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About DRIFTERS & Episode Guides

About DRIFTERS & Episode Guides

Drifters Premiered on E4 on October 31, 2013

About the Show:
Drifters is a comedy series about three best friends living in Leeds who, having finished uni, are struggling to find a job that doesn't suck, a place to live that is half decent and a boyfriend they actually like


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Jessica KnappettMeg
Lydia Rose BewleyBunny
Lauren O'rourkeLaura
Bob MortimerFrank

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Season 1

Episode 1: Home (Oct/31/2013)
Meg and her cousin Bunny return to Leeds, having decided to cut short their gap year trip round India.Their best friend Laura is waiting for them along with Meg's stalker-ish ex-boyfriend Mark.

Episode 2: Scabies (Oct/31/2013)
Bunny and Laura are surprised after Meg manages to get a hot date while out on the street promoting a smartphone. Laura is worried that she could have a skin disease and Bunny is suffering with self-diagnosed depression.

Episode 3: Work Experience (Nov/07/2013)
Meg finally manages to get a break as she's offered an internship at a local radio station. Laura thinks that Gary is cheating on her and decides to take some drastic action.

Episode 4: Dry Run (Nov/14/2013)
The girls are left feeling shocked after they realise that Meg hasn't had sex for around a year. Meg agrees to 'punch below her weight' and pick a man to have sex with who should be grateful.

Episode 5: Friend Night Stand (Nov/21/2013)
After Meg makes a new friend, she brings her back to the flat, but the others think Ellie might have misunderstood the situation.

Episode 6: Nineties Night (Nov/28/2013)
Mark attempts to reinvent himself as a DJ and asks Meg to help him with a 90s Night. Things don't go to plan though. Bunny's efforts to raise the rent money by selling clothes online gets out of control after she agrees to do some modelling work.



Season 2

Episode 1: Rock 'N' Roll (Oct/23/2014)
Meg is lrft feeling traumatised after her parents tells her that they are going to have a trial separation. New neighbour Scott, offers to practise his counselling skills on her,. Bunny has begun to see the banjo player from promising but unsigned band The New Harvesters.

Episode 2: Truth or Dare (Oct/30/2014)
Meg organises a girls' night in, as they're all broken and single. The night begins to spiral out of control when Laura and Bunny insist on a game of Truth or Dare.

Episode 3: Goole (Nov/06/2014)
Meg realises that everyone she knows is on the new dating app, BangR. She is anxious to prove to Mark that she's winning their break-up. She joins the new dating app and gets a date. However, there is a problem,, he lives in Goole.

Episode 4: Leia (Nov/13/2014)
A free-spirited Leia arrives. Meg and Bunny know Leia from their trip to India, and everyone thinks she is amazing. The only person that does not think so is Meg.

Episode 5: Hen Don't (Nov/20/2014)
Meg is left to organise a hen do, but it clashes with a date she can't get out of. As she continues to struggle running both events, Bunny and Laura have their own troubles to contend with.

Episode 6: Meg's New Job (Nov/27/2014)
Meg manages to secure a job at trendy charity HumanKind UK and attempts to win over her cool boss Rebecca and fit in. Bunny runs into some trouble at the Job Centre and Laura discovers her true vocation.