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Helpful Forum Explanation

Helpful Forum Explanation

This is a guide to members to help them understand the forum better, hopefully this guide will help you get more accustomed to the various features of this forum.

First up is the Left-hand Menu

Next up is Post information

And Finally Signatures

Signatures are a member's personal touch and can be put on the bottom of every post they make here are a few examples below.
The different member groups have certain limits put on there signature for example a word limit or no images, as you move up the member groups these limits will be reduced (but not completely).
The signature that any member can have automatically added at the end of each of their posts also has nothing to do with each particular post. it is simply something the person may find amusing -- for instance shinny's reads:

now, shinny happens to be Irish but she will be the first to disabuse people of the stereotype that all Irish are alcoholics -- or interesting -- mine

is a translation from the tombstone of a German philosopher but I am neither dead nor German -- or simply good advice:

with some revisions contributed by 01torres

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