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About BROADCHURCH & Episode Guides

About BROADCHURCH & Episode Guides

Broadchurch Premiered on ITV on March 04, 2013

About the Show:
Broadchurch is a crime drama series starring David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Pauline Quirke. DI Alec Hardy is an out-of-town, newly promoted police detective who takes the job local girl DS Ellie Miller believes should have been hers. Danny Latimer has been discovered dead on an beach surrounded by rocks and a jutting cliff-face from where he may have fallen. The seaside town of Broadchurch becomes the centre of a major police investigation and a national media frenzy.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

David TennantD.I. Alec Hardy
Olivia ColmanD.S. Ellie Miller
Andrew BuchanMark Latimer
Jodie WhittakerBeth Latimer
Charlotte BeaumontChloe Latimer
Susan BrownLiz Roper
Arthur DarvillRev. Paul Coates
Pauline QuirkeSusan Wright
Adam WilsonTom Miller
Vicky McClureKaren White
Jonathan BaileyOlly Stevens
Will MellorSteve Connolly
Carolyn PicklesMaggie Radcliffe
Matthew GravelleJoe Miller
Tracey ChildsS.C. Elaine Jenkinson
David BradleyJack Marshall

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Season 1

Episode 1: (Mar/04/2013)
When Beth Latimer attends her son Danny's sports day and he is nowhere to be found, she starts panicking. After getting stuck in a traffic jam, the road she is trying to drive down has been closed off. Her 11 year old son, Danny's body has been found on the beach. New Detective Inspector Alec Hardy and Beth's best friend Ellie Miller are put in charge of the case as it soon becomes apparent that Danny was in fact murdered.

Episode 2: (Mar/11/2013)
The mystery surrounding Danny Latimer's death increases and DI Hardy and DS Miller need to work fast to identify the key suspects.

Episode 3: (Mar/18/2013)
Some fingerprints discovered at the murder scene lead DI Hardy and DS Miller to a surprising suspect in Danny's murder. Steve Connelly has a message to give to Beth.

Episode 4: (Mar/25/2013)
Danny's murder continues to be the centre of everything happening in the town, as friends and neighbours’ lives come under close scrutiny.

Episode 5: (Apr/01/2013)
Hardy and Ellie find themselves coming under fire. The residents of Broadchurch begin to turn against one another.

Episode 6: (Apr/08/2013)
The residents of Broadchurch come together to mourn. A new suspect in the murder of Danny Latimer ends up coming to light.

Episode 7: (Apr/15/2013)
DI Hardy knows that he is running out of time to try and solve Danny's murder. Following the discovery of a vital clue though it could finally unlock the case.

Episode 8: (Apr/22/2013)
The final piece of the jigsaw finally begins to fall into place. DI Hardy and DS Miller attempt to name Danny Latimer’s killer.



Season 2

Episode 1: (Jan/05/2015)
When Joe Miller pleads not guilty, the town of Broadchurch have to prepare for a full trial. Meanwhile, a woman called Claire, from the Sandbrook case, relies on Alec for protection.

Episode 2: (Jan/12/2015)
A new development in Joe Miller's trial surprises the court. Alec and Ellie set up a meeting between Claire and Lee Ashworth, with consequences to everyone involved.

Episode 3: (Jan/19/2015)
Miller and Hardy try to take control of the events of Claire and Lee's arranged meeting. Meanwhile, the court case continues and begins to question Alec and Millers whereabouts after the murder.

Episode 4: (Jan/26/2015)
Hardy is annoyed when being questioned about Ashworth's return. Claire disobeys Hardy's instructions not to see Ashworth. A former Broadchurch resident returns.

Episode 5: (Feb/02/2015)
Miller's son wants to give evidence at his father's trial. Miller helps Alec with his old unsolved murder case.

Episode 6: (Feb/09/2015)
Tom takes the stand. Jocelyn receives double bad news. Hardy and Ellie find evidence to connect Pippa to Ashworth and Claire.

Episode 7: (Feb/16/2015)
The final arguments are made in Joe Miller's trial. Hardy and Ellie follow-up on new evidence. Another one of Claire's secrets comes to light.

Episode 8: (Feb/23/2015)
The fate of Joe Miller is decided. Alec and Ellie close the Sandbrook murder case.