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Subject: NEW ERROR REPORTING - Fix the bugs [Print This Page]

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 11-1-2016 14:22     Subject: NEW ERROR REPORTING - Fix the bugs

This is the place to report any errors you come across while watching TV show episodes or movies. The problems can range from a missing episode, out of order episodes or seasons, and video/audio lag, including if the picture or sound disappears completely. Once you have reported the problem a mod will then confirm that the problem exists and add the problem episode into the table at the bottom of this post. After a problem is confirmed, points will be awarded. Members will get 6 points (3 for the episode problems and 3 for reporting the bug) for each bug reported - including bugs reported on free shows. If a bug has already been reported, but is not on the table, members will receive 3 points. Once on the table, no points will be awarded.
Note: Point amounts for reported errors have been updated because the price to watch has gone up.
The information we need you to include is quite simple.
SHOW or Movie TITLE - the title of the show or movie you were watching.
EPISODE (for TV shows) - which episode it was. Please include the name & number.
DEVICE - what type of device you are using to view - computer, tablet, smart TV, etc.
PROBLEM DETAILS - Be sure to include times of when the problem occurs (very important for video/audio lag).
** Please only post errors that are impacting your ability to view the episode. Minor Audio/Video glitches should not be posted here and will not be recorded on the table. You are welcome to post incorrect title names, inaccurate pictures etc also however they will not be recorded on the table.

**To request reimbursement for lost points, please send a PM to lbjedward, as explained in post #1 here.**

Error Reporting Thread

Date Added Title Episode Problem Details Device Last Checked
01-Nov-16 Finding Dory HD version Message: Error loading media PC & Tablet 01-Nov-16
21-Mar-17 The Big Bang Theory 6x04 Message: The requested URL was not found on our server. All 21-Mar-17
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Author: codebreaker    Time: 11-1-2016 14:29     Subject: Movie: Finding Dory

Message: error loading media while trying to play in HD on both desktop and tablet
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 11-1-2016 14:33     Subject: Reply 2#2 codebreaker's post

I just tried it, and it is now currently running on my laptop.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 11-1-2016 14:35     Subject: Reply 3#3 waterlilybarb's post

Have you tried clicking the HD button as that's where I'm still having the problem
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 11-1-2016 15:23     Subject: Reply 4#4 codebreaker's post

Yes. I made sure to check the HD version, since you specified it was that one.

EDIT: I just rechecked it, and got that message. Will check it again shortly to see if it stays a problem.
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Author: woothdye    Time: 11-3-2016 08:07

Criminal Minds S012E05 The Anti-Terrorism Squad Old episode from last season
Author: woothdye    Time: 11-3-2016 10:03

Was the old list checked before making this new thread to make sure there wasn't still issues with those TV episodes? It's highly likely the previous assets were reused and still have bugs
Author: lolotte    Time: 11-3-2016 13:32     Subject: Law & Order SVU - S018E06

Newly uploaded episode S018E06 is episode S018E02 [ Last edited by lolotte at 11-3-2016 13:36 ]
Author: codebreaker    Time: 11-3-2016 13:34     Subject: Reply 5#5 waterlilybarb's post

I just checked by viewing history and looks like it took over 40 attempts to get back off the HD with the error message taking away the time line bar
Author: heatherfcassidy    Time: 11-3-2016 13:37     Subject: Chicago PD

Chicago PD 4x06 is a duplicate of 4x02. However, I've been messaging Lbjedward about other points that I'm owed from errors since April and he's yet to open any of the messages so how do I go about getting these points reimbursed? Thanks
Author: gdi3    Time: 11-3-2016 14:41     Subject: Law&Order SVU

Episode 6 is a repeat of another episode. Please fix.
Author: heatherfcassidy    Time: 11-3-2016 14:53     Subject: Criminal Minds 12 x 5


In addition to my post above, Criminal Minds 12x5 is a duplicate of 11x7. How has that happened? Please can you let me know how to claim my points back as messaging Lbjedward hasn't worked for months.


Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 11-3-2016 15:14     Subject: Reply 7#7 woothdye's post

No, but the old list is still accessible. You just can't post in it.

Reply woothdye, lolotte, gdi3, heatherfcassidy posts
Many of the episodes this week were slated to be new, but were switched to repeats because of the World Series (baseball). That's why that happened. I know I had set my DVR to record the new episodes of my regular shows, and many were either repeats or a completely different show was aired in its place. The upload team likely didn't check the episodes, but went on the info that they were supposed to be new. I will double check to see if the repeats are still up, and will add them to the list.

Reply 12#12 heatherfcassidy's post
You can also try sending an email to LBJEDWARD@GMAIL.COM. He is more likely to check those messages.

Author: Crixan    Time: 11-4-2016 07:30     Subject: Chicago PD Ep mixup/wrong

Hey, Chicago Pd S4 Ep 6 is a repeat of Ep 2.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 11-5-2016 07:37     Subject: Hannibal Season 3

Episode 9 & 10 have the titles switched according to the usual sources but not willing to waste points to find out if the episodes are also wrong [ Last edited by codebreaker at 11-5-2016 16:56 ]
Author: gdi3    Time: 11-5-2016 19:46     Subject: Reply 13#13 waterlilybarb's post

Thank you for the explanation. Appreciate it. Have yesterday emailed Lbjedward on gmail account requesting my 3 points be given back but so far no reply and no points.
Author: slade01    Time: 11-9-2016 06:40     Subject: Conviction

Conviction is not listed under 'C' when you search for tv shows
Author: codebreaker    Time: 11-9-2016 07:16     Subject: Reply 17#17 slade01's post

That's not the only one as I have given up looking for them under the alphabet, it's just easier to use the search box
Author: codebreaker    Time: 11-9-2016 10:51     Subject: The 7.39

This was added on 22/01/2014 but has disappeared totally from VIPTV
Author: codebreaker    Time: 11-9-2016 11:00     Subject: The 100

Is only available from the search box as it's no listed in the A-Z list
Author: slade01    Time: 11-9-2016 13:43     Subject: Conviction 1x05

The link to episode 1x05 does not work.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 11-11-2016 08:01     Subject: Movie: The Girl on the Train

Message: error loading media while trying to play in HD on desktop

PS can we have the HD removed from those that don't work as it's almost impossible to get off HD with that message
Author: codebreaker    Time: 11-13-2016 04:38     Subject: Movie: Unknown

Out of sync after about 45 min
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 11-13-2016 16:04     Subject: APOLOGIES

I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with things in here. I've not been well, and haven't been doing a whole lot online these past few weeks (maybe months). I'll try and get on top of things as soon as I can.
Author: baskew    Time: 11-14-2016 02:17     Subject: New site loading issues

Hi all,

Can someone please let me know when this site will be back to normal speed?
Ive tried several different browsers  (chrome, IE and firefox) with little success to getting any show to play through without constantly buffering and playing for a few seconds then buffering  (repeat).... i am honestly not sure why the site has become so terrible after 9 years on watching with very little problem ...
I need to know if its ever going to get back to what it used to, or I will have to demand a refund of unused points and ill reluctantly have to watch shows online somewhere else ????????????
Im really sad to say this, ive been watching shows on this site almost daily for 9 years and can't believe that its come to this.
Do you need another server? 
please can someone who knows something let me know whats going on?? 

Thanks in advance.

Author: Milks26    Time: 11-14-2016 16:57

The Walking Dead season 7 episode 4 was cut short. last mins are missing
Author: mrtimdillenbeck    Time: 11-15-2016 01:56     Subject: Reply 26#26 Milks26's post

This has been one of my greatest frustrations with VIPTV the last year or more is that some content contributors are cutting off the ends of a great many shows. I consider an episode over when the end credits and music have fully faded to black. For quite a few months I kept logs of all the shows with chopped off endings and believe me, there are dozens and dozens . Maybe someone is using the auto-programmed record function and the clock is off--I don't know, but it is infuriating. I've sent numerous messages to LBJedward (both PMs and emails) with the logs, thinking he could match up the show/episodes# with the source contributor and address the problem. Some shows got better, some didn't. Please, keep up the forum posts when you see this happen. I think it's quite a rude slap in the face to slash episodes like that. Thank you for commenting. By the way, on the old (much-loved) site, you sometimes could switch from the HD server to the usa SD server and find up to 90 seconds additional footage, or a least a critical few seconds more. But it seems we no longer have the SD/HD option for TV playback on the new site. Actually, there's a lot we don't have on the new site, but that's a rant for another day......
Author: mrtimdillenbeck    Time: 11-15-2016 16:05     Subject: Reply 24#24 waterlilybarb's post

I just wanted you to know that your efforts are greatly appreciated, and so hope that you will be feeling better soon. Do take care of yourself. You are indeed one of the Originals within this community. Thank you.
Author: Milks26    Time: 11-15-2016 17:22     Subject: Reply 27#27 mrtimdillenbeck's post

You're so correct about switching between the Eu & Us server to get those precious extra mins. Luckily someone posted clips of the episode on youtube so I was able to watch it. I also noticed that an episode was cut short in the update that had the end scene with the old site.
Author: angelsj    Time: 12-1-2016 16:46     Subject: The Voice season 11

  both of these episodes are the same.   the Top 10 Eliminations

There is no Top 10 Performances

Author: Crixan    Time: 12-11-2016 06:30     Subject: Criminal Minds

Se12 ep 5 is an old one...
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 12-11-2016 12:49     Subject: Reply 31#31 Crixan's post

Are you sure you have the right season and episode number, because that is not an old episode. That was a new episode that aired on November 9, 2016, which I watched a few weeks ago.
Author: Leah    Time: 12-11-2016 14:30     Subject: Error loading media

I have checked again and all episodes in the series are working fine but Pitch Season 1 Episode 9 does not play, It says error loading media. Can you please fix and refund points?
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 12-11-2016 14:53     Subject: Reply 33#33 Leah's post

What browser are you using? I just checked, and the episode is currently playing for me in another tab - using Windows 7, Chrome.
Author: Leah    Time: 12-11-2016 15:36

Thank you! It does work with chrome - I was using internet explorer which has been fine up until now.

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 12-11-2016 15:59     Subject: Reply 35#35 Leah's post

Glad to hear that it's working for you.
Author: jenngann    Time: 12-16-2016 15:25

Dirk Gently missing two episodes. ep 7 aired dec 3 Weaponized Soul ep 8 dec 10 S1, Ep8 10 Dec. 2016 Two Sane Guys Doing Normal Things thanks
Author: codebreaker    Time: 12-17-2016 10:19     Subject: Shoot the Messenger

Episode 1x08 Full Circle is missing which aired on Dec 5, 2016
Author: bala    Time: 12-28-2016 11:09     Subject: Art of More

Season 2 is missing which aired on November 16, 2016
Author: codebreaker    Time: 1-1-2017 12:52     Subject: Black Mirror

S02E02 The Waldo Moment is actually called White Bear and S02E03 White Bear is actually called The Waldo Moment
Author: codebreaker    Time: 1-3-2017 09:46     Subject: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 4 is missing S04E11 The Fugitive Pt. 1 and S04E12 The Fugitive Pt. 2 that aired on Jan 1, 2017

ignore it's been added today Jan 5, 2017 [ Last edited by codebreaker at 1-5-2017 16:43 ]
Author: codebreaker    Time: 1-7-2017 12:59     Subject: Girl Meets World

S03E19 Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen has the wrong title it should be World Meets Girl

Edit ignore it's been fixed with the latest update
[ Last edited by codebreaker at 1-15-2017 12:14 ]
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 1-7-2017 13:00     Subject: Stargate: Atlantis S5 ep 1

I don't know if it's my internet or the fact that this is a free episode, but it won't buffer at all. I can play about 2 mins and then stop. I've rebooted my computer, the internet and the page.... No change
Author: codebreaker    Time: 1-7-2017 13:16     Subject: Reply 43#43 arksongbird80's post

As it's free I've just tried it and the 43:07 episode fully loaded by the time the white time line bar got to 09:10
Author: asbrand    Time: 1-9-2017 02:15

SHOW:  Timeless
EPISODE:  S01E10 The Capture of Benedict Arnold
PROBLEM:  Is a duplicate of S01E08 Space Race
This is only on the HD version.  Standard version is the correct episode.

Author: slade01    Time: 1-13-2017 12:55     Subject: Chicago PD 4x06

This episode is a duplicate of 4x02. This was reported back in Nov but I was not aware of this when I clicked to watch. Any chance this will be updated soon. Plus any chance of getting the points back. Thanks
Author: bala    Time: 1-15-2017 02:43     Subject: Sneaky Pete Season 1

Episode 2-10 are available online
Author: codebreaker    Time: 1-15-2017 04:24     Subject: Shoot the Messenger

Originally posted by codebreaker at 17-12-2016 18:19 Episode 1x08 Full Circle is missing which aired on Dec 5, 2016

It's been 5 weeks since this show was added without the last episode and is still missing so is this thread now a waste of time and are we supposed to report problems on VIP as LBJ don't seem to read these threads any more 

Author: Milks26    Time: 2-1-2017 19:00

The Walking Dead seasons 1, 2 and 3 are missing from the site. Several searches have been unsuccessful
Author: bala    Time: 2-1-2017 23:24     Subject: Reply 49#49 Milks26's post

Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Author: Milks26    Time: 2-2-2017 07:01

OKAY! Seasons 1,2 & 3 were moved to the free section. A system search should still find all the seasons and not just 4-7. This is stupid [ Last edited by Milks26 at 2-2-2017 07:07 ]
Author: bala    Time: 2-2-2017 11:59     Subject: Reply 51#51 Milks26's post

I have dealing with this with other members Topic 1 Topic 2 [ Last edited by bala at 2-2-2017 20:07 ]
Author: Milks26    Time: 2-13-2017 10:44

The Walking Dead 709 has a few voice glitches of a 1-2 seconds throughout the episode.
Author: Milks26    Time: 2-17-2017 15:28

The Walking Dead season 2 episode 11 and 2 episode 12 are the same. Which is weird since it was never that way before.
Author: ItsNell    Time: 3-18-2017 17:12     Subject: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Sound not working? I'll try something else to see if its the whole site or just that movie.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-19-2017 11:31     Subject: Reply 55#55 ItsNell's post

When does the issue start? I have it running right now, and the sound is working fine. Are you sure you had the sound on? Might sound like a stupid question, but I often keep my laptop on mute, and have been known to forget to turn the sound back on right away.
Author: kenclops    Time: 3-19-2017 20:26

Lots of buffering and load times. It seems to slow down at night. Can a brother get another server in the house?
Author: Crixan    Time: 3-20-2017 07:56     Subject: NCIS LA

Something is wrong with se 8 on NCIS LA, I saw ep 15 yesterday, and today there is only 10 ep and two different ep of 1,2 and 3, and there is an ep 00....weird...there were 17ep there last night...
And, 7 of the ep are marked as free...

Just tried NCIS NO, same thing there...stops at ep 10 and it has two different ep of 1,2 and 3, and there is an ep 00...
[ Last edited by Crixan at 3-20-2017 17:01 ]
Author: bala    Time: 3-20-2017 11:00     Subject: Reply 58#58 Crixan's post

Something gone wrong with today update which has messed up episode number for today shows
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 3-20-2017 11:17     Subject: Reply 58#58 Crixan's post

I noticed that Madam Secretary only has 10 episodes of Season 3 and it's in the free section. Can't find season 1 or 2. I'm hoping this is resolved soon.
Author: inro    Time: 3-20-2017 13:03     Subject: Homeland Season 6

Episodes have been removed - Episodes 1 to 8 have been shown before but now episodes 5 to 8 been removed? Episodes are listed in the wrong order - Episode 1 is Fair Game etc. Latest episode 9 was aired on Sunday 19th March and at 21st March this has not been uploaded. I've pm'd LBJ Edward as something is clearly up and wait to hear a reply. [ Last edited by inro at 3-21-2017 08:33 ]
Author: inro    Time: 3-21-2017 05:48     Subject: Missing Episodes - noted on 21 March

So same as above for Homeland A whole lot of episodes missing for Billions, The Good Fight, The Walking Dead etc
Author: inro    Time: 3-21-2017 06:26     Subject: Update on missing / late episodes

Have just had a reply from LBJ Edward at his gmail address - he is aware there are issues and the tech team is working to resolve it asap. If any moderators pick this up (are you still there you wonderful people, perhaps this could be posted somewhere more prominent so others know too. [ Last edited by inro at 3-21-2017 14:24 ]
Author: ritac-p    Time: 3-22-2017 05:28     Subject: Sleepy Hollow

Hi Same for Sleepy Hollow missing episode and in the wrong order. Show last viewed was Season 4 Episode 10, this is not on the listing and ep11 is missing.

Author: Milks26    Time: 3-29-2017 23:13

Orange Is The New Black S3 episode 12 is the wrong episode. What is playing is from S1
Author: yunaaisha    Time: 4-9-2017 12:52     Subject: Ransom Season 1 Episode titles

Hello Episodes 11 and 12 names are wrong. 11= Castle 12= Refuge
Author: lolotte    Time: 4-14-2017 01:29     Subject: Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders 02x07

Episode 02x07 is episode 02x06 (same episode uploaded twice) I saw this yesterday. Maybe it has been fixed since. Just don't want to lose more points checking it out ;-)
Author: gabsimom    Time: 4-14-2017 16:50

Monster Trucks is playing Lala land instead.
Author: lolotte    Time: 4-15-2017 07:30     Subject: Reply 68#68 gabsimom's post

Looks like it's been fixed.... but now La La Land shows Monster Trucks!  [ Last edited by lolotte at 4-15-2017 08:15 ]

edit by waterlilybarb: Both movies are wrong. They are each under the other title.
[ Last edited by waterlilybarb at 4-18-2017 19:23 ]
Author: slade01    Time: 4-18-2017 02:11     Subject: Reply 67#67 lolotte's post

Still not fixed, just cost me points.
Author: woothdye    Time: 4-21-2017 01:45     Subject: Reply 67#67 lolotte's post

Still the same episode
Author: TheeForsakenOne    Time: 4-21-2017 12:37     Subject: Blacklist S04E17

Can't play the latest episode:

Error loading media: File could not be played.

Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-21-2017 19:00     Subject: Reply 72#72 TheeForsakenOne's post

I just checked, and episode 4x17 appears to be working now.
Author: woothdye    Time: 4-29-2017 15:28     Subject: Hawaii Five-O S07E23

File could not be found. ... 07E23-Wehe-ana.html
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-29-2017 15:53     Subject: Reply 74#74 woothdye's post

I just checked it, and it seems to be working fine in Chrome.
Author: slade01    Time: 4-30-2017 10:19     Subject: Reply 74#74 woothdye's post

When I watched the episode it was the HD version that came up File could not be found. The non-HD version played OK.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 4-30-2017 17:50     Subject: Reply 76#76 slade01's post

Ah. I just checked the HD version, and it is coming up as "File not found" too.
Author: Crixan    Time: 5-4-2017 23:25     Subject: Criminal Minds Beyond Borders Season 2

S02E07 La Huesuda is the same as S02E06 Cinderella and the Dragon....time to fix that huh....
Author: lolotte    Time: 5-5-2017 07:32     Subject: The Mick - 01x17

The last minute or so of the episode is missing
Author: latinlady617    Time: 5-8-2017 17:46     Subject: Reply 73#73 waterlilybarb's post

Blacklist 4x17 is not playing I lost points on 4/30, 5/2 & 5/8, keep getting same Error loading media, File could not be played
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 5-8-2017 18:03     Subject: Reply 80#80 latinlady617's post

If you don't play it in HD, it does work. I have it running right now. I'm not sure why the HD files are not working for some shows, but most non-HD versions are playing fine. For reimbursement of lost points, you need to send a PM to lbjedward, as he's the only one who can take care of that.
Author: latinlady617    Time: 5-10-2017 08:34     Subject: Reply 81#81 waterlilybarb's post

how do you choose not to play in HD? I don't see any settings to change it.
Author: Milks26    Time: 5-10-2017 08:35     Subject: Reply 82#82 latinlady617's post

Just click on it to de select. That will take it to a non-HD format
Author: pinball    Time: 6-1-2017 06:40     Subject: Better Call Saul Season 3

S03E08 Slip has Spanish hard coded subtitle and I'm guessing that's because it didn't air in US coz of holiday
Author: bala    Time: 6-3-2017 08:28     Subject: When Calls the Heart Season 4

Episode 4 and 5 are the same
Episode 6 and 7 are the same

[ Last edited by bala at 6-3-2017 17:05 ] [ Last edited by bala at 6-3-2017 17:06 ]
Author: Crixan    Time: 6-12-2017 05:35     Subject: Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is the New Black Season 5 ep 1 is NOT in English...if you gonna put up ep like this you should at least get some Eng text on it....
Author: bala    Time: 6-18-2017 06:44     Subject: Orphan Black Season 5

Episode 2 doesn't play message 'error loading media flie not found'
Author: mrtimdillenbeck    Time: 6-23-2017 16:14     Subject: Fargo Season 3 Episode 9

Ep. 9 stops at 34:20 which cuts the last 10 or 15 minutes. How can we fix this? Does Admin even check in anymore?
Author: mrtimdillenbeck    Time: 6-23-2017 16:20

P.S. It's good to see you still around, Bala. So few seem to have survived our "Winter of Discontent." I imagine it has been lonely of late. Take care.
Author: Crixan    Time: 6-27-2017 03:07     Subject: Vikings S04E11 The Outsider

S04E11 The Outsider. Please upload a vers. without that freaking narrator bullshit, you can´t hear what they are saying in the video!
Author: bala    Time: 7-1-2017 22:36     Subject: Blood Drive season 1

Episode 3 is Episode 4 so Episode 4 is next week. There should only be 3 episode not 4 ... son-1/S01E03-2.html
Author: Crixan    Time: 7-8-2017 03:02     Subject: Ripper Street Season 4

Ripper Street S4 is missing the 6th episode....
Author: inro    Time: 7-9-2017 06:03     Subject: Kingdom (Mixed Martial Arts series) S3, E6 missing

Kingdom (Mixed Martial Arts series) S3, E6 missing I am hoping this will get updated soon but as it was aired last week on Wednesday and hasn't been updated yet thought I'd post here just in case it's been missed off the updates list this week! (E6 has been uploaded today but - :' yesterday's episode #7 - Platinum Level - hasn't been - yet! So I'm gathering it's tricky to get quality episodes easily.) [ Last edited by inro at 7-13-2017 16:16 ]
Author: yunaaisha    Time: 8-3-2017 23:54     Subject: Queen Sugar S2E7 ... I-Know-My-Soul.html the episode starts fine but at 0.38 stops loading and when it comes back on it's without sound. Tried HD, not HD, chrome, firefox, chrome for mobile, same problem everywhere
Author: Milks26    Time: 8-4-2017 17:13

Shoot the Messenger S1 epi 8 is missing -

Jamestown S1 epi 8 is missing - ... E04-Episode-14.html

Author: yunaaisha    Time: 8-11-2017 03:02     Subject: my bad

it is in fact right
[ Last edited by yunaaisha at 8-25-2017 00:41 ]
Author: yunaaisha    Time: 8-12-2017 13:03     Subject: Will season 1 episode 8 wrong episode

it plays episode 5, "The marriage of true minds"
Author: bobbin    Time: 9-7-2017 08:47     Subject: The Night Shift episode missing

Season final missing for season 2. Episode is on the list but its not the correct episode when you watch it. All devices. Massive spoilers.Title of season also wrong. Reads Beverly Hills 90210 season 10 but its the night shift season 3 Tried reporting this on the website but the submit button for the bug form isn't working.
Author: bala    Time: 9-9-2017 10:55     Subject: Our Brand Is Crisis

The movie is in french not English
Author: yunaaisha    Time: 9-19-2017 01:20     Subject: Ballers Season 1 Episode 2

Sound and image go crazy after minute 18.

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