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BONES: About & Episode Guides

BONES: About & Episode Guides

To Unravel A Murder, You Have To Strip It To The Bone.

Bones is a drama series that premiered in September 2005.

What Is It About:
Forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperence Brennan, who works at the Jeffersonian Institution and writes novels as a sideline, has an uncanny ability to read clues left behind in a victim's bones. Consequently, law enforcement calls her in to assist with murder investigations when the remains are so badly decomposed, burned, or destroyed that the standard identification methods are useless.

Brennan's equally brilliant colleagues at the Jeffersonian's Medico-Legal Lab include earthy and bawdy Angela Montenegro, who's created a unique way to render an original crime scene in a three-dimensional computer image; Brennan's assistant, Zack Addy, a young prodigy whose genius IQ actually gets in the way of his finishing the several doctorates he's begun.

"The bug guy", Dr. Jack Hodgins, who's an expert on insects, spores and minerals, but conspiracy is his hobby; and Brennan's boss, imposing lab director Dr. Daniel Goodman. Brennan often finds herself teamed with Special Agent Seely Booth, a former Army sniper who mistrusts science and scientists when it comes to solving crimes. Brennan and Booth clash both professionally and personally, but so far the chemistry between them has only played out in a fictionalized account in Brennan's lastest mystery novel.


Actor's Name

Character's Name

David BoreanazSpecial Agent Seeley Booth
Emily DeschanelDr. Temperance Brennan
Michaela Conlin Angela Montenegro
T.J. ThyneDr. Jack Hodgins
Eric MilleganZack Addy
Tamara TaylorDr. Camille Saroyan
John Francis DaleySweets

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Season One Episode Guide

Episode 1: Pilot (Sep/13/2005)
In the series premiere, Dr. Temperance Brennan (or "Bones" as she is often referred to as), a forensic anthropologist, is met with the task of uncovering the identity of a set of bones which have been deliberately hidden in a lake. However, after identifying the bones, imprisoning the murderer turns out to be a politically sticky business. Bones gets help from FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, who convinces his boss to let Bones be his partner, since she's an expert in her field.

Episode 2: The Man in the S.U.V. (Sep/20/2005)
When a man is killed driving an SUV registered to a Middle Eastern man, Dr. Brennan and her team find themselves tracking a terrorist.

Episode 3: A Boy in the Tree (Sep/27/2005)
When the decaying corpse of the Venezuelan Ambassador's son is found hanging from a tree on the campus of an exclusive private school, a simple suicide case quickly turns into a web of lies, sex and scandal, involving the school's staff and students.

Episode 4: The Man in the Bear (Nov/01/2005)
Brennan and Booth travel to Washington to investigate a human arm that was found in the stomach of a black bear.

Episode 5: A Boy in a Bush (Nov/08/2005)
Booth asks Brennan to help locate and identify the remains of a six-year-old boy, Charlie, who went missing from a local park.

Episode 6: The Man in the Wall (Nov/15/2005)
When Brennan and Angela get caught in a fight in a dance club, Brennan kicks someone into a wall, which causes the wall to break open and reveal a mummified corpse and a meth stash.

Episode 7: A Man on Death Row (Nov/22/2005)
The attorney of a death row inmate asks for Booth's help to prove his innocence before he is executed. Booth agrees and asks Brennan and her team to help him out.

Episode 8: The Girl in the Fridge (Nov/29/2005)
Brennan is about to go out for dinner with her old professor and ex-lover when Booth asks her and her team to help identify the remains of a young woman found in a refrigerator.

Episode 9: The Man in the Fallout Shelter (Dec/13/2005)
Brennan and her team are brought in to identify the body of a man found in a fallout shelter. While cutting into the bones of the man, Zack accidentally releases a deadly fungus, that causes the team to be quarantined over Christmas.

Episode 10: The Woman at the Airport (Jan/25/2005)
Brennan and Booth investigate the body parts of a woman found near L.A. International Airport. Their probe is slowed by extensive cosmetic surgery the victim had done.

Episode 11: The Woman in the Car (Feb/01/2005)
When a woman's burned body is found in a car with signs that her child was kidnapped, Brennan and Booth suspect the father, Carl Decker. But things get complicated when Decker turns out to be in the witness protection program.

Episode 12: The Superhero in the Alley (Feb/08/2005)
Brennan and Booth investigate the origins of a decomposed body that's been found in a local alley and determine it's the remains of a friendless teen.

Episode 13: The Woman in the Garden (Feb/15/2005)
Booth and Brennan are called in to investigate when a dug up corpse is found in the back of a gang member's car. While he is being questioned, a drive-by shooting allows him to escape. Booth and Brennan follow the clues, which lead them to another empty grave as well as a wealthy senator's house, where the gang member used to work.

Episode 14: The Man on the Fairway (Mar/08/2005)
Brennan and Zack investigate a small jet crash that was carrying some Chinese diplomats and a woman. At the crash site, Brennan finds some bone fragments that do not belong to any of the passengers, but might belong to a man who has been missing for five years. Dr. Goodman orders the team to work solely on the Chinese diplomat case, but Brennan decides to go behind his back to investigate the bone fragments.

Episode 15: Two Bodies in the Lab (Mar/15/2005)
When Brennan decides to give on-line dating a try she ends up the target of a shooting at the local restaurant where she's meeting a date. The resulting investigation reveals that the shooter could be connected to any one of the two cases that she is working on. She ends up getting somebody hurt and is leaning towards danger herself when her shooter comes after her.

Episode 16: The Woman in the Tunnel (Mar/22/2005)
Brennan and Booth stumble upon a subterranean world of homeless people when they find the remains of a filmmaker in the ventilation shaft of an underground tunnel.

Episode 17: The Skull in the Desert (Mar/29/2005)
While on vacation, Angela finds a skull in the desert. She asks Brennan for help in identifying the skull because she is afraid it might be her boyfriend, who has gone missing with a local guide. The investigation leads the team through a violent boyfriend, the local sheriff and ultimately to a counterfeiting ring setup in the desert.

Episode 18: The Man with the Bone (Apr/05/2005)
Booth and Brennan investigate a site where there might be pirate treasure.

Episode 19: The Man in the Morgue (Apr/19/2005)
Brennan takes a vacation down to New Orleans to help identify victims of Hurricane Katrina. While at her hotel, she wakes up the next morning bloody and beaten, with no memory of what happened. Booth comes down to try and help her figure out what happened. When the local medical examiner is found murdered, Brennan becomes the suspect. Their investigation leads them into the world of voodoo.

Episode 20: The Graft in the Girl (Apr/26/2005)
The team helps Deputy Director Sam Cullen's daughter, Amy, when she contracts a rare form of lung cancer after receiving a bone graft. Booth and Brennan learn she is not the only victim with this rare form of cancer.

Episode 21: The Soldier on the Grave (May/10/2005)
Brennan and Booth go to investigate an apparent suicide in Arlington National Cemetery, but soon find out that it was murder and that the victim was a soldier who had served in Iraq. The investigation leads to a lot of unanswered questions about the military unit of the victim, with all clues pointing to a cover-up. Booth meanwhile recalls his shady past as a sniper in the military and the horrors of war.

Episode 22: The Woman in Limbo (May/17/2005)
Brennan receives some bones that she must identify, but is stunned when she finds that the remains are those of her mother. Brennan is hit hard by this discovery, and understandably so, since she never knew what happened to her parents after they disappeared 15 years ago. An investigation is opened by Booth into the case, for the first time ever. Brennan is shocked with evidence that her parents might not be the people she thought they were, and she must come to grips with these new details from her parents' past as well as her own.



Season Two Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Titan on the Tracks (Aug/30/2006)
Brennan is summonsed to a train derailment. And discovers she has a new boss! A train carrying a popular Senator was derailed by a car positioned on the tracks. Brennan works out why the dead body of a rich businessman was placed in the car. And she continues to try to find her father.  

Episode 2: Mother and Child in the Bay (Sep/06/2006)
Booth and Brennan examine the remains of a woman and fetus found in the Delaware Bay. The body is a pregnant newlywed whose mysterious disappearance one year ago had been major national news story. Her husband is the prime suspect in the case, but he disappears before Brennan and Booth question him, prompting Booth to call for a manhunt. Booth is upset that his ex-girlfriend is letting their son spend time with her new boyfriend.

Episode 3: The Boy in the Shroud (Sep/13/2006)
An overturned garbage truck reveals the body of a young man who's been missing for nearly three weeks. When the investigation reveals that a young girl raised by foster parents is the chief suspect, Brennan becomes disheartened by how quickly the rest of the team lay blame at the foster care system, something she's been through herself. Tensions continue to rise between Cam and Brennan.

Episode 4: The Blonde in the Game (Sep/20/2006)
After digging up the skeletal remains of a young girl, it becomes clear for Booth and Brennan that they're not dealing with a normal case. It's confirmed once at the lab, when they discover that the cause of death points to a convicted serial killer on death row. After interrogating the serial killer Booth gets nowhere. That is until they find a clue on the body that leads to another victim. This one only a week old. Being caught in a deadly game, Brennan and the team must decipher cryptic clues to find the serial killer's accomplice. Things become worse when the team finds out that the next victim is still alive. Against the clock they have to test their limits before the young girl becomes the victim.

Episode 5: The Truth in the Lye (Sep/27/2006)
There are two suspects with the same motive when Booth and Brennan investigate the murder of a man found in a bathtub full of chemicals. They soon discover that he had two wives and a girlfriend.

Episode 6: The Girl in the Suite (Oct/04/2006)
Booth and Brennan investigate a death due to an explosion in a hotel.

Episode 7: The Girl with the Curl (Nov/01/2006)
The team investigates the death of a 10-year-old girl beauty pageant star. The girl's competitor's parents and siblings soon become possible suspects. Brennan makes a huge mistake when she and Booth visit a tap dancing class where they expect to find info on the killer. Back at the Lab, Hodgins and Angela go on a date that actually goes well, despite what everyone else predicted.

Episode 8: The Woman in the Sand (Nov/08/2006)
When the skeletal remains of a federal prosecutor who disappeared five years earlier are found in the desert outside Las Vegas, the team suspects it to be tied to the mob. They then find the body of a woman a few yards away, who they suspect was killed by the same person. The woman's injuries lead Brennan to believe she had a long history of domestic violence. When the husband denies having hurt his wife, they are led to a Vegas loan shark, where an anonymous lead takes them to the world of gambling and underground ultimate fighting, where Booth and Brennan go undercover as Vegas high-rollers. In an attempt to uncover the mystery, Booth risks his life.

Episode 9: Aliens in a Spaceship (Nov/15/2006)
The bodies of twin teenage boys, kidnapped five years earlier, are discovered. Booth and Brennan follow the trail of a notorious serial killer, known as the Grave Digger. His M.O. is to kidnap, bury his victims and ask for a ransom. If the ransom isn't followed, the victims are left to die. During the investigation, Brennan and a fellow colleague become the latest victims. Both are forced to solve their own kidnapping from an underground grave.

Episode 10: The Headless Witch in the Woods (Nov/29/2006)
While investigating the death of a film student who was working on a documentary about the legend of a headless witch, who haunted woods in the 1700's, Brennan develops a strong bond with the victim's brother. Booth and Brennan talk about mixing work and personal lives.

Episode 11: Judas on a Pole (Dec/13/2006)
Booth and Brennan are called to the scene where a man's body was found gutted, burned and hung like a scarecrow on the roof of a Federal Building. Evidence left on the body re-opens a 30yr old case and links back to Brennan's father. Brennan's brother, Russ, informs her of a phone call he received from their father, warning him that they are both in danger. Soon after a priest contacts Brennan telling her that her father insists on she and Booth to drop their case. They determine that the body found was actually an ex-FBI agent, who was tracking Russ to kill him. Hence giving reason to Brennan's father's warnings. The deeper they get into their case the more they learn and finally make a shocking discovery that can cause serious repercussions for Booth and his career. Zack must defend his dissertation to obtain his doctorate, asking help from a colleague.

Episode 12: The Man in the Cell (Jan/31/2007)
Booth and Brennan are ordered to the cell of serial killer Howard Epps to identify the remains of an inmate. To their surprise the charred remains don't belong to Epps. It's soon learned that Epps has escaped and is on a revenge path, which involves Booth's young son, Parker. Due to the danger of the case, Brennan must get FBI protection. Cam inhales a toxin while performing an autopsy, which puts her life in danger.

Episode 13: The Girl in the Gator (Feb/07/2007)
Brennan has to work with another agent, Agent Sullivan, while Booth needs to see a therapist. They investigate the death of a college freshman, who took part in a 'Girls Gone Wild' type of video and whose body is found in an alligator. Sullivan asks Brennan out.

Episode 14: The Man in the Mansion (Feb/14/2007)
Booth and Brennan investigate the death of Terence Bancroft, one of the Jeffersonian's major donors, found dead at home. Hodgins compromises the case and the reputation of the lab when he removes some evidence that would link him to the Bancroft family and to the case itself. Due to this, Brennan must make an important decision about her team. Booth, although cleared by Dr. Wyatt (guest star Stephen Fry) to use his gun, must continue to meet with the psychiatrist.

Episode 15: The Bodies in the Book (Mar/14/2007)
Brennan and Booth have to solve three cases that are all highly similar to those in Brennan's new book on the bestseller list.

Episode 16: The Boneless Bride in the River (Mar/21/2007)
The team investigates the death of an Asian woman without any bones left in her body. Sully proposes something to Brennan that she does not expect.

Episode 17: The Priest in the Churchyard (Mar/28/2007)
A water main bursts in the middle of a cemetery, leaving lots of coffins to litter the grounds. Brennan is called in to identify the remains so they can be reburied. When she finds the remains that have only been there for five years after being told no one was buried their in fifty years. Booth decides to bring Brennan to see his shrink so that they can work on getting their relationship back on track. Things get intense between Hodgins and Angela, when Hodgins makes a bold move.

Episode 18: The Killer in the Concrete (Apr/04/2007)
Booth and Brennan investigate the case of a partial skeleton found in cement. Booth thinks a member of a crime family - Hugh Kennedy - is to blame, but when he hears word that Hugh was burnt to death in a car things get more complicated. Booth finds out that Hugh is actually alive, but then gets kidnapped by him. Brennan must now find Booth before he is hurt, but this is harder to do than she thinks, and she ends up going to great lengths to get Booth back safely.

Episode 19: Spaceman in a Crater (May/02/2007)
A mysterious dead man is found in a crater with his body flattened as if he had fallen from the sky. Brennan and Booth try to find out who the man was while Hodgins comes up with different conspiracy theories involving aliens. Booth and Brennan find out the man was an astronaut who was murdered, and a complicated murder case unfolds.

Episode 20: The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House (May/09/2007)
Glowing bones are found in an old stone house, and Brennan and Booth are called in to investigate. They find that strangely, the bones are not radioactive and lack any other explanation for why they would be glowing. With the victim identified, the team sets off to figure out the murder mystery.

Episode 21: Stargazer in a Puddle (May/16/2007)
The decomposed skeleton of a young woman is found in a shopping cart, but due to an aging disease she is reconstructed by Angela as an 80-year-old woman. Booth and Brennan investigate and are led to a former caretaker of the victim, but their lead is shaky and they have trouble finding out who would want to kill such an innocent young woman. Meanwhile, Max Keenan, Brennan's father, reappears with information from her past. Also, Hodgins and Angela walk down the aisle, but everything doesn't go as planned.



Season Three Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Widow's Son in the Windshield (Sep/25/2007)
In the third season premiere, a skull smashes through the windshield of some teenagers' car while they're driving on the freeway. While examining the skull, Brennan and Cam find marks on it made by human teeth, which implies cannibalism. Identifying the victim, Brennan and Booth go out to investigate, discovering a weird cannibalistic society as they try to solve the case. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins hire a private investigator to find her husband. Also, Zack returns to the Jeffersonian, and finds some crucial evidence to help solve the case.

Episode 2: Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van (Oct/02/2007)
Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a soccer mom who was blown up in her mini-van, confused as to why someone would murder a seemingly innocent soccer mom. They soon discover that the soccer mom, named June, was part of a group of radicals from the 70's, named the National Liberation Army. June was also wanted by the FBI for decades, and might have been close to turning herself in, which makes motives for her murder really complicated. Meanwhile, Brennan goes to see her father Max in jail.

Episode 3: Death in the Saddle (Oct/09/2007)
The team investigates a decomposed body that was discovered in the woods with bound arms and missing feet. Things get kinky when Booth and Brennan are led to a lodge that's used as an S&M retreat for "jockeys" and their "horses". Meanwhile, Angela tries hypnosis in an effort to figure out her elusive husband's name so she can finally divorce him.

Episode 4: The Secret in the Soil (Oct/23/2007)
Booth and Brennan examine a severely decomposed body found by some teenagers on hospital grounds. They identify the body as a man named Franklin Curtis, who was the founder of an organic supermarket chain, and discover that the body was either cooked or incinerated. Booth and Brennan go out to question people around Curtis' farm, while back at the lab it is discovered that the flesh of another victim was with Curtis'. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan are assigned to a psychologist.

Episode 5: Mummy in the Maze (Oct/30/2007)
A Halloween pumpkin patch maze becomes a lot scarier when the mummified remains of a young girl are found in it. Booth and Brennan go to investigate, and are shocked to find that the victim has been dead for over a year. To make the situation even creepier, a second body is found at a Halloween amusement park funhouse, again mummified, but this time dead for approximately two years. Booth and Brennan get wind of a third missing girl and link her to the person who killed the other two girls. They must now race to find the killer before he or she strikes again this Halloween.

Episode 6: Intern in the Incinerator (Nov/06/2007)
The team suspects their own colleagues after the burnt remains of an intern at the Jeffersonian are found in the building's incinerator. At first it's thought that she might have been killed because she was working on an artifact in the Widow's Son case, but then things become more complicated when romantic ties between her and another employee at the Jeffersonian surface. Meanwhile Booth poses as Cam's boyfriend on one of her family get-togethers.

Episode 7: Boy in the Time Capsule (Nov/13/2007)
A time capsule buried by a high school class of 1987 is unearthed by a group of the school's alumni who are shocked to find the body of one of their high school classmates hidden inside. Booth and Brennan find that the victim was an outcast in high school, so they go on to investigate the past lives of the classmates in an effort to discover the murderer.

Episode 8: The Knight on the Grid (Nov/20/2007)
The body of an archbishop is found by some construction workers. The archbishop's kneecaps were surgically removed, which prompts the team to return to the Widow's Son case.

Episode 9: The Santa in the Slush (Nov/27/2007)
Booth and Brennan investigate a mall Santa named Kris Kringle who was found dead by two elves. A series of clues makes the murdered mall Santa seem like he's the real deal.

Episode 10: The Man in the Mud (Apr/14/2007)
A body is discovered at Homestead Natural Hot Springs in a spring filled with mud. Booth and Brennan go to investigate the scene and find that the body is that of Tripp Goddard, a sexy motorcycle racer who had been murdered about two weeks ago after a race. Sweets' girlfriend is also introduced.

Episode 11: Player Under Pressure (Apr/21/2007)
The team works to identify the bones of a college athlete who was crushed behind gym bleachers. After the body is identified as star player RJ Manning, they discover that he was murdered. Booth and Brennan follow several leads, at one point thinking there could have been multiple killers.

Episode 12: The Baby in the Bough (Apr/28/2007)
A woman's car is run off the road and she is killed, but her baby miraculously survives the accident. Booth and Brennan go to the woman's hometown to try to find out who's responsible for running her car off the road. Bones, with help from Booth, takes care of the baby until the team finds out who killed the mother.

Episode 13: The Verdict in the Story (May/05/2007)
Brennan's father Max Keenan is on trial for the alleged murder of FBI Deputy Director Kirby. Everyone on the team, except for Brennan, is called as a witness for the prosecution during the trial. Brennan on the other hand is the forensics advisor for the defense, and she must rely on both her dedication to her family and her skill as an anthropologist to help free her father.

Episode 14: The Wannabe in the Weeds (May/12/2007)
A wannabe singer Tommy Sour is found in a grassy location. The investigation leads Brennan, Booth, and Cam to the restaurant where Tommy used to sing and where several suspects who took part in the open mike contest are, including a woman who was obsessed with Tommy and turns her affections towards Booth after learning of Tommy's death. Also, something horrible happens during the investigation which shocks the Jeffersonian team.

Episode 15: The Pain in the Heart (May/19/2007)
The Gormogon serial killer is back again, and the silver skeleton from the basement vault has gone missing. All the Jeffersonian employees become suspects, with the scary possibility that one of their own is working with Gormogon.



Season Four Episode Guide

Episode 1: Yanks in the UK (1) (Sep/03/2008)
Season four begins all the way in England, with Booth speaking at Scotland Yard and Brennan guest-lecturing at the prestigious Oxford University. Knowing of Booth and Brennan's expertise in their respective fields, local officials ask for their help with a high-profile murder investigation that involves a British heiress.

Episode 2: Yanks in the UK (2) (Sep/03/2008)
With the case of the murdered heiress solved, Booth and Brennan prepare to head back home, but are shocked to learn of another murder - and this time it's someone they know. Meanwhile, with Birimbau unexpectedly coming back into Angela's life, things get complicated between her and Hodgins.

Episode 3: Man in the Outhouse (Sep/10/2008)
The body of the host of a popular reality TV show is found partially decomposed in an outhouse, and Booth and Brennan must find out who the killer is. Meanwhile, Booth learns that Brennan is juggling two relationships.

Episode 4: The Finger in the Nest (Sep/17/2008)
Parker, Booth's son, discovers a corpse's finger in a bird's nest, causing the team to launch an investigation to try to find the rest of the body. After finding the corpse, the team discovers that the death was caused by a dog, leading them to an illegal dog fighting ring and a search for the killer dog and its owner.

Episode 5: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond (Sep/24/2008)
The pieces of a dismembered body are found lying in a purple pool of water, except the head is missing. The team finds that the body belongs to Jared Addison, a science fiction writer who had several mental problems. With Sweets' help, several suspects are hunted down, however the team has trouble finding enough evidence with the victim's head still missing ... that is until they turn to Zack for help.

Episode 6: The Crank in the Shaft (Oct/01/2008)
The remains of a despised office manager are discovered in an elevator shaft, and Booth and Brennan must figure out which employee killed him. After some investigating, they find that the manager had more than a fair share of complaints on file. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins try to make peace in the lab after their break-up.

Episode 7: The He in the She (Oct/08/2008)
Booth and Brennan go to investigate a body found in the Chesapeake Bay. After arriving, they find only the upper torso, giving the team little to work with other than remnants of the victim's breast implants. Brennan and Booth are led to a small church in Maryland, where they find that the victim was a pastor. When the team finds the lower half of the body, they learn that their initial assumptions may not have been incorrect.

Episode 8: The Skull in the Sculpture (Nov/05/2008)
Booth and Brennan must investigate the murder of an artist and suspect his assistant, Roxie Lyons, is the murderer. While being questioned, Roxie reveals that she is a lesbian ... and she used to be in a romantic relationship with someone in the lab.

Episode 9: The Con Man in the Meth Lab (Nov/12/2008)
A body is found during a practice police raid and Brennan and Booth go in to investigate. A second body is found, leading the team on a trail of deception as they search for the killer or killers. Meanwhile, Brennan goes on a date with Booth's younger brother Jared, who has just moved to town to work at the Pentagon.

Episode 10: The Passenger in the Oven (Nov/19/2008)
Brennan and Booth's peaceful flight to China, where Brennan was going to identify pre-historic remains, gets interrupted when a fully cooked human body is discovered in the plane's industrial-sized microwave. Booth and Brennan use Brennan's high-tech equipment to send evidence to the Jeffersonian for processing. They discover that the victim was a writer who was writing a controversial piece about airline pilots, and must race to solve the case before the plane lands and they lose jurisdiction.

Episode 11: The Bone That Blew (Nov/26/2008)
Brennan's father Max lands a teaching position at the Jeffersonian. When he ends up helping out with the murder case at hand, Brennan is noticeably bothered by his sudden presence in her professional life.

Episode 12: Double Trouble in the Panhandle (Jan/22/2009)
The death of female conjoined twins who worked in the circus is investigated. The investigation leads Brennan and Booth to go undercover as a Canadian knife-throwing act, and also causes Booth to come face-to-face with a clown.

Episode 13: Fire in the Ice (Jan/22/2009)
When a volunteer fireman is murdered at an ice rink, Booth and Brennan begin the investigation, but Booth must recuse himself due to a conflict of interest. When details come to light, Booth becomes a suspect in the homicide.

Episode 14: The Hero in the Hold (Feb/05/2009)
Booth is kidnapped by the Grave Digger and the Jeffersonian team must find and save him before it's too late. Meanwhile, when evidence from the Grave Digger's case goes missing, Brennan and Hodgins are suspected of taking it.

Episode 15: The Princess and the Pear (Feb/19/2009)
The team investigates a sci-fi convention when a woman in a medieval princess dress is found murdered. With Booth's back injured, Agent Payton Perotta steps in once again to help.

Episode 16: The Bones That Foam (Mar/12/2009)
The team only has a short time to find out what happened to a murdered car salesman before his foaming bones completely disintegrate.

Episode 17: The Salt in the Wounds (Mar/19/2009)
Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a 16-year-old pregnant girl who was found buried in a pile of street salt. During their investigation they uncover a high school "pregnancy pact" between the victim and some of her fellow volleyball players.

Episode 18: The Doctor in the Den (Apr/02/2009)
The team investigates the murder of Cam's former fiancé, whose body was found in the tiger habitat of a safari park. Sweets and Angela hypnotize one of the murder suspects.

Episode 19: The Science in the Physicist (Apr/09/2009)
The team is led to a well-known physics research center after finding a piece of a meteorite in the ear of a victim whose pulverized remains were found in a garbage bag. Meanwhile, Angela's dad returns, seeking revenge on Hodgins.

Episode 20: The Cinderella in the Cardboard (Apr/15/2009)
A female body is discovered at a recycling center, compacted into a stack of cardboard, and the Jeffersonian team is called in to investigate. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan run into Sweets' girlfriend at a bridal dress shop -- but she's there with another man.

Episode 21: Mayhem on a Cross (Apr/16/2009)
Brennan and Booth delve into the world of death metal music in an effort to discover who killed the bassist of an underground death metal band, whose skeleton was found being used as a stage prop by a black metal band in Norway. Meanwhile, Sweets is working on the book he's writing about Brennan and Booth, and asks Dr. Gordon Wyatt for some input.

Episode 22: The Double Death of the Dearly Departed (Apr/20/2009)
A Jeffersonian coworker dies of heart failure. While at the coworker's wake, Brennan sees the body and is convinced the death was no accident. Brennan asks Booth to help her steal the body so she can further examine it, and an odd mystery surrounding the coworker's cause of death unfolds.

Episode 23: The Girl in the Mask (Apr/23/2009)
Brennan and Booth investigate after Sachi, the sister of Booth's detective friend Ken from Japan, goes missing, only months after arriving in the U.S. After Sachi's decapitated head is found, Ken joins Brennan and Booth to help solve her murder.

Episode 24: The Beaver in the Otter (Apr/30/2009)
Booth and Brennan investigate the case of a fraternity brother named "Beaver," whose body was found inside a rival school's mascot uniform. Meanwhile, Booth helps his brother Jared look for a new job.

Episode 25: The Critic in the Cabernet (May/07/2009)
The Jeffersonian team is called in to solve the murder of a wine critic who was found inside a wine barrel. Meanwhile, after deciding that she wants to have a baby, Brennan shocks Booth by asking him to be the father of her child. Booth can't stop thinking about Brennan's request. His stress, along with an undiagnosed health issue he has, causes him to hallucinate -- and see Stewie from the TV show Family Guy, who offers his advice to Booth.

Episode 26: The End in the Beginning (May/14/2009)
In the fourth season finale, a murdered body is discovered at a popular nightclub called "The Lab." The Jeffersonian team takes on unusual roles, including the nightclub staff and law enforcement, in this dream-world episode.


Season Five Episode Guide

Episode 1: Harbingers in the Fountain (Sep/17/2009)
For the past six weeks Booth has been recovering from brain surgery, and Sweets has finally certified him as mentally fit to return to duty. Meanwhile, while reading her tarot cards, Angela's psychic reveals that there are several bodies buried under a fountain. Booth and Brennan are skeptical about checking it out, but are surprised when they find the remains of eleven bodies exactly where the psychic said they'd be.

Episode 2: The Bond In The Boot (Sep/24/2009)
Brennan and Booth are asked to investigate the death of a man who was murdered for the secret contents of his briefcase. They suspect that secret operatives are at work, and their theory is proven correct when they find the liquefied remains of a CIA agent in the trunk of a car. Meanwhile, Brennan's new best-selling book causes tension between her and Booth, and Wendell loses his scholarship.

Episode 3: The Plain in the Prodigy (Oct/01/2009)
The bones of Levi Yoder, a member of an Amish community, are found near a railroad. When Booth and Brennan discover that Yoder was a brilliant pianist, they believe his talent may have lead to his death. Meanwhile, Cam has a hard time coping with becoming a new parent, and asks Booth to help keep Michelle in line.

Episode 4: The Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (Oct/08/2009)
When human remains are found at the site of a block party, Brennan and Booth are called in to investigate. Sweets is called in for help when the politics and scandals of the neighbors link everyone with some type of motive. Meanwhile, Booth's son Parker tries to find him a girlfriend.

Episode 5: A Night at the Bones Museum (Oct/15/2009)
Brennan and Booth investigate human remains that have been charred on an electric fence. Brennan later realizes that the corpse is actually a mummified Egyptian that has been loaned to the Jeffersonian for an upcoming exhibit. When the Jeffersonian curator who was prepping the mummy for the exhibit is found murdered, Booth and Brennan suspect foul play. Meanwhile, Brennan goes on a date with Booth's former supervisor, and Sweet's girlfriend Daisy returns.

Episode 6: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken (Nov/05/2009)
Remains of a chicken farmer are found on the bank of a nearby river, and Booth and Brennan are called in to investigate. The farmer, who was an animal right activist, was about to inherit a chicken factory and had many enemies with motive to kill him -- leaving the team with a lot of murder suspects to sort through.

Episode 7: The Dwarf in the Dirt (Nov/12/2009)
Booth and Brennan delve into the murder of a dwarf who used to be a wrestling star. Meanwhile, Booth discovers that he's not as good of a marksman as he was before his surgery, and has trouble getting re-certified at the FBI. Dr. Gordon Wyatt also returns.

Episode 8: The Foot in the Foreclosure (Nov/19/2009)
A real estate agent discovers human remains while showing a property, and the team is called in to investigate. Meanwhile, Booth's grandfather moves in with Booth, and tags along with him while he's working the case.

Episode 9: The Gamer in the Grease (Dec/03/2009)
Booth and Brennan are called in to investigate the death of a competitive gamer. The gamer's success gave him many admirers -- but also a lot of enemies, which make for multiple suspects in the case. Meanwhile, Fisher bonds with Hodgins and Sweets.

Episode 10: The Goop on the Girl (Dec/10/2009)
Booth and Brennan investigate the case of a man in a Santa Claus costume who tried to rob a bank but was blown up in the process. Meanwhile, Brennan's father Max asks Margaret, a distant relative of Brennan's, to spend Christmas with him and Brennan.

Episode 11: The X in the File (Jan/14/2010)
Booth and Brennan go to New Mexico to investigate when a body is found in the desert near Roswell. Meanwhile, a relationship between two people back at the lab is revealed.

Episode 12: The Proof in the Pudding (Jan/21/2010)
The Jeffersonian team is put on lock-down by a group of government agents, who insists that they determine the cause of death of a top-secret, unidentified corpse. Booth meanwhile breaks into the lab, with the help of his boss, to figure out what exactly is going on with the secret investigation

Episode 13: The Dentist in the Ditch (Jan/28/2010)
Booth and Brennan are called in when a skeleton is found in the trenches of a Civil War battleground. Brennan determines that the remains are those of a present-day dentist, but a residue stuck on the bones is keeping the cause of death from being determined. Meanwhile, Booth's brother Jared returns with interesting news.

Episode 14: The Devil in the Details (Feb/04/2010)
Booth and Brennan examine disfigured remains that oddly relate to biblical text. They discover that the victim was a patient at a sanitarium, and have trouble sorting through the list of suspects they uncover.

Episode 15: The Bones on a Blue Line (Apr/01/2010)
A subway train Sweets is riding gets derailed by flood water, and the overflow subsequently reveals human remains. While the team studies the remains back at the lab, Sweets suffers post traumatic stress. Meanwhile, the release of Brennan's newest book proves very successful.

Episode 16: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole (Apr/08/2010)
In the 100th episode, Booth and Brennan tell Sweets about a mistake in his book. Sweets is shocked to learn of this mistake, and asks Booth and Brennan to reveal the truth. They agree, and flash back to the first time they worked on a case together. The formation and evolution of their relationship, as well as the relationships of the other Jeffersonian workers, is examined.

Episode 17: The Death of the Queen Bee (Apr/15/2010)
Booth and Brennan investigate an unidentified skull and upper body at her alma mater, Burtonsville High School. Angela helps them identify the body as one of Brennan's classmates, and a possible connection is made to a murder that was committed 15 years earlier. In order to interrogate possible suspects, Booth and Brennan pose as a married couple at her High School reunion, where she reconnects with her only friend from high school, the dark-humored janitor.

Episode 18: The Predator in the Pool (Apr/22/2010)
The team is on the case when the remains of a man are found in the stomach of a hammerhead shark. Meanwhile, someone new shows up at the Jeffersonian and becomes romantically attached to Booth.

Episode 19: The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle (Apr/29/2010)
The body of an eccentric rich man is found in a laundry machine at a hotel, and Brennan and Booth find out that he was last seen at a Rock 'n' Roll camp, where they go to investigate. Back in the lab, a strange piece of evidence found on the body helps the team uncover potential murder suspects.

Episode 20: The Witch in the Wardrobe (May/06/2010)
Two bodies are found in the woods -- one belonging to a modern-day witch and one that is over three hundred years old, dating back to the time of the Salem Witch Trials. As Booth and Brennan go in to investigate, Angela and Hodgins meanwhile end up in jail.

Episode 21: The Boy with the Answer (May/13/2010)
The trial of The Gravedigger -- the serial killer the team finally caught last season -- has arrived, and the team must work hard to find enough evidence to guarantee a conviction.

Episode 22: The Beginning in the End (May/20/2010)
In the fifth season finale, a hoarder's remains are found, and the team goes in to investigate. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan are given once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and Angela's dad returns.



Season Six Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Mastodon in the Room (Sep/23/2010)
Seven months after both Bones and Booth left the country at the end of last season, Caroline calls them back to the Jeffersonian to help save Cam's job, as they work with her and the rest of the team to solve a controversial case.

Episode 2: The Couple in the Cave (Sep/30/2010)
A couple's remains that are discovered in a National Park cave create a double mystery: who are they and why were they killed? Elsewhere, Booth's girlfriend drops by, unexpectedly stateside from her assignment as a correspondent in Afghanistan, which leaves Brennan unsure of her relationship with Booth.

Episode 3: The Maggots in the Meathead (Oct/07/2010)
A case at the Jersey Shore reveals Brennan's hip side, as she and Booth look into the death of a young man whose decomposing body is found near a local night club. Film footage discovered appears to provide a major lead, but it may not be what it seems. Meanwhile, back at the lab, Angela does her best to keep her pregnancy secret and Hannah bonds with the squints.

Episode 4: The Body and the Bounty (Oct/14/2010)
The team goes on a search for missing body parts after they find a decomposing skull and hands in a dumpster. After the victim is identified as a bounty hunter who was searching for a killer named Braverman, the team discovers that someone else is looking for Braverman as well, resulting in a chase with an unexpected suspect. Meanwhile, Brennan makes children's show star Professor Bunsen Jude "The Science Dude" her new intern.

Episode 5: The Bones That Weren't (Nov/04/2010)
A ballet dancer is murdered and Booth and Brennan are led to suspect a group of street dancers in the crime. Meanwhile, Booth's girlfriend Hannah is shot, leaving Booth to worry for her health.

Episode 6:The Shallow in the Deep (Nov/11/2010)
A young man's remains are found in a sunken ship, and the team goes in to investigate, questioning guests on a party boat along the way.

Episode 7: The Babe in the Bar (Nov/18/2010)
The team is called to Walpert's Chocolate Factory, the site of the world's largest chocolate bar, when it turns out there's more than chocolate in the bar. Elsewhere, Cam is disturbed when Michelle chooses a college whose reputation is not for academic excellence.

Episode 8: The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck (Dec/02/2010)
The team investigates a burned truck where the victim has melted into the dashboard. Finding the real cause of death, however, becomes problematic when even a gunshot wound is excluded. This sends Booth and Brennan to a local high school where the answers may lie in a forbidden relationship. Elsewhere, Hannah tries to bond with Parker, and Sweets tries to stay focused while coaching Daisy for a government-mandated examination.

Episode 9: The Doctor in the Photo (Dec/09/2010)
Booth and Brennan investigate the mysterious death of a surgeon whose life and death challenge Brennan's legendary objectivity. As the team sifts through the evidence, Brennan identifies more and more with the brilliant doctor and her life which makes her question some of her own choices.

Episode 10: The Body in the Bag (Jan/20/2011)
The team investigates the case of a body found in a shower with ties to a counterfeit operation. Elsewhere, Hodgins and Angela have decisions to make about family and living spaces, and Booth comes clean to Hannah about Brennan's feelings for him.

Episode 11: The Bullet in the Brain (Jan/27/2011)
The "Gravedigger"'s final appeal puts a sniper into the team's focus as he takes aim at Ms. Taffet, putting others in danger as well.

Episode 12: The Sin in the Sisterhood (Feb/03/2011)
The team investigates a corpse made to look like a scarecrow who had a very active married life. When Booth and Brennan interview his wives, it turns out they were sisters as well as sister wives whose jealousies caused all manner of un-sisterly feelings and behaviour. There is also a relative whose beliefs about polygamy may provide a motive. Elsewhere, Cam worries about the stability of her relationship with Dr. Lidner.

Episode 13: The Daredevil in the Mold (Feb/10/2011)
A botched bike stunt leaves the remains of a BMX rider on a warehouse roof. Hodgins and the team at the lab investigate the skeleton's multiple fractures, while Brennan and Booth interview the other stunt participants. Elsewhere, Sweets once again asks Booth's advice about Daisy, and Booth comes to a decision about Hannah.

Episode 14: The Bikini in the Soup (Feb/17/2011)
Valentine's Day brings its own stress to the team in different ways. Cam asks for a timely conclusion to the current case—a wedding planner whose tanning bed contains her liquefied remains—so she can make her Valentine's date. Hodgins, meanwhile, tries to create a whole day of romance for Angela with mixed results. Brennan and Booth, in the meantime, try to play down its importance.

Episode 15: The Killer in the Crosshairs (Mar/10/2011)
Jacob Broadsky returns with his vigilante justice and a case that will pit Booth's skills once again against Broadsky's, and this time it will come down to the wire as Booth tries to save the intended victim. Back at the lab, Angela's father descends with one of his unusual requests.

Episode 16: The Blackout in the Blizzard (Mar/17/2011)
When a blizzard causes a power outage during a critical murder investigation, the team finds they must adapt to their low-tech environment in order to prevent a possible biological catastrophe. Elsewhere, Sweets gets a little too interpersonal when Brennan and Booth find themselves trapped in an elevator, while Angela and Hodgins worry over some test results.

Episode 17: The Feet on the Beach (Apr/07/2011)
Brennan teams up with a Canadian forensic podiatrist to determine the identity of the real victim after seven pairs of feet are found washed up on the U.S.-Canadian border, but six pairs turn out to belong to research. Elsewhere, Cam crosses a major boundary when she takes away Michelle's right to choose her own college.

Episode 18: The Truth in the Myth (Apr/14/2011)
The remains of a man who hosted a mythbuster program are found in a West Virginia wilderness, along with rumors of his death by Chupacabra and the presence of his rival from another show. Things only get more complicated after a video surfaces that puts paid to the theories of the crime. Back at the lab, Vincent Nigel-Murray has returned and combines his duties with working his Step 9, which results in some startling revelations.

Episode 19: The Finder (Apr/21/2011)
When the corpse of a security guard is found in Florida's Everglades shortly after the attempted robbery of a piece of a 17th century nautical chart fragment at the maritime museum where he worked, Booth calls on Walter Sherman for assistance in the case. Sherman, whose reputation as a man with an extraordinary ability to locate anything is well-deserved, provides invaluable assistance, but that doesn't help Booth warm up to him. Conversely, Brennan has no trouble working with Sherman's partner Ike as they pair their skills to solve the case.

Episode 20: The Pinocchio in the Planter (Apr/28/2011)
A murder victim—a believer in brutal honesty—finds himself lacking in friends, and the Jeffersonian team discovers why when they take the same tactic with each other.

Episode 21: The Signs in the Silence (May/05/2011)
A mysterious young deaf girl is thought to have committed a recent murder after she's found on the streets, covered in blood and holding a knife. It's up to the Jeffersonian team to figure out who this girl is and determine if she's really the one to blame for the murder.

Episode 22: The Hole in the Heart (May/12/2011)
Rogue sniper Jacob Broadsky returns once again, claiming another victim and making Booth determined to put him away once and for all.

Episode 23: The Change in the Game (May/19/2011)
In the 6th season finale, the team investigates the disturbing, unidentifiable remains of a bowler that were found jammed in one of the bowling alley's automatic pinsetters. After hitting a dead end in the case, Booth and Brennan decide to go undercover and join a competitive bowling team in search of answers.



Season Seven Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Memories in the Shallow Grave (Nov/03/2011)
The body of a woman found buried under a paintball field yields more questions than answers as the investigation into her death reveals even she didn't know who she was. On the domestic side, Booth and Brennan adjust to sharing space with each other … and her growing stomach.

Episode 2: The Hot Dog in the Competition (Nov/10/2011)
A competitive eating champion's body is found shortly before the next major competition. Following a disagreement over the baby, Booth and Brennan attempt a little role-playing. Back at the lab, Brennan's new assistant seems a mismatch, despite his genius.

Episode 3: The Prince in the Plastic (Nov/17/2011)
When a toy company executive is found shrink-wrapped with one of their Prince Charming Dolls, the company's CEO gives Booth and Sweets access to the company's prototype lab, and Brennan's concern over her fitness as a mother causes her to integrate the case into her life. Elsewhere, Daisy supports Sweets defiance of Booth in going after a gun certification.

Episode 4: The Male in the Mail (Dec/01/2011)
The dismembered body parts of a Ship 'n' Print employee are found at a dead letter office, prompting the team to go in and investigate. A love triangle involving the victim complicates things. Meanwhile, Booth's grandfather reveals some shocking news to Booth.

Episode 5: The Twist in the Twister (Dec/08/2011)
The body of a "storm-chaser" found after a tornado doesn't seem unusual until a video found that was filmed during the disaster shows a more sinister culprit than Mother Nature. Elsewhere, a desperate Angela and Hodgins turn to her father for child-care assistance, and Brennan must cope with Booth's over-protectiveness everywhere she goes.

Episode 6: The Crack in the Code (Jan/12/2012)
The team investigates what appears to be a murder scene at a national monument, but the only clue left is a coded message made of human blood that will be the beginning of a scavenger hunt for the solution, courtesy of a new, technologically-proficient foe. Elsewhere, Booth and Brennan look for a new home.

Episode 7: The Prisoner in the Pipe  (Apr/2/2012)
Booth is not happy when Brennan, in her advanced state of pregnancy, decides she is the only scientist who can solve the mystery of a prisoner's corpse found miles from the prison in the sewer system. Unfortunately, her determination to work as usual puts them in danger and results in a surprise arrival in a location only Brennan can appreciate.

Episode 8: The Bump in the Road (Apr/9/2012)
Special Agent Genny Shaw pitches in at the agency with Booth, while Brennan reduces her activities sort of on her first day back to work when the team is asked to solve the case of an extreme couponer who was dragged to her death by a big rig. Elsewhere, Cam is unhappy with Michelle's involvement with Finn.

Episode 9: The Don't in the Do (Apr/16/2012)
A blue corpse discovered at a landfill inspires squint Vaziri's creative side in a scientific way. His results send the team to investigate a hair salon and its inhabitants. Meanwhile, Booth plans something special for Brennan, who is unhappy with her post-partum physique.

Episode 10: The Warrior In The Wuss (Apr/23/2012)
When remains are discovered in the middle of the woods, the team is called in to determine the how and why this trucking company employee was murdered. Meanwhile, Hodgins has caught the shopping bug, and seems to think he has an unlimited budget, as he augments his lab with high-tech toys. At home, Booth copes with Parker's return from England and the realization he's no longer an "only."

Episode 11: The Family And The Feud (Apr/30/2012)
Another body is discovered in the woods. This time the investigation reveals the victim was part of a Hatfield-McCoy-type battle between two families. At home, Brennan's reluctance to accept her father's babysitting services means she must delve into her own family history to understand her feelings.

Episode 12: The Suit On The Set (May/07/2012)
The crew heads out to LA to work on a film called "Bone of Contention" which is based on Brennan's most recent book; when Brennan finds out that the film lacks authenticity she intervenes to bring it up to snuff; but when a prop body turns out to be an actual murder victim the team must stop working on the film and work the case instead; Booth is also offered a job.

Episode 13: The Past In The Present (May/14/2012)
Christopher Pelant's appeal of his verdict goes to trial, and Booth and Brennan do everything they can to keep him behind bars. But a new murder with ties to Pelant that the team hopes will put him permanently in prison takes a nasty twist that puts Brennan's freedom in jeopardy.



Season Eight Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Future In The Past (Sep/17/2012)
The body of a high school guidance counselor may be Brennan's ticket home, but first the team must determine if Christopher Pelant is still controlling events behind-the-scenes. Meanwhile, Brennan and her father manage to elude the feds, and the FBI puts the Jeffersonian under the microscope.

Episode 2: The Partners In The Divorce (Sep/24/2012)
Booth and Brennan investigate the murder of a famous divorce attorney who was in the midst of his own divorce. Unfortunately, the interviews highlight their own relationship struggles after three months apart.

Episode 3: The Gunk In The Garage (Oct/01/2012)
The team investigates a man who should be dead from a bomb explosion, but whom they find living with his wife when they come to notify her of her loss. Meanwhile, Sweets breaks in a new partner from the FBI.

Episode 4: The Tiger In The Tale (Oct/08/2012)
The investigation into the mauled body of a day laborer at an animal expo leads the team to an animal trafficking operation, the operator of which is also the owner of the expo. Elsewhere, Brennan looks at a political career, while Sweets and Daisy face a major change in their relationship.

Episode 5: The Method In The Madness (Nov/05/2012)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a woman whose body was found mutilated and discarded in a city garbage can. Meanwhile, Booth invites Sweets to stay with Brennan and him while Sweets searches for a new apartment.

Episode 6: The Patriot In Purgatory (Nov/12/2012)
When Brennan becomes fascinated with basketball and the underlying concepts behind Phil Jackson's philosophy of "teamwork," she calls upon five of her best "squinterns" to complete the task of identifying remains that have been deemed unidentifiable. During their investigation, the squints uncover the identity of a man who died as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which propels the team to determine if he was a perpetrator or a victim

Episode 7: The Bod In The Pod (Nov/19/2012)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a crime scene cleanup expert whose remains are found mysteriously sealed in an impenetrable pod that washed up on the beach. Meanwhile, Angela and Hodgins learn that Cam is involved in a secret romance.

Episode 8: The But In The Joke (Nov/26/2012)
A street artist, who is covertly plastering his art on a billboard, falls and lands directly into his own glue - and into human remains. So the team must not only figure out the identity of the remains, but must also find a strategic way to remove the part of the corpse that is still glued to the street artist. Meanwhile, Booth tries his hand at a comedy club's "open mic" night in order to seek out potential suspects and Angela's love of art leads her to become attracted to the street artist.

Episode 9: The Ghost in the Machine (Dec/03/2012)
While investigating a boy's murder, the team allows Avalon Harmonia access to the body after she claims the boy's soul hasn't passed on. Avalon's work causes the scientists to reexamine what they believe about life after death. This is the 150th episode of Bones.

Episode 10: The Diamond In The Rough (Jan/14/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a professional ballroom dancer who was murdered three days before her audition on a popular dancing competition show. In order to solve the case, Brennan and Booth go undercover as dance competitors to see if they can find potential suspects.

Episode 11: The Archeologist in the Cocoon (Jan/14/2013)
The team investigates the murder of a well-known archeologist with a questionable reputation, who came upon a career-defining discovery right before his death.

Episode 12: The Corpse on the Canopy (Jan/21/2013)
After Hodgins and Angela were drugged and woke up to a bloody corpse hanging in the canopy of their bed and flower petals around their son Michael's crib, they are forced to believe that Pelant is back for revenge against Hodgins. Although Hodgins wants to go after Pelant directly, Booth knows it's best to work within the system and not go against protocol. Meanwhile, as the Jeffersonian team investigates the corpse, they discover the victim was a Special Forces agent working for the world's biggest supplier of mercenaries, and Angela and Hodgins decide to start an investigation without the rest of the Jeffersonian team for the sake of their family

Episode 13: The Twist In The Plot (Jan/28/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of two bodies that were found at the same burial plot: one of a female cancer patient; the other, the cancer patient's "doula," who was guiding her through her grieving process with the illness. Meanwhile, with a spotlight on the case, Brennan and Booth start discussing their individual choices for after-death arrangements. Also, Daisy Wick returns for her first case after her break-up with Sweets.

Episode 14: The Doll In The Derby (Feb/04/2013)
Brennan and Booth investigate the death of a female roller derby skater whose body was dismembered. In order to get more answers, they enlist Angie to go undercover as a derby skater. Meanwhile, Cam tries to uncover the details behind Booth's secretive hospital appointments.

Episode 15: The Shot in the Dark (Feb/11/2013)
When Brennan is shot while working late at the Jeffersonian lab, she is rushed to the hospital in critical condition. While at the hospital, she struggles with visions of her mother that defy her usual logic. Meanwhile all evidence suggests that Brennan’s attacker may be linked to the Jeffersonian.

Episode 16: The Friend in Need (Feb/18/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the remains of a 15-year-old boy. Although his mother and few close friends saw him as intelligent with poor social skills, the team discovers that this seemingly innocent boy was actually involved in illegal activity and had attended a high school party two weeks prior where drugs were present. The investigation takes an ugly turn when an underage girl confesses to being raped and the deceased boy’s reputation is compromised. Meanwhile, with the case’s spotlight on deception, intern Finn Abernathy contemplates telling Cam that her daughter Michelle is in town visiting for the weekend.

Episode 17: The Fact in the Fiction (Feb/25/2013)
When extremely educated new intern Dr. Oliver Wells (Brian Klugman) starts working at the Jeffersonian, his quick-learning, enthusiastic personality challenges Brennan as he gets under her skin with his eccentric but undeniable observations, causing her to try to be more open-minded about many scientific questions. Meanwhile, Booth worries she may have gone too far when she accepts the possibility of time travel as a factor in a murder investigation.

Episode 18: The Survivor in the Soap (Mar/04/2013)  
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Symchay Conteh, a young man whose remains were found in a barrel at a hazardous waste disposal facility. They discover that the victim was an immigrant from Sierra Leone working numerous part-time jobs in order to make ends meet. Meanwhile, as the team gets deeper into the investigation, Cam and Arastoo find it even more difficult to keep their relationship a secret and Brennan and Booth try to decide on a vacation destination.

Episode 19: The Doom in the Gloom (Mar/18/2013)
When the Jeffersonian team investigates the death of a former Marine sergeant whose remains were found burned to a crisp, they discover that she was discharged after a fist fight with another Marine. When Booth and Sweets go to question the other Marine involved in the altercation, they learn that Deanna was obsessed with the idea of the apocalypse, which leads the team to a following of doomsday preppers who become key suspects in her death. Meanwhile, Sweets thinks he has landed his dream apartment but Brennan and Booth are not convinced that he will actually move out.
Episode 20: The Blood from the Stones (Mar/25/2013)
An undercover police officer, who was investigating a string of ATM robberies, turns up dead in a van with a bag of diamonds found inside his mutilated body. So the Jeffersonian team must figure out whether or not the ATM robbers are also murderers, or if the cop was crooked. Meanwhile, Brennan is the subject of a documentary commissioned to raise funds for the Jeffersonian, and she struggles to be likeable on camera.
Episode 21: The Maiden in the Mushrooms (Apr/01/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a TV producer. Meanwhile, Brennan has trouble accepting the fact that Christine might be an "average" child, when her daughter gets accused of biting another classmate. Then, Hodgins uses all of his tools at the Jeffersonian to chemically recreate Finn's special hot sauce.

Episode 22: The Party in the Pants (Apr/15/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jack Spindler, a successful employee at a brokerage firm by day, but a stripper by night. When the team learns how Spindler's moonlighting affected his personal life, they start to question the people closest to him, including his stripper friend, Storm. Meanwhile, Booth's mother shows up after a 24-year absence in his life and makes a special request of him.

Episode 23: The Pathos In The Pathogens (Apr/22/2013)
The Jeffersonian team rushes to prevent a viral outbreak while investigating the murder of journalist Mia Garrett after her infected body is found at a biohazard facility. When the mutated virus that killed Mia infects Jeffersonian intern Arastoo Vaziri, their only chance of saving him is by solving the murder. Tension and passion build as the team races against the clock to find the killer - and the cure.

Episode 24: The Secret in the Siege (Apr/29/2013)
When evil tech genius Christopher Pelant returns to toy with the Jeffersonian team in their newest investigation, they discover that the string of murders that have been occurring are tied to FBI agents close to Booth. Meanwhile, as the investigation unfolds, Sweets realizes that the evidence seems all too familiar to him and Brennan starts evaluating her relationship with Booth when signs begin to point to him as a potential target of Pelant's.

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Season 9 Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Secrets in the Proposal (Sep/16/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jason Siedel, an accountant for the state department, whose remains were found in a hotel air conditioning unit. When Booth finds his old army buddy and CIA agent, Danny Beck, clearing away evidence at the victim's condo, he begins to realize that Siedel's murder could yield more suspects than the team had anticipated. Booth also seeks out Aldo Clemens, his friend and an ex-priest from their military days together, to get advice on his relationship with Brennan, now that Pelant has put a wedge between them. Meanwhile, Brennan must decide whether to have faith in Booth or to end her relationship with him.

Episode 2: The Cheat in the Retreat (Sep/23/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Adam Pak, a management consultant whose remains were found being eaten by bobcats. When evidence leads the team to a marriage retreat site, Brennan and Booth go undercover as previous personas "Roxie" and "Tony" to try to find more evidence. While at the retreat, Brennan and Booth meet fellow married couple Bill and Evelyn Schumacher, whose relationship seems a little too perfect. Meanwhile, Cam gets mistakenly arrested when her identity is stolen and Sweets decides to take a leave from the FBI.

Episode 3: El Carnicero en el Coche (Sep/30/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jamie Delcampo, a member of the Estrellas Locas gang, whose remains were found in a burnt out car. Meanwhile, having taken time off from the FBI in the wake of Pelant's latest assault on the team, Sweets ultimately decides to help with the investigation when he discovers that a young boy from the center where he volunteers is the son of one of the gang members.

Episode 4: The Sense in the Sacrifice (Oct/07/2013)
Pelant is back, and the members of the Jeffersonian team want to put an end to the hold he's had over them, once and for all. When a human cadaver is willed for research to the team, they devise a plan, with the help of Special Agent Hayes Flynn, to stage the human cadaver in a way that Pelant would stage a murder, and steal his spotlight in order to flush him out. But their plan backfires when Pelant is a step ahead of them, resulting in him killing someone close to Booth. Meanwhile, Sweets returns from his leave of absence and is convinced that Agent Flynn isn't the person whom everyone thinks he is.

Episode 5: The Lady On The List (Oct/14/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Charlie McCord, a high school principal who, upon learning he had terminal cancer, created a website where people could go and pay for his inspirational videos. When the team finds a suspicious video of Charlie punching former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell (guest-starring as himself) in the face, it leads the team to Charlie's bucket list, which ultimately helps them get closer to solving the case. Meanwhile, Brennan and Booth finally start to plan their wedding and Sweets could be replaced by a virtual profiling system.

Episode 6: The Woman In White (Oct/21/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Nancy Handelman, whose body was discovered at the time of Brennan and Booth's wedding rehearsal. When the case becomes more serious than the team anticipated, Cam and Angela do everything in their power to keep the details of the investigation from Brennan in order to ensure that she will stay focused on her big day. Tensions run high when unfortunate events occur to stall the wedding temporarily, and Max comes to town with a suspicious duffle bag full of money.

Episode 7: The Nazi on the Honeymoon (Nov/04/2013)
While honeymooning in Buenos Aires, Brennan and Booth can't just relax on vacation. So, instead, they decide to help Raphael Valenza, a local detective and huge fan of Brennan's books, solve the murder of a Nazi war criminal whose remains were found in an historic mass grave. Meanwhile, back in Washington, D.C., Hodgins and Angela struggle to take care of Christine while Brennan and Booth are away.

Episode 8: The Dude In The Dam  (Nov/11/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Sean Nolan, a failed model whose body is found intertwined in a beaver dam. The team soon discovers that Nolan's fruitless modeling career left his sperm donations as his only source of income. However, when the team learns that he falsified records, they start to suspect anyone who was jilted by his donations. Meanwhile, Brennan struggles with social niceties and tact when she is drawn into a feud with author Tess Brown and Hodgins gets in touch with his motherly instincts when he plays host to a fly larva.

Episode 9: The Fury In The Jury  (Nov/15/2013)
Brennan is a juror on the case of professional soccer player Peter Kidman who is accused of murdering his wife. When she uses pure objectivity to help prove the killer not guilty, his best friend and a key witness in the case turns up dead. The Jeffersonian team must work together to prove that the soccer star was in fact guilty of killing both his wife and his friend.

Episode 10: The Mystery In The Meat  (Nov/22/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a food scientist whose remains were tossed in a meat grinder and mixed into cans of stew served in a school cafeteria. When the team uncovers the scientist's newest - and highly lucrative - food invention, they begin to track the trail of jealous competitors in the multi-million dollar food industry. Meanwhile, Angela plans a post-wedding bachelorette party for Brennan and it gets crazier than intended.

Episode 11: The Spark In The Park  (Dec/06/2013)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a nationally ranked gymnast, whose remains were hit by lightning and scattered throughout a public park. Although evidence points to a fellow gymnast as the key suspect, Brennan and Booth discover the victim was leading a double life. Meanwhile, Booth gets upset when Brennan shows surprising empathy for the victim's father, and Cam confronts the woman who stole her identity.

Episode 12: The Ghost In The Killer  (Jan/10/2014)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Lana Brewster, a girl whose remains are delivered to Brennan and Booth's home by someone who believes her death 18 years ago was no accident. When the team discovers that Lana was murdered and her death was covered up, people from her past become key suspects, including an ex-boyfriend with whom Hodgins was friends. Meanwhile, Brennan starts having dreams again about evil tech genius Pelant, and about a potentially more heinous killer, whom she realizes could be involved with Lana's death.

Episode 13: Big in the Philippines  (Jan/17/2014)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Colin Haynes, a struggling country music singer whose remains were found in a shallow grave. When the team learns about the victim's music career, it leads them to his record label, which, they discover, was deceitful in its dealings with him. Meanwhile, squintern Wendell Bray breaks his arm during a hockey game and Brennan takes a closer look at his injuries, only to discover some shocking news.

Episode 14: The Master In The Slop  (Jan/24/2014)
When the Jeffersonian team discovers the body of a renowned but disliked chess master amidst pig slop, Sweets surprises the team with his chess skills and goes undercover in the world of professional chess to find the killer. Cam is being recognized in the "Outstanding Woman of Science" issue of a noted science publication but is hesitant to participate since she does not want to offend Brennan who knows she should be the one to be honored. Meanwhile, much to Brennan's annoyance, Dr. Douglas Filmore, the always sunny Canadian forensic podiatrist, fills in as a lab intern.

Episode 15: The Heiress in the Hill  (Jan/31/2014)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Lauren Frank, a kidnap victim whose remains were found buried at a park. But when they discover the unhappy relationship that Lauren had with her stepmother, the team starts to think the killer was someone closer to the girl than expected. Meanwhile, Hodgins uncovers a shocking secret about his family and Brennan and Booth face a common couples dilemma - whether to co-mingle their funds.

Episode 16: The Source In The Sludge  (Mar/10/2014)
When a CIA informant is found murdered, Booth and CIA Agent Danny Beck must work together to track down an Afghani terrorist. Meanwhile, Brennan wants to work more closely with Booth in the field, and the duo must confront the implications of what that means to their family.

Episode 17: The Repo Man In The Septic Tank  (Mar/17/2014)
A repo man's remains are found in a septic tank, and the Jeffersonian team must work together to figure out who the killer is. When the team discovers that the victim had a troubled past, some key witnesses from his earlier days become potential suspects. Meanwhile, handsome and charming Rodolfo Fuentes has defected from Cuba, where he was a forensic anthropologist, but now needs an internship to complete his degree. Brennan agrees to try him out as an intern on a case, and Brennan and Booth discuss whether or not Christine should have a religious upbringing.

Episode 18: The Carrot in the Kudzu (Mar/24/2014)
When a children's TV show actor is found dead, the Jeffersonian team goes behind the scenes to uncover who murdered everyone's favorite character, "Carrot Bill." But when the team discovers that the actor was known for his promiscuity, they start to uncover some unlikely suspects. Meanwhile, Booth and Brennan plan Christine's first birthday party, and Clark asks the team for their opinions on a fictional novel he's completed.

Episode 19: The Turn In The Urn (Mar/31/2014)
When Todd, a wealthy artifact collector, walks into his own funeral, the Jeffersonian team must find out to whom the cremated remains at the funeral belong. The investigation gets complicated when the team determines that there are three sets of remains in the urn. Meanwhile, Finn enjoys his newfound wealth from his hot sauce venture with Hodgins, but is heartbroken when Michelle has devastating news for him.

Episode 20: The High In The Low (Apr/07/2014)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death an art school dropout struggling with Lupus, whose remains were found inside a log in a forest. When the team learns about the victim's use of cannabis to treat her pain, it leads them to the dispensary where she worked, and they uncover more shocking details that could have contributed to her death.
Meanwhile, squintern Wendell Bray returns after starting cancer treatments, and while working on the case, he starts to open up more about his illness, only to reveal some shocking news that may end in his termination. Also, Booth preps for his FBI Competency tests.

Episode 21: The Cold in the Case (Apr/14/2014)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a woman whose remains were found in a swamp. When the team realizes that her body was cryogenically frozen before it was disposed, it leads them to a cryogenic preservation facility where they learn more about the victim's personal life. Meanwhile, Cam is hesitant to meet Arastoo's father and mother for the first time and Booth is up for a huge promotion that could uproot his entire family

Episode 22: The Nail In The Coffin (Apr/21/2014)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Stephanie McNamara, the daughter of a wealthy family whose remains were found in a national park. When the team digs deeper into the circumstances surrounding her death, clues from the case lead them to believe she may be the Ghost Killer's latest victim, with a surprising connection to a previous victim. Meanwhile, the FBI Deputy Director takes a special interest in the team's high-profile case and Booth's career may be in for some changes

Episode 23: The Drama in the Queen (May/12/2014)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the death of Brian Thomas, the head swim coach at a community college, whose remains were found dumped at the bottom of a well. When possible suspects tell Brennan and Sweets that Brian may have been having an affair, the team digs a little deeper only to find details of Brian’s secret life. Meanwhile, Sweets fills in for Booth in the investigation while Booth prepares to testify before a Congressional sub-committee and the Jeffersonian team gets a new intern who catches Sweets

Episode 24: The Recluse in the Recliner (May/19/2014)
The team investigates the death of a man who had offered Booth information on a possible government cover-up related to a previous case, but was killed before their meeting took place. As Booth and the Jeffersonian team dig deeper into the burgeoning conspiracy surrounding the man’s death, it’s evident Booth may be in over his head, and his future with the FBI is put in question.

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Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1: The Conspiracy in the Corpse (Sep/25/2014)
Brennan and the team attempt to absolve Booth and get him released from prison. The remains of a man who has been dead for over sixteen years prove to be significant.

Episode 2: The Lance to the Heart (Oct/02/2014)
Aubrey works alongside the team to investigate a government conspiracy. DNA found on a previous victim helps the team to narrow down the suspects.

Episode 3: The Purging in the Pundit (Oct/09/2014)
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a controversial conservative radio host. The radio host remains where found in a storm drain. The team discover some of his extracurricular activities, which helps to narrow down the suspects. Elsewhere, Special Agent James Aubrey is desperate to gain the trust of Booth. Brennan is worried about Booth after recent events.

Episode 4: The Geek in the Guck (Oct/16/2014)
Special Agent Aubrey and the team investigate the murder of a video game designer. Jessica, the intern, talks about her educational cooperative with which has been involved in. Brennan and Booth talk about Christine's future.

Episode 5: The Corpse at the Convention (Oct/30/2014)
Brennan runs into a publishing rival. Wendell hears back from his diagnosis. The team members investigate a murder when remains are found in a convention's stairwell.

Episode 6: The Lost Love in the Foreign Land (Nov/06/2014)
The case of a maid's death turns out to be a bigger case than originally thought. Tensions are rising between Cam and Brennan.

Episode 7: The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round (Nov/13/2014)
The team investigate a billion dollar hedge fund company when severely damaged remains from human's are found under a merry go round.

Episode 8: The Puzzler in the Pit (Nov/20/2014)
The team are called in after a crossword puzzle master is discovered in an urban fracking site.

Episode 9: The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator (Dec/04/2014)
The team are called in after the remains of a psychology professor are discovered.

Episode 10: The 200th in the 10th (Dec/11/2014)
In 1950s Hollywood, Brennan is a detective whilst Booth is a well known jewel thief.

Episode 11: The Psychic in the Soup (Mar/26/2015)
Angela’s psychic friend is enlisted when the body of a local psychic is found.

Episode 12: The Teacher in the Books (Apr/02/2015)
The team are called in after a wealthy teacher is discovered dead in an abandoned bookstore.

Episode 13: The Baker in the Bits (Apr/09/2015)
The team take a look at a local bakery after the body of an ex-con is discovered in pieces.

Episode 14: The Putter in the Rough (Apr/16/2015)
The team take a look into the death of a mini-golf superstar. Brennan is concerned about her dad.

Episode 15: The Eye in the Sky (Apr/23/2015)
Booth and Brennan work undercover as they become involved in the world of underground poker.

Episode 16: The Big Beef at the Royal Diner (Apr/30/2015)
The team are called in after the remains of a celebrity chef are found in a local park.

Episode 17: The Lost in the Found (May/07/2015)
Brennan and Booth believe that bullying is behind the death of a private high school student.

Episode 18: The Verdict in the Victims (May/07/2015)
The team attempt to find evidence that Alex Rockwell did not commit the crimes of which he was convicted for.

Episode 19: The Murder in the Middle East (May/14/2015)
The team must race against the clock to expose the killer of the son of a powerful diplomat.

Episode 20: The Woman in the Whirlpool (May/28/2015)
A well-known cookie jar collector's body is found on a riverbank.

Episode 21: The Life in the Light (Jun/04/2015)
The team take a look into the death of an ex-con who has become a yoga instructor.

Episode 22: The Next in the Last (Jun/11/2015)
The team take a look at a murder in which the crime scene points to a protege of Pelant.

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