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About THE EXES & Episode Guides

About THE EXES & Episode Guides

The Exes Premiered on TV Land on November 30, 2011

About the Show:
An all new comedy about three divorced men sharing an apartment across the hall from their female divorce attorney, who is also their landlord. The "never been married" Holly (Johnston) introduces her newest single client Stuart (Basche) to his new roommates -- ladies' man Phil (Faison) and the sardonic homebody, Haskell (Knight). Things get off to a shaky start for Phil and Haskell when they begin to have reservations about living with clingy Stuart, but Holly is right across the hall to help them steer clear of any catastrophes. After all, it helps her to avoid her own relationship and commitment issues! To top it all off, Holly's hard-partying assistant Eden (Stables), doesn't let her professionalism get in the way of prying into her boss's personal life. Through the episodes, the guys begin to realize that the issues they have with each other are the same ones that they had with their ex-wives.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Kristen JohnstonHolly Franklin
Donald FaisonPhil Chase
Wayne KnightHaskell Lutz
David Alan BascheStuart Gardner
Kelly StablesEden

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Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot (Nov/30/2011)
In the premiere of this comedy, two divorced men who live in the same apartment building as their lawyer (Kristen Johnston), who also happens to be their landlord, are introduced to their new roommate—and her latest client—whether they want one or not.

Episode 2: A Little Romance (Dec/07/2011)
Phil uses Hollys assistant to help him land a star jockey as a client, but hes got his eyes on a bigger prize. Haskell talks Stuart into selling sentimental mementos from his marriage but Stuart has trouble letting go.

Episode 3: Working Girl (Dec/14/2011)
Holly plays matchmaker for Stuart, but the result isn't exactly a success; Haskell fabricates a fabulous online profile of himself to show his ex-wife what she's missing.

Episode 4: Lutz and the Real Girl (Dec/21/2011)
Haskell's online girlfriend pays a surprise visit, but she's also in for a shock since he used Phil's picture as his own. Meanwhile, Holly learns a lesson about appearances after finding a homeless man in the laundry room.

Episode 5: An Inconvenient Tooth (Dec/28/2011)
Phil mixes his pleasure with Stuart's business when he sleeps with Stuart's dental assistant. Meanwhile, Eden shows Holly—or at least her borrowed clothes—how to have a good time.

Episode 6: A Very Wrong Engagement (Jan/04/2012)
Holly gets a visit from her mother (Judith Light), who is unaware that her daughter is no longer engaged, but that doesn't stop them from shopping for wedding dresses.

Episode 7: Lost in Translation (Jan/11/2012)
Stuart acts an interpreter for Phil when he meets a lingerie model who doesn't speak English. Meanwhile, Holly needs Eden's help after she makes a bad first impression with a neighbor; and Haskell invests in a coffin.

Episode 8: My Dinner With Phil (Jan/18/2012)
Stuart invites Phil to dine at his favorite restaurant for the last time before it closes, but they run into Phil's ex-wife, who just happens to be engaged. Meanwhile, Holly is confused by an attractive coworker's actions; and Haskell launches an online traffic school.

Episode 9: When Holly Broke Kevin (Jan/25/2012)
Holly dates a basketball star who is also Phil's client; Stuart is lured into the world of sports betting by Haskell.

Episode 10: The Ex Always Rings Twice (Feb/01/2012)
When Holly has to face her cheating ex fiance for the first time since they broke up, she enlists the guys' help to prove to him he lost the best thing he ever had.



Season 2

Episode 1: Analyze Them (Jun/20/2012)
When the guys can't resolve their differences, Holly sends the three of them to couples' therapy.

Episode 2: What Women Want (Jun/27/2012)
The gang's chemistry is upset when Holly learns more about Stuart than she could have imagined.

Episode 3: Cool Hand Lutz (Jul/04/2012)
Holly takes Haskell on a practice date, and finds herself blown away by Haskell's hidden talents. Stuart embarrasses Phil when he tries way too hard to fit in with Phil's friends.

Episode 4: Baby Mama (Jul/11/2012)
Holly tries to get to the bottom of a big secret between Eden and her boss. Stuart is about to be reunited with his beloved dog until Phil loses him.

Episode 5: Lethal Weapons (Jul/18/2012)
Phil's quest to land a new client puts the boys in a strip club, and Stuart in the hospital. Hollys new magic bra works wonders.

Episode 6: Shall We Dance? (Jul/25/2012)
Stuart tries to impress his ex at a ballroom-dancing competition, but Holly's attempt to help him does more harm than good. Meanwhile, Phil meets a woman who's a lot like him.

Episode 7: Three Men and a Maybe (Aug/01/2012)
The guys aid Holly's search for suitable sperm donors when she fears her time for having a baby is running out.

Episode 8: How Holly Got Her Groove Back (Aug/08/2012)
Holly's crush on a coworker has her wondering how he feels about her; Stuart hires a maid when he's tired of doing all the cleaning by himself, but the act makes a mess of Haskell's life.

Episode 9: The Party (Aug/15/2012)
Holly's new boyfriend, Paul, invites the guys to an amazing party, but Stuart begins to wonder how close Paul remains with his ex-wife.

Episode 10: Sister Act (Aug/22/2012)
Holly's plans go awry when she tries to impress her infallible sister by inventing a new identity; the guys find a lot to like about Stuart's cooking.

Episode 11: He's Gotta Have It (Aug/29/2012)
One of Phil's clients, tennis star Chuck Feeney, hides from the paparazzi by staying with the guys, who begin to wonder about his reputation as a ladies' man. Meanwhile, Eden's pregnancy creates a TLC competition between Holly and Haskell.

Episode 12: Pirates of the Care of Eden (Sep/05/2012)
The gang crashes a party on Phil's boss's yacht; a very pregnant Eden goes into labor.



Season 3

Episode 1: Toy Story (Jun/19/2013)
When the guys accidentally break Holly's vibrator, they scramble to fix it before she finds out so it doesn't ruin their friendship.

Episode 2: The Holly's Buddies Story (Jun/26/2013)
Holly's boyfriend Paul orders the guys to not hang out with her when he's around. When Holly discovers what Paul did, she's forced to choose between poker night and date night.

Episode 3: Trading Places (Jul/10/2013)
Holly and Haskell compete for the affections of a woman who they both want to be a girlfriend. Stuart dates a sensitive woman and Phil dates a physical one when they discover that first impressions aren't always right.

Episode 4: Zero Dark Forties (Jul/17/2013)
When Holly despairs about dating again, the guys secretly create an online dating profile for her and discover what dating is like from a woman's perspective.

Episode 5: Defending Your Wife (Jul/24/2013)
As Haskell, Holly and the boys celebrate the "End Of His Alimony Payments" because his ex-wife is remarrying, he gets a call from a hospital telling him that she has been in a car accident. When he gets there he finds that she has amnesia and still thinks they are happily married. Because she is loving and nice to Haskell, he takes her home and try’s to rekindle the old feelings he use to have. But things don’t go so smooth for him and the boys aren’t happy with crashing at Holly’s place.

Episode 6: Take This Job and Shove It (Jul/31/2013)
When Phil and Holly make a pact to ask their bosses for raises, Phil gets fired. Holly tries to help Phil get his job back. Stuart's integrity is tested when he dates a British woman with repulsive teeth.

Episode 7: Pretty Women (Aug/07/2013)
When Holly and Eden date two charming French men who shower them with gifts and glamorous living, they wonder if their dream dates are too good to be true. Phil and Haskell train Stuart on how to confront a bully at the bar.

Episode 8: Prelude to a Kiss (Aug/14/2013)
Phil opens his own agency and enlists Eden as his temporary assistant to help sign his first client. Meanwhile, Holly hires Haskell as her temporary assistant. Stuart pursues the Yelper who smeared his practice's perfect rating.

Episode 9: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (Aug/21/2013)
Holly dates a much younger man and Eden questions his motives. Phil and Eden secretly become friends with benefits. Stuart convinces Haskell to pursue a woman he's admired from afar and ends up accidentally stealing her cat.

Episode 10: My Ex-Boyfriend's Wedding (Aug/28/2013)
Holly attends her ex-boyfriend Paul's wedding and throws it into chaos. At the wedding Phil and Eden realize they're developing feelings for each other. Haskell sets his sights on the most desperate woman at the wedding.

Episode 11: True Lies (Dec/11/2013)
Eden shares a secret about herself and Phil with Holly, who in turn tells Stuart and Haskell.

Episode 12: How the Grinch Spent Xmas (Dec/18/2013)
Holly makes Christmas plans for the gang after convincing them to spend the holiday together, but ditches them after she meets a handsome stranger.

Episode 13: Nothing in Common (Jan/01/2014)
Stuart's sister visits with surprising news about her marriage; Phil and Eden consider spicing up their relationship.

Episode 14: Bachelor Party (Jan/08/2014)
Phil and Eden's relationship is strained when he is named one of the top ten bachelors in New York City and has to pretend to be single. Stuart dates the twin sister of his evil ex, Sabrina.

Episode 15: Starting Over (Jan/22/2014)
Nicki returns to the city to start her new life, but her move proves to be a distraction for Stuart at work and a disruption of Phil's personal life. Meanwhile, Haskell and Eden attend an all-nude production of "Twelve Angry Men."

Episode 16: Friends Without Benefits (Jan/29/2014)
Haskell hatches a plan to win over Nicki. Stuart and Phil visit Stuart's old home one last time before it is sold.

Episode 17: Nun Like It Hot (Feb/05/2014)
Phil unknowingly sleeps with a nun and must keep Nicki from finding out. Haskell and Eden take care of a fussy Holly after she suffers an injury.

Episode 18: When Haskell Met Sammy (Feb/12/2014)
Holly gets Haskell a date with a gay man; Stuart helps Phil confront his fear of funerals.

Episode 19: My Fair Stuart (Feb/19/2014)
Stuart asks Nicki to dinner at an important event; Phil and Haskell mull getting vasectomies together.

Episode 20: The Old Man and the Holly (Feb/26/2014)
In the Season 3 finale, Holly dates an older man, but soon learns his home is an assisted-living facility; and Nicki has a proposition for Phil.

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