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EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS - About & Episode Guides

EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS - About & Episode Guides

If he wasn't picked on he'd have no material.

Everybody Hates Chris Aired From September 22, 2005 - May 08, 2009 On The CW.

The Show Summary:
Motivated by his childhood experiences, Emmy Award-winner/actor/comedian Chris Rock, narrates this very hilarious & touching story of a teenager growing up as the oldest of three children in Brooklyn, New York during the early 1980s. Uprooted to a neighborhood and bused into a primarily white middle school two hours away by his strict, hard-working parents, Chris  struggles to find his place, all while keeping his younger brother & sister in line at home and surmounting the tests of junior high school. This dependable, resilient teen brings a unique, comedic spin to his everyday trials & upsets in UPN's new single-camera comedy, "Everybody Hates Chris." The year that Chris turned 13 was 1982. Filled with dreams that being a teenager would be really cool, Chris' entry into adolescence is turning out to be less pleasant. Moved from the projects to the tough "Bed-Stuy" neighborhood of Brooklyn, Chris is still stuck in his big brother role. As the family's "emergency adult," he's accountable for taking care of his younger brother Drew, and his younger sister Tonya while his parents are working; Drew, although younger, is taller and more confident than Chris, while Tonya is the baby of the family, who gets all of the attention from his parents.

The Stars:

Tyler James Williams

Chris Rock
As the young Chris Rock in the hit comedy series Everybody Hates Chris, he struggles to watch out for his siblings as he deals with the challenges of being a black teenager. This 14 year old teen is the eldest among three siblings which often lands him the responsibility of being the babysitter. The dependency of his parents towards him makes him more independent and strong willed which prepares him to face the discriminating world. Relatively shorter than his younger brother Drew, he develops a hint of inferiority complex as his brother gets popular with the girls.

Tichina Arnold

Rochelle Rock

As Rochelle, the mother of Chris Rock, she can be very aggressive and demanding. She exudes a tyrannical household but holds the best interest of her family at heart. Usually a socialite wannabe, she struggles to have a trendy-sophisticated lifestyle while she manages her family's budget.

Terry Crews

Julius Rock

For Julius, Chris Rock's father, family life is expected to be tight on the belt. Although affectionate and responsible, he makes things more complicated as he constantly questions the practicality of things like groceries and food. Entertainingly funny, he gives the show a nudge to a hilariously comical level.

Tequan Richmond

Drew Rock
As Chris Rock's younger brother, Drew appears to be more confident, secured and strong. His popularity with the ladies makes him even more charming, but puts a little strain with his relationship with Chris.

Imani Hakim

Tonya Rock

Tonya Rock can definitely be a pain in the neck. Don't be fooled by her cute and innocent persona, she can be irritating especially with Chris. Tantrums and outburst must be part of her everyday routine which makes the plot intriguing and interesting.

Vincent Martella

Making things worst for Chris Rock is just one of the things Greg is known for. Although smart and dependable, Greg attracts bullies like magnet due to his frail figure and geeky persona. But despite this misfortune, he continues to be a good and loyal best friend to Chris.

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Everybody Hates the Pilot
Chris and his family move to Bed-Stuy and Chris attends a predominantly white middle school where he meets his new friend, Greg and ends up in the crosshairs of the school bully, Joey Caruso.

Episode 2: Everybody Hates Keisha
Chris has a crush on Keisha, the girl next door and when Rochelle asks Keisha to help Drew with his math, Chris makes his move to impress her, but is heartbroken when he catches Drew kissing Keisha. Julius finds himself in an uncomfortable position when he suddenly becomes attracted to Keisha's mom, Sheila. Also, when the school principal orders Caruso to stay away from Chris, Greg sticks close to him.

Episode 3: Everybody Hates Basketball
The school basketball coach recruits Chris for the basketball team, but there's one problem: he doesn't know how to play. But a bad grade on a pop quiz could kick him off the team. Meanwhile, Rochelle has her suspicions about a new tenant in their building.

Episode 4: Everybody Hates Sausage
When Julius buys a big crate of sausage, he makes everyone eat it with every meal. But Tonya refuses to, causing friction between the her and Rochelle. While at school, Chris is sentenced to 3 days of detention after a rumor goes round about him beating up the school bully, Joey.

Episode 5: Everybody Hates Fat Mike
Despite his parents' warnings, Chris lends his bike to a kid who disappears with it; While Julius is on strike, he proves to be a better housekeeper than Rochelle which makes her very angry.

Episode 6: Everybody Hates Halloween
In order to impress a girl Chris goes to an adult party where the girl will be. With some urging from his friend he decides to go as the eccentric singer Prince.

Episode 7: Everybody Hates the Babysitter
When Rochelle and Julius go out for the night, they hire a sitter to look after Chris, Drew, and Tonya. But the babysitter keeps leaving the house and Chris covers for her. Julius and Rochelle's night-out is anything but romantic when the restaurant gets robbed.

Episode 8: Everybody Hates the Laundromat
While Julius and Rochelle go shopping for a new TV, Chris has to take his warring siblings to the laundromat. Then things take a turn for the worse when Tonya storms out.

Episode 9: Everybody Hates Food Stamps
Julius finds $200 in food stamps but Rochelle is too embarassed to let Sheila see them, so she dips into the family savings while at the store. This leads to trouble at home when Julius has all kinds of ideas on how they can spend the cash they saved by using the stamps. Elsewhere, Chris and Greg fall out over a school science project.

Episode 10: Everybody Hates Greg
Toyna keeps getting Chris into trouble and Chris is sick of it, so he decides to hang out at Greg's house without permission from either of their parents. When Greg's father comes home and Chris finds out Greg isn't allowed to have anyone over when his dad's not home, Chris hides in the closet to avoid getting into trouble.

Episode 11: Everybody Hates Christmas
Rochelle and Julius don't have enough money to get Chris his new Walkman that he wants for Christmas. Drew tells Toyna the truth about Santa Claus, which makes Tonya question about other things her mom and dad told her.

Episode 12: Everybody Hates A Part-Time Job
In order to get a new leather jacket, Chris goes to work with Julius. When Drew and Tonya's school is shut down because of lead paint poisoning, the two play a game of "I Dare You" which gets out of hand when Toyna ends up in the emergency room.

Episode 13: Everybody Hates Picture Day
Chris gets a new outfit for school picture day, but Caruso ends up stealing it. Drew hides Toyna's shoe when she breaks his toy. Rochelle sells make-up at home to makes some extra money.

Episode 14: Everybody Hates Valentine's Day
Chris gets a bunch of "I hate you" cards from Caruso and also develops a crush on a girl named Tangee on his bus ride. Tonya reveals that she has a boyfriend which surprises Julius, and Drew gets a bunch of Valentines' cards from a lot of girls.

Episode 15: Everybody Hates the Lottery
Julius and Rochelle struggle to give up the things they like: chocolate turtles and lottery tickets. Meanwhile, Chris claims to be a pro at "Asteroids", but when he hears that someone beat his score, it's up to him to defend his title.

Episode 16: Everybody Hates the Gout
Chris gets an "F" on his report card and tries to figure out a way to change his grade before his parents find out. When Julius is sick with the gout, he starts watching The Young and the Restless.

Episode 17: Everybody Hates Funerals
When Rochelle's dad, Gene unexpectedly dies during a family dinner, Rochelle starts acting less than normal and Chris is shocked to see his mother not acting like herself.

Episode 18: Everybody Hates Corleone
Sick of the constant bullying from Caruso, Chris attempts to get kicked out of Corleone. Meanwhile, Julius' smelly new job may drive the family away.

Episode 19: Everybody Hates Drew
Fed up with Drew being the best at everything, Chris decides to take up karate. But when the two brothers challenge each other, Chris ends up breaking Drew's hand. Meanwhile, Toyna gets a lesson in gossip at the beauty salon.

Episode 20: Everybody Hates Playboy
Chris finds a Playboy magazine in Julius' toolbox and takes it to school, but the assistant principal confiscates it, Chris attempts to get it back. Julius is surprised when he finds out that Rochelle has money stashed in their room. Toyna teases Drew because of his fear of spiders.

Episode 21: Everybody Hates Jail
Chris tries to sell cookies for his class trip to Washington DC, but he ends up in jail for saying the cookies were stolen. Julius and Rochelle get tickets to see "Dreamgirls", but their plans are thwarted when Drew and Toyna come down with the chicken pox.

Episode 22: Everybody Hates Father's Day
Chris goes looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for his father. However, all Julius wants is to spend the day alone, which upsets Rochelle.


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Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Everybody Hates Rejection
After Julius' truck is stolen Rochelle decides to get involved with a neighborhood watch group, but instead ends up in a competition with new neighbor Louise. Chris asks out a new girl in the neighborhood hoping not to get rejected again. Drew has the girls all over him when he volunteers to be a crossing guard

Episode 2: Everybody Hates the Class President
Chris runs for class president, with his friend Greg as running mate. When a poll reveals that Chris has no chance of winning, he drops Greg for someone more popular. Julius is diagnosed with high blood pressure, and Rochelle decides he must reduce the stress in his life.

Episode 3: Everybody Hates Elections
Chris knows the only way to win the election is by giving the best speech ever but when his speech is stolen by Caruso, he knows he has to do something drastic. Rochelle rents the upstairs apartment to Mr. Omar, the local funeral director. Drew finds and spends the ten dollars that Rochelle lost.

Episode 4: Everybody Hates a Liar
Chris gets the everyone in the neighborhood to believe that he is dating Tasha. That doesn't set well with Tasha's grandmother Louise and she makes sure that Rochelle knows about it. Julius must redeem all of the trading stamps he's been saving. Drew thinks that Rochelle is paying more attention to Chris and Tonya than to him.

Episode 5: Everybody Hates Malvo
Chris loses his job when he refuses to tell Doc who robbed the store while Chris was in charge of the cash register. Julius brings home an old Betamax machine.

Episode 6: Everybody Hates the Buddy System
The new principal, Mr. Edwards, decides that the best way to solve the issues between Chris and Caruso is to have them become buddies on a school field trip. When Rochelle's favorite earrings are missing Tanya is the prime suspect. Julius tries to find a Wayne Gretzky jersey for Drew.

Episode 7: Everybody Hates Promises
Chris faces an impeachment hearing. Rochelle's brother moves in after being kicked out by their mother, but it's more than Julius can take. Tonya asks Drew to show her how to "Double Dutch".

Episode 8: Everybody Hates Thanksgiving
Julius' successful younger brother joins Chris' family for Thanksgiving dinner and Julius works hard to prepare the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Episode 9: Everybody Hates Superstition
Everything goes right for Chris when Julius loans him his lucky socks. Drew and Tonya play Julius and Rochelle against each other to get what they want. Drew enters the talent show at school, but nobody wants to tell him he can't sing.

Episode 10: Everybody Hates Kris
In order to make some extra money, Julius and Chris take a job at a department store as Santa and an elf. Things don't go well when Julius is fired and Chris ends up in the hospital.

Episode 11: Everybody Hates Eggs
For a lesson on parenting skills Chris is given an egg to take care of as if it were his child. When the electricity bill is over budget, Julius decides to figure out why. Drew a werewolf? That's what Tanya thinks so she's afraid to sleep.

Episode 12: Everybody Hates Hall Monitors
Chris signs up to be a hall monitor in order to gain some respect. But when the students don't take him seriously, Greg gives Chris some advice to step up his game, but his newfound power goes to his head which nearly threatens his friendship with Greg. When Toyna invites her girlfriends over, they're more interested in hanging out with Drew than with her. Julius struggles to get some sleep, but Rochelle keeps complaining to him about her job.

Episode 13: Everybody Hates Snow Day
When school is closed for a snow day, Chris is the only one that shows up, so he has to spend the day with Principal Edwards until they get get in touch with his parents. When Julius realizes that Chris isn't around he goes to find him, and Rochelle is a robbed on the subway.

Episode 14: Everybody Hates the Substitute
The substitute teacher expects more from Chris which is making things very hard for him. Tanya figures out if she accuses Drew of hitting her things go her way.

Episode 15: Everybody Hates Cutting School
When Ms. Morello is off of school for the day, Chris and Greg cut school to go see Ghostbusters. Drew and Tonya aren't happy that Rochelle is going to help out at their school. Julius renews his license at DMV.

Episode 16: Everybody Hates Chain Snatching
When Chris ruins Malvo's plans to steal Vanessa's gold chain, he must figure out a way to replace it or pay the price to Malvo. Rochelle finds out that Julius has kept a credit card secret from her for over 15 years. Tonya tries to win Billy Ocean concert tickets from a radio station.

Episode 17: Everybody Hates DJs
Chris is a hit as a DJ after the neighborhood DJ gets arrested during a party. Chris has a problem when he scratches Rochelle's James Brown album. Julius passes out when he sees a rabbit at a magic show he takes Drew to.

Episode 18: Everybody Hates Baseball
Chris must decide between going to a baseball game with his Dad and brother, or going to the movies with Tasha. Rochelle forgets to mail Tonya's letter to the Billy Ocean fan club. Rochelle's brother asks her hairdresser out on a date.

Episode 19: Everybody Hates Gambling
Doc discovers that Chris is a natural at picking the game winners, making Chris everyone's favorite odds-maker. Things change when Paulie the local bookie shows up to see Chris. Tonya tries to beat Drew at checkers.

Episode 20: Everybody Hates Dirty Jokes
When Chris secretly listens to his parents' comedy albums, he discovers that telling dirty jokes to his classmates is the key to popularity. Drew has to deal with an unwanted admirer in the neighborhood; and Rochelle decides to find her mother a man.

Episode 21: Everybody Hates Math
Rochelle decides to help tutor Chris for a math competition in algebra, when Chris doesn't think she's helping he turns to his grandmother Maxine for help. Tonya blackmails Drew when she takes the blame for breaking Julius' favorite chair for Drew.

Episode 22: Everybody Hates the Last Day
With the end of the school year near, Chris plans his revenge against Caruso for making his life at school miserable. Tonya is jealous about Drew graduating from elementary school. Julius tries fixing Mr. Omar's clogged sink, but ends up making it worse.

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Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Everybody Hates The Guidance Counsellor
When Chris does poorly on an exam, Ms. Morello sends him to the school's guidance counselor, Mr. Abbott. The counselor gives Chris a series of mental evaluations and ultimately determines that he must take a remedial course.

Episode 2: Everybody Hates Caruso
After getting bullied Caruso stops bullying everyone else which upsets the balance at school. Julius tries to keep secret that he's been forced to take his vacation days.

Episode 3: Everybody Hates Driving
Julius allows Chris to park the family car across the street, but he takes the car to school instead. Meanwhile, Rochelle goes to court to dispute a speeding ticket.

Episode 4: Everybody Hates Blackie
Chris has to reluctantly train the family's new dog into a security dog after their house is robbed, but he just wants a pet. Meanwhile, Tonya and Drew are bored without a television, so they find other means to keep themselves entertained - including making prank phone calls.

Episode 5: Everybody Hates the Bachelor Pad
Chris is left alone in Mr. Omar's apartment when his family comes down with the flu and Mr. Omar, who's supposed to look after him until the family recovers, leaves him for a widowed woman. Greg then suggests he invite Tasha over for some 'alone time'. However, things spiral out of control when news spreads of Chris' newfound independence.

Episode 6: Everybody Hates Bed-Stuy
Chris joins the school newspapers' writing staff but his skills as a writer doesn't go down well so he invents a scandalous story that goes too far when it accidentally causes a panic in the neighbourhood.

Episode 7: Everybody Hates Houseguests
Greg comes to stay at Chris' house while his father is out of town but Chris starts to have regrets. To make extra money, Julius drives taxis in his spare time where one of his customers turns out to be a fugitive.

Episode 8: Everybody Hates Minimum Wage
Chris goes to work at a Chinese restaurant after Doc refuses to give him a raise. Drew is failing a class so Rochelle and Julius have to go in to meet the teacher.

Episode 9: Everybody Hates the New Kid
When another African American kid goes to Corleone he and Chris hit it off, unfortunately Albert doesn't get along with most of the other kids including Greg. When Julius and Rochelle get a tax refund Julius thinks it's a mistake and is afraid when he finds out Rochelle spent it.

Episode 10: Everybody Hates Kwanzaa
Chris has to do a school assignment during the holiday break. He decides to do a good deed and helps Kill Moves find his estranged mother. Meanwhile, Julius decides that the family should celebrate Kwanzaa instead of Christmas because it's less expensive.

Episode 11: Everybody Hates the Port Authority
The family take a trip down South when a distant relative of Julius dies. While waiting for a bus at Port Authority, Chris and Julius are conned into a gambling scam and lose all their money...Will they tell Rochelle?

Episode 12: Everybody Hates Bad Boys
Chris goes through a transitional phase when he discovers Tasha, his long-standing crush, likes "bad boys" and ditches his "nice guy" image. Meanwhile, Julius is named employee of the month and wins a free family dinner at a fancy restaurant with surprising restrictions.

Episode 13: Everybody Hates the First Kiss
Chris makes plans to get invited to a party so he can experience his first kiss with Tasha. Julius makes Tonya spy on her mother when the family spot Rochelle's ex at dinner. Drew shows his dark side when he lends Mr. Omar five dollars.

Episode 14: Everybody Hates Easter
Chris wants to take Tasha to her Easter pageant after she breaks up with her boyfriend but Chris already has a commitment. Rochelle competes with a new member of the church to win the Easter Pageant Hat-Off competition, which she has won for four years in a row. Julius pretends he has to work so he can stay home and watch a baseball game.

Episode 15: Everybody Hates Gretzky
In an attempt to keep his younger brother, Drew, out of further trouble, Chris reluctantly agrees to skip school and accompany Drew on a mission to find his idol, hockey great Wayne Gretzky. Also, Tonya was supposed to go on a school trip to Philadelphia, which was unsuccessful as Julius couldn't afford to take her.

Episode 16: Everybody Hates the BFD
Chris has to take part in Mr. Omar's Black Funeral Director's scholarship fund when he tries to raise enough money to go to a Run DMC concert. Meanwhile, Rochelle jumps at the chance to get a break at home when she injures her arm.

Episode 17: Everybody Hates Ex-Cons
Malvo returns and enlists Chris' help to make a fresh start. Drew inadvertently upsets Julius when he declares himself a Mets fan instead of a Dodgers fan like his father; and Rochelle steps in when she witnesses poor parenting skills from one of Tonya's friend's parents.

Episode 18: Everybody Hates Earth Day
It's Earth Day in Bed Stuy and Chris decides to collect cans because he believes it will be easy and that he can get Julius to help. Meanwhile, Rochelle is called into Tonya's school for inappropriate behavior and realizes just where Tonya's attitude comes from.

Episode 19: Everybody Hates Being Cool
Chris' attempt to be a "cool" kid lands him in hot water when he is caught with cigarettes and is suspended from school. Kicking him while he's down, Tonya blackmails him when she finds out before their parents do. Meanwhile, Rochelle decides to teach Julius a lesson.

Episode 20: Everybody Hates the Ninth-Grade Dance
When Chris becomes the only boy in school without a date for the ninth-grade dance, Greg suggests he ask a loner girl without a date. She accepts, but trouble ensues when word gets out about the inter-racial pairing. Meanwhile, Rochelle gets excited about Tanya's request to take ballet classes and Drew joins Julius' brother in a new venture.

Episode 21: Everybody Hates Mother's Day
When Chris attempts to buy Rochelle perfume as a Mother's Day gift, he discovers he cannot afford it and buys it from Risky. However, Rochelle breaks out in hives and takes Chris to the store she believes he bought it from. Meanwhile, Drew and Julius do a spot of spring cleaning and make an expensive find.

Episode 22: Everybody Hates Graduation
Chris is disappointed when he finds out that Greg will be going to a different high school next year. He tries to get the necessary grant money so he can afford to go to Greg's school. Rochelle volunteers Drew to be Tanya's dance partner in Swan Lake after her ballet partner gets hurt.


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Season 4 Episode Guide

1. Everybody Hates Tattaglia - 10/03/08
As a first-time high school student, Chris is really looking forward to attending a school with some diversity. Unfortunately, when he arrives at school, he discovers that the school's new principal, Ms. Morello, has placed him in the only all-white homeroom. Meanwhile, Rochelle helps Tonya land a job at Vanessa's beauty salon, but the customers don't take kindly to Tonya's brutally honest comments about their looks.

2. Everybody hates cake - 10/10/08
Chris agrees to help a classmate, Angel, improve his grades if Angel will help him get the attention of Chris' latest crush, Maria. Meanwhile, Rochelle reluctantly befriends Tasha's mom who has just returned from prison, and moved back into the neighborhood, but her good deed backfires when Peaches won’t leave her alone. Mr. Omar goes out of town and leaves Tonya and Drew in charge of his fish.

3. Everybody hates Homecoming - 10/17/08
A cute girl asks Chris to the homecoming dance, but first her dad insists on meeting him; Drew fills in for Chris at Doc's store and persuades Doc to "feng shui" the place.

4. Everybody hates the English Teacher - 10/24/08
Chris inadvertently gets his English teacher in trouble when he persuades her to let the class write about movies instead of books. Mr. Omar moves in with Chris' family while Julius makes repairs to his apartment to bring it up to code.

5. Everybody hates my Man - 10/31/08
Chris  gets to hang out with the football palyers if her helps them with their homework. Greg tries to make him see that it's a bad idea, but Chris is too happy with his new friends to realize the downside until he fails his own quarterly exam. Julius has a new appreciation for life after he starts a side job picking up dead bodies for Mr. Omar's funeral home. Unfortunately, Julius appreciates life so much that he gets himself into financial trouble as a result of buying too many gifts for his family and friends.

6. Everybody hates Doc's - 11/07/08
When Doc's obnoxious new girlfriend Stacy, starts working in the store, and makes Chris life a living hell, he decides to split up the happy couple. Meanwhile, Tonya starts wearing a bra to get the attention of the boys in her class, but Rochelle loses her mind when Tonya naively hides her bra in Julius' sock drawer finds it there.

7. Everybody hates Snicthes - 11/14/08
Although he is supposed to be home watching Drew and Tonya, Chris sneaks out and goes to the movies with his friends and witnesses a shoot-out outside the theater. When a reward is offered to anyone who may have seen the crime, Chris can't decide the best way to go about collecting the money. Meanwhile, Julius takes Rochelle to a Broadway musical for their anniversary, but when he accidentally hits one of the cast members, he and Rochelle are thrown out of the theater.

8. Everybody Hates Big Bird - 11/21/08
Chris is just starting to fit in at his new high school when he gets asked on a date by the dorkiest girl in school, Kelly, whom everyone calls "Big Bird." Chris agrees to the date because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but after spending some time together he realizes that he genuinely likes her.

9. Everbody Hates James - 11/28/08
Julius realizes that the key to keeping Rochelle happy in their marriage is getting advice from "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Unfortunately, the plan backfires when Rochelle equates Julius' new attitude with an extramarital affair. Chris volunteers for the "Big Brother" program, but is surprised to learn who is assigned to him as his "little brother."

10. Everybody Hate New Years - 12/12/08
Chris is determined to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square, but Rochelle says Chris can only go if he finds a responsible adult to accompany him. The only problem is that the only people Chris can find to be his chaperone are two ex-convicts, Peaches and Malvo. Meanwhile, Julius stops a man from jumping off the George Washington Bridge and becomes a local hero on the evening news.

11. Everybody Hates Mr. Levine - 01/09/09

When Rochelle orders a copy of her birth certificate, she realizes that she is actually one year younger than she thought she was and decides to start living her life with a new, younger attitude. After a complete stranger helps Chris to safety during a city-wide blackout, Chris decides to repay the older man by getting him out to meet new friends. Meanwhile, Greg feels like he has no identity after realizing that everyone at school knows him only as "Chris and Greg."

12. Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets - 01/16/09
Chris and Greg decide to join the wrestling team to land a varsity jacket to impress the ladies. Meanwhile, Rochelle attempts to lose weight by drinking a popular weight-loss drink, and Julius decides the whole family should go on the diet when he realizes it's cheaper than buying groceries. Drew decides to start an all-girl singing group, but he may live to regret his decision to let diva-in-training Tonya  join the group.

13. Everybody Hates Fake IDs - 01/23/09 Chris and Greg realize they'd better find fake IDs or they won't be able to go to the "18 and over" Fat Boys concert. Rochelle plans a surprise party for Julius. Elsewhere, Drew orders a pair of x-ray glasses in the mail, but when he discovers they don't work, he decides to track down the company and hold them responsible for their faulty product.

14. Everybody Hates PSAT's - 01/30/09
Chris' efforts to study for a college-entrance exam get sidelined by Rochelle's plans for the family to attend a social event; Julius wins a contest for a new TV, but he soon discovers a hidden catch

15. Everybody Hates Boxing - 02/06/09
Chris takes up boxing to defend himself against Caruso. Julius believes Rochelle is having an affair after he discovers a phone bill with several late-night calls on it. Meanwhile, an attractive woman from the neighborhood flirts with Julius.

16. Everybody Hates Lasagna
Chris reluctantly agrees to hold onto a stash of marijuana for a criminal on the run, but he finds it difficult to find an appropriate hiding place that won't get him in trouble. Meanwhile, Vanessa insists that Rochelle learn the beauty salon's new computer system, enlisting the help of Peaches which does not sit well with Rochelle.

17. Everybody Hates Spring Break
Chris accidentally hits Greg while test driving the janitor's car, landing Greg in the hospital with a broken leg. Meanwhile, with both of Greg's parents out of town, Rochelle decides to skip the family vacation so she can take care of Greg. Julius must figure out a way to entertain Drew and Tonya when it rains the entire time they are on vacation at the beach.

18. Everybody Hates the Car
After Chris gets his driver's license, Rochelle and Julius give him permission to buy a car, but when the car is stolen and vandalized Chris realizes owning a car is a huge responsibility. While looking for her secret stash of cigarettes, Rochelle comes across Julius' hidden racing form.

19. Everybody Hates Back Talk
Chris decides to take a stand against his mother, and refuses to do his household chores, causing Rochelle to complain to Julius that her son is disrespecting her. Meanwhile, Mr. Omar thinks he's dying and decides to start saying whatever is on his mind.

20. Everybody Hates Tasha - 04/24/09
Chris asks Tasha to be his girlfriend and is shocked when she agrees. But, he's also surprised to find out that having a girlfriend means sacrificing most of his free time. Meanwhile, Rochelle learns that Julius was married once before. Even worse, he isn't legally divorced.

21. Everybody Hates Bomb Threats - 05/01/09
Chris calls in a bomb threat to school to delay a presentation he must give in history class. Meanwhile, a disgruntled customer puts a voodoo hex on Rochelle.

Everybody Hates G.E.D. - 05/08/09
[Series Finale] - Chris trying his best to avoid being tardy again at school. If he's late one more time, he will have to repeat 10th grade. Meanwhile, Drew enters a talent contest at the Apollo. Trouble is, he doesn't have a talent to showcase.

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