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About TYRANT & Episode Guides

About TYRANT & Episode Guides

Tyrant Premiered on FX on June 24, 2014

About the Show:
When Los Angeles pediatrician Barry Al Fayeed receives an invitation to attend a nephew's wedding in the Middle Eastern homeland he left more than 20 years ago, he is reluctant, to say the least. His wife, however, finally convinces him that, besides being a good cultural experience for their two teenage children, it would be cathartic for him to revisit his unhappy life as the second son of his native country's violent dictatorial president.
From the moment the plane touches down in his homeland's airport, all Barry wants to do is get his family back to the U.S. Unfortunately, instances and obligations keep piling up to make that return trip more and more unlikely.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Adam RaynerBassam "Barry" Al Fyseed
Anne WintersEmma
Ashraf BarhomJamal Al Fayeed
Fares FaresFauzi Nadal
Jennifer FinniganMolly Al Fayeed
Jordana SpiroDana Tucker
Justin KirkJohn Tucker
Mehdi DehbiAbdul
Moran AtiasLeila
Noah SilverSammy
Salim DawYussef
Sammy SheikHamid
Sibylla DeanNusrat

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Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot (Jun/24/2014)
Barry Al-Fayeed is a California pediatrician who also happens to be the second son of a Middle Eastern dictator. Barry reluctantly agrees to return home with his American family for his nephew's wedding. Events thrust him into the complex and turbulent growing pains of a nation straining to break free from dictatorial rule.

Episode 2: State of Emergency (Jul/01/2014)
Having his brother incapacitated forces Barry to put his plans to return to America on hold.

Episode 3: My Brother's Keeper (Jul/08/2014)
Barry's decision to stay in Abbudin is met with mixed emotions; the discovery of new evidence in connection to the attempted murder of Jamal threatens to drive a wedge between the two brothers.

Episode 4: Sins of the Father (Jul/15/2014)
Tensions boil as the 20th anniversary of the chemical attack ordered by Barry's father looms; Jamal struggles to regain confidence in the bedroom.

Episode 5: Hail Mary (Jul/22/2014)
Jamal gets ready to throw down the gauntlet on the thousands of citizens gathered in the Plaza to protest his reign. Barry attempts to put together a summit in the hopes of avoiding any violence.

Episode 6: What the World Needs Now (Jul/29/2014)
Barry attempts to get Jamal to agree to meet with an exiled opposition leader.

Episode 7: Preventative Medicine (Aug/05/2014)
Amira reveals a 20-year-old secretn that makes Barry see his father in a whole new light.

Episode 8: Meet the New Boss (Aug/12/2014)
Barry attempts removing his brother from office, with a coup. Jamal tries proving his worth to his brother.

Episode 9: Gaslight (Aug/19/2014)
Jamal's opposers are punished. Barry and Molly's relationship is tested.

Episode 10: Gone Fishing (Aug/26/2014)
Barry is given some troubling news as he gets ready to displace Jamal.