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Points awards activity: post your suggestions and advices for new site here

Points awards activity: post your suggestions and advices for new site here

Hi all,
   This is a smartphone era and we depend on APP more and more on every life, so we must take a move to meet that goal.  New site is based on smartphone-friendly purpose and it's much friendly used on your phone. Yes, APP is on the plan which needs all-new format that is different from the former site. 
    New VIPTV.NET is finally launched after almost 20 hours maintenance. Some members gave their opinions, suggestions and advises, such as the former latest updated episodes list, dark background, Full list of TV shows.   We heard your voices and I open this thread for collecting your suggestions and opinions  and I will award you points for your constructive suggestions and advises.
Thank you!

Updated by lbjedward: 
Forum will not show on viptv.net any more due that it's not compatible for mobile use.  Black skin is in the plan.
Updated by lbjedward:
New episode update list is available. Other features on the former site could not come back.  I am sorry for this. this thread is closed now.  I will award pts for all participants.
We keep improving services for you.


Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback, lbjedward.
1. On the previous site it was easy to do a search when looking at Viewing Logs. So I could see very easily what episode I was up to on any show I had watched. This is not available on the current site. Can this be reinstated please?

2. Also in Viewing Logs, we could download all the episode names/numbers watched into an Excel spreadsheet to keep track. This is now not available on the new site. Can it also be reinstated please?

3. On the TV homepage, the list of recently added episodes does not show the season and episode numer and name. Can this also be added back onto the new site?

4. There is no link on the new site to this Forum. Can we have this added back in please?

5. My preference is for the black background like the old site.

Thank you.


I see that there is a "My Favorite" in accounts.  How do I add shows or movies to this Favorites?
It would be great if I can add TV & Movies to "My Favorites" and then just go here each time when I'm ready to watch.
This page would show the last episode I watched for My Favorite shows.  I can then click on the show's link and then click on the next episode I want to watch.
Basically a viewing history list based on Show names & last episode watched per show.

Also, tried to use the "Report" button to report an error...it doesn't work either.
Both TV shows and movies are not working in iphone6s. "Error loading media.  File could not be played." 

Will we still be able to do airplay to Apple TV?

Thank you!


Are we still able to buy points using Amazon gift card method? as per this link: http://www.friendvista.com/forum ... 6191&extra=page%3D1

Replied by lbjedward: Yes, it always is in effect to offer a more option for members to choose. But we will credit you pts from now.


Originally posted by gdi3 at 10-21-2016 19:11   1. On the previous site it was easy to do a search when looking at Viewing Logs.

These are now accessible through your user profile when you click your username in the top right. They do not seem to be downloadable like on the previous site
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I have posted somewhere else on the site that my mother is now having even more difficulty using the site. She watches through an HTPC and is having trouble reading the fine text. It would be great if you had a dark skin that had white or near white text that was bolder and maybe a point or 2 larger. She had problems with the red on black of the old site but could easily read the white on black as it had good contrast.
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I agree with some of the above suggestions. I preferred the black background- made it much easy to read. I loved the latest upload list which gave you all the details. The search feature for viewing logs to check which episode you were up to Oh and a link to the forum. I'd like to know how much the movies are going to cost? Can we still use Amazon to get more pts?


Reply 5#5 woothdye's post

That shows the list of shows you've watched, what gdi is referring to is you used to be able to then search the log for a certain show to see what the last one was you watched, which could be 5/6 pages in. It was definitely a handy feature so I hope it can be brought back. [ Last edited by shinny at 10-21-2016 13:10 ]


I've already shared this with LBJedward, but good to post here too:

1) I think the black background was much better. Easier on the eye. It would make the page seem less busy
2) There's no link to the Forum
3) On the TV tab itself it should list the TV shows that have just aired in a similar panel/box as the "TV Ranking". Personally, I think the "latest shows updated" is more important than the ranking, for TV shows.
4) I like that you can switch between HD and SD viewing in one place
5) The pages just look very messy, it not neat and aligned like the previous site. A lot of unnecessary spacing. I just think it makes it more difficult to find what you are looking for.



1 - I too prefer the old dark backgroud as I have light sensitive eyes and my son has visual dyslexia and we both found it less stressful on the eyes, also it looks like an apple app now. 

2 - Is there an option to view the page as pictures/thumbnails as the list of names means nothing to me, having to select each one to see what the visual is can be a bit time consuming. 

3 - The option to view the movie titles in release date order, as I never know what I want to watch but if I can see the latest releases without searching a name.

4 - An auto play option, I like to watch my series in bulk so I may have about four episodes to watch or complete seasons if starting from scratch, is there a way to have an episode play automatically after one has ended?
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- It would firstly be AWESOME with the possibility of a skin change to go back to the darker color.
- Would like for the shows and such not to be sorted Z-A in each starting letter.
- Also the best feature for the old site was the front page showing which new episode had been added each day.
- Maybe a way to mark an episode as watched so it would show on the actual episode lists?
- Link to the forum would be lovely too <img src=" border="0">

Will think of more <img src=" border="0">


Some annoying things with new layout

Just some background information: I'm using firefox on a linux desktop machine, not a mobile device. And I'm not going to buy or pirate a windows license just to use this site.

The new layout is cool and all, but there's a few things that currently makes it worse than the old layout.

The most used features on the old page for me was the latest releases part on the left of the front page as well as the "see more" page with the 100 latest episodes. Both that showed the episode number.

The equivalent functionality on the new layout simply is not good enough to replace it.


1. The TV series listing on the front page and tv page needs to have the episode number visible. Currently you have the viewing rating visible which is.. well completely useless .. compared to the episode number. It seems very weird to prioritize the rating over the episode number.

2. The TV series listing on the front page is trying to be clever by stripping out words from the series title. This, for example, means that it's impossible to distinguish if "Tomorrow" means "Legend of Tomorrow" or "No Tomorrow". Display the full series title on the front page and tv page please. I'm on a desktop, screen estate is not a problem (at all).

3. I'm not really interested in watching movies on your service, yet movies are listed at the top of the front page making me having to scroll down to get to what I'm interested in (Or clicking the TV link which isn't showing the same things as the TV part of the front page for some weird reason.). How about making an option to move the latest TV series list to the top of the main page instead of at the bottom. Either via a cookie (no login required) or via user preferences (login required).

4. Please add an easy to find link to the forum


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Reply 1#1 lbjedward's post

You might want to remove the Buy F$ from the forum and a movie discussion forum would be nice but what I have missed for years is the onlinegamesbar link that used to be at the top


Ok this is constructive as I can get. The site is really nice it's just missing some needed touches.
  1. The white layout is nice but needs some minor improvements. It has too much whitespace on larger screens and the episode lists need to be broken up slightly.
  2. Movie rankings shouldn't be on the TV pages
  3. TV rankings should be limited to top 5 and should be tabbed like on the movie site but I would suggest season (3 month period) instead of year as it's more relevant. So the tabs would be Week/Month/Season.
  4. A recently updated tv shows list should be underneath the rankings list
  5. The movie pages should have a similar ranking/updated list on those pages with ranking Week/Month/Year with recently updated below.
  6. The recently updated lists should have a more page, that lists the last 50 shows updated, like on the previous site. This is a shortcut that I believe myself and most of the sites power users frequently accessed. This page was my bookmarked page for the entire time I have been using the site.

Here are a mock up of my suggestions:




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As VIPTV was a site for TV shows shouldn't they be at the top with the films below


I just read a post by another user origin that brought up an issue (also above) that I felt should be mentioned here. He has noticed that small words for titles are being stripped in the lists on the Home page. This means that, for example 'Legends of Tomorrow' and 'No Tomorrow' are both being listed as just 'Tomorrow'. This is a usability issue and something that should be a priority to address as mobile users don't have the luxury of viewing the url tag on mouseover. This has the potential to cause major frustration with the mobile users you are trying to cater to.

This seems to have been fixed

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The latest updated TV shows and Movies need to be on their respective pages not just the home page. I don't know what denotes the list that is presently on the TV page but it isn't the latest updated. This latest updated list also needs to show more than the latest 20 shows. Maybe the latest 100 over 5 pages(tabs)?

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Favorites List needs to be two lists for movies and TV and be sortable by Recently Updated/Alphanumeric otherwise I can't really see a point to it

P.S sorry for all the posts but I keep finding things as I use the new site
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The old mobile site supported casting to a Chromecast. The new site doesn't, and it should have this feature.

Edit: Chromecast icon does come up sometimes, but it doesn't work as well as it used to. 
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We also need a search on the viewing logs, like the old site had.


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