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Orphan Black Season 1-2 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

1x07 Parts Developed In An Unusual Manner

Paul risking his life to warn Sarah was a surprise considering she has has kept essential information from him but returning the favour to save him was brave


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Yes it's great to see paul actually be a good guy but smart move getting psycho clone to back her up and her cutting his tail was rather amusing it put a smile on my face-is that wrong


1x08 Entangled Bank

Alison getting vengeance on who she thought was her suspected monitor was interesting but the cat fight was amusing and I cant believe Helena would put Kira's life in danger


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Helena is nut case so i am not surprised but Kira shouldn't of opened the door


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I read the synopsis of the show and was very intrigued. Decent premiere episode...hopefully it speeds up a little bit.


1x09 Unconscious Selection

It looks like Kira’s life might of been saved because of her mothers cloned DNA but Alison walking in on her own surprise intervention was amusing and Cosima finding out the truth about Delphine was sad, twins was a nice twist


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Well she was lucky but now most people now know she's Sarah she can't hide any more


1x10 Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Alison allowing Aynsley to choke to death was a surprise and Helena left Sarah no choice after killing their mother but Sarah's partner being a watcher was an interesting twist


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Look like Alison was right first time when she suspect her husband but he really was a good actor but finding there are patent was crazy revelation


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How on earth were they allowed to patent a gene sequence but having a second season is good news


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i assume it fall under the medical research patent


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You would assume human DNA cloning was illegal


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Yes it is but gene sequence research isn't given  that there were claiming the research was a way to use gene sequence cure cancer . As long as they are not caught they could get away with it. This is a pure guess using common sense


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She is a talented actress certainly can give Nina Dobrev a run for her money playing different characters


'Orphan Black' star Tatiana Maslany reeling from Critics' Choice win

'Orphan Black' star Tatiana Maslany reeling from Critics' Choice win

TORONTO - Regina-born actress Tatiana Maslany says she's still in denial after scoring a surprise best actress win at the Critics' Choice Television Awards.
The Canuck star of "Orphan Black" triumphed Monday night over seasoned rivals including Claire Danes from "Homeland," Keri Russell from "The Americans," Julianna Margulies from "The Good Wife," Vera Farmiga from "Bates Motel" and Elisabeth Moss from "Mad Men."

Maslany says from Los Angeles that she is definitely "the weirdo in that group," and is trying not to focus too much on murmurs that the win could catapult her to more international fame.
Last year's critics' choice actress winner — Danes from "Homeland" — went on to win the best actress Emmy Award.
The 27-year-old Maslany earned the critics' pick for her multiple turns in the Toronto-shot Space series, where she plays several varied characters who are clones of each other.

For those late to the sci-fi drama, season one repeats on Space beginning Thursday and is also streaming online at Season two of "Orphan Black" begins filming in Toronto this fall.

"I'm still kind of in denial that it even happened, it's all pretty surreal," Maslany said Tuesday from Santa Monica, noting she thought there was "no way" she would win the category.
"It's like, Vera Farmiga and Claire Danes and Keri Russell — these actresses who I've been watching since I was seven and have always admired and just (are) completely out of my league. It was just crazy. Even just being in that room, I couldn't believe that I was even in that space with Bryan Cranston and Patton Oswalt and all these heroes of mine."

Online clips of the bash show Maslany's voice wavering as she accepted a trophy from presenters Jimmy Smits and Angela Bassett.

"Thank you so much to the critics — our weird little show would be nowhere without you guys talking about it," a bewildered Maslany said before going on to thank broadcasters BBC America and Space, her publicists and her hair and makeup team.
"Thank you to John Fawcett and Graeme Manson, the creators of this show, for giving me the greatest opportunity of my life.... I'm so honoured to be in this room, thank you."

The win is just the latest kudo for Maslany, who received a breakout performance special jury prize at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival for her coming-of-age film "Grown Up Movie Star" and was named a "rising star" at the Toronto International Film Festival last year, a distinction meant to showcase the next generation of Canadian actors poised for international careers.

Maslany will be up for another best actress prize at the Television Critics Association Awards on Aug. 3. The Toronto-shot "Orphan Black" also scored a nomination for best new program.

"I think these kind of things are amazing for just the visibility that it gets you," she says of all the attention.

"Nobody's heard of me so just to get my name out there and (to know) that the critics are seeing the work I've done and the work that's happening on 'Orphan Black' and appreciating it and wanting to reward it or whatever, that's incredible and that can only help a career and only help somebody who's otherwise unknown."

The prospect of now being in the middle of Emmy chatter is "ridiculous," she adds.

"For me, the reward is doing the work and this other stuff is incredible and amazing but ... not why I do what I do. It's not the reason I'm an actor," says Maslany, who names Gena Rowlands as an actress she admires with a career she would like to emulate.
"We're very much about the career being a long-term thing and not kind of (what's) hot and that's it. Fame or any of that stuff is not in my dreams and it's not where I want to be and I just want to be working for the rest of my life so that's very much the kind of trajectory that we're trying to create."

"Orphan Black" is a particularly challenging series because it demands so many different sides of Maslany — she alternately plays a soccer mom, a street-smart British orphan, a cornrow-headed science geek, a murderous big-haired blonde and a mysterious German, among others.
"Every job is hard in a different way and this one is just a different experience for me," says Maslany, whose other upcoming projects include a feature film opposite Richard Dreyfuss and directed by Jason Priestley called "Cas & Dylan."

"The challenge of it is what made me wake up every morning and want to be on set and what made me fall in love with the project... That's what excites me about working — is challenging myself. I get bored otherwise, my attention span is really short and I want to kind of have to push against the odds a little bit."

She wouldn't say if she'll be tackling more characters in season two but hinted that the season one finale "opened more doors."



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I finally watched season 1's my take

Donnie's revelation was no surprise to me (remember when he was burning the contents from his metal box). I always knew he was her monitor, Ainsley was just NOSY beyond compare. Alison is ("it's not easy, she's not easy") so the Group decided to have her monitor constant in her life versus someone who comes and goes, as it seems Mrs S is to Sarah. Or maybe she kidnap Sarah away from the labs to protect her.

I hope Cosima survives and she doesn't wait to long to tell her sisters that she's sick. I still don't trust Delphine or Paul!

Hopefully Mrs S was able to hide Kira and herself before the Neolionsits came.

It was good to see that Helena did not like the fate life dealt her, (living with the Bible thumpers etc.), but it was something she excepted because it was the only thing she knew. I felt for Sarah over the loss of her Mom...someone whom she longed to meet.

I thought Art would've uttered the 'C' word in the finale. He knows about Beth, Katja & Sarah.

Overall, great of the MOST ORINIGNAL to air on TV in years....can't wait for season 2


The Cloneversation

Nice special with cast members and celebrity guests and Tatiana explaining her audition which was to do three characters was interesting


Season 2 premiere is already on the site. It cannot get any better than that!  


Oh man! What a great premiere. I knew Helena was not dead, you can't kill such a good character. I like how they kept it under wraps. They showed all the other clones in previews but keeping one inside their pocket.

Helena (the clones) genes/patent is what's kept her alive.

It appears that the religious zealots have Kira.....I thought they would reveal that Mrs S saw the dangers ahead and whisked her away. However, my prediction can still be possible, next week's episode: ' Sarah enlists Art’s help to find Kira and is shocked when she learns where the trail leads' courtesy Time will tell

And how can I forget Sarah impersonating Cosima. We've seen Sarah + Allison & Allison + Sarah.....but, not the latter so that was fun to see.

I'll never trust Paul or matter what. Art on the other's about time they brought him closer to Sarah and the others.

Overall, excellent premiere!


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It was a great start to the season but finding out who kidnap  Kira was a surprise