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About REV. & Episode Guides

About REV. & Episode Guides

Rev. Premiered on BBC Two on June 28, 2010

About the Show:
Anybody can and does come into St Saviour’s – and into Adam’s life. From scheming MPs trying to educate their children on the cheap to Colin, a heavy drinking, unemployable lost soul who is Adam’s most devoted parishioner. Then there’s Mick, the local crackhead in need of £20 to visit his ‘dying mother’ in Southend… She’s died three times in the last 12 months.

Every day throws up a moral conflict for our vicar. Adam’s door must always be open to urban sophisticates with ulterior motives, the chronically lonely, the lost, the homeless, the poor and the insane. All are welcome at St Saviour’s and Adam can’t turn any of them away. Even if they’re clearly lying, mad or just very annoying.

In addition to caring for his flock Adam has to worry about the financial burden of running a huge, decaying building – with a smashed stained glass window – and a dwindling congregation. He has to contend with hopeless volunteers, ambitious church rivals, the sinister attentions of the Archdeacon and the romantic attentions of Adoha, a renowned ‘cassock-chaser’ and church regular. Even his supposedly supportive Lay Reader Nigel is a pedantic careerist who thinks he should be running the place himself.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Tom HollanderThe Rev. Adam Smallbone
Olivia ColmanAlex Smallbone
Steve EvetsColin Lambert
Miles JuppNigel McCall
Lucy LiemannEllie Pattman
Simon McBurneyArchdeacon Robert
Ellen ThomasAdoha Onyeka


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Season 1

Episode 1: On Your Knees, Forget The Fees (Jun/28/2010)
Adam is feels under pressure as he tries to fill a rundown London church but suddenly his congregation quadruples overnight. The influx of worshipers though isn't down his wonderful sermons as there is a rumour going round that the local church school is about to get a great Ofsted report. Adam finds himself tempted to trade a school place for the expensive restoration of a broken stained-glass window in the church.

Episode 2: Salvation (Jul/05/2010)
Adam is told by the Archdeacon that his collection plates are not collecting enough money. Fellow priest Darren Betts ends up coming to his salvation when he needs a temporary venue for services while his own church is being repaired.

Episode 3: Revolting (Jul/12/2010)
When Adam decides to let a Muslim children's prayer group to use the church for classes it brings som of his congregation's prejudices to light. Adam decides to oppose a lapdancing club which is trying to open opposite the school.

Episode 4: The One Show (Jul/19/2010)
When Adam hears an old rival on Thought For The Day he feels jealous. When he tries to make a career of his vocation it ends up backfiring when he makes an ill-advised comment on The One Show about homosexuality within the Church.

Episode 5: Society (Jul/26/2010)
Adam is happy to meet Leon when he feels excluded and derided by the rest of society. Leon is keen to get married in the church and they soon become firm friends. Things come to a crashing halt though at a dinner party when Adam learns that his wife, Alex, went to college with Leon and that they had done something naughty together.

Episode 6: Is The Answer Jesus, Sir (Aug/02/2010)
Adam suffers with a crisis of faith after he is given a bad review for one of his sermons on a Christian website. As Adam sits at home pondering whether he should give up his position someone else is going around the area pretending to be a priest so that they can get free beers and avoid parking tickets.



Season 2

Episode 1: Judgement Day (Nov/10/2011)
Adam Smallbone continues with his life in his east London parish and things haven't got any easier with his flock as demanding as ever and his wife Alex has reached breaking point. After Adam manages to prevent a mugging from happeneing he finds himself being tempted to bask in the glory of being hailed a super vicar. As the lie spirals out of control though, Adam ends up drawing attention from on high up.

Episode 2: (Nov/17/2011)
Abi Johnston, a talented young curate, comes to train at St Saviour's. Nigel is envious and even Adam's initial enthusiasm soon gives way to doubt in his own abilities after he realises just how brilliant she is. Colin decides he needs needs cheering up and Adam inadvertently gets the chance to experience religious versus chemical ecstasy.

Episode 3: (Nov/24/2011)
Adam’s goddaughter pays a visit and things begin to go bump in the night. Adam can’t sleep after London is hit by a heatwave. Elderly parishioner Joanhas just moved into a nursing home and is convinced her new room is haunted and Adam is called in to help.

Episode 4: (Dec/01/2011)
The school is up for religious inspection and Ellie beleives that they’ll pass with flying colours, thanks to new teacher Mr Feld. The only problem is though is that he’s an atheist. Adam ends up clashing with Ellie. He has also signed up for an interfaith football tournament and the St Saviour’s congregation lacks any stand out athletes.

Episode 5: (Dec/08/2011)
Something is not correct with the church accounts and the Archdeacon is ready to pounce. Salvation ends up appearing though in the form of a wealthy city banker who shows up to join Alcoholics Anonymous. Serial blagger Mick shows up at the vicaragewith a much bigger ask than the usual and Adam finds himself taking a huge risk.

Episode 6: (Dec/15/2011)
Nigel believes that he’d be a much better priest than Adam and gets the opportunity to try and prove it . The Archdeacon has career advancement ambitions of his own but a surprise encounter ends up ruining his chances. Adam has to deal questions about his own future and has a huge decision to make.

Episode 7: Christmas Special (Dec/20/2011)
Adam has lots of ideas for his first Advent in London. He sonn finds out though that Christmas at St Saviour's is quite different to his old Suffolk parish. With a hangover and Midnight Mass looming, he is not happy when his father pays a visit.



Season 3

Episode 1: (Mar/24/2014)
Adam works with a local Imam in an effort to try and improve the community. The new Area Dean and Diocesan Secretary have it in for St Saviour’s as Adam attempts to save the church from their Parish Reorganisation ideas.

Episode 2: (Mar/31/2014)
Adam gets in a conundrum when his gay friends ask him to marry them. He enlists the help of Roland Wise to help save his church, but isn't sure that his methods will really help save the congregation.

Episode 3: (Apr/07/2014)
Adam is left feeling intrigued after a local artist called Mike Tobin offers to make a £60,000 donation to the church, providing a solution to his financial issues.

Episode 4: (Apr/14/2014)
Adam has an ideal candidate to fill the position of church treasurer. When his past haunts him Adam ends up spending the night in Nigel's flat and later at Colin's hostel.

Episode 5: (Apr/21/2014)
Adam finds out he's been reported to the bishop for unbecoming conduct and Nigel is the one who's done it. Adam begins to re-evaluate his whole life and career options as the investigation begins.

Episode 6: (Apr/28/2014)
Adam looks for a new career outside the Church following the closure of St Saviour's and decides to become a management consultant. Former parishioners attempt to deal without having their vicar and their church.

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