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About PEAKY BLINDERS & Episode Guides

About PEAKY BLINDERS & Episode Guides

Peaky Blinders Premiered on BBC Two on September 12, 2013

About the Show:
Peaky Blinders is an epic gangster family saga that begins in 1919 in the lawless slum neighborhoods of post-war Birmingham. Returning soldiers, newly-minted revolutionaries and criminal gangs all fight for survival in an industrial landscape gripped by economic upheaval. Guns smuggled home from the trenches find their way onto the streets and become lethal currency. Communists don't just dream of revolution - they are planning for it and the government is expecting it. As Churchill mobilizes his Special Branch forces, illegal bookmakers make fortunes in speak-easy betting shops and traumatised infantrymen drink away their shell shock in riotous ale houses.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Cillian MurphyTommy Shelby
Helen McCroryAunt Polly Gray
Paul AndersonArthur Shelby
Joe ColeJohn Shelby
Sophie RundleAda Shelby
Sam NeillC.I. Campbell
Annabelle WallisGrace Burgess

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Season 1

Episode 1: (Sep/12/2013)
It is 1919 in Birmingham where Thomas Shelby a war veteran is head of a feared gang called the Peaky Blinders. They make living from illegal betting, protection and the black market. After he gets his hands on a crate of guns from the local arms factory, he sees an opportunity to increase the gang’s power and move up in the world.

Episode 2: (Sep/19/2013)
At a country fair just outside of Birmingham, Thomas Shelby is involved in a violent fight with a gypsy family called the Lees. Chief Inspector Campbell conducts a violent raid on the Peaky Blinders’ territory, leaving a message with Aunt Polly that he wants to speak directly to Thomas. Thomas agrees to meet with him but preferring not to take part in talks whilst on the back foot, he decides to strike a blow back first. The Lee family declare war on the Peaky Blinders.

Episode 3: (Sep/26/2013)
The tension between The Peaky Blinders’ and the Lee family continues to increase. After the Lee family ransack the Shelbys’ betting shop, Thomas decides to go visit them himself. Thomas’s brother John is a widower with four children who have been running rings around him, reveals that he intends to remarry. Chief Inspector Campbell puts more pressure on Thomas to deliver him Freddie Thorne and the stolen guns.

Episode 4: (Oct/03/2013)
The war with the Lees escalates when they ransack the Shelbys' betting shop, while John reveals he intends to remarry, but his choice of bride does not go down well with his family. Chief Inspector Campbell puts more pressure on Thomas to deliver Freddie Thorne and the crate of stolen guns to him, while Grace begins to glean more information about the Peaky Blinders' illegal operations.

Episode 5: (Oct/10/2013)
Inspector Campbell is still looking for the crate of stolen guns. Thomas Shelby’s life is complicated are two individuals show up in town. The first is the Shelbys’ errant father, who walked out on the family around ten years ago. He is now claiming that he has completely changed. The other is a man from South Armagh who has learned about the guns. Grace makes a discovery that could end up changing everything.

Episode 6: (Oct/17/2013)
The Worcester races are taking place and it is the day Thomas intends to finally become a racecourse kingpin. The Peaky Blinders are about to make their move but some revelations are revealed that threaten to ruin their plans. Grace has to try and make an impossible decision whilst Inspector Campbell plays his last card.



Season 2

Episode 1: (Oct/02/2014)
Business is booming for the Peaky Blinders, as Shelby starts expanding both his legal and illegal operations. He plans for the future, looking at managing a race track in the South. He soon comes across some new adversaries, testing him in very different ways. Back in Birmingham, Shelby's home town is challenged by members of his family reacting to the upturn in their fortunes. A enemy from his past also returns hoping to exact their plan of revenge of biblical proportions.

Episode 2: (Oct/09/2014)
Tommy offers to help Polly out, searching for her children. Back in London, Tommy risks his life when he meets Alfie Solomons. Arthur continues to feel devastated.

Episode 3: (Oct/16/2014)
Tommy comes up with a plan to take control of the southern racecourses. He also meets May Carleton, and sees it as a chance to to move up in the world. Major Campbell and London gangster Darby Sabini plot Tommy's downfall.

Episode 4: (Oct/23/2014)
Arthur leads the Peaky Blinders takeover of London's Eden Club. Sabini decides to put old feuds to one side, convincing Alfie to one side to get rid of the Peaky Blinders. Tommy hires May Carleton to train his race horse, and the pair become fast friends. In Birmingham, Michael joins the family firm, hoping to help Tommy's businesses become more legitimate. Whilst Tommy's insecurities are intensified as he discovers what Major Campbell wants him to do.

Episode 5: (Oct/30/2014)
Arthur and Michael both end up arrested and imprisoned. As Tommy's base in London is obliterated. Major Campbell has Tommy and his family under his thumb. Polly compromises herself hoping to secure Michael's freedom, but their relationship may be beyond repair at this point. Someone from Tommy's past pays him a visit, opening old wounds and leaving him to make a impossible decision.

Episode 6: (Nov/06/2014)
Tommy is in Epsom at Derby Day to execute the mission given to him by Major Campbell which is kill a high-ranking member of the military establishment. Tommy plans to turn the situation to his advantage by bringing his gang to the racecourse and strike against gang boss Sabini.

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