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About OCCUPATION & Episode Guide

About OCCUPATION & Episode Guide

Occupation is a min-series that aired in June 2009 on the BBC.

About the Show:

Occupation is a 3 part drama set in Basra currently being broadcast on BBC One. It stars James Nesbitt (Cold Feet, Murphy’s Law etc.), Stephen Graham (This is England, Inkheart etc.) and Warren Brown (Hollyoaks, Casualty,  Dead Set) amongst others. The programme follows 3 soldiers in the invasion of Basra in 2003 to the present day. After all coming back home they each decide to go back to Basra for different reasons. Love, desire and money. They are each 1 hour long but they are really well made. Filming for the “Basra scenes” took place in Morocco, with all other shooting taking place in Ireland.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

James NesbittMike Swift
Stephen GrahamDanny Peterson
Warren BrownLee Hibbs
Lubna AzabalDr. Aliya Nabil
Monica DolanNicky Swift
Nanso AnozieErik Lester
Yigal NaorDr. Sadiq Alasadi
Lewis AlsamariYunis
Fenar Mohammed-AliYassin


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Season 1 Episode Guide

During the British invasion of Iraq in April 2003, three soldiers from the same unit come under cross-fire in a Basra flat. While there, an explosion has huge consequences for an Iraqi girl, and will radically shape the lives of Danny, Mike and Hibbs over the coming years.

Failing to adjust to civilian life in Manchester, each man is inspired to return to Basra; one for money, one for love, and one because he passionately believes in the mission to rebuild Iraq. They return, later that year, to a Basra awash with billions of US dollars, creating a boom-time for private military contractors.

The drama charts their interwoven journeys from the invasion of Iraq to the present, and shows how these three friends, united in battle, are torn apart by the aftermath.

Back in Basra, business is booming for private military contractors, and Danny and Lester seize the chance to make money by winning a contract to rebuild a hospital.

Meanwhile, Mike hears some surprising information when he tracks down Aliyah, and his marriage comes under strain. And Hibbs starts to unravel when he witnesses the murder of a friend.

Danny tries to negotiate for Hibbs' release from his kidnappers. With their invisible companies working for untraceable cash, Danny and Lester are making a fortune in Basra.

Mike's son Richard joins the army, and Mike promises to return to Iraq to keep an eye on him. And when Aliyah's husband is kidnapped, Mike, Danny and Hibbs' journeys all fuse in a tense and emotional finale.


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