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About WIRE IN THE BLOOD & Episode Guides

About WIRE IN THE BLOOD & Episode Guides

Wire in the Blood Aired From November 14, 2002 - October 31, 2006 On ITV 1

About the Show:
Considered one of the best psychological thrillers to come out of the UK in the last decade, Wire in the Blood focuses on the life and work of Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green - Touching Evil, Reckless), an eccentric clinical psychologist who possesses the uncanny ability to get inside the head of a killer to help solve their crimes.

DCI Carol Jordan (Hermione Norris) exits the department, and England, unexpectedly leaving Detective Inspector Alex Fielding (Simone Lahbib - Season 4) to take her place. After a rough start, Tony joins up with Alex and her team as they slowly begin to work together, taking on the toughest and seemingly impenetrable cases, to beat the killers and the clock, before they can strike again. An intensely fast paced and thrilling series, that uses a combination of scientific expertise and an obsessive attraction by Dr. Hill to the murderers he must track down. The show borders on the surreal, which adds an additional measure of intensity.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Robson GreenDr. Tony Hill
Simone LahbibDI Alex Fielding
Emma HandyDC Paula McIntyre
Mark LetherenDetective Sergeant Kevin Geoffries
Mark PenfoldDr Ashley Vernon
Peter SullivanACC Paul Eden
Hermione NorrisDetective Inspector Carol Jordan
Alan StocksDetective Superintendent Don Merrick
Doreene BlackstockDetective Constable Annie Reiss
Philip WhitchurchSuperintendent Tom Cross
Tom ChadbonAssistant Chief Constable John Brandon

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Season 1

Episode 1: The Mermaids Singing (1) (Nov/14/2002)
Clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill is asked to help police track down the brutal killer of three men in Bradfield. Detective Inspector Carol Jordan hopes his skill as a profiler will crack the case, but Tony's off-beat methods cause others to dismiss him. When a cop is killed, the pressure to get results mounts. While the police focus on the gay scene, Tony is convinced the killer is sending a message on the body of his victim.

Episode 2: The Mermaids Singing (2) (Nov/21/2002)
Detective Inspector Carol Jordan begins to build a close relationship with Dr. Tony Hill. As Carol uses all her police skills to produce as much evidence as she possible can, Tony then uses his skills to analyze all the details of that evidence. Tony is then able to use his knack of putting himself into the killer’s shoes, where he can almost sense the killings himself. As Tony nears the solution of who the killer might be, after developing the ultimate profile on the killer, he soon finds himself the unsuspecting next target of the killer himself.

Episode 3: Shadows Rising (1) (Nov/21/2002)
When two teenagers' bodies are pulled from a Northumberland lake, Dr. Tony Hill immediately suspects that a possible serial killer who was involved in a seemingly unrelated murder is the suspect. Detective Inspector Carol Jordan is then called to the home of the popular talk show hosts Jack and Amanda Vance, who fear they are being stalked.

Then when the dead girls are identified as being runaways, the attacks on the Vance husband and wife team escalates dramatically.

Episode 4: Shadows Rising (2) (Dec/05/2002)
Carol and Tony find their relationship challenged by running parallel investigations rather than working on the same one. Another body, or at least the bones of one, is found in the lake - Tony knows they are looking for a multiple killer. Then a link is discovered between the celebrity stalker and the body. If the killer is a stalker, will Amanda or Jack be next on the list?

Episode 5: Justice Painted Blind (1) (Dec/12/2002)
The abduction on an 11-year-old-girl and the strangulation of a young woman bring back memories of the murder of young Trudy Hibbert three years earlier. Known pedophile Paul Gregory was acquitted but police and locals fear he is killing again. Dr. Tony Hill is convinced the attacks bear the hallmarks of a different killer - until a bizarre link suggests more deaths will follow.

Episode 6: Justice Painted Blind (2) (Dec/19/2002)
The case proves hard on the team when they also have to look in to two unsolved unsolved pedophile crimes.
The investigation is further hindered by Carol's new boyfriend who is convinced that he knows who the murderer truly is.



Season 2

Episode 1: Still She Cries (Jan/19/2004)
Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green) finds his work with the police compromised when a student from his university is abducted. But that's not his only worry, Carol (Hermione Norris) stops trusting him when he allows one of his own pupils to help with the investigation.

Episode 2: The Darkness of Light (Jan/26/2004)
When a 500 year old body is discovered at the Norton Hotel during the digging of new foundations, Carol is sent in to oversee whether they were in any way suspicious, or a legacy of the hotel's previous incarnation as part of the local Abbey. But the discovery of two more bodies coincides with the hotel being burned to the ground, and Carol realizes that she's got a very current case on her hands.

Episode 3: Right to Silence (Feb/02/2004)
Tony and Carol think they've scored early when the evidence in two murders seems to lead them to one man. The trouble is that the man was in prison at the time of the murders. Could he really be controlling all this from behind bars? The two must find the answer quick, before another person is killed. However, if they are wrong about this suspect, then they will have wasted critical time.

Episode 4: Sharp Compassion (Feb/09/2004)
Bradfield is in panic, as someone is preying on the most vulnerable of hospital patients. Carol must juggle how to warn the public, while trying to keep a predatory MI-5 official at bay. The only way out is to solve the case fast - but there is very little to go on, even for Dr. Tony Hill.



Season 3

Episode 1: Redemption (Feb/21/2005)
Tony suspects a serial killer is luring dejected children to their deaths when the bodies of three young boys are found in different places in Bradfield. Each of the victims had suffered maltreatment. As it becomes more obvious that these victims are being placed at very specific sites, Tony comes to realize that the killer is trying to tell police something about their past.

Episode 2: Bad Seed (Feb/28/2005)
When a series of vicious murders sends a town reeling, Dr. Tony Hill becomes consumed with the notion that they are the work of the known killer, William 'Mack the Knife' MacAdam. Now a newly released inmate, and after receiving an education during his long sentence, MacAdam is now enrolled as a Ph.D. student in Tony's University class, and now seems overly keen to take Hill’s place as the media pundit on serial killer cases.

Episode 3: Nothing But The Night (Mar/07/2005)
The brutal murder of a woman, beaten to death with a steam iron, brings Tony back from a publicity tour for his latest book, to join in on Carol's investigation. Then more bizarre, but completely different deaths follow, and Tony is bewildered, unable to create a profile for the seemingly schizophrenic killer.

Episode 4: Synchronicity (Mar/14/2005)
After being hit on the head by a would-be killer, Tony wakes up in the ER to discover he's got a brain tumor. Although his behavior doesn't initially strike Carol as particularly strange - he's always been eccentric - the doctors say it's down to a chance whether his bizarre symptoms signify something which might actually be fatal.



Season 4

Episode 1: Time to Murder and Create (Sep/20/2006)
Tony Hill is having a few problems. A rapist, convicted years ago as a result of Tony's first forensic psychological profile, is released on appeal, leaving Tony discredited. Now Carol won't return his calls offering to help the police investigate the finding of a body found buried in a barrel in a field. Plus, Tony’s therapist thinks he is resisting treatment because he is clinging to the dark side of his psyche.

Things get worse when Tony realizes that Carol is actually gone - left the Bradfield force to go to South Africa, without even telling him; and that her successor, Alex, although young, friendly and female, doesn't want Tony anywhere near her work.

Episode 2: Torment (Sep/27/2006)
Police are baffled when a prostitute's murder matches in every detail a series of killings for which Derek Tyler has already been caught and jailed for. Tony knows it can't be a copycat, because in sexual homicides every killer has their own unique signature, but if this isn't someone imitating Derek's atrocities, then how are the new killings happening at all?

Episode 3: Hole in the Heart (Oct/04/2006)
After saving a student from leaping to his death, Tony ponders why someone might want to take their own life in such a way. He'd like to help the student, Kurt, to feel better, but Kurt doesn't stick around long enough in his therapy to debate the issue. Kurt disappears and then hooks up with a new group of "friends." This leaves Tony feeling inadequate to the task.

Meanwhile, a businessman and his accountant die in a horrible fire - apparently both victims of arson. Have they been murdered by their jealous partners? There appears to be no reason for their deaths. However, these two turn out not to be the last pair of corpses found in Bradfield, and Alex is forced to turn to Tony for help.

Episode 4: The Wounded Surgeon (Oct/11/2006)
Tony's first case with the police comes back to haunt him, when Jason Eglee, who was convicted of murder on evidence uncovered by Tony, comes up for parole. Although Jason appears to be a reformed character after years of therapy in prison, Tony is not convinced, and manages to sway the board to his point of view. However, Jason’s distraught mother attacks him and then collapses and dies. Now in the eye of the press and the public, Tony has blood on his hands.

Jason is then released in a compassionate gesture by the board. However, when a girl is soon murdered in the same circumstances as Jason's former victim, Tony has no doubt that Jason has started a new killing spree.

But is Jason the real killer, or was Tony wrong about him all along?



Season 5

Episode 1: The Colour of Amber (Jul/11/2007)
A young girl's kidnapping has Tony profiling likely child abductors.

Episode 2: Nocebo (Jul/18/2007)
Alex's investigation of the murder of two teens in what seems to be a ritual killing, leads to a real estate tycoon.

Episode 3: The Names of Angels (Jul/25/2007)
A pair of women are found murdered and dressed in the clothing which came from victims of murders from years earlier in Europe.

Episode 4: Anything You Can Do (Aug/01/2007)
A thuggish security guard becomes the prime suspect when an elderly woman is found smothered in her home, but as more killings occur, there seems to be more than one murderer.



Season 6

Episode 1: Unnatural Vices (1) (Sep/12/2008)
A young woman's remains are found in such a way that suggest the killer is a S&M fetishist, but further developments make Tony suspicious about what is truly going on.

Episode 2: Unnatural Vices (2) (Sep/19/2008)
Continuing the investigation into the discovery of a burial site that holds more than one victim of violent and possibly sadio-masochistic killings, the focus shifts to the investigation team itself when one of them disappears.

Episode 3: Falls the Shadow (1) (Sep/26/2008)
Tony, speaking at a convention on experimental psychology, becomes the prime suspect when a fellow delegate is brutally murdered in her hotel room. Alex, meanwhile, investigates a series of murders of street prostitutes.

Episode 4: Falls the Shadow (2) (Oct/03/2008)
Tony, suspected of the involvement in the murder of two psychologists, is desperate to prove his innocence. Some lateral thinking leads him to a connection between those deaths and the prostitute murders.

Episode 5: From the Defeated (1) (Oct/10/2008)
Young men are being kidnapped and later turn up dead - beaten, stabbed, shot. Tony is called in to help clarify motive and establish links between the victims. Elsewhere, against Tony's advice, an extremely dangerous prisoner has claimed religious salvation and is given more privileges.

Episode 6: From the Defeated (2) (Oct/17/2008)
While working on solving the disappearance of young men, a young mother goes missing, adding another piece to the puzzle. In addition, the escape of a prisoner places Tony's life at risk.

Episode 7: The Dead Land (1) (Oct/24/2008)
Homeless men are found dead and arranged in various ways with specific items left at each scene. And, Tony is being stalked by someone using a series of strange "gifts."

Episode 8: The Dead Land (2) (Oct/31/2008)
Tony puts together the clues to solve the mystery of the ritualistic killings of the homeless men. He also tries to deal with the reality that the man who has targeted him is extremely clever, resourceful, and unlikely to give up.