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About SMALLVILLE & Episode Guides

About SMALLVILLE & Episode Guides

Every superhero has a beginning...

Smallville Aired From October 16, 2001 – May 13, 2011 On The WB & The CW.

The Plot:
Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. It is the town where he came from where very strange things started happening with his arrival in a spaceship in the midst of a meteor storm of green rocks. Clark must deal with a variety of individuals given powers by the green rocks, keep his powers a secret, cope with his friendship with a young Lex Luthor, and balance the two girls in his life, Chloe and Lana. The show also shows us how Lex Luthor develops from a friend of Clark's and kinda-okay guy to (presumably) the villain who will plague Superman in his later years.

This version of Superman is taken from the years before the Man of Steel became Superman.  He is a sweet, innocent, yet troubled young man, forever feeling as though a greater force, his long dead father, controls his destiny.  Clark Kent has a wonderful relationship with his family.  His loyalty and willingness to listen to his parent's advice is something that is rare to find.

Clark always looks for someone to help save, though a troubled darkness seems to follow his footsteps wherever he goes.  His aversion to Kryptonite and solid, though tentative friendship with Lex Luthor is always popping up.  The love of his life, Lana Lang,as the audience knows, will never be his, which is the tragedy of his love.

It is fun to watch the episodes and look for the little clues that the writers drop into the scripts that point to the man Clark will become.
As Pete Ross,Clark's best friend said: Clark Kent, Man of Tomorrow.

Tom WellingClark Kent
Allison MackChloe Sullivan
Erica DuranceLois Lane (Season 4-10)
Justin HartleyOliver Queen (Season 6-10)
Cassidy FreemanTess Mercer (Season 8-10)
Aaron AshmoreJimmy Olsen (Season 6-8)
Kristin KreukLana Lang
Michael RosenbaumLex Luthor
John GloverLionel Luthor (Season 1-7)
Annette O'TooleMartha Kent (Season 1-6)
John SchneiderJonathan Kent (Season 1-5)
Sam Jones IIIPete Ross (Season 1-3)
Eric JohnsonWhitney Fordman (Season 1)

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Smallville Season 1 - Episode Guide

Episode 1: Pilot
The first episode tells the story of the meteor shower that hit Smallville and changed life in the Kansas town forever. Clark Kent meets Lex Luthor for the first time and encounters the first in a long line of humans mutated by the strange green meteor rocks that accompanied him on his journey to Earth.

Episode 2: Metamorphosis
Clark must deal with Greg, a nerdish bug collector with a crush on Lana who gains the ability of various insects and uses them to lash out at anyone who opposes him.

Episode 3: Hothead
An abusive and hot-tempered football coach gains the ability to control and project fire.

Episode 4: X-Ray
Clark begins experiencing "vision problems" as his x-ray vision begins manifesting. Meanwhile a mysterious shapeshifter is going about town using his or her abilities to steal and get others in trouble.

Episode 5: Cool
A jock named Sean gains the ability to absorb heat from everything and everyone around him, and begins preying on people to gain the heat he needs to survive.

Episode 6: Hourglass
An old man uses green meteor rock to reverse the aging process, then gain vengeance on the children of the jury that put him away decades earlier. Meanwhile, another woman at the same old folks' home has prophetic abilities and she sees the futures of both Clark and Lex.

Episode 7: Craving
A weight-obsessed teen dieting on kryptonite-infected vegetables gains her fondest dream...but must feed on the fat of others to maintain her enhanced appearance.

Episode 8: Jitters
An experiment at the Luthor fertilizer plant makes an old friend of the Kents literally shake and jitter, and he seeks vengeance against the Luthors, who hide the secret of his transformation behind "Level Three" at the local plant.

Episode 9: Rogue
Clark visits Metropolis in this episode, and does a secret good deed - a police detective named Phelan witnesses his action and begins blackmailing Clark to help protect him from an IA investigation.

Episode 10: Shimmer
An invisible stalker is pursuing Lex and one of the household staff may, or may not, be responsible.

Episode 11: Hug
A salesman has a kryptonite-based ability to force anyone he touches to obey his commands.

Episode 12: Leech
On a class trip, Clark and a fellow student named Eric are struck by lightning, and because Eric was holding a piece of kryptonite, Clark's powers are transferred into him.

Episode 13: Kinetic
Whitney falls in with some former jocks who have kryptonite tattoos that give them the power to walk through the walls. Meanwhile, Chloe is seriously injured and Lex has his own plans.

Episode 14: Zero
A man from Lex's past stalks him in conjunction with a mysterious death at Club Zero that Lex may have been responsible for. Meanwhile Chloe looks into Clark's past as an adopted child.

Episode 15: Nicodemus
A flower that comes from a reopened "Level Three" of the fertilizer plant brings strange reactions from several people, including Jonathan, Lana, and Pete.

Episode 16: Stray
A young runaway, Ryan, has the power to read minds and flees his abusive stepparents. The Kents take him in and Clark soon discovers the boy's powers and that he's immune to them. But Ryan's stepparents have plans to use the boy's powers for financial gain against...Lex.

Episode 17: Reaper
Tyler gains the power to destroy organic matter with a touch, and resolves to put the dying out of their misery...and Whitney's father is his next target. Meanwhile Lionel and Lex spar over Lex's rising success in Smallville.

Episode 18: Drone
Clark gets into a class election and one of his opponents is a krypto-mutant who can control bees. Meanwhile a reporter from Metropolis visits to do a story on Lex.

Episode 19: Crush
After being injured in a hit and run accident, a student loses the use of his hands but gains the ability of telekinesis.

Episode 20: Obscura
After an explosion Lana finds herself getting visions of a serial killer...and his next target is Chloe. Meanwhile Lex and Roger look further into the meteor shower and determine that something besides meteors hit Smallville that day.

Episode 21: Tempest (1)
Lex is hit with a surprise after his father closes the local Smallville plant to force him back to Metropolis, blaming the plant's failure on his management. Meanwhile Clark prepares for his date with Chloe, reporter Roger Nixon gets wind of Clark's alien origins after setting up an explosion, and Whitney joins the Marine Corps.


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Smallville Season 2 - Episode Guide

Episode 1: Vortex (2)
Clark rescues Lana from the storm, but discovers that the spaceship is released, while Jonathan is buried alive with the unscrupulous reporter who discovered Clark's secret. Meanwhile, Lex is wracked with guilt over his critically injured father.

Episode 2: Heat
Clark gains a new power - heat-vision. As he struggles to control it, Lex gets married to the new Smallville High teacher, Desiree Atkins, little does he know that she not only has an ulterior motive, but that she's coming on to Clark, too.

Episode 3: Duplicity
Pete finds Clark's spaceship, forcing Clark to reveal his secret to his best friend. Dr. Hamilton is plagued by kryptonite-fueled illness and focuses on Pete. Meanwhile, Lana has to deal with Nell and her plans to remarry while Lex and Lionel adjust to life together.

Episode 4: Red  
Clark has his first run-in with red kryptonite in this exploration of classic Superman mythology, turning immoral when he gets his high-school ring holding a piece of rock. Meanwhile, Lex and his father have some issues to resolve when Lionel starts taking over the manor.

Episode 5: Nocturne  
Lana has a new stalker - a boy imprisoned in his basement by his parents who sneaks out at night to visit her. Meanwhile Lionel hires Clark's mother as his personal assistant.

Episode 6: Redux  
Martha's father William comes to town after many years of estrangement due to his disapproval of Jonathan. Meanwhile Clark must deal with a series of old-age deaths at Smallville High, and the new principal puts his foot down.

Episode 7: Lineage  
A strange woman shows up claiming to be Clark's biological mother...and that his father is Lionel. Meanwhile Lana decides to meet with the man who is her biological father.

Episode 8: Ryan  
Ryan (from "Stray") returns and Clark has to save him from Dr. Garner of the Summerholt Research Facility. Meanwhile, Aunt Nell leaves Smallville, and Lex wants to expand the plant but runs afoul of the mayor.

Episode 9: Dichotic  
A Smallville student, Ian, displays the ability to make clones of himself and uses his power to date both Choe and Lana. Meanwhile Lex goes to anger management class and meets an attractive local doctor.

Episode 10: Skinwalker  
Clark becomes involved with a Native American woman, Kyla, and becomes aware of ancient Indian prophecy that warns of a man of great powers who fell from the sky. Worse, a wolf-like creature is attacking the local Luthorcorp construction project, and Martha and Lionel may be the next victims.

Episode 11: Visage  
Whitney returns to Smallville, eager to start back up where he left off with Lana. But everything isn't what it seems...

Episode 12: Insurgence  
Lex hires some thugs to bug Lionel's office but things get out of control when Lionel and Martha are taken hostage, and Clark must rescue them without revealing his secrets.

Episode 13: Suspect  
Lionel is shot in the manor, and Jonathan is the prime suspect.

Episode 14: Rush  
Students are engaging in wild, sometimes suicidal stunts, and Chloe and Pete are the next ones to become "infected"...and they use a piece of red meteor rock to get Clark to join them.

Episode 15: Prodigal  
Lex recovers his long-lost brother Lucas and uses him in a ploy to buy out his father's share of the company. But it soon becomes clear that Lucas isn't to be trusted, and Lex soon finds himself ousted from his own company.

Episode 16: Fever  
Martha catches a lungful of kryptonite-irradiated spores and slips into a coma. Clark, who temporarily loses his powers by breathing in the same spores, is her only hope for survival. Lex sneaks behind Helen's back at the hospital in his continued search for the truth about Clark.

Episode 17: Rosetta  
Clark travels to New York to meet Dr. Swann, a brilliant scientist who holds a message for Clark from his home planet. Meanwhile Lana decides to move out of Chloe's house after they get into an argument about Clark.

Episode 18: Visitor  
After a schoolmate claims to be an alien and proves it by using heat vision, Clark investigates and believes the boy is from Krypton. Meanwhile, Helen confronts Lex over the locked room in the mansion that holds his investigation of Clark's secrets.

Episode 19: Precipice  
After Lana is almost assaulted by a college student, Clark injures the boy while helping her. When the Kents are sued for damages that could cost them the farm, Clark tries to find a way out of the lawsuit. Meanwhile, Helen's obsessive ex-boyfriend comes to Smallville to win her back but when she turns him down, he stabs her, prompting Lex to take the law into his own hands.

Episode 20: Witness  
Clark runs up against super-strong robbers who are apparently tied to LexCorp. And Chloe begins to ally with Lionel, while Lana and Henry Small bond.

Episode 21: Accelerate  
Lana is haunted by the ghost of a dead friend, Emily, but the "spirit" has connections to Lionel Luthor, who is also scheming to get control of the Indian caves and "help" Lex with his wedding.

Episode 22: Calling (1)   
Dr. Walden comes out of a coma with super-powers and a desire to kill Clark, piquing the Luthors' interest. The spaceship starts talking to Clark, and Helen and Lex prepare for their wedding.

Episode 23: Exodus (2)   
A sense of foreboding surrounds Smallville as Clark must choose between staying with Lana and his family or fulfilling his destiny to rule the Earth. Lex and Helen prepare for their marriage, and Chloe considers Lionel's offer to investigate Clark.


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Smallville Season 3 - Episode Guide

Episode 1. Exile (1)   
Under the influence of red kryptonite, Clark is following a life of crime in Metropolis while his friends and parents desperately try to find him. Lex is forced to confront his personal demons on a desert island, while Lionel holds a funeral for his presumed-dead son. And Jonathan Kent must pay a high price for the power necessary to bring his son back home.

Episode 2. Phoenix (2)   
Clark gives up the ring and its effects rather than kill his father, and both he and the rescued Lex return to Smallville. Clark must deal with crime lord Morgan Edge, who has followed him to Smallville, while Lex must determine who tried to have him killed - Lionel or Helen.

Episode 3. Extinction
Clark discovers someone is hunting people affected by the kryptonite rocks and the killer's next target is Lex. Clark uses his powers to save Lex, but is caught off guard when the killer learns his weakness and shoots him with a kryptonite bullet.

Episode 4. Slumber  
Clark is being pursued by a frightened young girl who needs his help. However, after he discovers she is actually a comatose neighbor who should have woken up years ago, he enlists Lana's help to uncover the truth – which puts Lana in grave danger. Meanwhile, Lionel demands that Lex undergo a full psychological evaluation before he hires him.

Episode 5. Perry  
Perry White, a once promising journalist whose career was destroyed by Lionel Luthor, arrives in Smallville in search of alien stories for a tabloid news show. In spite of being constantly inebriated, Perry believes he has witnessed Clark using his extraordinary speed, so he devises a dangerous scheme to expose Clark's superpowers. Meanwhile, Lex learns that Perry has powerful incriminating evidence of Lionel's shady past.

Episode 6. Relic  
Clark discovers that Jor-El was on Earth forty years ago. Lana's great uncle, who was convicted of murdering his wife forty years ago, shows her a picture of the man he believes really killed her aunt, and she is shocked to discover the drifter looks just like Clark. Sure that the man is Jor-El, Clark's investigation leads him to a kryptonian medallion that allows him to see bits of the past – and the life that Jor-El started for him long before he arrived on Earth.

Episode 7. Magnetic  
Clark is suspicious when Lana suddenly becomes attracted to a fellow student and begins to act rebelliously, which eventually lands her in jail. Clark's suspicions are confirmed when he discovers Lana's new boyfriend has magnetic powers that can move objects and alter human emotions, but when he tries to free Lana from the paranormal hold that is controlling her, she tries to kill him. Meanwhile, Lex discovers Chloe has been delving into Lionel's past and tries to get her to join forces against his dad.

Episode 8. Shattered  
Lex locates Morgan Edge and gets him to admit to dirty dealings with Lionel, but before Lex can take it to the authorities, someone tries to kill him at the mansion. Barely surviving, Lex flees and asks Clark for help. However, when Clark returns to the mansion to investigate he finds nothing amiss, and begins to wonder if it really happened, especially after Lionel announces Lex has had a psychotic break and must be institutionalized.

Episode 9. Asylum  
Three of Clark's former opponents approach Lex to enlist his help in luring Clark to the hospital after they hear that Lionel has requested Lex be given electroshock therapy to erase his memory. However, the plan goes awry when the villains double-cross Lex and use kryptonite to steal Clark's powers. Meanwhile, Lana meets a mysterious stranger in the hospital.

Episode 10. Whisper  
Attempting to stop a robbery, Clark is temporarily blinded when he shoots off a burst of heat vision that is accidentally reflected back into his eyes by a piece of kryptonite and soon realizes his body has developed super-hearing to compensate for his lack of sight. However, as it was in the beginning with his other gifts, Clark doesn't quite have his new power under control.

Episode 11. Delete  
Clark and Lana each make an attempt on Chloe's life for unknown reasons after they receive a mysterious e-mail from the Summerholt Institute. Clark must discover the source of these e-mails after Chloe reveals she has uncovered proof that they are doing mind-control research at the lab and realizes they must be trying to kill her in order to prevent her from writing an expose. Meanwhile, Lana decides to rent the apartment above the café to Adam even though she feels he is hiding something dangerous about his past.

Episode 12. Hereafter  
Clark discovers that his schoolmate Jordan can foresee the future, but is horrified when Jordan tells him he "sees" Lana dying in a fire in the next few days. Meanwhile, suspicious of his behavior, Chloe investigates Adam's background and discovers some disturbing news.

Episode 13. Velocity  
After Pete refuses to throw a street race, the thugs that run it threaten his life, so he asks Clark to use his powers to stop them. Furious that Pete would put himself in this position, Clark must figure out a way to save Pete and still protect his secret. Meanwhile, Jonathan begins to suffer the consequences of his deal with Jor-El.

Episode 14. Obsession  
Clark is forced to use his powers in front of Alicia, a new girl at school, but he is surprised to find out she has powers of her own. The two develop a bond through their shared secret, but things turn ugly after Alicia becomes obsessive about sharing Clark with anyone else – especially Lana. Meanwhile, Lana asks Lex to investigate Adam.

Episode 15. Resurrection  
While his father is awaiting surgery, Clark befriends a young boy, Garrett whose brother Vince just died from liver failure. However, everyone is shocked when Vince shows up alive and seemingly well - until his liver starts failing again. In a desperate attempt to keep his brother alive, Garrett straps a Kryptonite bomb to himself and demands that Vince be given Jonathan's liver or he will blow up the building.

Episode 16. Crisis  
Clark receives a panicked call from Lana and hears a gunshot before the line goes dead, but when he arrives at the Talon he is stunned to discover she is alive and well. Clark realizes the phone call came from the next day and that Adam is the one who will shoot Lana.

Episode 17. Legacy  
When Jonathan begins to act strangely, Clark believes Jor-El is sending Jonathan messages through the key and is the cause for his father's withdrawal from the family. Clark goes down to the caves to confront his biological father but Lionel catches him there and begins putting the pieces together – leading him straight to Dr. Swann. As the two billionaires face off, a deal is struck and Lionel's true motives are revealed.

Episode 18. Truth  
When Chloe accidentally inhales a mysterious krypto-gas, she discovers it acts as a truth serum to anyone who comes in contact with her and decides to take advantage of her new power by going to the Kents to find out Clark's secret. However, her new power comes with fatal consequences and Clark must find an antidote before she discovers the truth about him or worse, dies.

Episode 19. Memoria  
Believing that key information about his father's past was lost when his memory was erased, Lex decides to join an experimental program with Dr. Garner to regain the information so he can turn his father over to the FBI. Knowing that Lex will discover his secret if he regains his memory, Clark tries to stop him but is caught by Lionel and the doctor and exposed to the same radical treatment so that Lionel can solve the mystery of Clark's past.

Episode 20. Talisman  
Jeremiah Holdsclaw, a young Kiwatche Indian, steals a mythic knife from the tribal caves and gets superpowers similar to Clark's. Jeremiah believes he is the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy of Naman, "the man who fell from the stars." He sets out to kill Lionel with the knife, and Clark must stop him without revealing his own secret.

Episode 21. Forsaken (1)   
Clark decides to tell Lana his secret so they can finally be together. Meanwhile, an errant FBI agent kidnaps and tortures Pete to try and force him to reveal Clark's secret. Also, Lex panics after the FBI gives him 24 hours to turn over information on his father or face jail time, but help arrives from an unexpected source.

Episode 22. Covenant (2)   
Kara, a beautiful superpowered girl from Krypton, entices Clark to join with his father and embrace his destiny. Clark is left without support after Pete's departure when Jonathan reveals the deal he made with Jor-El. At the same time, Clark's relationships with Lex and Lana take unexpected turns, leaving him with no one but Kara to turn to.


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Smallville Season 4 - Episode Guide

Episode 1. Crusade  
Clark returns to Smallville as Kal-El - intent on fulfilling his destiny, he goes after a powerful Kryptonian crystal that Lex has obtained in Egypt. Meanwhile, newcomer Lois Lane arrives in Smallville to look into the death of her cousin Chloe, and Lana returns from Paris with a new boyfriend. Jonathan lies in a coma after the events of last year's season finale and Lionel must deal with his new life in prison.

Episode 2. Gone
After discovering that Chloe's body isn't in her coffin, Clark and Lois Lane investigate but are stopped by Lois' father, General Sam Lane. They believe General Lane knows more then he's telling, and figure out he's been in contact with Lex. Meanwhile, after Lana's sudden departure Jason follows her to Smallville. And Lionel sends a mutant killer to determine if Chloe is alive and kill her for sure.

Episode 3. Facade
Abigail, an ugly high school girl, gets plastic surgery from her surgeon-mother to boost her popularity. However, her beauty hides a dark secret - when she kisses someone they're inflicted with life-threatening hallucinations. When Lana sees Abigail with one of her victims, she becomes the next target.

Episode 4. Devoted
Clark decides to join the football team over Jonathan's wishes and gets the starting quarterback position when his predecessor attacks Jason over a girl. Clark and Lois investigate and discover that the cheerleaders are using kryptonite in the team's water supply to turn them into obedient mindless boyfriends.

Episode 5. Run
Jonathan's wallet is stolen by a super-speed thief, Bart Allen, who is faster then Clark. Bart comes to the farm and becomes friends with Clark, but Bart returns to crime when he sees an ancient manuscript that Lex has. As Clark soon realizes, the manuscript holds a map to one of the kryptonian crystals and he must go up against Bart to recover it.

Episode 6. Transference
Clark is drawn to the state penitentiary by one of the kryptonian crystals, which Lionel is using to switch bodies with Lex. Clark intervenes and Lionel enters his body instead. While Lionel uses his newfound super-powers to regain his lost fortune and alienate Clark's friends, Clark must convince his parents that he is the "real" Clark and reverse the process, while avoiding murderous convicts.

Episode 7. Jinx
Mikail Mxyzptlk, a foreign exchange student and bookie, has the power to control others and uses it to sabotage football games, including the one Clark is quarterbacking. Clark and Chloe figure out his secret, but he threatens to kill Chloe unless Clark throws the next game. Mikail came to Smallville via LuthorCorp, and Lex will do almost anything to learn his secret.

Episode 8. Spell
Lana reads a spell book belonging to her 17th century ancestor, the witch Isabelle, and becomes possessed by her spirit. Isabelle resurrects her other two witches and together they seek out the kryptonian crystals, using their magic to render Clark powerless.

Episode 9. Bound
Lex is accused of killing a young woman and Clark turns to Lionel for help. Meanwhile, Lana has a dream of her ancestor and a mysterious second woman - a dead ringer for Jason's mother Genevieve, who arrives to visit her son and his new girlfriend.

Episode 10. Scare
A LuthorCorp experiment is released into the atmosphere - a toxin that causes its victims to hallucinate their worst fear. Chloe, Clark, Lana, and Jason all fall victim to the toxin, and Lex, desperate to find a cure, takes a dangerous antidote. Meanwhile, Lionel is released from prison and his conviction overturned thanks to a mysterious benefactor.

Episode 11. Unsafe
Alicia (from "Obsession") is supposedly cured and returns to Smallville to start things back up with Clark. When she pushes for more and he turns reluctant, Alicia exposes him to red kryptonite, and the two go off to Las Vegas to get married. Meanwhile, Lana questions whether sex may prove the key to winning Jason back.

Episode 12. Pariah
When a mysterious killer strikes at both Lana and Jason, Alicia is the leading suspect and even Clark comes to doubt her innocence. Feeling betrayed, she secretly tricks Clark into revealing his powers in front of one of his friends. And Genevieve returns to town with an offer for Lex, who in turn has an offer for Jason.

Episode 13. Recruit
Clark is approached by Met U for recruitment and meets Geoff, a former Smallville resident. It soon becomes apparent that he is using his powers to paralyze anybody who gets in his way...including Lois.

Episode 14. Krypto
Lois accidentally hits a dog and brings it back to the farm to heal, but Clark quickly realizes it has super-strength. He investigates and discovers it was part of an aborted LuthorCorp experiment...and that robbers are using the dogs to help them steal money. Meanwhile, Lana wonders what Jason is up to with his mother, and Jason is forced to ask Genevieve a few questions of his own.

Episode 15. Sacred
After Clark receives a message from the recently-deceased Dr. Swann, he and Lana follow Jason and Lex to China in search of one of the kryptonian crystals. Lana is tortured, causing Isabelle to emerge and wreak havoc in her search for the crystal.

Episode 16. Lucy  
Lucy Lane, Lois' younger sister, comes to Smallville but Clark catches her stealing money from the Talon to pay off a European crime syndicate. Lex offers to help but everything is not what it seems. Meanwhile, a thief breaks into Lana's apartment and steals the crystal, and Jason suspects Lionel.

Episode 17. Onyx
A black kryptonite explosion splits Lex in two and his evil side - Alexander - is released. Alexander imprisons Lex in the mansion then gives full vent to his evil side - he threatens to evict Lana from the Talon unless she becomes his mate, jousts with Lionel, and tries to kill Clark and Chloe when they figure out his secret.

Episode 18. Spirit
On the eve of the Smallville High School Prom, stuck-up candidate for Prom Queen Dawn Stiles is pulled into a coma when she is involved in a car crash into a ravine filled with dozens of chunks of kryptonite. While her body lies in a coma, Dawn finds her spirit allowed to possess the bodies of others, where she can continue her quest to become Prom Queen. As a result, Martha, her body possessed by Dawn, flirts with Clark and asks him to the Prom, Lana attempts to electrocute the ex-boyfriend who dumped Dawn, Lois goes all-out to ensure she and Clark go to Prom together, and Chloe attempts to set fire to the school on Prom night.

Episode 19. Blank  
When a boy who can make people lose their memories robs the Talon, Clark goes after him but gets total amnesia. Chloe finds out what happened and has to tutor Clark in the use of his superpowers and make sure he doesn't accidentally reveal his secret. While Clark, Chloe, and Lois try to track down Kevin, Clark takes advantage of his "new life" to ask Lana on a date. And Lex tries to turn Clark's memory loss to his advantage by getting him to reveal the secret of the caves.

Episode 20. Ageless  
Checking out a crater in a cornfield, Clark and Lana discover a baby with no parents and take him back to the Kent farm. However, when the baby, Evan, ages from a newborn to a 7-year-old in less than a day, it becomes clear he is aging at a rapid rate and they turn to Lex for help. Meanwhile, Genevieve suspects Lex has the Chinese Kryptonian artifact and orders Lionel to either recover it...or risk putting Lex in danger of his life.

Episode 21. Forever   
Clark must stop the school photographer after he sets up a fake high school and uses his ability to petrify people to kidnap students - including Chloe and Lana - to keep the glory days of high school going forever. Meanwhile, Lex and Lionel are kidnapped and tortured by the Teagues in an effort to find the Kryptonian artifact, revealing that...Lana has it.

Episode 22. Commencement
After a nightmare, Clark goes to the cave to confront his father Jor-El. Jor-El warns that the crystals have fallen into human hands and have triggered a new meteor shower which will annihilate the Earth unless he reunites the three crystals. Meanwhile, Lex helps Lana, who has apparently committed murder, but then turns against her to get possession of her Kryptonian stone. As disaster looms, Chloe and Lois try to find Lana while Clark attempts to reassemble the stones, and Jason returns to make things unpleasant for the Kents.


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Smallville Season 5 - Episode Guide

Episode 1 : Arrival
Clark is transported to the North Pole and arrives at a newly-formed Fortress of Solitude. There he speaks to Jor-El, who informs him that is the beginning of a new journey. Chloe also appears in the Arctic and Clark makes a deal with Jor-El to let him go so he can save her.
Two aliens emerge from the spaceship looking for Kal-El, terrifying Lana. Meanwhile, Lois helps the Kents, whose home is seriously damaged by last season's meteor shower.

Episode 2: Mortal
Clark's new, human, powerless condition finally allows him to get close to and have intimate moments with Lana. They are interrupted by some escapees from Belle Reve who want Clark to help them obtain some "Kryptonite cocktails" from Level Three. The escapees keep the Kents and Lana hostage until they get what they want.

Episode 3 :Hidden
A dangerous situation puts the human Clark in mortal danger. His life is saved... at a price. Basically a person launches a missle and clark has stop it but he has no powers so what is he going to do?

Episode 4: Aqua
Clark meets Arthur "AC" Curry, a young man with extraordinary powers underwater. AC is in Smallville hoping to sabotage a Luthorcorp experiment that is threatening sea life. While in Smallville, AC forms an attraction to Lois.

Episode 5: Thirst
Lana joins a sorority at Metropolis University where the pledge drives really suck... blood, that is... and membership lasts forever.
Meanwhile, Chloe lands a job at the Daily Planet.

Episode 6: Exposed
An old friend of Jonathan's, senator Jack Jennings, is implicated in connection to a dead dancing girl. Lois and Clark go undercover to learn the truth.
Jennings' plight makes Jonathan realize that Kansas needs a good state senator.

Episode 7: Splinter
Manufactured "silver kryptonite" brings out Clark's paranoid side, and his delusions show him some of his greatest fears, which he believes to be real.
Fine reveals himself as a Kryptonian like Clark in order to try and gain his trust.

Episode 8: Solitude
Martha is afflicted with a mysterious Kryptonian flesh-eating disease. Clark works with Fine to save her. Fine tries to trick Clark into poisoning the Fortress of Solitude.

Episode 9: Lexmas
Lex is shot and hovers near death, where he is presented with a dream that shows him what his life would be like if he made certain decisions. In this other life, Lex is a good man, married to Lana Lang, with one child and another on the way.

Episode 10: Fanatic
An obsessed fan of Lex Luthor's does whatever she can to ensure that Jonathan Kent is defeated in the senatorial race.

Episode 11: Lockdown
A surviving witness of the arrival of the spacecraft in the second meteor shower comes after Lex Luthor for answers. Lex and Lana end up locked in Lex's Panic Room.

Episode 12: Reckoning
Clark finally reveals his secret to Lana, and proposes that they get married. Jonathan Kent wins the senatorial race. Lana is called to Lex Luthor's, and it's clear Lex knows Lana is hiding something. There is a chase on the road... and Lana dies.
Clark pleads to Jor-El to spare Lana's life. Time is reset, although this time, Clark still loses someone he loves, as his father, Jonathan, dies of a heart attack.

Episode 13: Vengence
A watch belonging to Jonathan has been stolen by a criminal in Metropolis, and Clark is determined to get it back. While in Metropolis, he meets a masked vigilante known as the "Angel of Vengeance.". i should tell you that this episode for the boys.

Episode 14: Tomb
A spirit from the past makes Chloe believe that she may have gone insane as her mother did. The point of this episode was give audience a chance to learn more about chloe mother and her history-she makes another appearance in season 6 so watch out for that.

Episode 15: Cyborg
Clark meets Victor Stone, a former Metropolis University athlete whose family died in a car accident. Victor was brought "back to life" thanks to cyborg implants courtesy of Luthorcorp.

Episode 16: Hypnotic
Lex tracks Professor Fine in Honduras, and he also sends the seductive Simone after Clark in order to break Clark and Lana up forever.

Episode 17: Void
Lana meets some students who have created a Kryptonite drug that allows someone to linger near death and speak with her dead parents. This injection has made Lana something like a desperate junkie.

Episode 18: Fragile
In Tom Welling's directorial debut, horrible things happen to the people who take care of a little girl named Maddie who has the power to shatter glass. But is Maddie the culprit - or is it someone else?
Lex and Lana begin to get closer in this episode.

Episode 19: Mercy
A mysterious man tries to get revenge against Lionel Luthor, and puts him through a series of tests. These tests also put Martha Kent in serious danger.

Episode 20: Fade
Clark saves the life of a young man who turns out to be a hired killer with chameleon powers that render him invisible. This man, Graham, tries to give Clark whatever he wants - including the opportunity to be with Lana again. In order to reach this goal, he tries to kill Lex Luthor.

Episode 21 :Oracle
Jonathan Kent appears to Clark on his birthday and instructs him that he needs to kill Lionel Luthor.
Lionel comes clean to Martha about his knowledge of Clark's secret, and some of his scribblings are revealed to announce that the "Vessel of Zod" is coming...

Episode 22: Vessel
Proffessor Fine a way to bring back Zod which lead to clark being trapped in phatom zone- i can't reveal too much otherwise it will spoil it for you lot.


Contributed By Bala


Smallville Season 6 - Episode Guide

Episode 1: Zod
A powerless Clark is trapped in the " Phantom Zone" surrounded by the criminals his father imprisoned there. However, an unexpected ally comes to his aid. Meanwhile, Zod in Lex's body advances his plan to transform Earth into a new Krypton, while using Lana to produce an heir.

Episode 2: Sneeze
In the aftermath of Zod's activities, Clark develops a new power. Lois gets a new job, Lana takes a new step in her relationship with Lex, and Lex has to deal with a new danger. Meanwhile, an old friend of Lex's arrives in Metropolis.

Episode 3: Wither
Clark and Chloe pursue a plant creature that uses male humans to recreate, one which has taken Jimmy Olsen as its next human breeding ground. Meanwhile, Oliver Queen asks a reluctant Lois to be his date at a charity ball held by Lex.

Episode 4: Arrow
The mysterious Green Arrow steals a necklace from Martha, and both Lois and Clark resolve to find out who the vigilante is. While Clark determines Green Arrow's true identity, Lex continues his investigation of the mysterious black box while Lionel warns Lana against him.

Episode 5: Reunion
Lex and Oliver Queen return to their old prep school for a reunion, but Oliver's old friends (and Lex's old enemies) start dying in mysterious accidents. Meanwhile, Clark learns that someone... or something may have left the Phantom Zone with him.

Episode 6: Fallout
After escaping from the Phantom Zone, Raya comes to Smallville to visit Clark. Raya and Clark grow close, and Raya reveals how to repair the Fortress of Solitude. Unfortunately, Baern, another escapee seeks out revenge on Clark and Raya for his time spent in the Zone.

Episode 7: Rage
After being shot while stopping a carjacking, the Green Arrow begins acting strangely. Chloe and Clark investigate and find Oliver is taking a super drug that while healing his wound, has some dangerous side effects.

Episode 8: Static
One of the escapees from the Phantom Zone has killed the crew of a ship in Seattle. Clark confronts the killer who feeds on the bones of his victim. In Smallville, a patient in LuthorCorp Labs escapes experimentation and seeks revenge on Lex by trapping him in a dimension where he can see and hear those around him, but they cannot see him.

Episode 9: Subterranean
An illegal immigrant comes to Clark for help, escaping from a nearby farm where he's working... a farm that houses a dark secret.

Episode 10: Hydro
A Daily Planet gossip columnist uses her special power to overhear a conversation between Lana and Chloe, and publishes the conversation... where Lana admits having doubts about marrying Lex. While Chloe investigates the reporter, Lois asks Clark to help her investigate the mysterious Green Arrow bandit when she suspects he may be Oliver Queen in disguise.

Episode 11: Justice
When Lex's Level 33.1 project comes to fruition, Oliver Queen must bring together several of Clark's "heroic" super-powered allies together: Arthur Curry, Bart Allen, and Victor Stone.

Episode 12: Labyrinth
Clark is in his barn one moment... and the next finds himself in a psychiatric hospital where he discovers he's been suffering from delusions that he came from another planet and has super-powers.

Episode 13: Crimson
Clark is once again exposed to red kryptonite, and his "other self" goes on a rampage of sorts on Valentine's Day, kissing the women he's most attracted to and expressing his uninhibited feelings for the various relationships around him.

Episode 14: Trespass
Lana has a stalker which leads her to an unexpected hideout. Also, Chloe has to reevaluate her feelings for Clark after she and Jimmy break up due to Jimmy's belief that she isn't really over Clark.

Episode 15: Freak
A boy named Tobias was blinded by the meteor shower but given the ability to identify other meteor freaks. Lex is using Tobias to locate other people with abilities so that he can perform experiments on them. Lana learns of Tobias and is fearful that he will name Clark as a freak, so she offers him a cornea transplant to keep him quiet. But Tobias has some surprising news.

Episode 16: Promise
Clark has second thoughts about Lana marrying Lex, and Lana has the same concerns. Meanwhile, the doctor involved in the secret behind Lana's pregnancy threatens Lex with his knowledge.

Episode 17: Combat
Clark and Chloe find an escaped Zoner named Titan who is the star of a secret fight club that puts its death battles on the internet. Lois can tell that there is a story and goes to investigate, where she is put in the ring to fight. Clark goes in as a super-powered fighter to take on Titan but ends up against a different opponent instead.

Episode 18: Progeny
Lex discovers that Chloe's mother has special abilities and forces her to help him in exchange for Chloe's life. However, she has a trick or two of her own to use to escape.

Episode 19: Nemesis
Lex gets trapped in one of his labs by a distraught woman claiming he kidnapped her husband. She threatens to destroy the lab--with Lex still inside--unless he divulges her husband's whereabouts. When something unexpected causes a rescue attempt by Clark to fail, he becomes trapped as well. Now, the two men must overcome their hatred for each other if they want to make it out alive.

Episode 20: Noir
Lana and Lionel have a secret meeting, after which Lana is shot. While Jimmy is observing photos of the encounter, he is knocked unconscious. While unconscious Jimmy dreams about what life in Smallville would have been like in the 1940s. Clark is a reporter at the Daily Planet, Lana is a siren who planned the demise of her magnate husband Lex, and Lois is a singer at a bar that Lionel owns.

Episode 21: Prototype
Lex tries to turn a soldier that supposedly died in Afghanistan into a "super-soldier." A senator threatens to tell the world about Lex's labs, prompting Lex to send the "soldier" to kill the senator. Lois sees the attack and becomes the soldier's next victim.

Episode 22: Phantom
Clark discovers the reason Lana married Lex then and sets out to kill Lionel. Lex tries to use DNA from the last phantom to power his super-soldiers. Lois goes to a dam to search for Lex's lab but is caught by a security guard and fatally injured. Chloe's power is discovered.


Contributed By Bala


Smallville Season 7 - Episode Guide

Episode 1. Bizarro        
First aired: 9/27/2007  
During Clark's battle with the last Phantom Zone wraith, Lex is rescued by a mysterious woman. Chloe is declared dead in the ER, while Lois goes to Lex's manor to find out what experiments he was conducting at the dam.

Episode 2. Kara
First aired: 10/4/2007            
Clark and Lois meet Smallville's newest arrival face-to-face, and she has some surprising news. Clark decides to leave Smallville and continue with his superhero training but Jor-El informs him that a new Kryptonian menace has arisen.

Episode 3. Fierce
First aired: 10/11/2007
Kara takes to life in Smallville by entering the Miss Sweet Corn Pageant as a contestant, over ruling Clark's objections. However, Lex takes an interest in her and three of the other contestants discover she has super-powers and decide to use her to steal a valuable time capsule.

Episode 4. Cure
First aired: 10/18/2007              
Dr.Curtis Knox says he can "cure" someone from being a "meteor freak,"changing their lives. Chloe takes an interest in this, but Dr. Knox may have another secret. Meanwhile, Kara makes an alliance with Jimmy while Lana secretly watches Lex.

Episode 5. Action
First aired: 10/25/2007            
When a movie is shot in Smallville, Clark is forced to secretly use his powers to save someone from a runaway car... but somebody is looking and becomes Clark's biggest fan. Meanwhile, Lionel's fate is revealed.

Episode 6. Lara
First aired: 11/1/2007              
Kara goes to Washington to look for her missing crystal, but is captured after she breaks into the lab. She's interrogated with a memory-revealing serum that has kryptonite in it, which makes her relive a trip to Earth from the past. In this past trip she followed Lara, Clark's biological mother, to the Kent's farm.

Episode 7. Wrath
First aired: 11/8/2007              
Lana absorbs Clark's powers during a lightning storm, which she uses to break into Lex's safe and steal some incriminating evidence. After being turned away by Grant at the Daily Planet, who won't accept her stolen evidence, Lana goes after Lex herself. Clark tries to rescue Lex, but must first battle the super-powered Lana.

Episode 8. Blue
First aired: 11/15/2007              
Clark hears his mother's voice trapped in Kara's crystal, and releases her.She gives him Jor-El's ring made of Blue Kryptonite, which strips him of his powers.

Episode 9. Gemini
First aired: 12/13/2007           
A mysterious man who claims to be a product of Lex's latest project plants a bomb on Chloe and uses her to force Lois to get the truth on 33.1 from Lex.

Episode 10. Persona
First aired: 1/31/2008              
Chloe begins to notice that Clark's not acting like himself. Bizarro enlists the help of Brainiac.

Episode 11. Siren
First aired: 2/7/2008              
When Green Arrow's band of heroes thwarts his efforts once too often, Lex employs a super-powered vigilante to take down the Emerald Archer.

Episode 12. Fracture
First aired: 2/14/2008         
Lex tracks the amnesiac Kara to Detroit, where Lois follows him. An obsessive bus boy infatuated with Kara shoots Lex, and Chloe has to determine whether to heal him or not.

Episode 13. Hero
First aired: 3/13/2008         
Pete Ross returns to town and finds a number of surprising changes since his departure. Besides resolving his feelings toward Clark since he learned of his friend's secret, Pete has to deal with the acquisition of a superpower of his own.

Episode 14. Traveler  
First aired: 3/20/2008
Clark is kidnapped by a mysterious team of mercenaries, and when Chloe and Lana go to Lionel for help, he expresses his suspicions that Lex is responsible. Chloe and Lana then convince Kara to go with them to the Fortress to ask Jor-El to restore Kara's memory because she's the only person who can rescue Clark.

Episode 15. Veritas
First aired: 3/27/2008
Clark may have to learn a new superpower as he and Kara join forces to take on Brainiac, putting the lives of their friends in danger.

Episode 16. Descent   
First aired: 4/17/2008   
No one is safe when Lex seeks the secret of Veritas, and Clark tries to stop him.

Episode 17. Sleeper
First aired: 4/24/2008
While Clark seeks out Brainiac to force him to fulfill his side of their bargain and restore Lana, Chloe and Jimmy go up against the government.

Episode 18. Apocalypse
First aired: 5/1/2008
When Clark wonders if the world would bebetter off if he never came to Smallville, Jor-El shows him what lifewould have been like if he had never existed.

Episode 19. Quest
First aired: 5/8/2008
After Lex is attacked by amysterious stranger, he and Clark both discover the last survivingmember of the Veritas group who holds the secret to controlling theTraveler.

Episode 20. Arctic            
First aired: 5/15/2008
Lex is taken to the Fortress to fulfill his destiny, while Lana awakens from her coma and Chloe is arrested by the government.


Contributed By Casper27


Smallville Season 8 - Episode Guide

Episode 1 : Odyssey
Green Arrow calls upon fellow heroes Black Canary, and Aquaman, to locate the missing Clark Kent, last seen in the Arctic. Meanwhile, a new CEO is appointed the head of LuthorCorp, and Chloe is kidnapped by a secret group who have discovered her special power.

Episode 2 : Plastique
Chloe invites an injured 15-year-old to move in with her. Meanwhile, Clark experiences his first day of work with Lois.

Episode 3 : Toxic
When Oliver is poisoned, he starts having flashbacks to the period when he gained his archery skills... and met Tess. Meanwhile, Chloe has to make a decision which surprises Clark.

Episode 4: Instinct
Tess and her team of scientists trigger a signal through the blue Kryptonian crystal. It reaches an alien princess, Maxima, who comes to Earth to seek a suitable mate... and whose kiss kills mortal men.

Episode 5: Committed
Chloe and Jimmy are among several couples kidnapped by a man who subjects his victims to a lie detector test to measure their feelings for each other, Clark and Lois pretend to be involved to lure out the kidnapper and find their friends.

Episode 6: Prey
A serial killer is on the loose in Metropolis, but Clark and Chloe find themselves on opposing sides when Clark believes that Davis Bloome is responsible, while Chloe defends her new friend.

Episode 7 : Identity
Jimmy takes a picture of Clark saving Lois from danger but it comes out in a blur on film. Tess decides the story should make front page for the Daily Planet. Chloe refuses to help Clark.

Episode 8: Bloodline
Clark receives a mysterious package containing the crystal that Tess found in the Arctic. When he touches it, it transports himself and a visiting Lois to the Phantom Zone where they meet Kara. She opens a portal to free Lois, but Zod's wife escapes and possesses her.

Episode 9 : Abyss
Brainiac strikes and replaces Chloe's memories with Kryptonian code. In order to help his best friend, Clark must ask for Jor-El's help. Meanwhile, Davis tries to get Chloe to understand that Jimmy is wrong for her.

Episode 10: Bride
Chloe and Jimmy have unexpected arrivals at their ceremony. Oliver is shocked to see Lana after expecting to find Lex. Lois and Clark begin to fall for each other.

Episode 11: Legion
Three superheroes from the future travel to the past and join Clark in hopes that together they can defeat Brainiac, who has taken over Chloe's body.

Episode 12 : Bulletproof
Using the name Joe Foreman, Clark goes undercover to discover why Detective John Jones was shot. Meanwhile, Lana confronts Tess and reveals the truth about her involvement with Lex.

Episode 13: Power
Clark discovers that Lana is missing and Tess Mercer may be responsible. Tess informs Clark of startling news concerning an old friend, then discovers startling news of her own at a secret LuthorCorp facility.

Episode 14 : Requiem
An explosion wipes out the LuthorCorp board of directors and narrowly misses Oliver. Clark and Lana track the explosive to Winslow Schott, a toymaker with a grudge against Oliver.

Episode 15: Infamous
When Clark's secret identity as the "Red-Blue Blur" is threatened, he decides to go public by having Lois publish his story. However, he soon discovers the price that goes with public fame.

Episode 16 :Turbulence
Tess Mercer invites Clark to accompany her to a press conference in Los Angeles, but when an accident cripples the plane, Clark must choose between saving Tess and revealing his powers, or letting her die. Meanwhile, Davis tries to control the Doomsday monster within.

Episode 17 :Hex
Chloe discovers how the other half lives when she wishes for a peaceful life like her cousin Lois... and a sorceress transforms her into Lois. Meanwhile, Clark receives a wish of his own.

Episode 18 : Eternal
Tess fails in her attempt to kill Davis. In order to try and explain his destiny, she captures him and unveils his past with the Luthors. Meanwhile, Clark and Chloe discover Davis' secret.

Episode 19: Stiletto
Lois needs a big story to boost her career, but the Red-Blue Blur proves too challenging for her investigative skills. However, when she rescues Chloe from a mugger, Lois decides to take advantage of the situation and disguise herself as Metropolis' newest hero - Stiletto. Although Clark disapproves, he soon finds himself counting on her help...

Episode 20 : Beast
Clark discovers the truth behind Davis' supposed death and angrily confronts Chloe when he realizes that she has been protecting him... but it may already be too late, as Davis ambushes Jimmy and Oliver at the Talon.

Episode 21: Injustice
Chloe pleads with Clark to end Davis' life since he can no longer control the beast within him. Tess and her team of meteor freaks help Clark track down Davis.

Episode 22: Doomsday
Despite the threat that Doomsday poses, Clark cannot bring himself to kill Davis--forcing Oliver and his team to take matters into their own hands. Chloe finds herself caught in the conflict between Oliver and Clark, while Lois takes on Tess.


Contributed By Bala

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Smallville Season 9 - Episode Guide

Episode 1: Savior – Aired: 9/25/2009
Clark decides that he is ready to start his training at the Fortress, but Jor-El insists that he return to Metropolis to cut his ties with Lois before he begins. Lois reappears in the city with no recollection of vanishing, and her investigation into a monorail crash brings her into contact with a new reporter named John Corben... who is opposed to the Red and Blue Blur. Meanwhile, Chloe's friendship with Clark deteriorates when he refuses to use the Legion ring to save Jimmy; Oliver turns down a dark path, and Zod makes his entrance at the Luthor mansion.

Episode 2: Metallo – Aired: 10/2/2009
Lois' new colleague, John Corben, undergoes a horrific transformation when he awakens from an accident with superhuman strength and a heart made of kryptonite. Determined to use his new power to further his vendetta against the Blur, Corben sets out to kill the vigilante. However, the situation becomes even more complicated when Lois' own investigation leads her into Corben's hands.

Episode 3: Rabid – Aired: 10/9/2009
A virus spreads through Metropolis that transforms humans into zombies. Chloe and Dr. Hamilton learn that Clark's blood can provide a cure. Meanwhile, Oliver turns to the dark side and must decide the future of his Green Arrow identity, while Tess tries to locate Zod and his Kandorian soldiers.  

Episode 4: Echo – Aired: 10/16/2009
The Toyman seeks revenge on Oliver. Clark is gifted the power to hear people's thoughts as part of his training by his father.

Episode 5: Roulette – Aired: 10/23/2009
A woman forces Oliver to play in a dangerous game and then turns up dead. The police believe Oliver is responsible and arrest him. Meanwhile, Lois confronts Clark over his knowledge about Oliver's suicide attempt.

Episode 6: Crossfire – Aired: 10/30/2009
Oliver offers to train a new girl, Mia, to keep her safe from danger. Lois and Clark are stunned when a TV morning show wants both of them to be their new hosts.

Episode 7: Kandor – Aired: 11/6/2009
It's a race against time to find Jor-El when Clark realizes that he is on Earth and Zod realizes that he could hold the key to their powers. Chloe is the first to meet him, while Zod enlists Tess.

Episode 8: Idol – Aired: 11/13/2009  
Zan and Jayna come to Metropolis and assist the Blur with his fight to take down crime but several of their rescue attempts fail, which leads Clark in trouble with the District Attorney.

Episode 9: Pandora – Aired: 11/20/2009
Tess takes steps to learn what Lois saw in the future: a powerless Clark subservient to Zod, and Chloe and Oliver leading a resistance group against the Kandorians.

Episode 10: Disciple – Aired: 1/29/2010
Oliver's former mentor, the Dark Archer, seeks revenge on his pupil and launches attacks on Chloe, Lois, and Mia as part of his plan. When Oliver is driven to his limits and beyond, Clark must come to the aid of his friend.

Episode 11: Absolute Justice – Aired: 2/5/2010
A man named Sylvester asks Chloe for help but ends up getting attacked and killed. Clark is led to the former headquarters of the Justice Society of America where he meets up with Dr. Fate, Hawkman, and Stargirl. Later, Clark, John Jones, Green Arrow, and Chloe team up to help the JSA stop the killer before he murders someone else in the group. Meanwhile, Lois receives a package from a mysterious agency called Checkmate.

Episode 12: Warrior – Aired: 2/12/2010
Zatanna goes to a comic book convention to find an enchanted comic book and asks Clark for his help. While Lois sees them together and becomes jealous, Chloe is rescued from an accident by a teenager who has acquired the comic book and used it to become Warrior Angel.

Episode 13: Persuasion – Aired: 2/19/2010  
When Clark is exposed to gemstone kryptonite on Valentine's Day, he unwittingly gains the ability to make wishes come true... and chaos results as Lois agrees to have a traditional relationship, and Chloe vows to watch out over Clark and protect him from Lois.

Episode 14: Conspiracy – Aired: 2/26/2010  
When a doctor that the Kandorians resurrected for experimentation becomes determined to prove that aliens have invaded Earth, he kidnaps several of Zod's people and Lois in the hopes of exposing the truth. Zod disguises himself as a Daily Planet reporter, but is shot during his efforts.

Episode 15: Escape  – Aired: 4/2/2010
When Clark and Lois end up at the same romantic bed & breakfast as Chloe and Oliver, things get awkward. However, a new supervillainess, Silver Banshee, launches an attack on the men. Meanwhile, Zod and Tess square off against each other.

Episode 16: Checkmate – Aired: 4/9/2010  
Tess kidnaps Green Arrow and takes him to Amanda Waller, but he escapes before they can reveal who he really is. While investigating Oliver's kidnapping, Clark finds John Jones investigating the kidnapping. Waller then kidnaps and threatens to kill Chloe if Clark doesn't reveal the names and location of the Justice League.

Episode 17: Upgrade – Aired: 4/16/2010  
While investigating a secret lab, an explosion occurs and Lois is rescued by John Corben. While investigating, Clark is exposed to red kryptonite and takes Zod to the Fortress. Meanwhile, Tess and Chloe send in Corben to stop Clark from revealing all his secrets.

Episode 18: Charade – Aired: 4/23/2010  
While investigating the early prison release of ex-District Attorney Raymond Sacks, Lois is threatened by Sacks. While saving Lois, the Blur is caught on camera by someone who tries to sell the photos to Sacks. As they attempt to stop the sale, Lois and Clark encounter Maxwell Lord, a Checkmate agent who also wants the photos. Meanwhile, Chloe learns Zod's true nature.

Episode 19: Sacrifice – Aired: 4/30/2010
Tess tries to break into Watchtower, but ends up trapped with Chloe when Checkmate tries to hack the database. While the two women try to find an escape, Oliver pays the price when he confronts Zod and underestimates him.

Episode 20: Hostage – Aired: 5/7/2010  
Clark finds Martha and Perry White returning to Smallville. Lois and Perry team up on a story they are both working on, but end up getting in serious danger. Meanwhile, Clark and Chloe search for a way to stop Zod and the rest of his army.

Episode 21: Salvation – Aired: 5/14/2010  
While the Kandorians strike around the world and Chloe mobilizes Earth's heroes to oppose them, Zod poses as the Blur to deceive Lois into finding the Book of Rao. Meanwhile, Tess clings to life after attacking Zod, and Oliver is MIA when an unseen opponent launches their own attack.



Smallville Season 10 - Episode Guide

Episode 1: Lazarus – Aired: 9/24/2010  
Lois finds Clark lifeless on the ground and removes the blue kryptonite dagger, leaving before Clark wakes up. Chloe continues to try and find Oliver, and Tess wakes up, resurrected in a LuthorCorp lab. Meanwhile, Jonathan Kent arrives to give Clark a message.

Episode 2: Shield – Aired: 10/1/2010  
Clark becomes involved in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as he tries to protect Lois' replacement at the Daily Planet, who is being targeted by an assassin named Deadshot. Meanwhile, Hawkman introduces Lois, who currently resides in Egypt, to his wife, Shayera.

Episode 3: Supergirl – Aired: 10/8/2010  
Kara returns after being sent by Jor-El to stop a dark force that he believes Clark cannot handle. Meanwhile, Lois confronts a shock jock who threatens Green Arrow, but is taken hostage when the man becomes possessed.

Episode 4: Homecoming – Aired: 10/15/2010  
Lois takes Clark to their five-year reunion at Smallville High, and 31st century Legionnaire member Brainiac 5 travels to his past to show Clark some unknown facts and future predictions of his life.

Episode 5: Isis – Aired: 10/22/2010  
Thanks to an Egyptian relic, Lois is possessed by an Egyptian goddess. Her activities bring her to the attention of Cat Grant, who assumes Lois is Blur. Meanwhile, Oliver and Clark have no choice but to turn to Tess for help when dealing with Lois when she gets in over her head.

Episode 6: Harvest – Aired: 10/29/2010  
To protect his girlfriend, Clark tricks Lois into leaving town on a story. When she realizes what's going on, they argue but an accident strands them in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile, Tess tries to find a cure for Alexander, who is suffering from rapid aging because of his unnatural origins.

Episode 7: Ambush – Aired: 11/5/2010
General Lane and his daughter Lucy come to see Lois for Thanksgiving, and meet her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rick Flagg tries to stop the General from initiating the vigilante registration act by tricking Lucy into luring Clark away so he can kill her father.

Episode 8: Abandoned – Aired: 11/12/2010  
After seeing a video of her dead mother, Lois goes to the Fortress to make a fateful decision. Meanwhile, Clark and Tess investigate a mysterious orphanage tied to Tess' past, and confront the headmistress, Granny Goodness, and one of her wards, Harriet.

Episode 9: Patriot – Aired: 11/19/2010  
Oliver signs up for the Vigilante Registration Act to learn what's really involved, and discovers that it's a ruse so that a team lead by Colonel Slade can trap and test persons with superpowers.

Episode 10: Luthor – Aired: 12/3/2010  
After unintentionally activating a Kryptonian box that Lionel Luthor once possessed, Clark is sent to a alternate universe where he was raised by Lionel. Meanwhile, the murderous Clark Luthor to take Clark's place.

Episode 11: Icarus – Aired: 12/10/2010
As the Darkness spreads, citizens riot against heroes and Oliver Queen is their first victim. Meanwhile, the government moves in on vigilante sympathizers Tess, Emil, and Lois, Cat Grant must make a fateful decision, and Clark worries about his future relationship with Lois.

Episode 12: Collateral – Aired: 2/4/2011
The VRA releases the captured heroes, who regroup and discover that they have all lost their powers, and remember Chloe Sullivan conducting medical experiments on them. The shock drives Oliver insane, and he receives a visitor... Chloe, who insists that things aren't what they seem.

Episode 13: Beacon – Aired: 2/11/2011   
Clark and Lois watch on television as Martha is shot while speaking at a anti-VRA rally. Meanwhile, Oliver and Tess discover that the parallel Earth's Lionel has taken control of the Daily Planet and LuthorCorp, and is grooming the Alexander clone as his new heir.

Episode 14: Masquerade – Aired: 2/18/2011   
Chloe and Oliver inadvertently become involved with an FBI investigation into a serial killer, which leads them to Desaad, one of Darkseid's minions. Things take a turn for the worse when Desaad decides to recruit Chloe to his cause. Meanwhile, Lois prepares for the wedding and tries to convince Clark that he needs to create a secret identity.

Episode 15: Fortune – Aired: 2/25/2011  
Clark and Lois celebrate their bachelor parties, but wake up the next morning with no memories of what happened. As they trace back their steps, they discover that two of their party members are married, Lois bet away her engagement ring, Dr. Hamilton has rhythm, an armored car disappeared into thin air, and Clark has a pet lemur.

Episode 16: Scion – Aired: 3/4/2011
Tess reveals the existence of Alexander's superpowers to Clark and asks him to mentor the boy. Meanwhile, the Earth-2 Lionel plans to take control of the boy and unleash his dark side.  

Episode 17: Kent – Aired: 4/15/2011  
Clark Luthor uses his world's mirror box to come to Clark's world and trap his counterpart on the alternate world, where Clark is a pariah following the revelation of his identity and his weakness. While Clark-L attempts to turn Tess against his Lionel, Lois turns to Emil for help and Clark meets the alternate Jonathan Kent, a broken bitter man.

Episode 18: Booster – Aired: 4/22/2011  
While Lois advises Clark to assume a bumbling, mild-mannered persona, a new hero arises in Metropolis: Booster Gold. Booster hogs the limelight and plans to usurp the Blur's role as inspiration to the city. Clark is more concerned with the fact that an alien weapon has gone missing, unaware that it has attached itself to a teenage boy, transforming him into an unstoppable juggernaut of destruction.

Episode 19: Dominion – Aired: 4/29/2011
When Slade Wilson, banished to the Phantom Zone, mysteriously reappears, Clark plans a trip there to determine what is happening. Much to his surprise, Oliver goes with him and the two of them soon find themselves in the hands of the Zone's new ruler: Zod. Meanwhile, Lois discovers that Clark plans to sacrifice himself and confronts Tess.

Episode 20: Prophecy – Aired: 5/6/2011   
Oliver searches for the Bow of Orion in hopes of finding a way to remove the Omega Brand and defeat Darkseid. Meanwhile, Clark takes Lois to the Fortress to seek his "father's" support for their life union, but Jor-El decides to temporarily Clark's powers and give them to Lois. However, Lois soon finds herself in conflict with the Toyman, who has gathered a team of villain to conquer Metropolis.   


Contributed By Casper27