and his boss, Rebecca, find it hard to ignore their mutual attraction; Joan, as she is trying to sort out her feelings for Adam, is instructed by God to throw a party while her parents are away; Luke helps Joan pull off a successful party.

14. State of Grace   
God tells Joan to join the debate team, where her partner has a stuttering problem. A new security system is implemented at Arcadia High School. After the art teacher quits, Helen wonders if she would be right for the job. Both Kevin and Luke separately deal with the aftermath of a kiss. And Will and Toni deal with a case involving a reverend accused of child molestation.

15. Night Without Stars   
Joan's newest mission from God is to work with kids, so she volunteers to help babysit children of abused mothers; Joan becomes jealous when Adam falls for one of the volunteers; Kevin starts to get cocky again and sleeps with his girlfriend, Rebecca; previous events emotionally catch up with Will; and Luke makes a shocking admission to Kevin.

16.  Double Dutch   
God tells Joan to learn to jump rope with a group of inner-city teens, one of whom Joan discovers is homeless. Kevin goes on a date, but not with who you think.

17.  No Bad Guy   
After Joan stands up for one of her classmates being bullied, an embarrassing picture of Joan, taken with a picture phone, is rapidly spread around school. God instructs Joan to join the band. Will must deal with an elderly driver who accidentally killed several people.

18.  Requiem for a Third Grade Ashtray   
God instructs Joan to help out with the a chaotic Girardi household; Adam has his first art show; Will and Toni witness a carjacking. Will and Toni, while making an arrest, get stuck in an elevator with a pregnant woman who is about to give birth; Kevin believes he might be recovering some sensation in his stomach area and gets an EMG (a nerve conduction) test done.

19.  Do the Math   
God tells Joan to take piano lessons; Joan helps her piano teacher deal with her past; Joan learns a painful secret Will and Helen have been keeping from the family; Iris becomes suspicious of Adam and Joan closeness.

20.  Anonymous   
Joan joins the yearbook staff, per God's request, and decides to use this assignment as a means of impressing Adam... Feeling threatened that Iris and Adam continue to share a bond over their passion for art, Joan vows to discover a hidden talent that Adam will admire. However, her disastrous attempt to be the yearbook's star photographer soon adds to her insecurities about losing him. Meanwhile, Will and Toni attempt to set up a sting for a man who is planning to hire a hitman to murder his wife.

21. Vanity, Thy Name Is Human   
Joan takes a cosmetics class, per God's request, and Kevin doesn't react well to crossing paths with the last girlfriend he dated before his disabling accident... Glynis' flattering makeover attracts a great deal of positive attention at school, which only adds to Joan's disappointment when Adam fails to notice her own new look. Meanwhile, Kevin, who remains bitter with the belief that he had been dumped by Beth because he had become a paraplegic, harshly rebuffs her efforts to make peace with him.

22.  The Gift   
After God tells Joan to give Adam a gift, she finds something that leads her to wonder if God's suggesting she have sex with him... While secretly searching through Adam's backpack for gift ideas, Joan is stunned to find a condom there. She soon wonders if sex is the "gift" God had in mind, and she nervously ponders whether or not she'd be ready for such a big step. Meanwhile, Kevin begins covering court proceedings for the paper and ends up causing a stir in one of Will's cases.

23.  Silence  
When the hospitalized Joan is diagnosed with Lyme disease, she begins to question if she's been seeing God or merely experiencing the hallucinations that can be symptomatic of her condition... Upon hearing that Joan may have been suffering from the symptoms of Lyme Disease for months, a somewhat relieved Will and Helen believe this news may explain Joan's mood swings and atypical behavior, while a concerned Adam wonders if Joan will be different upon her recovery. Meanwhile, the hospitalized Joan experiences a crisis of faith -- and considers revealing to someone close to her that she's been talking to God. In separate circumstances, Helen and Will begin to rethink their belief systems after, respectively, experiencing spiritual dreams and miraculous events.


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Joan of Arcadia Season 2 Guide

1.  Only Connect     
After a summer of therapy and with school resuming Joan tries to return to a "normal" life even as she ignores God, who keeps reappearing; Will is sued for emotional distress by Andy Baker, whose drunk driving caused the accident that paralyzed Kevin; Luke and Grace try to adjust to their relationship.

2. Out of Sight     
Judith, a wild friend of Joan's from summer camp, starts school at Arcadia High; Will investigates a drive-by shooting; Kevin confronts Andy about the on-going lawsuit.

3.  Back to the Garden      
God instructs Joan to start a community garden; Judith continues her downward spiral; Luke puts up a strong front with Grace; a former police informant is killed setting Will and Carlisle on a mission to find corrupt cops.

4.  The Cat      
God has Joan adopt a wild cat; Helen's Aunt Olive has a stroke while visiting; Will calls Internal Affairs to investigate for corrupt cops..

5.  The Election      
Things get dirty in a student council election as God instructs Joan to support a candidate; Helen must deal with a student who protests another students work of art.

6.   Wealth of Nations     
God tells Joan to help her mother collect clothes for the homeless; Kevin attempts stand-up comedy in order to impress Beth; Will wants to counter-sue the Bakers.

7.  P.O.V.     
Joan struggles with the pressures of Junior year; God assigns Joan to work on a videography; Adam and Judith work on a project together; Will, Kevin, and Helen meet with a lawyer to discuss a counter-lawsuit.

8.  Friday Night      
After being prodded by Judith to go on a real date, Joan and Adam nervously prepare for a romantic night at a fancy French restaurant. Little do they know that Judith has subsequently made some misguided plans for herself for that evening, which later causes the guilt-ridden Joan to wonder if she could have prevented her friend's misfortune.

9.   No Future      
As Joan begins to deal with Judith's death, she faces the added pressure of having to relive the day of Kevin's accident during her deposition. Meanwhile, Will feels guilty as he recalls how poorly he treated Kevin in the hours preceding his accident. Additionally, Grace reluctantly agrees to join Luke for dinner at the Girardi's on his birthday.

10.  The Book of Questions      
While helping Grace shop for a dress for the occasion, Joan is delighted to finally meet Grace's seemingly perfect mother, Sarah. However, when Sarah's drinking problem becomes evident, Joan begins to understand why Grace is so private – and why she's long been avoiding having her bat mitzvah. Meanwhile, Luke racks his brain to come up with a meaningful bat mitzvah gift for Grace. Additionally, Adam and Joan have different ways of coping with Judith's death.

11. Dive     
As Joan tries to work her way up to the high dive despite her acrophobia, Luke attempts to overcome his paralyzing fear of undertaking an activity at which he might fail. Meanwhile, Will continues his quest to find Judith's killer, and Kevin goes on a date with Beth. Additionally, while reflecting on Judith's death and Kevin's accident, Helen becomes overwhelmed with concern about her family being in harm's way.

12. Game Theory      
Despite everyone's protests, Joan allows her snobby, Ivy League-educated guidance counselor to advise her against applying to college. However, after Joan relays her plans to Roger, an engaging college student on the campus she's visiting, he tells her that college is attainable and persuades her to hire him as a tutor. Meanwhile, Adam becomes jealous of Joan's rapport with Roger; Will sees a dark side of Lucy; Helen questions her commitment to Catholicism, and Beth finds it difficult to resume a relationship with the wheelchair-bound Kevin.

13. Queen of the Zombies     
God instructs Joan to try out for the school play; Adam builds the sets for the play; Grace becomes jealous of Luke and Glynis.

14. The Rise & Fall of Joan Girardi      
After saving a girl's life Joan suddenly becomes famous but she soon learns fame is fleeting and can even turn against you; Adam has a job interview that doesn't quite go the way he wants; tension builds between Lucy and Will; as Luke prepares to get his drivers license Grace tries to educate him on the harmful impact vehicles have on the environment.

15.  Romancing the Joan     
God wants Joan to do an extra credit assignment on Romantic poetry; Adam takes on a perky and cute assistant (special guest star Haylie Duff); Lucy gets a promotion; Helen takes a break from her Catholic studies; Kevin decides to get back into the dating game.

16.   Independence Day     
Incensed that Will and Helen have forbidden her to go to a concert with Adam and stay overnight with him in his father's camper, Joan goes anyway. After Joan has a conversation with God about free will, she decides to use it as a rationale for lying to her mother in order to go on the trip as she's convinced that Helen simply wants her to remain a dependent little girl.

17.   Shadows and Light      
Joan is convinced that she's meant to help Stevie keep her part-time job with Adam, despite Stevie's mother's order that she quit. In an effort to supply Stevie with the Social Security number that Stevie's mother is withholding, Joan gets Kevin to use his investigative reporting skills. Kevin's findings end up leading Will to make a discovery that quickly turns Stevie's world upside-down. Meanwhile, Adam is upset with Joan for telling Helen that he tried to have sex with her, and Kevin is conflicted when the local television station asks him to do a report that pertains to paralysis.

18.   Secret Service     
After Price discovers Joan holding an empty egg carton near his freshly egged car, he wrongly assumes she's the culprit and punishes her with a weekend of community service. Without more direction from God than to rise above the injustice, Joan tries to figure out if she's meant to help a bitter former nun, Lilly, who is overseeing the service project, or one of the social outcasts who are serving as a result of their own offenses. Meanwhile, Joan's also upset that her reluctance to begin a sexual relationship with Adam is driving a wedge between them. Also, Adam meets a troubled artist at the community center; Joan gets Luke a job at the bookstore; Kevin has another car accident.

19.  Trial and Error      
Joan prepares to prosecute a case for a mock trial at school, per God's request, while enthusiastically planning a way to celebrate her one-year anniversary with Adam, who has secretly betrayed her. Joan surprises everyone with her passion in prosecuting a mock case against the equally motivated defense attorney, Grace. Meanwhile, while trying to hide his guilt from Joan as she plans a special anniversary night out with him, Adam decides to confess his wrongdoing to an appalled Grace. Meanwhile, Will investigates the murder of an eight-year-old girl and Helen continues her study of catholicism.

20.  Spring Cleaning      
In the wake of Joan's difficult breakup with Adam, God tells her to do some therapeutic cleaning, which ends up putting her in the middle of a scandal involving her guidance counselor... As part of Joan's clean sweep, she returns everything Adam ever gave her, which only adds to the awkwardness between them. Meanwhile, when Joan returns some items to Mr. Tuchman that he loaned her, a jealous student with feelings for Tuchman vindictively tells the school authorities that Tuchman initiated intimate relationships with both her and Joan. Also, Kevin considers getting a place of his own.

21.  Common Thread     
Joan and Grace fear the worst when, on the heels of failed attempts to reconnect with Joan, the emotionally fragile Adam goes missing during a hike... Despite Grace's attempts to foster a more comfortable rapport between her friends, Joan is intent on hurting Adam with her rebuffs, which she regrets when it appears that his life may be in danger. Meanwhile, Helen is shocked when a priest tells her that the man who raped her 25 years ago would like her to visit his deathbed so he may apologize. Also, Luke is dismayed and intrigued when he learns that Friedman has been getting stoned.

22.  Something Wicked This Way Comes     
God tells Joan that her last two years were just practice for her greatest challenge, which will be to face off against a mysterious man who, though he also talks to God, has a sinister agenda... Initially, Joan is simply curious about Ryan Hunter, the charming, wealthy and influential man who revealed to her that he also speaks to God, and who rescued Adam from the woods during a storm. However, she soon discovers Ryan's dark side and is alarmed that he's insinuated himself into the lives of her loved ones, who are quick to dismiss Joan's qualms about him.


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Burn Notice Season 1 Guide

1.  Pilot   
Michael Westen is a spy who receives a "burn notice" while on assignment. Spies are not fired, rather they are issued a burn notice to let the agent know their services are no longer required.
Penniless, Michael returns to his roots in Miami where he freelances his skills to earn money. First up, Michael helps a man clear his name after valuable pieces of art and jewellery are stolen.

2. Identity   
Michael helps Madeline's friend retrieve money from a swindler, and in return he receives information about some visitors that came to his mother's home.

3.  Fight or Flight   
A drug dealer is witnessed brutally beating up a man by a single mother. Oleg asks Michael to help the woman, Cara, his best waitress after she stops showing up for work.

4. Old Friends   
Michael's friend, Bill, asks for the spy's help in freeing his daughter from a prostitution ring. Meanwhile, Michael dodges multiple assassination attempts.

5.  Family Business   
Michael infiltrates a family of gunrunners who are pressuring an airport supervisor and his pregnant wife. The FBI begin to put pressure on Sam to gather more information on Michael.

6.  Unpaid Debts   
Michael discovers a surprise aboard a boat he has retrieved from Jamaican gangsters. Meanwhile, a CSS agent urges Michael to stop his investigation into who burned him.

7.  Broken Rules   
Michael poses as a thief and infiltrates a crime gang that's terrorizing a merchant.

8. Wanted Man   
Michael helps Fiona track down a jewel thief as she believes the alleged thief is innocent.

9. Hard Bargain   
A man's fiancée is kidnapped from the house he is looking after. Meanwhile, Michael is offered information on how he can clear his burn notice.

10. False Flag   
Michael is hired to track down a woman's estranged husband, who has disappeared with their son. Michael soon finds himself pitted against somebody just as skilled and dangerous as he is.

11.  Dead Drop (1)   
Sam takes on a case for a woman named Gillian, who is being blackmailed into using her security clearance to help smuggle heroin into the United States. Meanwhile, Michael is busy trying to arrange a meeting with Philip Cowan.

12 Loose Ends (2)   
Michael must rescue Sam from heroin smugglers, who happen to be ex-Special Forces, while also evading agents who are out to get him.


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Robin Hood Season 1 Guide

1. Will You Tolerate This?   

Robin, Earl of Huntingdon, returns home after five years fighting the Crusades to discover his England is not the same England he once knew. He must make a choice to compromise his values of honour and justice and adapt to the new order or make a stand to save four innocent lives.

2. Sheriff Got Your Tongue?   

Little John and his band of outlaws are proving a difficult problem to overcome for Robin and his men. The Sheriff retaliates against the Robin's defection by threatening the people of Locksley. Robin is given a choice: Surrender or allow the people of Locksley to suffer.

3. Who Shot the Sheriff?   

The Sheriff's bailiff is murdered and rumours point to Robin being the culprit. However, he believes it to be a do-gooder known as the Nightwatchman. Robin and the Sheriff form an unholy alliance to find the true identity of the murderer.

4. Parent Hood   

Roy is captured by the Sheriff and he is given a choice - kill Robin or watch his mother hang.The Outlaws find a baby in the forest and try to find the parents. Marian defies the Sheriff and he plots her punishment.

5. Turk Flu   

Robin must be patient when the Nottingham Fair comes to town bringing with it the temptation of the silver arrow competition. Before he can compete Robin must first deal with the Sheriff's latest plan of using Saracen slaves as labour in his deadly mine. Can Robin, with the help of the Nightwatchman, defeat Nottingham's plan in time for the competition?

6.  The Taxman Cometh   

When Robin and his gang encounter Flaxton, a farmer, and his son while on their way to Nottingham it doesn't take them long to discover all is not as it seems. When they discover that Flaxton is actually a tax inspector, on his way to count the mountain of tax silver in Nottingham Castle a plan is hatched to allow Robin access to the castle vault.

7. Brothers In Arms   

Returning from a visit to teach the Sheriff's bent pawnbroker a lesson, Robin and his gang encounter another gang of outlaws - just in time to save them from a beating. When their leader turns out to be Alan-A-Dale's brother, Tom, Robin must decide if he should allow the other outlaws to join his gang.

8.  Tattoo? What Tattoo?   

As King Richard's birthday comes around Robin is shocked to discover a terrible secret about Sir Guy of Gisborne. Meanwhile Djaq has been captured and is being held by the Sheriff, with Robin distracted by Gisborne’s secret can the gang complete a successful rescue without him?

9.  A Thing or Two About Loyalty   

Lambert, a friend of Sir Guy of Gisborne and castle scientist, realises that lives could be at risk if his latest invention were to fall into the Sheriff's hands. When Lambert won't make more of the invention, an "explosive" black powder, he is put into the dungeons by the furious Sheriff. Much volunteers to get himself arrested so he can help Lambert from within, but will he get more than he has bargained for?

10. Peace? Off!   

Robin saves an arsonist from burning Locksley Church and brings him back to the forest, the gang are reluctant to feel sympathy for him - until they realise who he is and where he's been.

Peace is on the table as an emissary from Saladin visits England to negotiate with Prince John, but instead the Sheriff attempts to hold him for ransom. When Robin discovers the plot, he makes plans for the ransom money - but what will he have to face to get it?

11.  Dead Man Walking   

When Little John's son is arrested in Locksley, John moves to protect his son from the Sheriff's law - and is quickly thrown in Nottingham's dungeon. Alice is surprised to find her husband is still alive.

12. The Return Of The King   

The news of King Richard's return to England reaches Robin and the gang - and it means one thing; Marian's marriage to Gisborne is looming closer. Marian attempts to steal Gisborne's money and distribute it to the villagers, Robin tries to find out more about Gisborne's crimes. But then tragedy strikes for the Nightwatchman at Locksley Manor..

13.  A Clue: No   

In the final episode of the series. Robin of Locksley mourns the loss of Marian. But in the final farewells from the group a shocking discovery is made.....


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Robin hood season 2 guide

1. Sisterhood

Robin and the gang have been busy constructing their ingenious new camp, but, when Knighton Hall is razed and Marian and Edward are taken to the castle under house arrest, it's clear that the rules have changed.

2. The Booby And The Beast

In his first mission since discovering the devastating truth about operation Shah Mat, Robin launches an abortive raid on Nottingham Castle's new Strong Room.

3. Child Hood

When a group of boys accidentally stumbles on Gisborne's weapons testing site, all but one is taken prisoner.When the alarm's raised, Robin hatches a plan. But with Gisborne armed to the hilt in an indestructible suit of armour, a rescue attempt is more difficult than it might first appear.
Robin must think fast if he\'s to save a boy's life and stop a vital part of the Sheriff's war machine...

4. The Angel of Death

The Sheriff and his sinister scientist, Joseph (pretending to be the Nightwatchman), test a poison, blaming the ill effects on the pestilence.

5. Ducking And Diving

A horrified Robin realises that his plan to capture the Sheriff's spy, Henry of Lewes, has failed because he has a traitor in his gang. Fearing for Marian's safety in the castle, Robin sets about rooting out the turncoat. His only clue is supplied by Marian: the spy's meeting place is located at the Trip To Jerusalem Inn, where the traitor outlaw sells his secrets to Gisborne.

6. For England...!

The Sheriff's Black Knights gather at the castle to attend a feast and declare their allegiance to Prince John by signing the Great Pact of Nottingham. With the outlaws disguised as entertainers, Robin infiltrates the castle to join forces with the only man who can stop them: former Sheriff Edward's old ally and Black Knight, the Sheriff of Winchester. Winchester's territory is key to the Sheriff's Shah Mat plan that will apprehend a homecoming King Richard at the southern ports.

7. Show Me The Money

Robin is determined to get hold of the Great Pact of Nottingham, written proof of the Sheriff's treason. So when lovelorn Knight John of York and his chest of silver pass by Robin and the gang, and the Knight begs the outlaws to take pity on him and save his girl, Robin formulates a plan.

8. Get Carter!

Marian wakes up in Sherwood Forest on the first day of the rest of her life as an outlaw with Robin and his gang. Surprising everyone with a new energy and recklessness, however, she jeopardises the gang's mission to bring aid to Clun Village after it's ransacked by the Sheriff's men.

9. Lardner's Ring

A mortally wounded, one-legged messenger from King Richard flees Locksley Manor pursued by Gisborne's men and ends up in the arms of Robin. In his dying breath, he tells Robin that the King needs him to return to fight in the Holy Land, and utters the word "Lardner".

The Sheriff is furious that the messenger got away, especially now that he and Gisborne are also on the hunt for Lardner, having received a prediction from a fortune-telling Fool that the "ring of Lardner" spells trouble.

10. Walkabout

The Sheriff disappears into Sherwood while sleepwalking as a messenger of Prince John arrives and sends word of his absence. The Prince plans to burn down Nottingham and Gisborne turns to Robin to help track down the missing Sheriff, and save the people of Nottingham.

11. Treasure of the Nation

A messenger from the King arrives with a mission for Robin, but they are all surprised when the King's treasure is revealed.

12. A Good Day To Die

Robin and the Outlaws arrive at a barn for Robin's birthday party, only to find that they are surrounded by The Sheriff's mercenaries and won't be let out alive.

The Outlaws share their secrets with one another whilst the traitor, Allan A Dale, realises that The Sheriff and Gisborne are heading to the Holy Land to kill the King. Fearless Marian takes it upon herself to stop the Sheriff in his tracks while Allan must choose his allegiance. Will Robin realise that the mercenaries are merely there to distract him from The Sheriff's new dastardly plan, and will Allan come to his senses?While sharing secrets, Djaq admits to Will that she loves him.

13. We Are Robin Hood

Robin and the Outlaws, The Sheriff, Gisborne and Marian are now in the Holy Land. Robin warns the King of the impending threat to his life, but The Sheriff's cunning has prevailed; instead of a heroes' welcome, Robin and the Outlaws are treated as traitors...

Marian makes a final attempt to redeem Gisborne – if he kills The Sheriff, he will have everything he wants, including her. Will fear of The Sheriff or the smell of power win the battle for Gisborne's soul?

The battle for England is on. Will Robin be released in time to save the King's life? Will Marian escape from the clutches of The Sheriff? High stakes and ultimate tragedy ensue...

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Standoff Season 1 Guide

1. Pilot   
The pilot introduces Matt and Emily, a man and a woman who deal with their personal relationship while focusing on their jobs as hostage negotiators. In this episode, the CNU deals with two separate crises: one regarding an estranged father about to lose custody of his sons and another revolving a young man who takes control of a coffee shop.

2.  Circling   
An air traffic controller hijacks the control tower to protest his innocence after he is blamed for a plane crash that killed 180 people. Matt and Emily discover the hijacker might be dealing with more than the accusation when they learn his wife is having an affair.

3. Shanghai'd   
When the daughter of an Asian crime lord is kidnapped, Matt and Emily begin negotiating with the kidnapper for her safe return, thus compromising the investigation of the Organized Crime Division in the process. However, they quickly run into trouble when the Chief of the Organized Crime Division steps in and arrests the girl's father. Matt and Emily must find a way to save the girl without Bureau heads finding out.

4. Partners in Crime   
During a confrontation at a bank robbery, Emily is taken hostage by the two bank robbers. Matt uses his people skills to catch the robbers after he determines they are a couple in love

5. Life Support   
A young boy takes hostages in a hospital because the doctor is needs to operate on his terminally ill sister is on vacation and the other surgeons refuse to perform the procedure without him. Matt and Emily are called to save the hostages and help the boy.

6.  One Shot Stop   
The Greater Los Angeles Sniper (GLA) begins killing again after nearly eight years of inactivity, which causes unprecedented multi-agency co-operation. As motive changes come to light, Matt and Emily begin to suspect this is the work of a copycat, which begins a race against time to catch the real sniper before he kills again.

7. Man of Steele   
A man becomes enraged when he learns a surrogate mother for his child in an illegal adoption was a fraud. After he shoots the social worker who arranged the adoption, he takes the baby and the babysitter hostage at the surrogate mother's home. Matt and Emily are called to negotiate when the man calls radio personality, Avery Steele, to defend himself, and the standoff goes live on the air in Los Angeles.

8.  Heroine   
After Matt and Emily save a young woman from a hostage situation, they learn the woman could be the victim of a stalker. Although Emily learns the woman has feelings for Matt and could be making false claims, Matt is determined to save her again.

9.  Peer Group   
Believing his sons have been tormented by school bullies and are planning a counterattack, a distraught father contacts the CNU after he finds notebooks and blueprints of his sons' school. Matt and Emily arrive too late to stop the boys, who have already kidnapped the bullies, and are torturing them and broadcasting it on the internet.

10.  The Accidental Negotiator   
The CNU is called in to deal with a crisis situation at the headquarters of a credit union after an armed man takes a recently fired worker hostage. Meanwhile, the relationship between Matt and Emily is strained after she leaves his apartment early in the morning without waking him.

11. Borderline   
When capturing a drug lord takes them to Mexico, Matt and Emily become stranded without an escape plan. The two then must extricate themselves from a bad situation by using their negotiation skills after the predicament becomes violent.

12. No Strings   
When a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent tries to bring a foreign container into the Los Angeles port without an inspection, the FBI and police step in when the agent takes three of his own colleagues hostage. Meanwhile, Emily contemplates accepting a one-year assignment on a Special Task Force in Quantico that would mean being separated from Matt and is disturbed by his response.

13. Backfire   
Emily is left alone to negotiate a hostage crisis on a commuter train while Matt deals with a schizophrenic patient who has taken his therapist and her husband hostage.

14. Road Trip   
When a fanatic polygamous cult leader abducts one of his wives who had tried to escape, Matt and Emily discover a plot for revenge that could lead to the deaths of many other people.

15.  Lie to Me   
When a young boy is abducted from the Santa Monica Pier, Emily is thrown into the middle of the crisis. The situation becomes volatile when her personal life is brought into the public eye and she must confront her demons in order to save the child.

16.  Ex-Factor   
Cheryl becomes personally involved in the case after the key witness in a federal money-laundering case and his wife are kidnapped and held hostage.

17. Kids in the Hall   
When the teenaged inmates at a juvenile detention center take control of the jail and take guards hostage, Matt and Emily learn their goal is not to break out, but to keep the facility open after it was scheduled to be torn down.

18.  Severance   
The CNU resolves a hostage situation when a corporate executive takes 16 hostages in the company's boardroom. A second crisis involves a domestic situation that results in Matt and Emily questioning a decision they had made during the standoff.


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ANDROMEDA - Season 2 Episode Guide

1. The Widening Gyre (2)   

Dylan and Rommie make their way to the Magog Worldship to save Magog egg infested Tyr and Harper, as the Andromeda is critically damaged.

2. . Exit Strategies   

Returning from getting parts for the Andromeda, the Eureka Maru tries to elude a group of Nietzscheans, but crash lands on an ice-covered planet.

3. A Heart for Falsehood Framed   

The crew choose to lead negotiations to resolve the return of the Hegemon's Heart from the Chichin to the Than by replacing it with a fake.

4.  Pitiless as the Sun   

After Trance is taken prisoner on the planet of Inaris, she is questioned for causing a civil war fifteen years ago.

5. . Last Call at the Broken Hammer   

Hunting for the woman who set up the only major interstellar alliance since the Fall, Dylan finds himself in a bar at the edge of a desert wasteland, trying to fend of a Kalderan attack.

6.  All Too Human   

Rommie sets out to extract an informant, but winds up stuck on a planet with a strong hatred and fear of Androids.

7.  Una Salus Victus   

After discovering Tyr has hidden the remains of Drago Musevini on board the Andromeda, Dylan questions Tyr's loyalty. Beka and a Nietzchean both race to repair their ships before the other destroys them, and Harper is left in command of the Andromeda, and must decide whether or not to protect a convoy and risk losing the Andromeda.

8.  Home Fires   

A stranger gives Dylan a message from his dead fiancée leading him to an untouched world with descendants of his former crew and friends, including the descendant of his treacherous former best friend.

9.  Into the Labyrinth   

A Commonwealth conference becomes a backdrop for Magog espionage, while Harper tries to discover how one of their spies managed to remove some of his Magog larvae.

10.  The Prince   

Teen royalty is the key to the crew quelling an alien uprising, as Dylan and Tyr become co-regents to a recently orphaned young prince.

11.  Bunker Hill   

The crew returns for the first time to Earth, where Harper and his cousin try to save the home world from Nietzschean occupation.

12. Ouroboros   

Harper enlists the help of Chief Technical Director Hohne to build a machine that will fold space to remove the Magog eggs, but it's affecting time, as well.

13.  Lava and Rockets   

Fleeing an ambush, Dylan hijacks a civilian ship. Unfortunately, the ship is captained by a new female pilot. While Dylan and the pilot get to know one another, the rest of the team tries to figure out who was behind the ambush.

14.  Be All My Sins Remembered   

When an old friend of Beka's dies, she tells the crew about her past.

15.  Dance of the Mayflies   

The crew of Andromeda encounters plague victims infected by a hostile, nanobot-based life form out to take over the ship.

16.  In Heaven Now Are Three   

Beka, Dylan, and Trance attempt to find the Engine of Creation, an artifact able to rearrange space and time.

17.  The Things We Cannot Change   

Dylan wakes up to find a wife and kids, but he doesn't accept that it is real. Meanwhile, Dylan's body is slowly dying from lack of oxygen, as he spins around in a space suit.

18.  The Fair Unknown   

The crew encounters the Vedrans, the long-lost founders of the Commonwealth.

19.  Belly of the Beast   

The Andromeda is swallowed by a space creature, which is believed to be a mythological planet eater.

20.  The Knight, Death, and the Devil   

Having learned of a POW camp containing a fleet of captured High Guard warships from the fall of the Commonwealth, Dylan mounts a rescue mission but arrive to find out that the ships are not willing to serve anyone including the restored Commonwealth.

21.  Immaculate Perception   

As Tyr is determined to help the Nietzscheans because his wife's colony is one of the prides being attacked, he learns that he is a father.

22.  Tunnel at the End of the Light (1)   

The crew of the Andromeda meet an alien race from another universe they were destined to face.


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ANDROMEDA - Season 3 Episode Guide

1.If the Wheel Is Fixed (2)   

After Tyr and Beka get trapped in a dimensional tunnel, the crew attempts to reconstruct the situation to rescue them.

2.  The Shards of Rimni   

Dylan is framed for murder in order to blackmail him for a shard he possesses.

3. . Mad to Be Saved   

The Andromeda picks up a group of refugees who have been subjected to psychological and physical torture.

4.  Cui Bono   

Beka's Uncle Sid returns, as a candidate for a leader of the Commonwealth. He plans to use the Andromeda to help his chances, but an assassin has other plans for him.

5. The Lone and Level Sands   

As Dylan, Rommie, Tyr and Harper flee from the Ogami, they encounter a ship with no slipstream drive, the Bellerophon, sent from Earth to explore space over 3000 years ago.

6.  Slipfighter the Dogs of War   

After finding out that a planet is developing Nova Bombs and testing them on a nearby star and planet, Dylan takes it upon himself to disarm them.

7.  The Leper's Kiss   

Dylan sets out to find an assassin known as The Leper who is trying to kill his good friend Marshall Man Ka-Lupe.

8.  For Whom the Bell Tolls   

The crew begins to see a ghost of one of the original crew.

9.  And Your Heart Will Fly Away...   

A man, who had hired Tyr to kill his true love, returns.

10. The Unconquerable Man   

Gaheris Rhade sets out to reshape the universe according to his will and restore order amid the chaos.

11.  Delenda Est   

The Andromeda tries to stop mysterious attacks occurring on nearby planets and outposts.

12. The Dark Backward   

To save the Andromeda from a lethal intruder, Trance goes through a series of diverse scenarios.

13. . The Risk All Point   

When Dylan is invited to the launch of the first Commonwealth ship made in 307 years, the ship explodes and sabotage is suspected.

14. The Right Horse   

When an old flame of Beka's is arrested ona planet where only the truth is told, it's up to the Andromeda and her crew to save the day.

15. What Happens to a Rev Deferred?   

As the Andromeda responds to a distress call from a planet on the brink of destruction, the crew intercepts a transmission from Rev Bem on a ship returning to the surface.

16.  Point of the Spear   

When the Andromeda responds to a request to destroy atmosphere generators on Samsarra, they encounter a battle group of Pyrians and stand off until the Commonwealth fleet arrives.

17.  Vault of the Heavens   

After receiving a message from an unknown planet, the crew of the Andromeda takes it upon themselves to save the people. The strange thing is that the message is from a woman and it is going directly into Dylan's head and no one else can hear it.

18.  Deep Midnight's Voice   

The Andromeda searches for the Deep Midnights Voice, and old Nietzschean slipscout device, which enables mapping of every meter of the slipstream.

19.  The Illusion of Majesty   

The Andromeda ends up in the Prolon System where they discover a hibernation capsule occupied by a woman impersonating a dead princess.

20.  Twilight of the Idols   

A guerrilla army ambushes Dylan and Tyr while they are searching for the Quachic Pride of the Nietzscheans in the desert world of Amarna.

21.  Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath   

When the crew prepares for the launch of The Resolution of Hector, they soon discover that Rommie has had a change of mind and is now working against the crew.

22.  Shadows Cast by a Final Salute (1)   

When the Andromeda is attacked by the Dragons to receive the bones of Drago Musevini something seems array. Dylan then discovers that Tyr has united all of the Nietzschean people under his son, the genetic reincarnation of Drago Musevini.


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ANDROMEDA - Season 4 Episode Guide

1. Answers Given to Questions Never Asked (2)   

Paroo, a seemingly psychotic Collector, simultaneously takes credit and blames Dylan for the fall of the Commonwealth. He also claims to be holding captive the Triumvir Tri-Jema. The crew must decide whether to accompany Dylan on yet another odds-defying journey to save the Universe or to retire in relative safety.

2.  Pieces of Eight   

A power-hungry man named Citizen Eight seeks to manipulate the Commonwealth for his own gain. Dylan receives an unsettling view of his future from a prophetic alien.

3.  Waking the Tyrant's Device   

Dylan and his friend Molly Noguchi try to prevent the maker of the Magog Worldship from deploying an army of androids.

4. Double or Nothingness   

Dylan plays a deadly game against two gamblers, but not everything is as real as it seems.

5.  Harper/Delete   

The ultimate weapon falls into the hands of a Nietzschean pirate, leaving Harper to disarm it before the Magog arrive.

6.  Soon the Nearing Vortex (1)   

The reappearance of Tyr Anasazi and Telemachus Rhade leads to a race to obtain the Route of Ages, which will direct the owner to the location of the Abyss itself. Dylan and the crew plan to use it as a weapon, while Tyr plans on bargaining with the Abyss in hopes of it sparing his empire.

7.  The World Turns All Around Her (2)   

In a race against Tyr to control the Route of Ages, the crew find themselves in another universe. To save them, Trance finally reveals who and what she really is.

8. Conduit to Destiny   

The crew assists in the search for escaped prisoners on a new Commonwealth member world. Dylan finds himself playing a role in an ancient prophecy.

9.  Machinery of the Mind   

Harper attends a conference of the Commonwealth's greatest minds. Unfortunately, a mysterious assassin has plans for that collected brilliance. Meanwhile, Dylan is being escorted to meet with Tri-Lorn.

10. Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter   

The crew searches for a princess abducted by a ruthless pirate. As usual, nothing is as it seems. Along the way, a secret from Beka's past is revealed.

11. The Torment, the Release   

Tri-Lorn demands Dylan to submit himself for trial to turn over Rhade in order to avoid civil war.

12. The Spider's Stratagem   

The crew encounters a cargo ship with one hundred life forms in a secret hold, and bio-armor on board.

13.  The Warmth of an Invisible Light   

Harper's experiment on an unfinished cloaking device goes awry, and Dylan ends up in an alternate reality.

14. The Others   

The crew rescues two people from a spaceship, the leaders of opposing sides in a long civil war on a nearby planet.

15.  Fear Burns Down to Ashes   

The Collectors have been using a drug to modify people's behavior, discovering their fears in efforts to control or break them. This is their solution for dealing with Dylan. Led by a message from Rev Bem, claiming to have a weapon that can defeat the oncoming darkness, Dylan lands on a drug-trafficking planet, and is soon taken captive by the Collectors.

16.Lost in a Space that Isn't There   

After being repeatedly attacked by bounty hunters after several evasive slipstream jumps, Dylan determines that there must be a mole on board.

17. Abridging the Devil's Divide   

While on a mission on the Eureka Maru, Dylan, Rhade and Harper are captured by the Templars. The Patriarch of the Templars presses Harper to help him build a time bridge to 210 years in the future. Meanwhile, Beka, Trance and Rommie chase down smuggler ships.

18.  Trusting the Gordian Maze   

While the Andromeda is confronted by the Commonwealth fleet and Tri-Jema, Dylan must decide whether or not he can entrust the Route of Ages to them, while being tempted by a beautiful Commonwealth spy.

19.  A Symmetry of Imperfection   

Rommie's emotions cause one of Harpers fail-safes to activate, cutting her off from her core AI and shutting down all the ship's systems. This creates problems, especially when a satellite ship from the Magog world ship could come out of slipstream at any moment.

20. . Time out of Mind   

The death of a man named Weslow, from Beka's past, sends the crew in search of an archive that can let Beka relive some of her childhood experiences so that she may make sense of Weslow's dying words.

21.  The Dissonant Interval (1)   

The Andromeda encounters the Arkology, a society that they believe is the closest to perfection humanity will ever achieve. But the Magog are close, and Dylan and the crew must convince the utopia that peace is not the answer. Conflict arises in the core crew when the leaders of Arkology do not wish to leave. Dylan wants to defend them, and Beka warns him that she's not going to stay and die defending an idea of peace.

22.  The Dissonant Interval (2)   

Beka decides to leave the crew to fight for themselves, but after all of the promises that everyone will be reunited, Trance tells them that they will never be as they are again. When the Magog Worldship finally re-encounters the Andromeda after two years, Rommie and Harper race to take the Arkology to slipstream, Rhade must teach the inhabitants to defend themselves, and Dylan and Trance fight off the invading Magog. But as the Andromeda becomes covered in swarmships, Trance tells Dylan that he and only he may escape this alive.


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ANDROMEDA - Season 5 Episode Guide

1. The Weight (1)   

Dylan finds himself on Seefra-1, one of nine identical planets orbiting two suns. He soon encounters Rhade, who has abandoned all hope. Rhade hates Dylan for the hope he has brought, and when someone asks Dylan be killed, Rhade agrees to do it.

2.  The Weight (2)   

Dylan and Rhade receive a month-old distress signal from Beka. After following the coordinates she left, they find the Andromeda dead in space. On board, he finds Darregacorp engineers trying to salvage it, led by Jonah Derrega, and Beka Valentine.

3.  Phear Phactor Phenom   

When a valuable painting gets stolen after Beka, Rhade, and everyone else in the bar inhales a mysterious mist, Dylan jumps at the opportunity to win the reward for reclaiming it so the Andromeda can be repaired. After tracing the nanobots in the mist, they encounter Harper who is accompanied by a beautiful woman named Doyle. But Harper is caught up in the plans of Marika, who wants him to genetically engineer Vedrans, as well as to take over the Seefra system.

4. . Decay of the Angel   

When a slipstream event is detected in the Seefra system, Dylan, Rhade, and Beka try to find it, and their way out. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be from the future approaches Doyle, addressing her as Andromeda.

5.  The Eschatology of Our Present   

Beka learns she has existed in more than one place at one time when she meets a man who she knows is her father.

6.  When Goes Around...   

Dylan encounters Celine, a woman from his past who is trapped in a time loop. The two are happy to see each other, but Dylan knows he may have to choose between Celine and the survival of Seefra.

7.  Attempting Screed   

The unexpected return of Flavin takes Dylan on a journey through time, revealing mysteries surrounding Tarn Vedra, the Paradine, the battle with the Worldship, and Trance.

8. So Burn the Untamed Lands   

Dylan and Rhade attempt to infiltrate a mining camp where crystals are extracted, which contain the power needed to restore the Andromeda and leave the Seefra system.

9.  What Will Be Was Not   

When Trance believes Rhade and the crew blame her for their situation, she runs off into Seefra-1's underground tunnels. As Dylan and Doyle pursue her, they discover the use of ancient Vedran technology.

10.  The Test   

When an old man, with whom Harper is in negotiations over an artifact, dies, a stranger accuses the crew of murder.

11. Through a Glass Darkly   

Harper’s old friend Hohne who’s thought to be dead comes back to save Seefra-5 from being destroyed.

12. . Pride Before the Fall   

Beka’s new boyfriend Peter turns out to be a lethal adversary from previous times.

13. Moonlight Becomes You   

While Beka, Rhade, Doyle and Harper search for a treasure, Trance becomes fascinated by a man named Ione, the Sun God.

14.  Past Is Prolix   

The arrival of Trance's sun threatens to destroy all the planets except Seefra-1 unless the system problem is fixed.

15.  The Opposites of Attraction   

The avatar of the black hole, that trapped Dylan after the Nietzschean ambush, returns to get him back.

16.  Saving Light from a Black Sun   

The crew travels to the core of Seefra's sun Methus-2 to repair it.

17. Totaled Recall   

An explosion sends Dylan into an inter-dimensional loop, with a man named Elysian telling him to decipher a riddle.

18.  Quantum Tractate Delirium   

As Trance's sun closes on Seefra-9, Rommie is rebuilt by Doyle to help evacuate the planet.

19. One More Day's Light (1)   

The evacuation of Seefra-5 is at risk when a religious sect decides to stay on the planet.

20.  Chaos and the Stillness of It (2)   

General Burma arrives on Andromeda, with Harper in tow. Dylan and Rhade head for Methus-2, about to be crushed by Trance's sun, leaving Doyle, Rommie, and Beka to face Burma, and the forgotten enemy he brings with him.

21.  The Heart of the Journey (1)   

With the help of the avatars of the nebula, the Andromeda goes through the Route of Ages, back to the Known Worlds, and the Commonwealth.

22.The Heart of the Journey (2)

As the Nietzschean fleet approaches, the Andromeda prepares for the final battle.


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Jericho Season 2 Guide

1.  Reconstruction   
Following the battle of New Bern, Jericho begins the rebuilding process, while the Cheyenne government shows a particular interest in the town. While the dispute between Jericho and New Bern is being sorted out by the Cheyenne government, an old friend of Rob comes to Jericho.

2.  Condor   
Jericho gets ready for a very important visitor from the new Cheyenne government. Meanwhile, Hawkins and Chavez work to find the new leaderships secrets.

3. Jennings & Rall   
The deadly Hudson River virus hits the area and a vaccine is being withheld from the citizens by a government official. Jake and the Rangers find a way to protect Jericho.

4.  Oversight   
Hawkins receives a call on from someone who knows who he is, where he is and lets Hawkins know exactly when he'll be caught. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes.

5.  Termination for Cause   
Jake and the Rangers take on Goetz and Ravenwood while a Jericho Ranger makes a choice that will alter his life. Meanwhile, an old friend comes to warn Heather that her loyalties to Major Beck have placed her in serious danger.

6.  Sedition   
Beck uses extraordinary measures to show Jake and the town of Jericho that he is in control of the town. Hawkins gets a call from Chavez.

7. Patriots and Tyrants   
Jake and Hawkins have one chance to expose the conspiracy behind the Cheyenne government to the independent Texas administration. However, getting there proves to be the most difficult part of their plan.


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Threshold Season 1 guide

1. Trees Made of Glass (1)   
A mysterious alien object attacks a Naval ship and crew. Dr. Molly Anne Caffrey, a government contingency analyst, is contacted by the Deputy National Security Advisor, J.T. Baylock, to investigate the incident along with a special scientific team of her choice.

2. Trees Made of Glass (2)   
Gunneson reappears in Caffrey's house. Meanwhile, Lucas, Nigel and Ramsey try to break down how the alien signals and DNA operate and come up with some interesting theories. Cavennaugh's team tries to locate Gunneson's other shipmates.

3.  Blood of the Children   
When a man at a fast-food restaurant is found with his head imploded, Molly and her Red Team investigate and begin to suspect the involvement of a group of military cadets.

4.  The Burning   
A patient at an psychiatric hospital in Ohio escapes and Molly believes he may have been infected by the alien signal after paintings of glass trees are found in his cell. After further investigation, it is suspected one of the missing Big Horn crew might be involved.

5.  Shock   
After a shipyard gang bust, a suspected fugitive Big Horn crewmember kills a police detective. Molly and Cavennaugh go undercover as Homeland Security agents. Unbeknownst to them, the real Homeland Security department is on the case.

6.  Pulse   
As the signal from the Big Horn invades a Miami rave, the team investigates who have been infected, trying to prevent the signal from spreading to the population.

7.  The Order   
Molly and Cavennaugh investigate a newspaper leak regarding the Threshold program which might turn out to be an inside job. The Red Team look into a case of residents of a small town dreaming of trees made of glass.

8. Revelations   
Molly and Cavennaugh discover some strange happenings in a missing Big Horn crew member's hometown when they investigate the disappearance of a Threshold field agent.

9.  Progeny   
When three women from completely different walks of life appear to be infected, Molly and the Red Team discover the connection among them and must locate the common cause.

10. The Crossing   
Molly and Baylock realize the Threshold detainees must be moved immediately to a more secure facility in West Virginia when a prisoner attacks and infects a security guard, then tries to break himself and other infected prisoners out of their cells.

11.  Outbreak (a.k.a. Escalation)   
Lucas is infected with the alien DNA from something he ate. The infectees have harvested crops with the alien DNA. Caffrey must find a way to stop what could be nearly 200 new infectees. Also, one of the aliens approaches her with an interesting revelation.

12. . Vigilante   
When a number of infectees and seemingly innocent people are killed, it becomes apparent that someone is going after people affected by the alien signal, and is locating them via their heightened brain waves. How is the killer linked to Bighorn crewman Manning, and does his method of finding his victims mean that Molly, Cavennaugh or Lucas could be next on his list?

13.  Alienville   
Molly Caffrey and Cavennaugh go out to a town call Allenville in search of a Doctor who they think is infected and find more than they were looking for.Meanwhile things at threshold get heated with the pregnancy of the infected woman coming to an end.


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Bala, So far so good. What do you think of adding a link to the vip page to watch it. Also I know it is almost impossible to add a picture for each episode but could you add a few for each show and make them all the same size. I think it sets a nice tone{your Robin Hood guide gave me the idea so kick yourself } Also if you find the episode descripion really short perhaps find another source that provides at least 2 or 3 sentances for the same episode. What do you think Everyone?


Reply 75#75 gabsimom's post

The problem with episode guide if it too long message error 1000 character limit.

that why i kept it short.

trust me this took me 5 hours to post all of that.

robin hood was only site had picture for episodes so i thought diffrent.

as to rest i copy waterbarbs Alias episode guide template.

That's it for me i leave up to you decide what you want edit.


Reply 76#76 bala's post

ok just resize the last picture to match robin hood and center the other banners also heartland's photo is too big.


Reply 77#77 gabsimom's post

i can't find a banner for heartland  i'm think better keep it plain without any picture?

robin hood-use same picture as previous episode.


Reply #76 bala's post

if the guide is too long then a mod can post it to keep it from breaking up.

plus, now that we can do bookmarks (yay discuz6!), i figured out how to put all the guides for huge shows like seinfeld, andromeda, x-files, friends, xena... in one thread (the trick is just to mark the page generator 0 so it doesn't open a new window!)
check out the first five seasons of seinfeld.

once it's all up and checked it can be reposted to get rid of those hideous "last edited" flags

and bala, i can make you a heartland banner if you give me a bit.

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Well thanks

i think i done enough for time being.

i really didn't think it would takes ages to do but it did.