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Knight Rider Season 1 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Yeah at least a second season just see re-worked version any better.

looking forward to dollhouse


episode 15

good episode.from the bigest piece of crap on tv since the o.c. to 1 of the best shows on tv.this show is realy looking good these past 5 eps


Have to agree that the show is getting better over last 5 episdoes


ep 17

good episode i really enjoyed it.i so hope it doesnt get cancelled


4 episodes in.....

Does this get any better? I can't believe how bad it is. From the acting to the storyline. If it gets better, I'll stick it out, otherwise I'll drop it!!


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Unfortunately it does get better near to end of the series   

Recommended Knight rider
Episode 10/11 (2 part story-line very good IMO)
Episode 13, 14, 16/17

Rest are bad

please note this subjective based on my personal taste


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Thanks Bala, will definitely give them a go and let you know what I think.