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The Walking Dead Season 1-3 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

The Walking Dead Season 3 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Season 3 Premieres October 14, 2012

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Reply 1#1 codebreaker's post

Just watched the talking dead special which included an exclusive season 3 preview  which looked awesome and the decapitated head still moving was great, picking up the aspirin was amusing




Well i don't know what to make of this first episode it seems it just felt like i watch one shoot up movie where they just shot zombies for first half an hour but finding that prison was luck but good to see Karl do some shooting. It does seem the characters have harden a bit from previous season.



Well i can't believe he was ok after all of that but those prisoners really didn't last long did they


Walk with Me

Well i had feeling that place was too good to be true and find out how they got the weapons were sad.


Reply 5#5 bala's post

Episode 4

Sup y'll

Great episde last night.  

When I saw the zombie walking up on T-Dog's back....I knew he was a going to die....but, at the same time I was hoping that he would've turned around in time, or someone would have saved him.

I think the show messed up by killing Lori. She died too soon. Although, you don't want a show that's predictable and sticks to the comic book's script, ....she should've died later in the season when the Governor and his people try to take the prison.


1. You have a son that just killed his Mother
2. A grieving Rick...who did not get to say goodbye or patch things up last minute
3. A starving baby

BAD call.   Thank God Carol's still alive....they think she's dead....but I doubt it. We need a Mom around now.


Reply 6#6 Milks26's post

Well you really picked the right episode to comment on but i am actually glad she's dead because she really started to annoy me in this series but should she have taken pills last season?. Think about it if she had she wouldn't have to die and her son shooting her means he just lost all his innocence in that moment. Killing someone you love will certainly have an effect of him .


3x01 Seed

Setting up base in the prison was great and what a tragedy having to chop Hershel's leg off to try and keep him alive

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3x02 Sick

I half expected Maggie to kill Hershel to put him out of his pain and I could see Tomas being a problem after he killed Big Tiny so it was a good job Rick split his head


3x03 Walk with Me

Merle returning after being handcuffed to the roof was a surprise and Michonne killing her own zombies was great as they were starting to get noisy, the Governor seems to be a cold blooded killer


3x04 Killer Within

Shouting up to Maggie and Glenn in the watch tower "are you coming" was funny and who the hell sabotaged their safety by leading the walkers to them but I should of seen Lori demise coming with them practising on the walkers


Originally posted by bala at 11-5-2012 11:53  
Well you really picked the right episode to comment on but i am actually glad she's dead because she really started to annoy me in this series but should she have taken pills last season?. Think about ...
Yeah Lori was annoying.....but gone too soon.

Carl's a brat!


Episode 5

Alright overall good episode.

I was not the least bit surprised about the Gov & his dead kid.

I saw it coming....had a feeling. Just another Hersel who wants to cure everyone so they can once again live in a "Kumbayah" existence.

I can't wait for Andrea to stop drinking the 'cool-aid' and leave Woodbury. I hope Michonne makes it to the prison real soon and reveal that Andrea was once her companion.

Hopefully this whole Woodbury sequence won't drag forever and stop boring me.


3x05 Say the Word

The Governor having his own walkers locked up is very much like Hershel with his locked in the barn and the phone ringing was a surprise


3x06 Hounded

Going after Michonne was a bad idea but hopefully she will help them get Glenn and Maggie back and I had a feeling the phone call were in Rick's imagination


Reply 15#15 codebreaker's post

That was a nice twist that it was his imagination it really had me going


Episode 7

Epi 7

Nothing really happened...more filler than anything. But as always Michoone kicking a** was good to see

Epi 8

Great episode last night, although, I could've done without Milton's experiment and Andrea & The Gov.

I loved the look on Michonne's face when everyone was welcoming Carol back. She realised that they were not like the Woodbury group


Reply 17#17 Milks26's post

MilksThe character of Tyrese will be added in the mid-season finale.

And I'm happy to annouce that 'Chad Coleman" (from HBO's The Wire) will be in the title role.

Since the show began of been begging for a strong male black lead....We got it now.


3x07 When the Dead Come Knocking

That was some beating Glenn got and what the Governor made Maggie do was disgusting but it was a good job Michonne found Rick's camp and told them about Maggie and Glenn