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VIP Help!! ~ RealPlayer Troubleshooting Help

VIP Help!! ~ RealPlayer Troubleshooting Help

Timing out, Invalid Errors Loading, Communicating & Buffering, Losing Points and other Easy Real Player Tips!

Most Real Player problems, are simple and can be fixed with in this thread

First follow these three rules:

1. Make sure you are watching in Real Player or Theater mode.

2. Make sure this isn't the show you are watching, try to watch other shows, using the Free Shows on the VIP Channel (so you don't lose points) if it is the show you are watching click HERE and report your problem.

3. Refresh your browser (try again), close your browser (try again), shut off computer (try again).

~To play in RP or RP Theater mode~
after you click on hyperlink (episode), and the player pop-up window pops up (with the program in it), click on the in the lower right hand corner (some people have to right-click), then choose 'Play in Real Player' or 'Play in Real Player Theater Mode'.

You should ALL know, you should be using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome  as your browser or Safari for Mac. Firefox has some compatible problem with Realplayer, please don't use it to visit

If you are having problems, with Real Player 11, do a " clean uninstall" and go to Real Player version 10.5 and reinstall this version. Most members have few problems and, a better picture with this version.

Vista Users- If you are having difficulty, with Real Player 11 & 10.5. Do a "clean uninstall" and try downloading Real Player Alternative You can also download K-lite Mega Codec Pack. Click here for info on this package. Or go to K-lite Mega Codec Pack to download directly. K-lite Mega codec pack includes Real Alternative codecs, along with many other A/V codecs (including Quick Time Alternative)

Clean uninstall..... After you uninstall RP, you will see a pop-up after you uninstall RP, that it was unable to remove some of the RP files. If all of the files are not removed it can cause many problems, some very small, some very bothersome. So it's best, to do a "clean uninstall". To do that, first go to Start> go to Control Panel> go to Add & Remove Programs> scroll to Real player> then uninstall Real Player, close Control Panel
Go to Start> to My Computer> to C-Drive> to Program Files> to "Real" & (R-click on "Real" and delete the file).
Then while you are still in Program Files double click on Common Files> to "Real" & (R-click on the "Real" file and delete the file). Then reinstall a fresh RP.

Time Outs Invalid Errors
Make sure you are playing in RP, and have followed the other rules, these will help decrease the Timing out and Invalid errors (gray screen). Also, if you are getting Error messages (gray screen) you can just hit the stop button and click on play to re-start the program, this will keep you from losing points.

Parameter Setting Error: Most times, you just need to close the pop-up box and refresh your page for this.
If this doesn't solve the issue, open the Real player program (from your pc) then click on File> click Open> then type in "" and click OK. You should be able to, view and play shows, through the Real Player web browser.

***With some errors (that you get in first pop-up window), you can still click on the icon (lower right) and play in Real Player or Real Player theater mode, without any difficulties.***

For further help see, Changing Real Player Settings (at the bottom)

Point Deduction: You have 30x (clicks on the hyperlink) per episode, in 24hrs: Before point's will be deducted again.

Losing Points Due to Error's or Malfunction
If you have lost points in error or due to any malfunction, you can send a copy of your viewing history to lbjedward (one of our Admins),via PM and he will be happy to help you, get back all the points you lost and with any other questions you might have. Just got to the home page of, in the upper right corner you will find the "Members Center" and in the members center you will find your "Viewing History" 5th down, in the left hand column, click on it and it will display your entire viewing history.

Again, Make sure you're in a RP mode, when it starts to load, hit the pause button and let it load for 15mins or so, till it's about 50% loaded. You will be able to tell it's loading by the green or blue, "clip position" bar at the bottom of screen. This should make it so you can view your program.

Tips for all of the above and more.....

If you had more than a few programs open, during or just before the problem started, follow rule #4.
If it's not and this continues to happen, try watching during different times of the day, congestion of the site can cause several problems, from Timing out, Invalid Errors, to loading and communicating & buffering problems.

However, there will always be a very few people, that unfortunately will not be able to fix there problems as easy as this. You may have to, change your Real Player Settings.

Change your Real Player Settings

- Sometimes, Real Player settings need to be configured, so they work with your computer......

If you need further assistance, go to Real Player Troubleshooting Tips or for MAC MAC OS X RealPlayer Troubleshooting Guide (Solutions &Tips), where there will be instructions, on configuring Real Player, to your computer.

If not, you can always come back and post a question here, or go to our Live CS for the most advanced help we offer. If they are off-line make sure you leave a message and someone will always get back to you.
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i paid thrue paypal 3 days ago and my point are not showing up?


Reply 2#2 nachman18's post

Have you checked with paypal that the funds have been transfered to the site? This can delaay the updating of your points . Please send a PM to [email=]Zhang2000[/email] detailing the date of your transaction, amounnt and trabsaction i/d so it can be looked into - sorry for the inconvenience.
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parameter setting error

Hi, please HELP! I have been trying to watch shows and I always get the parameter setting error, I have tried what you wrote above and nothing, also if you could explain what it means since I have tried to watch on different computers and nothing. The funny thing is that once I was able to watch a free show without signing in, but once I signed in to watch a VIP show I got the error again, I have points but I haven't been able to use them because of this problem. Please tell me what to do, I really want to watch my series. Thanks


Reply 4#4 lucas_cun67's post

Try this open Realplayer itself then menu then open then type in "" and click ok afterwards navigate the site via Realplayer's Media Browser and try opening one of the free shows and see if that will work for you.
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Reply 5#5 01torres's post

YEEEEAH! it worked thanks a lot, will this work with VIP series also?


Reply 6#6 lucas_cun67's post

Yep, just make sure you log in first (and that you have VIP points required to watch the of course).
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is there any way i can send my history to admin without writing it all down have lost points trying to watch criminal minds takes a long time to write it all down then send i had this prob 2 weeks ago never got points back can someone check my history its all on there its still playing up and have tried it 4 times tonight already hope i can get points back thanks


still trying to watch criminal minds keeps stopping and starting have been here for ages trying what is causing this to happen


Reply 8#8 dora47au's post

You can copy and paste the information from your viewing history into a PM to our admin so that it can be checked.
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parameters setting error again

Hi Torres, I am having the same problem again i have tried to watch with Firefox browser and with Real player browser, as you suggested and I get the same error message, it worked last time, I don't know what to do, please HELP.


Reply 7#7 01torres's post

parameters setting error again Hi Torres, I am having the same problem again i have tried to watch with Firefox browser and with Real player browser, as you suggested and I get the same error message, it worked last time, I don't know what to do, please HELP.


Reply 12#12 lucas_cun67's post

Hi lucas, sorry to hear you are having trouble.

If you are leaving the page idle (inactive) for a while, make sure to hit he Refresh button before loading a new show as the speed can sometimes change. If that doesn't work, make sure Realplayer connection speed is set to what your Bandwidth is allowing at that time. To do that, follow these easy steps in Realplayer:

1. In RealPlayer, click the Tools menu, and then select Preferences. The Preferences box opens.
2. In the Category pane, click Connection.
3. Click the Test Connection button, then the Perform Test button to determine your current connection speed.
4. Click the Update button to set your minimum bandwidth preference.
5. Click OK.
6. Try to play the clip again.


Is there anybody out there?

I still can't watch my series y get Parameters setting Error, someone please tell me what to do. I have points and can't use them, and I really want to watch House season 5, Criminal Minds, CSI, and all the series I can't watch on TV. Help, Help, help......!


Reply 14#14 lucas_cun67's post

Did you see my post above (post 13) ??


Reply 13#13 shinny's post

I tried it and it didn't work, what else can I do?


Reply 16#16 lucas_cun67's post

Usually refreshing the page should do the trick. If that didn't help, clear your cookies, clear your cache, and restart your browser. If all else fails, try rebooting your computer.


Reply 15#15 shinny's post

yes I tried it but it didn't work


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Reply 18#18 lucas_cun67's post

Hi Lucas, I'm afraid at this stage it's a process of elimination. The link Magic provided above is a list of things you can go through, one by one, to figure out the issue. Try the things Roca mentioned also. If none of the above works, try reinstalling Realplayer and Firefox. Good luck and let us know how you get on.