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About 30 SECONDS: & Episode Guide

About 30 SECONDS: & Episode Guide

30 Seconds Aired From September 07, 2009 - October 12, 2009 On Comedy Central

About the Show:
The story of :30 SECONDS revolves around advertising agency, BND. A global advertising network, with 61 offices worldwide, the Sydney office of BND Advertising is a buzzing place with the type of reception you only see in advertising agencies - or in fine art museums. Despite the glitzy exterior, BND is going through a lean time - and with a new military-style CEO on board and pressure mounting from head office, the staff are in constant panic mode!

Gyton GrantleySumo
Stephen CurryMcBaney
Joel TobeckMartin
Peter O’BrienBill Brooker
Emily BrennanBarbara
Jenna LindKath
Kat StewartMarion

Source: The Comedy Channel

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Episode Guide

Episode 1. Drink Rexponsibly
30 Seconds lifts the lid on the advertising industry and the characters within it. Advertising agency BND Worldwide is marketing a new drink — Rex Randy, but there's a problem with the company mascot.

Episode 2. Be The Tool
BND's latest campaign is for a car aimed at female buyers, but the largely male creative department are having trouble with the task. Also, a Power tool company present a challenge with a new drill.

Episode 3. Good Clown Bad Clown
Bobo's Supremo Burger and Government legislation that bans advertising fast food to kids causes headaches for BND; so a different approach is called for.

Episode 4. Invisible Fault Lines
A young model is needed for the Eternity Rejuvenale cosmetic campaign. But how young is too young? Age is also a hot topic as BND prepares for the Urban Ranger shoot.

Episode 5. Twenty One Today
Martin's career flashes before his eyes as he plummets from 3rd to 21st in the Campaign Brief creative rankings. Meanwhile Daiyonda are in a spin as their cars are voted "worst on emissions".

Episode 6. A Matter Of Trust
A new business opportunity presents a conflict of interest between the prospect, Bridge Bank and BND's founding client Provincial Credit Union. Meanwhile Brooker is scheming to replace Martin with a rising talent.

Source: Australian Television
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