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THE WIRE - About & Episode Guides

THE WIRE - About & Episode Guides

The Wire Aired From June 02, 2002 - March 09, 2008 On HBO

the plot:

Each season of The Wire focuses on a different facet of the city of Baltimore. They are, in order: the drug trade, the port, the city bureaucracy, the school system, and the print news media. The large cast consists mainly of character actors who are little known for their other roles. Simon has said that despite its presentation as a crime drama, the show is "really about the American city, and about how we live together. It's about how institutions have an effect on individuals, and how¦whether you're a cop, a longshoreman, a drug dealer, a politician, a judge [or] lawyer, you are ultimately compromised and must contend with whatever institution you've committed to."

the main cast:
Dominic West
Det. James 'Jimmy' McNulty
John Doman
Dep. Comm. for Operations
William A. Rawls
Wendell Pierce
Det. William 'Bunk' Moreland
Lance Reddick
Lt. Cedric Daniels
Deirdre Lovejoy
Asst. State's Atty. Rhonda Pearlman
Sonja Sohn
Det. Shakima 'Kima' Greggs

Det. Thomas 'Herc' Hauk
Seth Gilliam
Sgt. Ellis Carver
Clarke Peters
Det. Lester Freamon

why should I watch this show?
The Wire has won many awards including the Writers Guild of America Award for Best Dramatic Series in 2007. This show has also made it onto many "Top TV Show" lists including TIME Magazine's 10 Best TV Shows list, making it to #1 on that list in 2006. The Wire has been praised by critics numerous times, being dubbed one of the greatest television shows of all time.

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Season 1 Episode Guide

1. The Target
After making comments to a judge about police procedures, McNulty (Dominic West) is assigned to a new detail created to bring down a local drug kingpin.

2. The Detail
Carver, Herc and Pryzblewski abuse their authority in the Terrace. D'Angelo gets an earful from his uncle (Wood Harris) after talking to the police. Meanwhile, Bubbles provides Greggs with vital information.

3. The Buys
With fashion tips from Bubbles, Sydnor goes undercover to score drugs in the projects. Later, the department plans an ill-advised raid. D'Angelo's business acumen impresses Stringer. McNulty and Greggs ask an FBI agent for surveillance equipment.

4. Old Cases
Bodie temporarily lands in a juvenile facility after the raid; Avon plots revenge on Omar and his stickup crew. McNulty learns all will be forgiven if he works quickly.

5. The Pager
Carver and Herc take Bodie back into custody. Omar's crew is beginning to disappear. McNulty and Greggs get legal approval to “clone” D'Angelo's pager. Bubbles visits Johnny in rehab.

6. The Wire
Rawls gets mad at McNulty all over again after he disrespects a direct order regarding arrest warrants. D'Angelo and Wallace receive a gift from Avon. Omar's world starts to cave in around him.

7. One Arrest
Avon and Stringer shut down operations in the Pit when Greggs acts on a tip from Bubbles to bust a new supply of drugs.

8. Lessons
Omar's reputation for violence is well-earned in a shoot-out with Barksdale's crew. Greggs and Carver feel the sting of bureaucracy after a significant bust; McNulty gets lucky with information about Stringer.

9. Game Day
During a basketbal game, Avon tries to stay one step ahead of a crosstown rival. Herc and Carver lighten Wee-Bey's wallet. Freamon, Prez and Sydnor track down Barksdale's business ventures. Omar makes his presence known again.

10. The Cost
An outsider sets up a meeting between Omar and Stringer. McNulty and Daniels worry about the safety of a witness in a murder trial. Orlando makes his move. Meanwhile, Carver and Sydnor find one of Barksdale's stash houses. Prez displays another hidden talent.

11. The Hunt
In search of favorable press, Burrell calls for drug raids all over the city. Avon notices his numbers are shrinking. Freamon smells a rat within the detail.

12. Cleaning Up
The detail looks to pierce Avon Barksdale's inner sanctum. Daniels goes head-to-head with Burrell.  D'Angelo takes a business trip to New York City, and  Wallace comes home.

13. Sentencing
Avon welcomes his sister to his new office. D'Angelo ponders a change in plans. Freamon and Bunk trace an important call. Meanwhile, McNulty and Daniels face another obstacle.

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Season 2 Episode Guide

1. Ebb Tide
A union boss and his nephew resort to desperate measures to turn a profit on the waterfront. A dead body creates another rift between McNulty and Rawls.  

2. Collateral Damage
Rawls tries to pawn off the shipyard investigation to another jurisdiction. Wee-Bey is harassed by a prison guard. Valcheck goes after Sobotka and his union with help from above. Bunk, Freamon and Russell track a container ship to Philadelphia.

3. Hot Shots
Prez sends out a distress signal for a new detail. D'Angelo wisely heeds his uncle's advice. Nick and Ziggy find a way to supplement their meager salaries. Omar is up to his old tricks. Bunk, Freamon and Russell hit a language barrier in their investigation of the container ship.

4. Hard Cases
Daniels organize a reunion for the Barksdale detail, but one prominent member isn't invited. Bubbles stumbles into McNulty's search for Omar. Meanwhile, Sobotka chastise Nick and Ziggy for their container theft. Officer Tilghman falls into Avon's trap.

5. Undertow
Ziggy experiences a different kind of car trouble. Russell looks up an old acquaintance for information about the docks. Rawls has disturbing news for Bunk. Bodie is held responsible for inferior merchandise.

6. The Prologue
Stringer springs into action when D'Angelo wants to turn over a new leaf. Nick comes through with The Greek's latest request. Daniels is skeptical of a connection in the union probe. McNulty abandons his quest to identify one of the murder victims.

7. Backwash
Sobotka believes the port probe to be over, but the detail is just getting started. Meanwhile, tragedy rocks the Barksdale empire. Pearlman considers a wiretap when presented with new evidence. Rawls tries to convince Daniels to investigate the murders.

8. Duck and Cover
Bunk worries about McNulty after he reverts to his old ways. Sobotka sits down with Vondas and The Greek. Bodie and Poot see a marked decline in business. Ziggy backs down from Maui.

9. Stray Rounds
McNulty draws a tough undercover assignment. Ziggy and Johnny Fifty try a new scam for The Greek. Valcheck blows his top when the detail alters its target. Bodie's business sense needs fine tuning.

10. Storm Warnings
A disgusted Valcheck turns to the FBI for help with the docks. Ziggy's bad luck continues in a deal with Double-G. Bodie has mixed emotions about a business upturn. Greggs mulls a major lifestyle change.

11. Bad Dreams
Daniels fumes over Landsman's blunder. Nick tries to fix a strained relationship with Vondas. Sobotka faces a difficult decision, and an encounter with the detail could be trouble for the Greeks.

12. Port in a Storm
The dockworkers deal with tragedy. Bunk and Ryan return to Philadelphia to search for more clues. Herc and Carver fight for respect. Stringer proceeds cautiously with a business deal. Bubbles has new information for McNulty and Greggs.



Season 3 Episode Guide

1. Time After Time
The Mayor of Baltimore puts pressure on police commissioner Burrell to keep the murder rate down. Elsewhere, the Barksdale crew eyes new territory after a public-housing project is demolished. Meanwhile a recent parolee tries to start over after 14 years in prison. McNulty and Greggs search for a way to catch Stringer Bell.

2. All Due Respect
Commissioner Burrell is advised to play ball with Councilman Carcetti in exchange for small favors; Bodie searches for an elusive rival. McNulty probes the death of D'Angelo Barksdale. Meanwhile, Colvin reacts to a sting operation gone awry. Greggs has second thoughts about her new home life.

3. Dead Soldiers
Major Colvin finds himself in the hot seat after a recent crime wave. Bunk searches for a wounded officer's missing gun. Cutty tracks down an old friend. Daniels unveils a new target for the detail. Meanwhile, Burrell is forced to take the heat for the mayor after Carcetti leaks a story to the press.

4. Amsterdam
Bubbles stake-out the corners for Greggs. McNulty finds Stringer in unlikely company. Meanwhile, Carcetti makes his political ambitions known. Avon attends a parole hearing with his lawyer. Elsewhere, Major Colvin tells it like it is at a community meeting.

5. Straight and True
Colvin takes another stab at informing the dealers of his latest policies. Avon gets out of jail. Omar's influence may be waning after a recent setback. Meanwhile, Cutty is left with no choice but to return to his old tricks. McNulty is dismayed by Stringer's entrepreneurial acumen.

6. Homecoming
Avon ups the ante in the Barksdale gang's feud with Marlo. Colvin's rules for the corner dealers still aren't sinking in. Bunk finally finds Omar. Donette tells Brianna that she had a visit from McNulty. The Mayor issues Burrell a stern warning about the rise in the city's homicides.

7. Back Burners
Marlo strikes back at the Barksdale gang. Carcetti calls the Mayor on the witness-protection issue. Daniels is furious over his detail's reassignment. Colvin's Amsterdam project is no longer a secret. Greggs and Cheryl hit a rough patch in their relationship.

8. Moral Midgetry
Stringer's frustrations with construction hassles are assuaged by Sen. Davis. Avon turns his attention to Omar. Brianna meets with McNulty. Prez's sleuthing provides concrete evidence for the detail. Meanwhile, Cutty envisions a different career path.

9. Slapstick
Carcetti learns that a colleague is planning to run for mayor. Bubbles wears a wire in Amsterdam. Proposition Joe intervenes in the Avon-Marlo dispute. Cutty finds an unlikely ally in his quest to open a gym. Meanwhile, gun violence disrupts a longstanding Sunday truce.

10. Reformation
Colvin deflects a reporter's questions about Amsterdam. Brother Mouzone returns to Baltimore on Omar's trail. The rift widens between Stringer and Avon. Daniels and Pearlman appeal to Judge Phelan for a new kind of wiretap. Carcetti worries that his mayoral campaign may affect his friendship with a colleague.

11. Middle Ground
Carcetti pays a visit to Amsterdam on a tip from Burrell. Stringer and Avon look back on a long friendship. Omar and Brother Mouzone meet face-to-face. Cutty finds help for his gym.

12. Mission Accomplished
News of Amsterdam reaches the public. Avon prepares for war with Marlo. Cutty comes face-to-face with Fruit, and Councilman Gray figures out Carcetti has political ambitions.



Season 4 Episode Guide

1. Boys of Summer
Four West Baltimore teens get a summer education on the streets. Meanwhile, Councilman Carcetti campaigns for Mayor. Prez prepares for his new career as a teacher and Freamon is puzzled by the lack of violence between drug gangs.

2. Soft Eyes
Freamon ruffles a few feathers with a round of subpoenas to VIPs. Herc gets an eyeful behind closed doors at City Hall. Marlo reaches out to the neighborhood kids. Carcetti scores points during a televised debate. Meanwhile, Wee-Bey dispenses fatherly advice to Namond.

3. Home Room
Prez learns a difficult lesson during his first week at school. Bunny mulls an offer for a crime-research study. Rawls sabotages Freamon's unit. The Mayor reacts to Carcetti's debate bombshell. Proposition Joe suggests reaching out to Marlo. Bunk gets a taste of McNulty's domesticated life.

4. Refugees
Marlo and Royce engage in separate games of high-stakes poker. Cutty gets a side job catching truants. Greggs endures initiation rituals in the homicide division. Carcetti makes his Mayoral pitch to a group of black clergymen. Proposition Joe gives a tip to Omar. Bunny begins his observation at the middle school. Prez tries to connect with his class about a recent tragedy.

5. Alliances
Marlo and Chris plot revenge against Omar. Another leak in the Braddock case sends the powers-that-be scrambling for cover. Randy gets spooked by ghost stories, but Dukie shows him there's nothing to fear. Marimow directs drug raids based on old evidence. Royce's loss of Watkins' support could be Carcetti's gain.

6. Margin of Error
Election Day brings out last-minute campaign tactics. Herc thinks he can catch Marlo red-handed. Colvin gets his first class of recruits. Meanwhile, Omar's name echoes through the squad room about a recent murder, but McNulty is skeptical of the reason. Prez tries to keep Randy from heading down the wrong path. Namond's mother pressures him to become the breadwinner of the family.

7. Unto Others
An imprisoned Omar looks to an unlikely source for help. Prez uses unorthodox methods to get his kids to learn. Greggs surprises Norris with a break in the Braddock case. Carcetti and Royce hold a post-primary meeting. Marlo tries to figure out who's following him. Cutty comes clean at the gym about his extracurricular activities.

8. Corner Boys
Carcetti makes the rounds with beat cops to see what works. Bunk persuades Holley to take another crack at the Omar case. Colvin convinces kids to discuss street protocol. Chris and Snoop use a local angle to root out the New York boys. Herc harasses Marlo on a quest for his missing camera. Elsewhere, Prez laments a misguided curriculum.

9. Know Your Place
A recently paroled Poot gets the lowdown on the corners from Bodie. Colvin takes a trio of students into unfamiliar territory. Bubbles and Herc promise each other favors. Carcetti clashes with the council president about budget matters, and realizes Burrell will not go quietly. Andre asks Proposition Joe for protection. Meanwhile, a domestic dilemma sends Michael to Marlo seeking help.

10. Misgivings
Davis convinces Burrell to reassert his authority, which echoes up and down the ranks. Namond reaches out to an unexpected hand for help. Colvin's experiment is put under the microscope. Bubbles grows tired of Herc's promises, Meanwhile, Michael's problem is solved by Chris, and Bodie's street-corner advice comes back to haunt him.

11. A New Day
Herc's harassment of a black minister becomes Carcetti's first public-relations problem. Daniels turns to Freamon to reopen the major-crimes unit. Michael hatches a scheme to get back at Officer Walker. Omar gains the upper hand in dealing with Proposition Joe. Randy's predicament prompts a swift reaction from Prez.

12. That's Got His Own

Freamon's discovery in the vacant houses sends shivers through the chain of command. Bubbles plans to get revenge on his nemesis. Omar orchestrates a major heist. Carcetti weighs his options on the school budget crisis. Meanwhile, Michael takes care of Namond's problem. Randy's situation takes a tragic turn.

13. Final Grades
In the fourth-season finale, the police are overwhelmed by the bodies from the vacant houses. Meanwhile, Bubbles takes a protégé's fate hard. Colvin asks Wee-Bey for a big favor. Omar looks to rob Joe's co-op once again, and Marlo gives Michael his first assignment. Elsewhere, McNulty mulls a return to his old unit. Bodie voices his displeasure with the current regime, and Carver runs out of time trying to help Randy.



Season 5 Episode Guide

1. More With Less - 01/06/08
In the fifth-season premiere, cutbacks in the police department and at the Baltimore Sun newspaper send shock waves through their respective, disgruntled staffs. Meanwhile, Marlo disrupts Proposition Joe's discussion of East Side distribution. Meanwhile, a front-page story ties a co-op member to the city council.

2. Unconfirmed Reports - 01/13/08
McNulty has a revelation after a visit to the morgue. Marlo sees a familiar face from the West Side while pursuing a business deal. Walon urges a reluctant Bubbles to share some troubling information. Meanwhile, Chris and Snoop take advantage of the police department's budget cuts. Davis pleads with Burrell to intervene on his behalf.

3. Not for Attribution - 01/20/08
The Mayor's office leaks a story to the newspaper about a major shake-up in the police department; Marlo looks for ways to redistribute his wealth while offering to pay top dollar for information on Omar. McNulty meets with a reporter about a recent murder case. Meanwhile, Michael takes a break from the corner for a trip to an amusement park.

4. Transitions - 01/27/08
Omar returns from his self-imposed exile and begins to plot revenge for the murder of a former associate. Gus bemoans the lack of a city-court reporter when the Sun misses out on a grand-jury probe. Meanwhile, Mayor Carcetti's desire to get rid of Burrell comes with strings attached. Freamon contacts an old partner for help with McNulty's investigation of the deaths of homeless men. Marlo has an eye on the future in his dealings with the Greeks.

5. React Quotes - 02/03/08
Marlo celebrates a business deal while his crew anticipates a showdown with Omar. McNulty and Freamon take advantage of a development at the Sun regarding the homeless murders. But, trouble on the corner sends Dukie to Cutty's gym. Herc tries to make up for his past behavior by doing a favor for Carver. Davis takes his case to the court of public opinion.

6. Dickensian Aspect - 02/10/08
Omar's mysterious disappearance puts Marlo's crew on full alert. Carcetti turns his attention to the plight of the homeless. Bunk interviews an old witness in connection to the row-house cases; Meanwhile, Templeton searches for a follow-up to his front-page story.

7. Took - 02/17/08
McNulty becomes a popular figure after he and Lester cook up another scheme for the homeless case; Davis seeks the best legal assistance money can buy for his day in court; Michael endures a couple of scares from opposite sides of the law; Gus goes outside the Sun for help on an old story.

8. Clarifications - 02/24/08
Carver gets a change of scenery when the police department shifts its resources; Carcetti is forced to take risks with his political future. Haynes delves deeper into Templeton's work. Meanwhile, Sydnor has a breakthrough on an important case, and Fletcher continues his research with Bubbles.

9. Late Editions - 03/02/08
Freamon's hard work pays off with a promising lead, though McNulty isn't in the mood to celebrate.

10. 30 - 03/09/08
In the series finale, Carcetti reacts to a damaging report from Pearlman and Daniels. Haynes finds little support from the bosses for his concerns about a reporter's work. McNulty tries to put an end to the homeless case, Meanwhile, Dukie seeks out an old mentor and a wake is staged for another fallen officer.

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