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About BLACK SAILS & Episode Guides

About BLACK SAILS & Episode Guides

Black Sails Premiered on Starz on January 25, 2014

About the Show:
715. The Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean is at its apex. The former British colony of New Providence Island is now lawless territory, controlled by the most notorious pirate captains in history. The most feared among them is CAPTAIN FLINT.

But as the British Navy returns to these waters, threatening to exterminate Flint and his crew, another side of him emerges. Driven by deep, complicated, even romantic motives, Flint allies himself with the formidable ELEANOR GUTHRIE, daughter of the local smuggling kingpin who turns the pirates’ loot into profits. Together, they forge a plan to hunt the ultimate prize, and by winning it, stave off reclamation of their home to ensure their survival.

Arrayed against them are a series of opponents: rival captains, jealous of Flint's power; Eleanor's father, whose ambitions for the island conflict with his daughter’s; and a young sailor, JOHN SILVER, recently recruited onto Flint's crew, who will somehow manage to constantly undermine his captain’s agenda.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Toby StephensCaptain Flint
Hannah NewEleanor Guthrie
Luke ArnoldJohn Silver
Jessica Parker KennedyMax
Tom HopperBilly Bones
Zach McGowanCaptain Charles Vane
Toby SchmitzJack Rackham
Clara PagetAnne Bonny
Mark RyanGates
Hakeem Kae-KazimMr. Scott
Sean MichaelRichard Guthrie
Louise BarnesMiranda Barlow

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Season 1

Episode 1: I. (Jan/25/2014)
Captain Flint and his pirate crew capture a merchant vessel that may contain the clues needed to capture a Spanish fortune, but someone got to the clue first. Flint must win over his crew while fending off other pirates as well as the Royal Navy.

Episode 2: II. (Feb/01/2014)
Flint deals with a thief among his crew; Vane voices an objection to Rackham chasing a score; Silver and Max hide in a brothel; and Eleanor is faced with a difficult decision.

Episode 3: III. (Feb/08/2014)
Flint and Gates seek a partner to hunt the Urca d'Lima. Silver helps Billy with a morale problem. Vane impresses Eleanor by being reasonable. Gates gets a promotion.

Episode 4: IV. (Feb/15/2014)
An undertaking by The Walrus crew ends in disaster. Silver warns Flint about Billy. Rackham and Bonny try to regain their livelihood. Eleanor needs help from her father. A figure from Cane's past pays a visit.

Episode 5: V. (Feb/22/2014)
Flint and crew engage in a deadly encounter on the open sea; Richard forces Eleanor to make a decision; Rackham tries his hand at a new career; and Bonny has a confession to make.

Episode 6: VI. (Mar/01/2014)
The costs of chasing the Andromache continues to mount. Eleanor needs Silver's help. Billy wants Gates to confront Flint. Bonny takes a stand.

Episode 7: VII. (Mar/08/2014)
Flint tells Gates the truth. Randall puts Silver in a bind. Eleanor suffers a loss. Max comes to Rackham's aid. Vane enters the fight of his life.

Episode 8: VIII. (Mar/15/2014)
The hunt for the Urca is on. Everything changes for Eleanor. Bonny and Rackham's sins come back to haunt them.



Season 2

Episode 2x01: IX. (Jan/24/2015)
In the Season 2 premiere, Flint and Silver go before the crew to face judgment; Vane revels in his new position on the island; Max confronts Bonny; and Eleanor is faced with a new threat.

Episode 2x02: X. (Jan/31/2015)
Flint offers advice to Dufresne; Silver attempts to make himself indispensable; Eleanor is requested to depose a captain; and Rackham turns ambitious.

Episode 2x03: XI. (Feb/07/2015)
Flint encounters a problem upon returning to Nassau; an unlikely source provides Eleanor with help; Rackham tries to repair his reputation; Vane discovers a surprising prize.

Episode 2x04: XII. (Feb/14/2015)
Flint lays down the law to Vane; Eleanor makes an important decision; Rackham sees what Max can do; and Silver reconnects with an old matey.

Episode 2x05: XIII. (Feb/21/2015)
Miranda endeavors to save the island; Eleanor sees old wounds reopened; Rackham is on the scent of a secret; and Vane is forced to take matters into his own hands.

Episode 2x06: XIV. (Feb/28/2015)
Eleanor mediates a peace; Rackham learns a hard lesson; Flint goes back on a promise; and Bonny goes out of control.

Episode 2x07: XV. (Mar/07/2015)
Max surveys the aftermath of a massacre; news from the outside world impacts Flint and Silver; Eleanor takes a risk that she hopes secures her future; Bonny comes to a crossroads; and Dufresne provokes Billy to act.

Episode 2x08: XVI. (Mar/14/2015)
Flint and Miranda prepare for a tough go of it; Silver becomes enlightened; Eleanor learns Max's secret; and Vane makes a move.

Episode 2x09: XVII. (Mar/21/2015)
Flint and Miranda come to grips with their past; Bonny makes clear her intentions to Rackham; Vane collects a huge prize; and Eleanor issues a declaration of war.

Episode 2x10: XVIII. (Mar/28/2015)
In the Season 2 finale, Flint acquires an unlikely ally; Vane's crew seeks a sea change; and Silver makes a sacrifice.

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