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About MONSTERS VS. ALIENS & Episode Guides

About MONSTERS VS. ALIENS & Episode Guides

Monsters vs. Aliens Premiered on Nickelodeon on March 23, 2013

About the Show:
Inspired by DreamWorks Animation's 2009 blockbuster feature film ($383 million worldwide gross), this new series follows the further adventures of the beloved monsters- B.O.B., the gelatinous blob without a brain; Link, the prehistoric fish-man; Dr. Cockroach, the half-man/half-insect mad scientist; and Susan (aka Ginormica), the incredible growing woman-as they learn to adapt to a new world filled with bizarre aliens.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Chris O'DowdVoicedDr. Cockroach
Diedrich BaderVoicedLink
Eric EdelsteinVoicedB.O.B.
Riki LindhomeVoicedSusan

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Season 1

Episode 1: Welcome to Area Fifty-Something (March 23, 2013)
All is well at Area Fifty-Something with Team Monster, until a lone alien imprisons the President and makes a permanent home on base.

Episode 2a: Danger Wears a Diaper (April 13, 2013)
The president's birthday is here! Dr. Cockroach has made him a gadget that will make him appear younger, but instead blasts him to infanthood.

Episode 2b: The Toy From Another World (April 13, 2013)
The Monsters snoop in Coverton's quarters, where they find his "cuddle bear", which then attacks everyone on B.O.B.'s commands.

Episode 3a: The Bath Effect (April 20, 2013)
Susan makes B.O.B. think that baths cure crankiness. Unfortunately, it leads B.O.B. to try to cure everyone at the base of crankiness leaps into action, including Coverton.

Episode 3b: The Fruit of All Evil (April 20, 2013)
Link accidentally eats the gelatin that B.O.B. calls his "girlfriend", leading the gang to figure out how to break the news to him.

Episode 4a: Frenemy Mine (April 27, 2013)
B.O.B. is determined to have Coverton be his emergency buddy. Instead, Coverton chooses to manipulate B.O.B. to help him steal a death ray.

Episode 4b: Maximum B.O.B. (April 27, 2013)
Impressed with B.O.B.'s indestructibleness, Coverton decides to clone a piece of him. After too many clones, B.O.B. alarmingly begins to diminish little by little.

Episode 5a: It Came... on a Field Trip (May 4, 2013)
The Monsters find an alien called Sqweep in the woods doing an earth studies project, which has a lot of sensitive data that could be used for an invasion.

Episode 5b: Educational Television (May 4, 2013)
After losing the cable, Link and B.O.B. use Sqweep's tablet TV. They find out they have to answer academic questions to keep on watching it, but instead start using it as a ray.

Episode 6a: Flipped Out (May 11, 2013)
B.O.B. discovers a secret switch that General Monger tells him not to touch. Will it get rewired before the Big Blue Blob can get to flip it?

Episode 6b: The Wormhole Has Turned! (May 11, 2013)
Dr. Cockroach overpromises that he's made a teleportation machine. Instead he's made a short wormhole and tries to pass it off as the real thing.

Episode 7a: The Two Faces of Dr. Cockroach (May 18, 2013)
Dr. Cockroach is split into two personalities by his new teleportation machine.

Episode 7b: The Thing with One Brain (June 1, 2013)
After causing runaway missiles because he thought the launch button was a lunch one, Dr. Cockroach builds a brain for B.O.B. Unfortunately Coverton installs an evil switch on it.

Episode 8a: Night of the Living Dog (June 8, 2013)
Sqweep accidentally gives everyone except for B.O.B. the brains of a dog when she wants to do research on puppies.

Episode 8b: Attack of the Movie Night! (June 15, 2013)
Sqweep suffers from nightmares after watching a scary movie, and creates a memory extractor to remove her memories of the film so she won't be afraid anymore. Unfortunately, her device winds up bringing the monster to life.

Episode 9a: 98 Pound Cockroach (June 22, 2013)
To get strong enough to pass an obstacle course, Dr. Cockroach tweaks his 50/50 man/roach genetic makeup so he'll be 40 percent man and 60 percent roach. Unfortunately, his roach side keeps increasing at the cost of his human side and its intellect, forcing his teammates to find a way to reverse the process.

Episode 9b: When Nature Shrieks (June 29, 2013)
General Monger takes Susan, B.O.B. and Sqweep on a camping trip to the desert. But when a lightning storm destroys their supplies and Monger is injured, Susan must take charge to get them back to base.

Episode 10: Vornicarn (September 14, 2013)
When a vicious alien beast known as a Vornicarn hatches on Earth, the alien huntress Sta'abi arrives searching for it.

Episode 11a: It Got Out of Hand (September 28, 2013)
It's April Fool's Day, and the other monsters are pranking everyone. But an apparent trip forward in time to the next day leads Susan to believe one of their pranks will cause the base's destruction.

Episode 11b: The Sound of Fear (September 28, 2013)
Dr. C's former teacher reveals a missing music grade in his transcript, which could lead to all his diplomas and doctorates being revoked.

Episode 12a: The Sorry Syndrome (October 5, 2013)
Susan accidentally angers Sta'abi by apologizing to her, which is considered a disgrace by her people that can only be remedied by hunting down the person who did so.

Episode 12b: Speak Not the Q Word (October 5, 2013)
After hearing Sta'abi utter an alien profanity (which was Jortnurg), the monsters are informed that unlike Earth profanities, uttering alien profanities result in physical consequences, Coverton sees this as an opportunity to cleanse the earth of all human life and gives B.O.B. a list of those words to cause havoc.

Episode 13a: Screaming Your Calls (October 12, 2013)
Dr. C brings his smartphone to life which soon imprints on him, until Coverton encourages 'Smarty' to hack into the base's mainframe.

Episode 13b: The Time-Out That Wouldn't End (October 12, 2013)
Monger puts Sqweep in time out for making a mess, but soon the tables are turned when Monger makes his own mess and Sqweep puts him in time out.

Episode 14a: Curse of the Man-Beast (October 19, 2013)
Having hacked into Monger's top secret files and learned about a werewolf he'd previously tried to recruit to Team Monster, the monsters decide to go after the werewolf and recruit him themselves, only to discover there was a good reason he was left alone.

Episode 14b: It Came From Level Z (October 19, 2013)
Susan becomes fed up with the other monsters being unsanitary and decides to bunk with Sqweep. when the boys discover "Level Z", where Monger keeps a bunch of frozen zombies he failed to recruit as team monster, they unfreeze one to be their butler, only to unwittingly cause a mass outbreak of the zombies.

Episode 15a: Number Seven! (October 26, 2013)
Sqweep has to go "number seven", which could destroy Earth's entire waste sanitation system. When her ship is disabled by Coverton to keep her from going back to her own world for this "once every seven years" event, Dr. Cockroach is forced to build a new containment system for her use.

Episode 15b: The Friend Who Wasn't There (October 26, 2013)
Link spends time with Sqweep in order to obtain her " Pheromonium" spray, which he believes will make Sta'abi attracted to him. Unfortunately, it's intended for use by a race of alien mantises, and makes she and any other adult female want to eat him until it wears off.

Episode 16a: Driven to Madness (November 2, 2013)
Link and Sta'abi duel for driving privileges of the new car Sqweep built, and then have to figure out how to stop it when Sqweep takes her own creation for a test run.

Episode 16b: The Beast From 20,000 Gallons (November 2, 2013)
When an asteroid is detected heading for Earth, Team Alien is put in charge of the rocket being sent to destroy it. Meanwhile, Dr. C sends B.O.B. to play hide and seek. Unfortunately, he winds up hiding in the fuel being used to power the rocket, and Team Monster must rescue B.O.B. and alter the rocket's trajectory so it'll actually hit its target.

Episode 17a: The Sneezing Horror (November 9, 2013)
Coverton comes down with an alien flu, but when he sees it can make humans and monsters even sicker, he decides to infect everyone on base and use this time to steal base secrets.

Episode 17b: Prisoner of the Dark Dimension (November 9, 2013)
Vornicarn's bad behavior lands him in the Isolation Zone. when Link, who spent time there in the past, goes to keep him company, he accidentally sets him free, causing him to go on another rampage around the base until Team Alien and Team Monster can figure out how to calm him down.

Episode 18a: I Predict Horror (November 16, 2013)
B.O.B. eats Dr. Cockroach's probabilitator (a device which can predict the future) and foresees Coverton going into a special room on the base and ending up with a crown and with people bowing before him. Coverton, hearing about this, decides to make it come true. Unfortunately, he didn't realize the crown was for a broken tooth after he breaks into the room containing General Monger's training robot, which beats him up.

Episode 18b: Destroy Chickie D! (November 16, 2013)
Sta'abi sees a commercial for Chickie D's, a chicken restaurant, and its mascot brings back memories of the giant bird that attacked her village. Vowing to destroy the creature, she escapes the base to do so, and Team Monster must stop her and bring her back.

Episode 19a: The Mystery of Dr. Cutter (November 23, 2013)
Dr. Cutter arrives to update the base's technology, and B.O.B. suspects she's up to something due to her wearing an eyepatch. He investigates with Susan's reluctant aid, until they discover she's out to kidnap Coverton and dissect his brain to learn the secrets of his telekinetic powers.

Episode 19b: The Partymobile That Invaded Earth (November 23, 2013)
Link and Bob discover and fix up an old spaceship and take it for a joyride, unaware that Coverton has disabled its microphone so they can't communicate with the base. Subsequently, Monger believes they're hostile aliens and orders them shot down, and the two monsters must find a way to solve their communication problems before they get blown up.

Episode 20a: Ginormicat! (November 30, 2013)
Susan is struck by lightning while holding a stray kitten she's bringing back to the base, transferring some of her Quantonium to it and causing it to begin growing into a giant. But when the kitten grows bigger than the base, the monsters learn that Quantonium has a different effect on cat anatomy, Team Monster must find a way to reverse the transformation before the kitten grows bigger than the planet.

Episode 20b: My Monster, My Master (November 30, 2013)
After losing badly to B.O.B in video games, Sta'abi recruits him to teach her his unique combat style, and must subsequently put her new, unorthodox methods to use against the revived Rule-Bot.

Episode 21a: It Came From Channel 5 (December 7, 2013)
Derek Dietl, Susan's ex-fiancé, tries to sneak into the base and expose the aliens there to the world. Coverton, seeing an opportunity, tries to use this to his advantage, but his plans are ultimately thwarted when Susan discovers what Derek is up to.

Episode 21b: It Ruled With an Iron Fist (December 7, 2013)
When Monger goes on leave for the weekend, he leaves the Cold War-era Rule-Bot in charge. Its obsessive behavior and incessant pestering over minor rule violations soon unites Team Monster and Team Alien against the robot as they attempt to get rid of it.

Episode 22a: This Ball Must Be Dodged (January 4, 2014)
Monger gathers everyone for a game of "monsters vs aliens" dodge ball. The aliens take out every other monster but Susan first since they consider her a low priority (since Link is the strongest, Dr. C's the smartest, and B.O.B is unpredictable and the only thing Susan can do is change size and become a bigger target). Susan uses her new military training and combat knowledge to battle the aliens.

Episode 22b: It Spoke With Authority (January 4, 2014)
Dr. Cockroach creates a spray to give the president more authority. But B.O.B gets covered in it while Coverton was trying to steal it and then everyone (except Coverton) does what ever he says until it wears off.

Episode 23a: Debtor Alive! (January 18, 2014)
When the monsters learn that Sqweep is a millionaire on earth, they begin to borrow from her allowance. When her financial planner Pip, who works for Epsilon-11 Allowance Management, comes to Earth to collect payment, they can't come up with money, so when Pip goes nuts and begins to repossess and sell their commodities for sale on the galactic marketplace, (such as Link's gravity, Ginormica's focus, Dr. Cockroach's vocabulary, and Coverton's dignity), B.O.B. gives him "B.O.B. Bucks" to set everything right. When Pip accepts the B.O.B. Bucks as actual currency, he concedes all debts to be paid and leaves.

Episode 23b: The Grade that Wouldn't Pass! (January 18, 2014)
After Dr. Cockroach tampers with Sqweep's project for thinking an answer on there is incorrect, the alien receives a Zrob minus(the lowest possible grade in the galaxy). Guilt-ridden, Dr. Cockroach then traverses to the center of Earth to assist her in finding the correct answer in a science test.

Episode 24a: You Can't Breathe in a Diner in Space! (January 25, 2014)
While working on another teleportation experiment, Dr. Cockroach accidentally teleports the diner with B.O.B and the President inside to the moon. It's a race against time to get B.O.B and the President back to Earth before their air runs out.

Episode 24b: Race to the End...Zone! (January 25, 2014)
Link is disappointed when he can not play in the government football game.

Episode 25a: When Luck Runs Out (February 1, 2014)
When a leprechaun becomes a new recruit for Team Monster it becomes angry after crushed by a vending machine.

Episode 25b: That Which Cannot Be Unseen (February 1, 2014)
After seeing something horrifying Coverton's room, Team Monster submit to memory wipes. When they keep losing hours they try to not submit to memory wipes and find out what it is. They find out Coverton's in a gross cocoon thing.

Episode 26a: Bride of the Internet (February 8, 2014)
When an embarrassing video of Susan hits the internet, Sqweep gets Internet, who is actually an alien and a friend of her, to remove the video. Unfortunately, he gains a crush on Susan and goes as far as changing the national anthem to Susan's favourite song to get her to like him, but she rejects him so he tries to eliminate her.

Episode 26b: The Invisible Threat (Also Silent) (February 8, 2014)
The president, wanting to find out Monger's 'secret project', ends up in a metal robot he believes a video game and battling the monsters and aliens.