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October Road Aired From March 15, 2007 – March 10, 2008 On ABC.

the story:
Nick Garrett left home ten years ago to go backpacking in Europe for a few weeks and find himself. He left behind his girlfriend Hannah, best friend Eddie, and his family. The brief trip ended up lasting for a decade. Garrett is now a famous author and screenwriter living in New York City. Between the parties, social engagements, and living in a beautiful loft-style apartment, Garrett is suffering from writer's block.

His agent books him to do a one-day writing seminar at the local college in his picturesque hometown of Knights Ridge, Massachusetts. Nick is excited about coming home, but realizes the feeling isn't completely mutual although his family and most of his friends welcome him back effusively. When he decides to return home permanently he has to face the fact that nothing will ever be the same again.

the main cast:
Bryan GreenbergNick Garrett
Laura PreponHannah Daniels
Tom BerengerThe Commander
Geoff StultsEddie Latekka
Jay PaulsonPhysical Phil
Evan JonesIkey
Slade PearceSam
Brad William Henke Owen Rowan
Odette YustmanAubrey
Warren ChristieRay ‘Big Cat’ Cataldo
Rebecca FieldJanet Meadows

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Episode Guide: Season 1

Episode 1x01 - Pilot [Series Premiere]

Ten years after leaving his hometown, Nick Garrett returns to Knights Ridge, to teach a one-day course at Dufresne College, which he believes is a great way to find out what changes since he was gone. After hurting the ones he loved by writing a book, a best-selling novel, and discovering their secrets, Nick will have to find a way to confront past demons and move on with his life.
Episode 1x02 - The Pros and Cons of Upsetting the Applecart
Nick decides to stay in Knights Ridge and tries to convince dean Leslie Etwood to give him a job at the local college, but things keep getting in his way. In a way to get back at Nick for leaving years ago, Eddie pursues Aubrey. Ikey isn't pleased to see Alison and Owen on an annual date. Hannah is mad at Nick after realizing The Commander came in the Veterinary Care with a silly excuse, only to find out if Sam is Nick's son or not.
Episode 1x03 - Tomorrow's So Far Away
Nick helps Sam get a girl he likes by using a technique from his novel. Physical Phil gets a crush on a pizza delivery girl. Ray wants to buy a house with Hannah. Hannah realizes she still wants Nick. Janet fears Eddie is embarrassed to be on a date with her.
Episode 1x04 - Secrets and Guys
Hannah and Janet send Sam on a secret mission that leads to a tragic conclusion; Ronnie and Nick find out The Commander's secret; Ikey and Eddie are angry when they find out Big Cat has been stealing their clients; and Physical Phil plans a date with the pizza girl.
Episode 1x05 - Forever. Until Now
Nick and Hannah bond while waiting for the outcome of Sam's surgery. Eddie tries to deal with the consequences of standing Janet up at their date. Ikey and Alison come to an agreement about their secret relationship. Physical Phil has to find a way to get even with the drunken frat guys that bothered Pizza Girl.
Episode 1x06 - Best Friend Windows [Season Finale]
Nick is torn between Hannah and Aubrey, as Aubrey asks him about his and Hannah's relationship. However, an unexpected visitor occupies Nick. Eddie makes a weird response to a "welcome surprise" by his friends. Physical Phil decides to make a huge change in his life. Ray tells Owen about Alison and Ikey's secret relationship.
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Episode Guide: Season 2

Episode 2x01 - Let's Get Owen [Season Premiere]

Nick and Eddie go to New York to try bringing Owen back to Knights Ridge and his family. Hannah has to deal with her true feelings for Nick.
Episode 2x02 - How to Kiss Hello
Hannah shares her feelings with Nick and decides to take her life in a new direction. Eddie is having problems showing his feelings for Janet in public. Nick learns that another professor has taken over his class. Physical Phil is on the verge of losing the only connection to the world outside of his house.
Episode 2x03 - The Infidelity Tour
Owen tries to deal with his wife's infidelity by sending Nick to learn more about it from Ikey. Sam struggles to accept the fact that his mother is getting married. Eddie has a secret that could ruin his upcoming business venture with Nick.
Episode 2x04 - Deck the Howls
Nick is surprised when his father refuses to do the Christmas festivities in the house, and he decides to find a way to learn why. Physical Phil continues his tradition of pretending to be an architect when his parents come for a visit, which irritates his girlfriend. Eddie freaks out when Janet gives him a very personal Christmas gift. Owen and Alison end up in bed, but their happiness as a couple is soon put onto a test.
Episode 2x05 - Once Around the Block
Hannah tries to resolve problems she has with Ray's successful ex-wife Christine, who doesn't trust Hannah in anything she does. Pizza Girl begs Phil to take her out on a ride with the classic car called Klauss stored in his garage. Nick sets up Ronnie with Aubrey's friend Taylor, but things change when Ronnie realizes he likes Aubrey. Meanwhile, Aubrey tries to get closer to Nick.
Episode 2x06 - Revenge of the Cupcake Kid
Janet and Hannah plan a double date, but their boyfriends can't put their differences behind them. Nick's past comes back to haunt him when he tries to bid on a new project with Eddie, and the person hiring is a man named Cupcake Kid. Ikey decides it's time to reach out to his friends, and Owen is having hard time dealing with forgiveness.
Episode 2x07 - Spelling It Out
Janet is worried because Eddie and her still haven't slept together. Hannah is put in a tough position when Ray tells her that he wants to adopt Sam. Nick thinks that Aubrey is keeping a secret from him.
Episode 2x08 - Dancing Days Are Here Again
The Commander finds out about his back medical condition. Ray tells Ikey that he wants to adopt Sam. Nick finds out that Aubrey has been secretly visiting her estranged father. Alison and Owen start dating other people.
Episode 2x09 - We Lived Like Giants
Owen, Nick, Ronnie, Aubrey, Gabriel and the Commander take a road trip to find the girl who saved Owen's life, and The Commander uses the opportunity to remind his sons of their childhood, and to finally be able to tell them about his condition. Nick encourages Gabriel to tell the truth about his upcoming departure to his daughter.
Episode 2x10 - Hat? No Hat?
Hannah is troubled when her parents visit to help her prepare for her wedding. Nick learns he's broke. Owen goes out on a date with Jenny, the girl who saved his life.
Episode 2x11 - Stand Alone By Me
Nick, Phil, Owen and Eddie are shocked when they find out that their childhood crush, Angela Ferilli, is dead. They reminisce about the past they shared together and realize how much Angela affected their lives.
Episode 2x12 and 2x13 - The Fine Art of Surfacing (1) and As Soon as You Are Able (2) [Season Finale]
A visit from Eddie's ex-girlfriend Rory causes problems in his relationship with Janet. Nick receives a great job offer that should take him far away from Knights Ridge. Hannah is arrested for assaulting Ray's ex-wife Christine.
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