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About BEING HUMAN (US) & Episode Guides

About BEING HUMAN (US) & Episode Guides

Being Human (US) premiered on Syfy on January 17, 2011

About the Show:
Being Human is a re-imagining of the acclaimed BBC original series that follows three 20-something roommates: A ghost, a vampire and a werewolf who are struggling to keep their dark secrets from the world, while also helping each other navigate the complexities of living double lives.

"Being Human is a smart, contemporary, young and imaginative series that reflects Syfy's new brand positioning. We are very excited to adapt this for an American audience and bring it into Syfy's family of programming," said Dave Howe, President, Syfy.

The series will star Sam Witwer (Smallville, Battlestar Galactica), Meaghan Rath (The Assistants), Sam Huntington (Cavemen, Superman Returns) and Mark Pellegrino (Lost, Supernatural).

Rounding out the creative team is Adam Kane (The Mentalist, Heroes) as director and co-executive producer, with executive producer Michael Prupas (The Kennedys, Pillars of the Earth) alongside husband and wife executive producers/writers Jeremy Carver (Supernatural) and Anna Fricke (Men in Trees, Everwood).

Muse Entertainment will be producing 13 compelling 1-hour episodes for Syfy.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Sam WitwerAidan
Sam HuntingtonJosh
Meaghan RathSally
Mark PellegrinoBishop


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Season 1

Episode 1: There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 1
Josh is miserable after his latest full moon transformation resulted in him waking up next to a bloody dead deer in the woods. Aidan, having made a terrible mistake himself when he accidentally killed the woman he was with the night before, suggests that he and Josh should live together so they can watch out for each other. When they've found the perfect apartment, they realise the place comes with its own ghost, Sally. Meanwhile, the leader of the vampires, Bishop, is trying hard to lure Aidan back into the fold.

Episode 2: There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 2
Sally begs the guys to call Danny over so she can try to make him see her presence somehow. Aidan, while trying to fight off Cara's unwanted admiration, receives some shocking news about someone who he thought was dead. Josh discovers Aidan's involvement in the Rebecca incident and confronts him about it; at the same time, Josh is also struggling with whether to tell his sister the truth about himself.

Episode 3: Some Thing to Watch Over Me
Sally meets a ghostly new friend who teaches her how to cross physical boundaries like the apartment. Josh gets roped into the Neighborhood Watch against his wishes. Aidan is recognised by the son of one of his past victims, who is determined to confront Aidan about his father's murder.

Episode 4: Wouldn't It Be Nice (If We Were Human)
After one of his full moon transformations, Josh is caught waking up in the woods by a stranger, someone who turns out to be a fellow werewolf. Sally accidentally witnesses Bridget, her best friend, and Danny's blossoming new romance, which cultivated from shared grief over her death. Aidan gets into a co-dependent relationship with Rebecca, who turned up asking for his help to reject the vampire lifestyle.

Episode 5: The End of the World as We Knew It
Bishop sends a priest to the hospital where Aidan works to turn the dying patients into more vampire supporters. After the night of violence with Ray, Josh is having serious regrets about losing control and realises that he and Ray have very different ideas about how to manage the Wolf within. Meanwhile, the house is shaking and rumbling, trying to help Sally remember more details of her death.

Episode 6: It Takes Two to Make aThing Go Wrong
Sally still feels strong resentment about her wrongful death and wants to make Danny's life miserable because of what he had done. Coincidentally, she then meets a poltergeist in a club who gives her some ideas. Marcus thinks Rebecca has a hold over Aidan and uses her to manipulate Aidan into coming back. Josh's sister Emily crashes at the apartment for a while, and Josh finally finds the courage to ask a lady out on a date.

Episode 7: I see Your True Colors...and That's Why I Hate You
Josh and Emily go to their parents house at the behest of Aidan after Emily gets hurt by Marcus. Aidan follows him and tries to help his parents understand their son but the past catches up to them both when Marcus comes to the house against Bishop's orders and fights it out with Aidan. Meanwhile, Sally tries to convince Bridget that Danny killed her. But Danny still manipulative as ever convinces Bridget it was just an accident.

Episode 8: Children Shouldn't Play with Undead Things
After the group sees Nora at the bar with a doctor from work, Josh musters up the courage to ask her out for dinner, the two eventually agreeing he can come to her place. They make out, and eventually Josh breaks up the date because he growled when he was turned on. Aidan convinces Sally to visit a wing of the hospital that is haunted. She is overrun by the ghosts who act as though they have lost their minds. Aidan begins to get close to a little boy named Bernie that he finds being bullied by other kids. After a close encounter with Nora, Josh lays low, but ends up running into her at work a little while before he is scheduled to change. They start kissing and have wild animal-like sex. Aidan and Bernie continue to bond, but when Aidan sends the boy to his room to get some Three Stooges DVDs, he takes Aidan's vampire porn video as well. Cindy, the boy's mother, finds it and tells Aidan to stay away from her son. Thinking that Aidan threw the tape away, Josh is upset and goes outside where he and Nora agree that they have something special going on. Sally leaves a question on the wall at the hospital like the other ghosts asking how can she move on.

Episode 9: I Want You Back (From the Dead)
Thanks to the hospital wall, Sally finds an old college T.A. she used to have a crush on. Everything appears to be perfect until she discovers how he died, and how this still affects his death. Josh wants to slow it down with Nora, because he is afraid of getting too close to her. Aidan's little neighbour has a car accident, which gives Rebbecca a very bad idea...

Episode 10: Dog Eat Dog
The vampire elders arrive for a visit and Aidan must take a risk to save a close friend.

Episode 11: Going Dutch
The Dutch, having heard of Bishops plan to go public, demand him to cut back his family's numbers. Bishop has other things in mind though, and Aiden is force to make several difficult decisions. Danny is back, and arranges an exorcism in order to get Sally out of the house. Nora gives Josh some surprising news which he doesn't take particularly well.

Episode 12: You're The One I Haunt
After his break from the Family, Aidan is afraid that Bishop will try to hurt him and his friends. At the hospital, he encounters a former lover, who has come to the hospital to die. Josh runs into Nora, and is afraid about possible complications in her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Sally finally finds a way to hurt Danny.

Episode 13: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Me Killing You
Nora finds out the truth about Josh; Sally misses her "door", but gains new powers; Aidan has a final showdown with Bishop, with surprising results. We also see how Aidan and Josh first met.



Season 2

Episode 1: Turn This Mother Out
A vampire power vacuum weighs on Aidan, Sally's powers grow stronger, and Josh and Nora try to live "normal" lives in the Season 2 premiere.

Episode 2: Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
Sally wields new powers thanks to new ghost friends; Aidan assists Suren's bid to claim Boston; Josh tries to deal with a change in his relationship with Nora.

Episode 3: All Out Of Blood
Aidan goes on a date with a human while he is cut off from his blood supply; Sally delves into reincarnation; Josh and Nora get ready for their second change together.

Episode 4: (I Loathe You) For Sentimental Reasons
Sally meets a kindred spirit; Josh runs with a new pack of wolves; Aidan is sucked back into his old life.

Episode 5: Addicted to Love
Josh makes a makeshift lab in a bid to find a cure for being a werewolf; Aidan and Suren try to bring the Boston vampires in line; Sally's addiction takes a toll on her.

Episode 6: Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These
Aidan is haunted by the past; Josh finds out that Sally's mother is dying, and Sally longs to be reunited with her.

Episode 7: The Ties That Blind
Josh reaches out to Nora; Sally finds out who has been haunting her; Aidan is targeted by the werewolf twins.

Episode 8: I've Got You Under Your Skin
Sally receives an ultimatum from the Reaper; Aidan and Suren devise a plan to eliminate Bishop's orphaned vampires; Josh copes with his breakup.

Episode 9: When I Think About You I Shred Myself
An old friend visits Josh; Sally finds out more about the Reaper; Aidan tries to save Henry's life.

Episode 10: Dream Reaper
After her murderous rampage, Sally is trapped in a coma, so the boys turn to the ghost whisperer to save her. But when Sally's Reaper returns, they're the ones who need saving.

Episode 11: Don't Fear The Scott
Sally tries to fix a life that she ruined; Suren and Aidan look forward to their future together; Josh must choose between Nora and Julia.

Episode 12: Partial Eclipse Of The Heart
Sally counsels Zoe about her gift; Josh considers divulging his condition to Julia; Aidan tries to establish a life for himself and Suren.

Episode 13: It's My Party And I'll Die If I Want To
Sally's mother resurfaces; Josh opts to kill Ray, and Aidan chooses to kill Mother in the Season 2 finale.

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Season 3

Episode 1: It's A Shame About Ray
In the third-season opener, Aidan resurfaces to find the vampire community has changed a great deal. Meanwhile, Sally struggles to free herself from limbo; Josh and Nora stand up to Ray, and at the same time a new threat comes looking for them in Boston.

Episode 2: (dead) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Sally flirts with an old acquaintance, while Aidan looks for blood and finds someone from his past. Elsewhere, Josh tries to decide whether to take the next step in his relationship with Nora, who comes in contact with a dangerous foe.

Episode 3: The Teens They Are A Changin'
Nora and Josh wonder how to deal with a runaway teen; Sally tries to make things right with a ghost and meets a new love interest; and Aidan and Henry continue to look for clean blood.

Episode 4: I'm So Lonesome I Could Die
Sally takes action to keep others safe, Aidan gets desperate and Nora takes Josh to meet the parents.

Episode 5: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth
Liam is determined to turn Josh and Nora against Aidan, who has more immediate concerns when Kenny begins to suspect that Aidan is a vampire. Meanwhile, Sally and Max grow closer at the funeral home.

Episode 6: What's Blood Got to Do With It?
Sally seeks Donna's help to make things right after she has an accidental encounter with somebody from her past. Elsewhere, Josh finds being responsible for Erin a challenge; and Aidan is haunted by memories of Bishop.

Episode 7: One Is Silver and the Other Pagan
Josh reconnects with his younger sister, while Sally spends time with an old friend who has changed a lot over the years. Elsewhere, a sexy vampire uses Kenny to get her hands on Aidan's clean blood supply.

Episode 8: Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland
Josh pops the question to Nora; Liam kidnaps and tortures Aidan; and Sally's body begins to decompose.

Episode 9: Of Mice and Wolfmen
Aidan is on the brink of death as a result of the virus. At the same time, Sally develops strange cravings. Elsewhere, Josh and Nora cross paths with an older hippie wolf.

Episode 10: For Those About to Rot
Stevie asks Sally to kill him; and Aidan takes Kat out on a date, during which he's overwhelmed by memories of his wife and son.

Episode 11: If I Only Had Raw Brain
Josh encounters a vampire stripper as he and Nora search for Donna in hopes that she can put an end to the curse that's affecting Sally. Meanwhile, Aidan tries to make good on his promise to Kenny.

Episode 12: Always A Bridesmaid, Never Alive
Aidan, Sally and Josh prepare to battle Donna; and Kenny awakens, but things don't work out as planned.

Episode 13: Ruh Roh
Josh and Nora face Liam; Sally deals with the outcome of her showdown with Donna; Aidan must deal with Kenny.

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Season 4

Episode 1: Old Dogs, New Tricks
Season 4 begins with Nora and Aidan living together in the woods; at the same time, Josh is stuck inside his wolf; and Sally finds herself trapped with Donna in a mysterious place where she learns more about their magical connection.

Episode 2: That Time of the Month
Someone from Aidan's past threatens to derail his relationship with Kat just as they are taking things to the next level; and Sally uses her newly acquired powers to try to free Josh from his wolf, but there are unintended consequences.

Episode 3: Lil' Smokie
A new vampire boss with ties to Aidan makes life complicated; Josh encounters problems going back to his old life; and Sally's powers send her to a strange place in time where something horrifying appears to have happened to a mysterious little girl.

Episode 4: Panic Womb
Aidan's vampire relationships continue as his human romance with Kat becomes more serious; a couple give Josh and Nora a glimpse into their possible future; and Sally asks an old friend for help solving the mystery of "Lil' Smokie."

Episode 5: Pack It Up, Pack It In
Kenny joins Aidan for a night of drinking away sorrows; Josh and Nora throw a baby shower for their new wolf friends, but things quickly get out of hand; and Sally uses her time-jumping abilities to learn more about her roomies.

Episode 6: Cheater of the Pack
Sally receives news from someone in her past so travels back in time. Aidan struggles staving off his hunger whilst trying to remember what he once had with Suzanna. Josh's life takes a surprising turn putting his future with Nora into question.

Episode 7: Gallows Humor
Nora and Josh get in touch with an old friend who may be able to help them turn things around. Sally learns a lot after going after Donna to help her deal with her latest loss. Suzanna and Aidan have to face their past together.

Episode 8: Rewind, Rewind...
Using magic gets Sally stuck in the past, and her efforts to return to the present end up changing the future for herself and her roommates.

Episode 9: Too Far, Fast Forward!
Sally tries to right her wrongs and free herself from the past she's stuck in, but the only way she can figure on doing that is by magically transporting herself to the present and seeking the aid of an old foe.

Episode 10: Oh Don't You Die For Me
Josh's efforts to get back in Nora's good graces lead him deeper into the world of wolves; Aidan and Sally grow closer than just good friends, at the same time his relationship with Suzanna takes a new turn.

Episode 11: Ramona The Pest
Aidan helps Kenny get out of town; Sally and Nora help Josh conquer his wolf.

Episode 12: House Hunting
The roommates discover they are not the only ones having a hard time leaving the house.

Episode 13: There Goes the Neighborhood (3) Series Finale
Sally makes a huge sacrifice to keep her vision of Aidan killing Josh from coming true and that, in turn, changes Aidan's life forever as he fights to destroy the house's evil spirit. Meanwhile, Josh and Nora imagine their future roles as parents.

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