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About ROOMMATES & Episode Guide

About ROOMMATES & Episode Guide

Roomates Aired From March 23, 2009 - May 04, 2009 On ABC Family

About the Show:
Mark Fletcher has a chance encounter with his high school crush Katie Bowman, and he ends up moving in with her into her four bedroom apartment alongside her other roommates Hope and James. With a second chance now possible, Mark tries to find ways to get Katie to like him in hopes of having a… More relationship with her, but along the way there are a few bumps in the road.

Tyler FrancavillaMark Fletcher
Dorian BrownKatie Bowman
Tommy DeweyJames
Tamera MowryHope Daniels
David WeidoffThom


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Episode Guide

1. The Roommate
One morning Mark Fletcher has a chance encounter with his high school crush Katie Bowman. After finding out that she is looking for a new roommate, Mark offers to move in. However, he must now also live with Katie's other roommates Hope and James. Meanwhile, Katie has troubles with her on and off again boyfriend Ben.

2. The Tarot
Still hurting form her breakup with Ben, Katie goes to see a Tarot card reader and finds out that she has already met the man of her dreams. Mark believes it must be him, so while Katie tries to figure out who in her life is Mr. Right, Mark tries to prove to her that it's him. With very bad advice from Thom and James, can Mark prove Katie he's the one?

3. The Lie
Hope is still lying to Katie about working as a TV executive. However, James now knows that Hope works at a coffee shop. When Katie wants to get a new job, Mark shows her an ad for one. However, the job happens to be at the TV studio where Hope use to work. Now Hope must find a way to make sure that Katie doesn't get the job and keep her secret safe, and she ends up dragging everyone else into it.

4. The Break In
When Hope's father comes for a surprise visit, he realizes that his daughter's life is a mess, and wants her to move back home. Hope, trying to prove that her life is not that bad, asks Mark to pretend to be her boyfriend. Can Mark help Hope with another one of her lies or will she be on her way home with her father?

5. The Set-Up
Katie and Hope set up a date for Mark with Katie's co-worker Jenny. However, their date is a disaster. The next day Jenny decides to ask Mark out again, and when they go on a date, Jenny says that she has a crush on Katie as well! Now Mark is stuck in an awkward situation between these two friends, and two crushes.

6. The Mark-a-Like
After seeing Ben with another girl, Katie decides to get back into dating. Mark see this as his chance to ask her out, but plans come to a halt when Katie gets a date with a guy named Eric who looks and acts like Mark.

7. The Uninvited Thom
Sick of her boss, Hope quits working at the coffee shop and tries to get Mark to get her a job at a office where Mark is temping for. When Mark invites the officer owner, David, over, he is more interested in Hope then Katie.

8. The Green People
Katie is loving her new job as David Schick's assistant, but when she is asked to create ideas for his green campaign, she ends up stealing an idea that Hope gave her. After Hope finds out he is using her idea, she thinks David is giving her a job and so Mark and Katie create a fake job for her.

9. The Game Night
The roommates are going to have a game night. Thom has a daring plan to help Katie fall in love with Mark that night, but his plan is about to change the friendship between these two friends forever.

10. The Tickets
Katie returns from Chicago and both her and Mark are confused about what will happen between them. Mark decides to finally make a move and buys theater tickets for him and Katie. However, when Katie ends up going to a "business dinner" with David, things become even more complicated.

11. The Mother of James
James' mother is coming to New York for a visit. James is nervous for her visit since it is going to be the first date that she will go on since her divorce two years ago. When the date goes badly, Melinda starts to impose on the Roommates lives and now they need to find a way to get rid of her without hurting her feelings.

12.The Trash 'N Treasures
Katie's ex-boyfriend Ben invites everyone to a Trash 'N Treasure party where you have to bring an ex in hopes of meeting someone's ex. The Roommates all go, but things begin to become strange once everyone meets up with their ex.

13. The Old and the New - [SERIES FINALE]
Hope and James continue to sleep together and try to hid their relationship from Mark and Katie. Meanwhile, Mark and Katie try to pursue relationships with Jackie and David, but when things don't work out, they might finally turn to each other.

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