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This is the place to report any errors you come across while watching TV show episodes or movies. The problems can range from a missing episode, out of order episodes or seasons, and video/audio lag, including if the picture or sound disappears completely. Once you have reported the problem a mod will then confirm that the problem exists and add the problem episode into the table at the bottom of this post. After a problem is confirmed, points will be awarded. Members will get 6 points (3 for the episode problems and 3 for reporting the bug) for each bug reported - including bugs reported on free shows. If a bug has already been reported, but is not on the table, members will receive 3 points. Once on the table, no points will be awarded. <br>
Note: Point amounts for reported errors have been updated because the price to watch has gone up. <br>
The information we need you to include is quite simple. <br>
<font size="3"><b><font color="Blue">SHOW or Movie TITLE</font></b></font><font face="Verdana"> - the title of the show or movie you were watching.<br></font>
<font size="3"><b><font color="Blue">EPISODE (for TV shows)</font></b></font><font face="Verdana"> - which episode it was. Please include the name & number.<br></font>
<font size="3"><b><font color="Blue">DEVICE</font></b></font><font face="Verdana"> - what type of device you are using to view - computer, tablet, smart TV, etc. <br></font>
<font size="3"><b><font color="Blue">PROBLEM DETAILS</font></b></font> <font face="Verdana">- Be sure to <b>include times</b> of when the problem occurs (very important for video/audio lag).<br></font>
<font color="purple"><b>** Please only post errors that are impacting your ability to view the episode. Minor Audio/Video glitches should not be posted here and will not be recorded on the table. You are welcome to post incorrect title names, inaccurate pictures etc also however they will not be recorded on the table.</b></font><br><br>
<font size="3"><b>**<font color="DarkRed">To request reimbursement for lost points, please send a <a href="" target="_blank">PM to lbjedward</a>, as explained in post #1 <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</font>**</b></font></font><br><br>

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      <th colspan="6"><br><h3>Error Reporting Thread</h3></th></tr>
      <th><b><font size="2"><font color="DarkOrange">Date Added</font></font></b></th>
      <th><b><font size="2"><font color="DarkOrange">Title</font></font></b></th>
      <th><b><font size="2"><font color="DarkOrange">Episode</font></font></b></th>
      <th><b><font size="2"><font color="DarkOrange">Problem Details</font></font></b></th>
      <th><b><font size="2"><font color="DarkOrange">Device</font></font></b></th>
      <th><b><font size="2"><font color="DarkOrange">Last Checked</font></font></b></th></tr>

      <td>Finding Dory</td>
      <td>HD version</td>
      <td>Message: Error loading media</td>
      <td>PC & Tablet </td>
      <td>The Big Bang Theory</td>
      <td>Message: The requested URL was not found on our server.</td>

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Movie: Finding Dory

Message: error loading media while trying to play in HD on both desktop and tablet
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  • waterlilybarb Points +4 Confirmed now. Thanks for reporting. 11-1-2016 15:29


Reply 2#2 codebreaker's post

I just tried it, and it is now currently running on my laptop.
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Reply 3#3 waterlilybarb's post

Have you tried clicking the HD button as that's where I'm still having the problem


Reply 4#4 codebreaker's post

Yes. I made sure to check the HD version, since you specified it was that one.<br><br>

EDIT: I just rechecked it, and got that message. Will check it again shortly to see if it stays a problem.

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Criminal Minds S012E05   The Anti-Terrorism Squad
Old episode from last season
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Irony. Yummy and delicious like cake.


Was the old list checked before making this new thread to make sure there wasn't still issues with those TV episodes?
It's highly likely the previous assets were reused and still have bugs
Irony. Yummy and delicious like cake.


Law & Order SVU - S018E06

Newly uploaded episode S018E06 is episode S018E02

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Reply 5#5 waterlilybarb's post

I just checked by viewing history and looks like it took over 40 attempts to get back off the HD with the error message taking away the time line bar


Law&Order SVU

Episode 6 is a repeat of another episode.

Please fix.
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Reply 7#7 woothdye's post

No, but the old list is still accessible. You just can't post in it. <br><br>

Reply woothdye, lolotte, gdi3, heatherfcassidy posts<br>
Many of the episodes this week were slated to be new, but were switched to repeats because of the World Series (baseball). That's why that happened. I know I had set my DVR to record the new episodes of my regular shows, and many were either repeats or a completely different show was aired in its place. The upload team likely didn't check the episodes, but went on the info that they were supposed to be new. I will double check to see if the repeats are still up, and will add them to the list. <br><br>

Reply  12#12 heatherfcassidy's post<br>
You can also try sending an email to LBJEDWARD@GMAIL.COM. He is more likely to check those messages.
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Chicago PD Ep mixup/wrong

Hey, Chicago Pd S4 Ep 6 is a repeat of Ep 2.


Hannibal Season 3

Episode 9 & 10 have the titles switched according to the usual sources but not willing to waste points to find out if the episodes are also wrong

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Reply 13#13 waterlilybarb's post

Thank you for the explanation. Appreciate it.

Have yesterday emailed Lbjedward on gmail account requesting my 3 points be given back but so far no reply and no points.



Conviction is not listed under 'C' when you search for tv shows


Reply 17#17 slade01's post

That's not the only one as I have given up looking for them under the alphabet, it's just easier to use the search box


The 7.39

This was added on 22/01/2014 but has disappeared totally from VIPTV


The 100

Is only available from the search box as it's no listed in the A-Z list


Conviction 1x05

The link to episode 1x05 does not work.


Movie: The Girl on the Train

Message: error loading media while trying to play in HD on desktop

<br><br>PS can we have the HD removed from those that don't work as it's almost impossible to get off HD with that message