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About DADS & Episode Guide

About DADS & Episode Guide

Two Best Friends. One Dad Situation

Dads Premiered September 17, 2013 On FOX.

About Dadsd
From Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, the creatively outrageous minds behind last year's highest-grossing feature comedy, “Ted,” and FOX's hit animated series FAMILY GUY, DADS explores the often treacherous terrain of the father-son landscape. The multi-camera comedy series follows two successful guys – and childhood best friends – now in their mid-30s, whose relatively stable lives get turned upside down when their inappropriate and pain-in-the-neck patriarchs move in.

ELI and WARNER are lifelong best friends and the co-founders of Ghost Child Games, a successful video game company. Warner, married with two kids, is a bundle of nerves, as he tries to balance his career with his home life. He and Eli came up with the idea for the gaming company while stoned in college, and Eli has remained stoned ever since. In contrast to Warner's seemingly stable life, Eli's is a bit messier, with brief stabs at self-improvement. He's a confident guy, but occasionally reveals his lack of good intentions and moral fiber.

Although Warner and Eli are at very different places in their lives, they are so close, their friendship often seems more like a marriage. And that relationship is more complicated now, as their dads invade their lives. Warner's neuroses likely stem from having grown up in a family whose fortunes fluctuated wildly from year to year, due to the failed get-rich-quick schemes of his father, CRAWFORD. A self-described “businessman” (in wine-stained khakis) and a perpetual optimist, Crawford lives in a world all his own and still firmly believes the next big opportunity is just around the corner. But whatever business savvy he thinks he has, Crawford always seems to sink the deal by putting his foot in his mouth – much to the chagrin of all of those around him, especially Warner. Now that Crawford has moved in, CAMILA, Warner's matter-of-fact and beautiful wife, is constantly trying to get Warner to confront his father, but Warner can't seem to work up the courage to do so.

Eli's dad, DAVID, is a towering monument to negativity who has spent his life jumping from relationship to relationship. Equal parts cheap and cranky, David relishes disappointment and has always prepared his son for it. After hitting hard times, David turns to Eli, who reluctantly agrees to let his dad move in – even as he continues to blame David for his own shortcomings, including his inability to settle down. Suddenly the two bachelors find themselves in very close quarters, and Eli's lovelife quickly takes a nosedive with David around. In fact, his longest relationship with a woman remains the one with his housekeeper, EDNA (Tonita Castro, “Go On,” “Seeking a Friend for the End of the World”).

Trying to help both Warner and Eli through their myriad life challenges is VERONICA, their witty VP of Game Development and voice of reason, who is never afraid to stand her ground with her bosses.

The invasion of the DADS will give these friends and business partners their biggest challenge yet. Between dubious schemes, passive-aggressive busy-bodying and light kissing-on-the-lips, will these beleaguered sons be able to hold the line in the face of two massive game-changers?

Real NameCharacter Name
Seth GreenEli
Giovanni RibisiWarner
Brenda SongVeronica
Vanessa LacheyCamilla
Tonita CastroEdna
Peter RiegertDavid
Martin MullCrawford

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Pilot (Sep/17/2013)
The pilot episode introduces us to Eli and Warner, best friends who own and run a video game business. Their lives change radically when their fathers move in with them, and threaten a badly needed business deal.

Episode 2: Heckuva Job, Brownie (Sep/24/2013)
The guys use marijuana laced brownies on their fathers to keep them out of their hair.

Episode 3: Clean On Me (Oct/01/2013)
When Warner borrows Edna from Eli, a "love-triangle" forms, leading Eli to realize he needs to treat her better in order to save their once-happy relationship. Meanwhile, Veronica hires Crawford as an intern at the office, much to the chagrin of the guys.

Episode 4: Funny Girl (Oct/08/2013)
Eli starts dating Veronica's friend, Anne (guest star Allison Munn), an attractive, but somewhat annoying comedian, and he agrees to move in with her just to spite David. Meanwhile, a recording session for video company Ghost Child's new game, "Occue-Die Wall Street," gets out of hand when Crawford helps Warner with some "businessman" voice-over work.

Episode 5: Oldfinger (Oct/15/2013)
Warner and Eli are faced with getting physicals for their insurance coverage, and they recommend their fathers do the same. The results are surprising, however, and a followup exam for Warner goes awry.

Episode 6: My Dad's Hotter Than Your Dad (Oct/22/2013)
Warner hires an older woman as the new office assistant with the hope that Eli, who has a track record of being a Human Resources liability, won't be attracted to her. However, his plan backfires when Crawford and David start competing for her affections.

Episode 7: Foul Play (Nov/05/2013)
When David accidentally brings bedbugs into the house, he and Eli are forced to sleep at Ghost Child Games. Meanwhile, Camila gets the lead in a local play and Crawford ends up being uncharacteristically helpful.

Episode 8: Doubles Trouble (Nov/12/2013)
Eli begins to doubt his and Warner's friendship when Warner decides to let Camila be his partner in their annual Virtual Tennis Tournament. Meanwhile, Crawford and David try to prove that they can make true friends.

Episode 9:  Comic Book Issues (Nov/19/2013)
Eli decides to protect his beloved comic book collection from his father by placing them in a storage unit, which is prompted robbed. When Warner suddenly comes into possession of a similar set of comics, the friends tussle.

Episode 10: Dad Abuse (Nov/26/2013)
Eli and Warner mistakenly trigger an investigation of elder abuse, causing their dads to be placed in a foster care home. Eli and Warner's initial happiness soon turns into guilt, and they hatch a plan to rescue their fathers. Meanwhile, Crawford's childish, sloppy habits get between Camila and Warner.

Episode 11: The Glitch That Stole Christmas (Dec/03/2013)
When Eli and Warner fire one of their employees right before the holiday season, the ex-game designer seeks his revenge by including an offensive word in their family-friendly Christmas game. Meanwhile, Edna encourages David to get a job as a mall Santa in order to earn enough money to buy Eli a gift.

Episode 12: Mister Edna (Jan/07/2014)
Following an immigration-related bust of a sweat shop in the building, David exposes Edna as an illegal immigrant, and she is detained. In an effort to prevent Edna's deportation, Eli forces his father to marry Edna and enlists Warner to help plan the event. But when Edna begins to take on the role of wife and mother, Eli begins to regret his plan.

Episode 13: Eli Nightingale (Jan/14/2014)
Eli uses Veronica's illness as a ploy to try to sleep with her.

Episode 14: Bully Gene (Jan/21/2014)
Eli's new girlfriend has a 12 year old son who bullies Eli and steals his latest video game. Warner finds excuses to sleep on his comfortable couch in lieu of sleeping with Camilla.

Episode 15: Baby Face (Jan/28/2014)
Warner gets the house to himself when Camilla visits her sister. To make the solitude complete, Warner sends Crawford to a hotel where David joins him and the two are mistaken for being a gay couple. Meanwhile Eli helps Warner look up old girlfriends on Facebook and Warner ends up with a problem.

Episode 16: Warner’s Got it Made (Feb/04/2014)
Eli and Warner get too close to some wiseguys they hire as consultants for a new video game.

Episode 17: Enemies of Bill (Feb/11/2014)
After Crawford despoils their couch after a night of heavy drinking, Camila declares they are all going on the wagon. To pass the time, Crawford and Warner turn to singing and end up causing havoc at an AA meeting. Meanwhile, Edna is trying to figure out who is stealing from her change jar.

Episode 18: Have a Heart... Attack! (Feb117/2014)
Warner's dreams are realized when Crawford moves out while Eli feels guilty after David's heart attack and Veronica has big news.

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