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About PSYCH & Episode Guides

About PSYCH & Episode Guides

Fake Psychic But Real Detectives

Psych Premiered July 07, 2006 On USA

About Psych
Psych is a USA Network series that follows the highly-comical detective endeavors of fake psychic Shawn Spencer. Shawn, brought up by his cop father, Henry Spencer, was trained, given powers of acute observation and other skills needed to solve mysteries in Henry's hopes that Shawn would one day join the long line of cops in the family. However, Shawn soon strayed from Henry's vision and spent many years of his young-adult life working various odd jobs. Shawn's hobby was calling in tips to the police on high-profile crimes that he caught on the news. One day, however, Shawn's hobby smacked him in the face, as he was brought to the police station as a suspected accomplice to a recent murder.

Then and there, Shawn made up the lie that he was psychic, and through some highly convincing theatrics, it worked. The police then hired him as the "Head Psychic" and began to bring him in on difficult cases that usually had the police stumped. Along for all the adventures is Shawn's reluctant but loyal best friend, Burton "Gus" Guster, who has a straight, narrow, and secure job as a pharmaceutical sales representative. Disbelieving of Shawn's psychic charade is Head Detective Carlton Lassiter, who would sooner cuff Shawn than follow a "vision." Other central characters include Lassiter's partner, Juliet O'Hara, and Interim Police Chief Karen Vick, both of whom are often amused by Shawn's "psychic" influence.

Real NameCharacter Name
James RodayShawn Spencer
Dulé HillBurton 'Gus' Guster
Timothy OmundsonCarlton Lassiter
Corbin BernsenHenry Spencer
Maggie LawsonJuliet O'Hara
Kirsten NelsonKaren Vick

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Psych Season 1 Episode Guide

1. Pilot
After being arrested for calling in an accurate tip to the police while pretending to be a psychic, Shawn Spencer opens up a detective agency called Psych Investigations with his friend and partner Burton Guster.

2. Spelling Bee
Shawn and Gus investigate the murder of a spelling bee's Spellmaster.

3. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece
Shawn and Gus become wedding crashers at a posh ceremony in order to retrieve a stolen antique engagement ring inexplicably taken from an impenetrable vault under surveillance; and theft turns to murder when things start to come unravelled.

4. Woman Seeking Dead Husband - Smokers Okay, No Pets
While searching for the stolen cash of a thief, Shawn is asked to talk to a spirit and help the widow of the thief.

5. 9 Lives
In order for Shawn to continue his investigation into a suicide that he believes is a murder, he pretends to have received clues from the victim's cat.

6. Weekend Warriors
Shawn and Gus attend a Civil War reenactment where a fake death turns out to be a little too real.

7. Who Ya Gonna Call?
Shawn and Gus must investigate a man's claim that a ghost is attempting to kill him. Meanwhile, Juliet and Lassiter investigate a psychologist killing.

8. Shawn vs. The Red Phantom
Shawn and Gus sneak into a comic book convention, posing as the assistants of the convention's featured guest, George Takei, to locate a missing teenager.

9. Forget Me Not
Shawn investigates when a forgetful family friend claims to have solved an old murder case, which may be linked to a more recent killing.

10. From the Earth to Starbucks
When Lassiter doubts his own crime-solving ability, Shawn tries to boost his confidence by helping him solve an astronomer's mysterious death.

11. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me, Oops He's Dead
Shawn gets a case involving a naked man who claims he was abducted by aliens. Shawn's investigation introduces him to the strange world of speed dating.

12. Cloudy...Chance of Murder
A local weatherman is found dead the morning after a tryst; the man's lover is charged with the murder despite her claims of innocence. Shawn is intrigued and becomes a defense consultant in order to gain access to the case.

13. Game Set… Muuurder?
After Shawn springs Gus from a corporate retreat, he must then arrange to probe the disappearance of a local tennis star.

14. Poker? I Barely Know Her
Henry's friend refuses to report his son, Brandon, missing after the son steals $30,000. Shawn agrees to help locate the son, and finds out that Brandon has been involved in some underground poker. Meanwhile, O'Hara tries to surprise Lassiter on his birthday.

15. Scary Sherry: Bianca's Toast
Shawn puts his psychic ability to work investigating the death of a sorority pledge in a haunted mental facility. Meanwhile, Juliet goes undercover in the sorority to help with the investigation of the suspicious death.

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Psych Season 2 Episode Guide

1. American Duos
Shawn gives his protection to a talent show judge after multiple failed attempts to kill him.

2. Sixty Five Million Years Off
The discovery of the remains of a dead man sparks debate between Shawn and the police, who both disagree when the man died.

3. Psy vs. Psy
The FBI employs their own psychic in a search for a counterfeiter, causing the department to work together in an effort to prove that Shawn is the better psychic.

4. Zero To Murder in Sixty Seconds
Shawn tracks down Lassiter's car, with little difficulty after it's stolen. However, Shawn discovers that there's more to the situation than meets the eye, and calls Gus back from vacation to help with the investigation.

5. And Down the Stretch Comes Murder
Gus and Shawn's childhood nemesis, now a horse jockey, asks the duo for help in discovering why his horses never win. The investigation develops into a murder case after a jockey dies while racing.

6. Meat is Murder, But Murder is Also Murder
Shawn and Gus are put on the case when a food critic is murdered. However, Gus' Uncle Burton is in town, and due to a misunderstanding, Gus must pretend to be the psychic detective to avoid disappointing his family.

7. If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?
Shawn and Gus become lecturers at a school where the students suspect a teacher of murder.

8. Rob-a-Bye Baby
Shawn and Gus want to be put on a burglary case, but a sleep-deprived Chief Vick orders them to find her a nanny instead.

9. Bounty Hunters!
Juliet asks Shawn and Gus for help in capturing an accused murder who escaped from her. They track the man down, but soon discover he is innocent and they try to find the real killer; however, things are complicated by a bounty hunter.

10. Gus' Dad May Have Killed An Old Guy!
Christmas with the Gusters is ruined when Gus' parents' neighbor is killed, a clue leads Lassiter to look at Mr. Guster more closely. Evidence leads the police into arresting Gus' mother too, and Shawn and Gus vow to get them out of jail.

11. There's Something About Mira
Shawn is shocked when he learns that Gus is married after Gus' wife unexpectedly shows up. She asks the men to take on a missing-persons case.

12. The Old and the Restless
Shawn and Gus investigate a man who has disappeared from a local retirement community.

13. Lights, Camera ... Homicidio
Shawn and Gus search for a killer on the set of a Spanish telenovela.

14. Dis-Lodged
The duo investigate the death of a member of a local fraternity chaired by Lassiter's father-in-law.

15. Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion
Shawn and Gus investigate the murder of a fashion designer.

16. Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead
Shawn investigates the disappearance of a mummy from the National History Museum.

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Psych Season 3 Episode Guide

1. The Ghost In You
Shawn and Gus investigate a home that is purportedly haunted.

2. Murder?…Anyone?…Anyone?…Bueller?

Shawn and Gus attend their high school reunion. Shawn sees a body fly past a window, but on further inspection the body has vanished. When Gus assumes the worst, and Lassiter refuses to help, Shawn seeks assistance from Juliet.

3. Disco Didn't Die. It Was Murdered!
Eugene Franks' arrested by Henry in 1978 for plotting to bomb the SBPD is released after his conviction is quashed by the D.A. Henry seeks his son's help in proving Eugene's guilt; however, the case is not as clear cut as he thought.

4. Daredevils!
Shawn suspects foul play after Dutch the Clutch, a daredevil, is almost killed while performing a stunt.

5. The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable
Henry's brother, Jack, claims that he has a map that leads to buried treasure. Shawn and Gus assist Jack in his search for the treasure, but it turns out that Jack has got more going on than meets the eye.

6. Talk Derby to Me
Juliet goes undercover as a skater to solve a number of robberies that are linked to a roller derby team.

7. There Will Be Murder
Shawn and Gus investigate the death of a safety inspector aboard an offshore oil rig. The investigation is complicated by the commander of the coast guard, Barbara Dunbar, Chief Vick's sister.

8. Gus Walks into a Bank
Gus is taken hostage at the Santa Barbara Savings and Loan Bank while making a deposit for Shawn.

9. Tuesday the 17th
Shawn and Gus are asked by a childhood friend, Jason Cunningham, to investigate the disappearance of his camp's counsellor.

Six Feet Under the Sea
Shawn, sure that the death of Shabby the Sea Lion is murder, finds himself in deeper water after he stumbles upon a plot that involves much more than rehabilitating a mammal back to the wild.

11. Lassie Did a Bad Thing
A desperate Lassiter turns to Shawn and Gus for help when he's implicated in a murder at the police station.

12. Earth, Wind and...Wait for It
Partnered with an arson inspector named Morgan, Shawn and Gus attempt to bring an arsonist to justice before he or she can strike again.

13. Any Given Sunday at 10pm, 9pm Central
Shawn and Gus investigate the death of a footballer named Vlad.

14. Truer Lies
Gus and Shawn's client, a pathological liar, has information about a planned assassination. The problem is getting anyone at the SBPD to believe him.

15. Tuesday the 17th
Shawn and Gus are asked by a childhood friend, Jason Cunningham, to investigate the disappearance of his camp's counsellor.

16. An Evening With Mr. Yang
Shawn's exploits have garnered him fame, if not fortune. Unfortunately, they've also brought him to the attention of the Yin Yang serial killer, and Shawn's mother is his next target.

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Psych Season 4 Episode Guide

1. Extradition: British Columbia
Shawn and Gus spot an art thief whom Lassiter has been trying to arrest for years. So, although they are on a skiing vacation in Canada, they appeal to the local constabulary with mixed results: someone gets axed, another finds himself interrogated and Pierre Despereaux may get away scot-free, once again.

2. He Dead
A billionaire hedge fund manager asks Shawn and Gus to find his murderer – a last request Shawn can't resist. So he and Gus step into a world of privilege that's rivaled only by the depths of betrayal it contains.

3. High Noon-ish
Lassiter reluctantly asks Shawn and Gus for help when his surrogate father, sheriff of Sonora, thinks a ghost is wreaking havoc in his town. And even though this Wild West re-creation town is bigger on show than facts, it turns out a real crime is being planned and the murder of the Sheriff's business rival is only the beginning.

4. The Devil's in the Details and in the Upstairs Bedroom
When a college girl at a Catholic university commits suicide, Gus and Shawn are brought in because one of the professors at the school believes the girl was demon-possessed.

5. Shawn Has the Yips
Shawn believes there's more than a robbery afoot when the local cop bar is shot up during a celebration for Officer McNab. The problem is convincing Lassiter, who may be the target.

6. Bollywood Homicide
An actor in a local Bollywood theatre production takes a vow of celibacy when he believes he has proof his family's curse is manifest in him. Shawn and Gus, who are true believers in love, vow to find out why the man's girlfriends keep getting hurt and stumble upon a motive that may be close to home.

7. High Top Fade Out
Gus' reunion with two members of his college a cappella quartet, with whom he's estranged, at the funeral of the fourth leads to a case for Shawn when they ask him to prove that "Diddle" was murdered.

8. Let's Get Hairy
Shawn and Gus take the case of a man who is sure he's a werewolf on a path to killing humans, but far from protecting mankind from a furry beast they find themselves protecting the man from a murder charge.

9. Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark
Shawn finds himself central to a criminal enterprise when he interrupts a brother preparing for a robbery, and then ends up a hostage for the other brother when all his well-laid plans are ruined by one psychopathic action.

10. You Can't Handle This Episode
Abigail is disappointed when Shawn accepts a case at the Army base instead of going on a date with her, but he and Gus are intrigued by a death they believe shouldn't have been ruled a suicide. Unfortunately it may also implicate Juliet's brother.

11. Thrill Seekers & Hell Raisers
It's a busman's holiday when Ruby's river trip with Gus and Shawn turns deadly after one of the group takes a tumble off the raft.

12. A Very Juliet Episode
Shawn stumbles into a situation involving Juliet's ex-boyfriend from college, a mobster who may have been wrongfully convicted, witness protection and a very cold case.

13. Death Is in the Air
A lab has lost one of their infectious agents, and Shawn and Gus are tasked with finding it before it can be unleashed on the public.

14. Think Tank
Shawn and Gus are thrilled when they're asked to join an elite security company, but the team to which they are assigned are not quite as thrilled with their unconventional techniques and the affect it has on their latest assignment: preventing the assassination of a billionaire executive.

15. The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode
When Lassiter maintains that a shark attack is really a planned murder to much skepticism at the department, Shawn and Gus eventually take pity on him and set out to help him prove the crime.

16. Mr. Yin Presents...
Mary returns with more clues to a death, only this time a Mr. Yin is the culprit and Mr. Yang may be Shawn's only hope to save someone—or two—that he loves as Yin makes everyone tap into their inner Hitchcock in order to prevent tragedy. Unfortunately, this plot twist will be just as unexpected as the great filmmaker's.

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Psych Season 5 Episode Guide

1. Romeo and Juliet and Juliet
When the daughter of a Chinese Triad family disappears, Shawn and Gus take on the case.

2. Feet Don't Kill Me Now
Teamed with new partners, Lassiter seeks stress reduction with some fancy footwork, while Juliet has her own stresses while following the trail of a murderer.

3. Not Even Close… Encounters
When an attorney believes he has witnessed an alien abduction, Shawn and Gus eagerly take the case the SBPD views with contempt, and against Henry's advice, because of a childhood fascination with UFOs. Besides, what better excuse to get in contact with their childhood buddy Dennis, alien expert bar none? Unfortunately, the way to the truth may use up all their credibility at the station.

4. Chivalry Is Not Dead… but Someone Is
Shawn and Gus investigate a rich cougar who has lost her cub to murder, but when it turns out the man was running a scam, attention shifts to his tutor.

5. Shawn & Gus in Drag (Racing)
A car thief is murdered, and the only way to solve the case is to go undercover in a drag-racing ring, something Gus and Shawn are more than willing to do. Unfortunately for the Blueberry, and possibly their lives, Shawn takes to the racing life rather too well.

6. Viagra Falls
Shawn and Gus come face-to-face with their future when they agree to help two retired officers clear their murdered chief's name after stories of his shady life post-retirement surface.

7. Ferry Tale
When escaped inmates run free on a ferryboat headed for the Channel Islands, Shawn and Gus assist a guard in catching them.

8. Shawn 2.0
Shawn has to face serious competition when a talented criminal profiler named Declan Rand comes to Santa Barbara to help solve the murders of donors on a liver-transplant list.

9. One, Maybe Two, Ways Out
When a spy is framed for a crime she didn't commit, she decides to use Shawn and Gus to prove her innocence.

10. Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part
Shawn and Gus return to Vancouver to see Despereaux in prison. When Despereaux escapes, he is framed of murder and asks Shawn and Gus to clear his name.

11. In Plain Fright
The return of Scare Fest brings with it divided loyalties for Shawn when Juliet gets him tickets as a surprise, not aware of his plans to go with Gus. This becomes less important when Shawn and Gus' visit to Scare Fest is a little scarier than usual as they inadvertently witness a murder on the haunted house ride. Scariest of all, Shawn is convinced the murderer is a ghost. A man who was killed at Scare Fest 13 years ago. Now all PSYCH has to do is convince everyone else.

12. Dual Spires
Shawn and Gus are invited to the Cinnamon Festival in Dual Spires. When they arrive they are thrown into a mystery of the drowning death of a teenage girl—who was declared dead under similar circumstances seven years ago in Santa Barbara.

13. We'd Like to Thank the Academy
Chief Vick orders Shawn and Gus to take a three-week crash course at the Police Academy, after the two are caught disregarding police procedure while helping the SBPD with another case.

14. The Polarizing Express
After he causes Henry and the Psych team to be fired from a high-profile case, Shawn hits a low point and fantasizes about what Santa Barbara would have become if he had not returned.

15. Dead Bear Walking
To save a polar bear that was found responsible for the death of an animal trainer, Shawn takes on the case to prove the polar bear's innocence and to find the real killer.

16. Yang 3 in 2D
When Yin returns to kidnap a woman, Shawn and Gus turn to Yang who is their only chance to solve the case once and for all.

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Psych Season 6 Episode Guide

1. Shawn Rescues Darth Vader
Shawn stumbles on a dead body at Santa Barbara's British Consulate residence while attempting to recover a stolen Darth Vader collectible from the Ambassador's son. Then he must convince SBPD he discovered the body psychically, not physically .

2. Last Night Gus
A night of partying which no one remembers that turned deadly sets Shawn, Gus, Woody and Lassiter on the trail of their deeds and a way to clear their names of suspected murder. Unfortunately, they may have to depend on Shawn's "psychic" memories of the night's events.

3. This Episode Sucks
Shawn and Gus help SBPD investigate an exsanguinated body and, as luck would have it, Lassiter's mysterious new lady friend.

4. The Amazing Psych-Man & Tap Man, Issue #2
The Mantis, a masked vigilante, competes with SBPD to capture the Camino Syndicate so PSYCH is called in to capture the Mantis. If only they could see further into the future than he apparently does.

5. Dead Man's Curve Ball
Shawn and Gus are asked by Santa Barbara's minor league baseball team's manager to look into the death of its hitting coach. The only way to keep everything under wraps is to go undercover, and Gus may take a hit on his dignity as the team mascot.

6. Shawn, Interrupted
It's another undercover assignment for Shawn and Gus when SBPD asks them to infiltrate the local mental hospital. They must prove that the billionaire recently found "not guilty by reason of insanity" after he murdered his assistant is just as sane as they are. Well, as sane as Gus at least.

7. In for a Penny…
Juliet's conman father shows up and wants to repair their relationship, but the lure of a perfect swindle may ruin his plans to stay on the straight and narrow.

8. The Tao of Gus
Gus may have found his Utopia when he and Shawn hide a witness to a murder no one believes occurred at a commune for "progressive intellectuals."

9. Neil Simon's Lover's Retreat
When a dead body is found at a local winery and their hotel room is robbed, Shawn and Juliet kiss their hopes for a romantic weekend away from work goodbye and join the investigation.

10. Indiana Shawn and the Temple of the Kinda Crappy, Rusty Old Dagger
Despereaux returns. This time on the trail of a legendary dagger rumored to unlock the hidden fortune of a billionaire, recently deceased. Now if only he, Shawn and Gus can put their hands on it before the gang of art thieves beat them to it.

11. Heeeeere's Lassie
Lassiter hires Shawn and Gus to prove or disprove paranormal activity at his new condo.

12. Shawn and the Real Girl
After a bachelorette on a reality dating show is almost murdered, Shawn and Gus go undercover to solve the case.

13. Let's Doo-Wop It Again
After someone tries to murder the founder of a youth charity, two of Gus' former Blackapella members decide to help him and Shawn with the investigation.

14. Autopsy Turvy
The race is on to clear Woody's name and reputation when a mere mortician finds a mistake in the coroner's autopsy.

15. True Grits
A wrongly convicted Southern chef hires Shawn and Gus to find the real thief after the Innocence Project frees him from prison.

16. Santabarbaratown
Shawn, Gus and Henry investigate a cold case when the body of Veronica Towne is found 20 years after she disappeared.

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Season 7 Episode Guide

1. Santabarbaratown 2
In the Season 7 premiere, Shawn looks for revenge for Henry's shooting.

2. Juliet Takes a Luvvah
Gus gets a girlfriend, and Juliet goes undercover on an online dating site to catch a killer while Shawn tries to holster his jealousy.

3. Lassie Jerky
Shawn and Gus join a pair of college students in the woods who are filming a documentary on Bigfoot

4. No Country for Two Old Men
Shawn attempts to bond with Juliet's stepfather Lloyd, a seemingly harmless accountant.

5. 100 Clues
Shawn and Gus attend a secret party at a historical Santa Barbara mansion hosted by an aging rockstar named Billy Lipps, a man the SBPD arrested years ago for a murder he doesn't remember committing.

6. Cirque du Soul
After Gus is tasked with taking care of his girlfriend's son Maximus for the day, he jeopardizes their relationship when an innocent trip to the circus turns deadly.

7. Deez Nups
The gang spends the weekend at a casino resort for a wedding and crosses paths with a local crime boss whose presence jeopardizes the impending nuptials.

8. Right Turn Or Left For Dead
Shawn solves a case involving mysterious Swedish woman and imagines how the same case would have been solved had he done one thing differently at the start of the investigation.

9. Juliet Wears The Pantsuit
Shawn bonds with Woody, and Juliet befriends a girl who Shawn believes to be a killer.

10. Santa Barbarian Candidate
After the Mayor dies in what appears to be a surfing accident, Shawn investigates and ends up running for mayor himself.

11. Office SPACE
After Gus accidentally tampers with the crime where his boss was killed, Shawn helps him find the real murderer before Gus is arrested

12. Dead Air
After Shawn and Gus' favorite radio DJ is murdered, they go undercover as on-air personalities to find his killer.

13. Nip and Suck It
After a woman dies from what appears to be a plastic surgery mishap, Shawn and Gus believe the killer is her doctor, a woman named Joan Diamond who happens to be an old flame of Henry's.

14. No Trout About It
An eccentric police consultant is brought into the SBPD to interview Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet about their seemingly poor police work on a tough case they're in the middle of trying to solve.

15. Psych: The Musical (1)
This musical extravaganza follows Shawn and Gus' search for an escaped playwright who was declared criminally insane following a suspicious fire. Complicating matters, a person who may have important evidence is an enemy from Shawn's past.

16. Psych: The Musical (2)
This musical extravaganza follows Shawn and Gus' search for an escaped playwright who was declared criminally insane following a suspicious fire. Complicating matters, a person who may have important evidence is an enemy from Shawn's past.

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Season 8

1. Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire
Gus attends a Harry Potter convention in London in the Season 8 opener.

2. S.E.I.Z.E the Day
Lassiter receives some life-changing news and begins to lose his nerve on the job. As a result, he enlists Shawn and Gus to help him take down a dangerous criminal who tried to kill the SBPD’s Interim Chief while he was giving a speech at a press conference.

3. Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of Improvement
A star studded cast of Psych ALL STARS joins our crew as they dive back into 2006 and re-tell the story of Sandra Panitch, a woman wrongfully accused of the murder of local weatherman Jackson Hale.

4. Someone's Got a Woody
A man enters the morgue and tells Woody that he was framed for the murder of the person lying dead on the slab. When Woody won’t let him take the body, the man pulls a gun on him and holds Woody hostage in order to get what he wants. Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet try to resolve the situation calmly and carefully, but Interim Chief Trout has a plan of his own.

5. Cog Blocked
Gus is determined to solve the murder of a man whose life was strangely similar to his own. Along the way, Gus hits it off with a beautiful Private Investigator named Emanuelle. Meanwhile, Shawn realizes he’s been mooching off of Gus, Henry and Juliet, so he tries desperately to make up for it.

6. 1967: A Psych Odyssey
Lassiter is determined to be appointed Chief of Police, so he sets out to prove himself worthy of the job by solving the murder of the Mayor’s beloved uncle, Archie Baxter, who was killed back in the 60s but the case was never solved. Meanwhile, Juliet receives some news that tests her relationship with Shawn.

7. Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up
After the owner of a favorite food truck is murdered, Shawn and Gus vow to catch the person who deprived them of sustenance. They decide to go undercover with their own truck, and suddenly are thrust into the cut-throat competition and secrets behind the scenes of the industry.

8. A Touch of Sweevil
Shawn is ecstatic when he discovers he's finally been invited to a prestigious paranormal convention for police consultants. As the main event begins, the leader collapses on stage, and it is clear he has been murdered. All of the police consultants on the panel jump to solve the murder, and everyone’s unorthodox crime solving skills are put together to catch the culprit.

9. A Nightmare On State Street
Gus has been suffering from terrifying nightmares, so he goes to dream therapy to help alleviate the problem. But Gus' nightmares start to feel like reality when he and Shawn work to solve an unlikely case for the SBPD. Throughout the case, Gus dreams about battling zombies and other classic horror story characters--all while trying to cope with the many changes the future is bringing.

10. The Break Up [Series Finale]
Shawn, Gus and Juliet handle one last case in the series finale.

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