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About TAXI BROOKLYN & Episode Guides

About TAXI BROOKLYN & Episode Guides

Taxi Brooklyn Premiered on TF1 on April 14, 2014

About the Show:
Chyler Leigh stars as hard-as-nails Det. Caitlyn "Cat" Sullivan, a woman hell-bent on finding her father's killer. After she's demoted to foot patrol for reckless driving, disobeying orders and personality conflicts, Cat meets taxi driver Leo Romba (Jacky Ido). A highly skilled driver, Leo is a charming French African from Marseille. Realizing Leo lied on his immigration forms, Cat offers him a deal: In exchange for his driving skills and taxi, she will help Leo with his immigration problem. In order to stay out of prison and avoid deportation, Leo agrees to partner with Cat and quickly becomes her personal driver, consultant and friend as they race through the streets of New York solving cases and trying to uncover the mystery behind her father's murder.

From executive producers Thomas Anargyros, Edouard de Vésinne and Gary Scott-Thompson, "Taxi Brooklyn" is based upon the film "Taxi" written by Luc Besson and is a production of EuropaCorp Television with the participation of TF1.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Chyler LeighDetective Caitlyn 'Cat' Sullivan
Jacky IdoLeo Romba
James ColbyCaptain John Baker
José ZúñigaEddie Esposito
Jennifer EspositoDr. Monica Peña
Bill HeckSpecial Agent Gregg James
Ally WalkerFrankie Sullivan
Raul CassoRonnie
John BiancoLuke Capella
Luke RobertsRhys Richards

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Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot (Apr/14/2014)
A detective teams up with a cabby, to try and solve the case of her fathers murder.

Episode 2: Brooklyn Heights (Apr/14/2014)
A well known handbag designer hires Cat to locate her missing son in a case that exposes some family secrets.

Episode 3: Cherchez les Femmes (Apr/14/2014)
Cat and Leo investigate the death of a holocaust survivor and a friend of Leo's. Cat becomes Leo's sponsor to help his case with immigration.

Episode 4: Precious Cargo (Apr/21/2014)
Cat and Leo investigate the murder of a foster mother. Cat soon finds herself bonding with one of the foster children. Leo misses his own son back in France and so the case soon gets too personal for him. Cat wants to look into a mafia family's case files.

Episode 5: Ambush (Apr/21/2014)
A prison-transport van is ambushed, with four prisoners escaping and two female prisoners murdered. One of the escapees is linked to the murder of Cat's father. Cat see's that she is getting closer to finding out the truth behind her father's murder as she begins solving the case.

Episode 6: Love Hurts (Apr/21/2014)
A notorious stalker's wife is murdered in a case that sees Cat having to face her past.

Episode 7: Black Widow (Aug/06/2014)
Three men are killed in strange circumstances with evidence leading to a female murderer. Leo takes a look at the profile of the victims and goes undercover as bait.

Episode 8: Deadline Brooklyn (Aug/13/2014)
A man discovered inside a dumpster and has been exposed to a bizarre weaponized toxin. It causes the NYPD to go into a high terror alert. Leo believes that there's a zombie outbreak in the city.

Episode 9: Double Identity (Aug/20/2014)
After a maid from El Salvador is shot, Cat and Leo's investigate. They soon discover that the woman is actually a former police woman from Venezuela who's in Brooklyn to avenge the murder of her parents.

Episode 10: The Longest Night (Aug/27/2014)
Half of Brooklyn suffers a blackout. Cat arrests a gang member, which leads to an explosive showdown after his gang shows up at the precinct demanding his release.

Episode 11: Frenchmen Can't Jump (Sep/03/2014)
A motorcycle messenger delivering heroin is shot and the team investigate. Leo makes a surprising discovery whilst being involved in an amateur basketball tournament.

Episode 12: Revenge (Sep/10/2014)
Leo's son shows up with his wife, but the trip does not go to plan. Cat is forced to prove her innocence whilst caught up in an investigation.