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How do I watch VIP on my Tablet, iPad, Smart TV, etc?

How do I watch VIP on my Tablet, iPad, Smart TV, etc?

This guide is intended to help those who do not watch VIPtv via a laptop/PC:

Smart TV
In order for VIPtv to work on your Smart TV it must have a built in web browser. This is a must. Some Smart TVs come with apps but do not have a web browser so check your model.
For best viewing experience we recommend you use our desktop site  (your TV must be compatible with Flash Player)
It is possible to use the mobile version on some Smart TV's. Please check your model.

Android Tablet
Android tablets are compatible with our Flash functionality on the desktop site . However, flash is no longer supported on the android platform.
If your tablet does not have flash already installed please download it here
Next you will need to download a browser that is compatible with Flash. We recommend the dolphin web browser which you can download from the Google Play Store: here
For Google Nexus Tablets you will also need to download the Dolphin Jetpack. You can download that directly from the Google Play Store also here.
Once all of this is done you should have no issues watching our desktop version The mobile version is also compatible with most tablets.

The recommended platform to watch VIPtv via your iPad, iPhone or iTouch is our mobile site:
Apple does not support Flash on these devices however if you do wish to watch the desktop version you can do so using the Puffin Browser App. Just download this app and login to via the browser.  

Some helpful links:

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