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About WIZARDS VS ALIENS & Episode Guides

About WIZARDS VS ALIENS & Episode Guides

Wizards vs Aliens Premiered on CBBC on October 29, 2012

About the Show:
Wizards vs Aliens sees two worlds collide as young wizard Tom Clarke and his best friend Benny defend the Earth from Magic-eating aliens, the Nekross. Aided by the hobgoblin Randal Moon, Tom must stop Varg and Lexi from draining the Earth of Magic!


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Percelle AscottBenny Sherwood
Annette BadlandUrsula Crowe
Brian BlessedNekross king
Gwendoline ChristieLexi
Jefferson HallVarg
Scott HaranTom Clarke
Tim RoseNekross king
Michael HiggsMichael Clarke
Dan StarkeyRandal Moon

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Season 1

Episode 1: Dawn Of The Nekross - Part 1 (Oct/29/2012)
Tom Clarke is hiding a secret which is that he’s a schoolboy wizard. After the magic-eating alien Nekross show up on Earth, a battle for survival gets under way. Tom has to use his magical powers to protect his family.

Episode 2: Dawn Of The Nekross - Part 2 (Oct/30/2012)
Tom's gran is trapped in outer space and he and Benny must dare to go inside the mystical Chamber to ask the mysterious Randal Moon for help.

Episode 3: Grazlax Attacks - Part 1 (Nov/05/2012)
Tom’s quiet Saturday at Benny’s house ends up becoming a fight for their lives after the vicious alien Grazlax tracks them down.

Episode 4: Grazlax Attacks - Part 2 (Nov/06/2012)
The Grazlax is completely out of control and Tom has used up all of his magic, and Benny’s scientific genius is useless against a creature from another galaxy.

Episode 5: Rebel Magic - Part 1 (Nov/12/2012)
After Tom meets another wizard called Jackson Hawke, he is unable to resist dabbling in dangerous magic. Benny attempts to warn him but all three boys are unaware of the Nekross getting closer and closer.

Episode 6: Rebel Magic - Part 2 (Nov/13/2012)
Tom and Jackson decide to take the fight to the Nekross, but their forbidden Grim Magic has started to take its toll on Tom. Only Benny can help him but he’s been enchanted.

Episode 7: Friend Or Foe - Part 1 (Nov/19/2012)
Lexi adopts a human form and transports herself to Earth, in an effort to capture Tom. They are both unaware though that a greater enemy is watching, the scheming billionaire Stephanie Gaunt who is determined to prove the existence of magic.

Episode 8: Friend Or Foe - Part 2 (Nov/20/2012)
Tom and Lexi are being held prisoner by Gaunt and the wizards and aliens are forced to learn how to work together, but is the alliance doomed to fail.

Episode 9: The Fall of the Nekross - Part 1 (Nov/26/2012)
Benny decides to launch an attack on the Nekross ship and uses all the computers on Earth against the aliens, and the starship Zarantulus ends up being stricken. BAfter the plan gets out of control, there are some terrifying consequences for both wizards and aliens alike.

Episode 10: The Fall of the Nekross - Part 2 (Nov/27/2012)
Time is running out for the Nekross, while on Earth, the wizards fall apart. Ursula deices to use some radical action against Benny, while Tom realises that the solution might lie with the ancient and mysterious Stones of Burnt Hill.

Episode 11: The Last Day - Part 1 (Dec/03/2012)
As the Nekross move forward with their Master Plan in secret, Tom is haunted by dreams of his childhood. After he attempts to have a normal life by going on a date with Katie, he sees somebody from his past, and discovers the impossible has happened.

Episode 12: The Last Day - Part 2 (Dec/04/2012)
With a powerful new friend by his side, Tom has to bring his entire family together with Benny in an effort to destroy the Nekross Master Plan, before the whole of the Earth is changed forever.



Season 2

Episode 1: 100 Wizards - Part 1 (Oct/28/2013)
A new wizard called Chloe joins Tom and Benny. However the Nekross are about to set a trap.

Episode 2: 100 Wizards - Part 2 (Oct/29/2013)
Tom finds himself attracted to Chloe. But this has to be put on hold as the Nekross King has 100 wizards trapped as part of his latest evil plan.

Episode 3: Vice Versa - Part 1 (Nov/04/2013)
Tom and Benny soon learn not to toy with the awesome Hobbledehoy!

Episode 4: Vice Versa - Part 2 (Nov/05/2013)
Malcolm’s right-hand man, Nick, is looking for a good advertising campaign to reach out to new customers. The company loses £5 million to shoplifters eachyear, and with sales flat, staff haved been ordered to be extra vigilant.

Episode 5: The Cave of Menla-Gto - Part 1 (Nov/11/2013)
Tom ends up being hurt in a magical accident with the curse of the Devastation threatens his life. All the family have to make their way to the wilds of Tibet in search of a cure, inside the mystical Cave of Healing.

Episode 6: The Cave of Menla-Gto - Part 2 (Nov/12/2013)
Tom is left fighting for his life in the Cave of Healing. Benny and Randal Moon need to work together to locate the only thing which can stop the Nekross assault.

Episode 7: The Curse of Crowe Part 1 (Nov/18/2013)
Gemma Raven makes a shocking agrrement with the Nekross that if they save her mother’s life, she will cast a spell strong enough to destroy Tom and Benny’s friendship beyond repair. Ursula becomes drawn into the evil plan and soon discovers that a fate worse that death awaits her.

Episode 8: The Curse of Crowe Part 2 (Nov/19/2013)
Tom and Benny are suffering from Gemma Raven’s curse as they now hate each other, without knowing why.

Episode 9: The Thirteenth Floor Part 1 (Nov/25/2013)
Tom has tp face his greatest challenge yet, after a mysterious elevator takes him to Floor 13 far beyond this world. Benny finds it hard to understand this ancient trap as the Nekross show up, ready to feast. They soon find out though that Floor 13 has some shocking plans for them as well.

Episode 10: The Thirteenth Floor Part 2 (Nov/26/2013)
Tom and Lexi need to try and find a way to survive together but their friendship might be capable of becoming something more. Benny summons Ursula tohelp fight the gruesome Troll whilst Tom must do more than fight.

Episode 11: Endless Night Part 1 (Dec/02/2013)
Randall Moon is scared as an eclipse is about to take place. He is convinced that evil will fall after the moon blocks out the sun.

Episode 12: Endless Night Part 2 (Dec/03/2013)
The Nekross the world into a total eclipse, and make their demands to wizardkind. They demand that they surrender, or the entire human race will be made to suffer.

Episode 13: All-Out War Part 1 (Dec/09/2013)
Tom receives a visit from a wizard family who claims to have found the most powerful object on the planet, the Source of All Magic!. The Nekross take some terrible action, as Kooth sets her evil plan in motion.

Episode 14: All-Out War Part 2 (Dec/10/2013)
Worlds end up colliding as the planet becomes a battleground during an intergalactic war.

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Season 3

Episode 1: The Secret of Room 12 - Part 1 (Oct/27/2014)
Varg's new wife Lazy Lyzera has a secret she is hiding. Tom and Benny believe life can only get easier now that the Nekross is gone. But both students and teachers at Kings Park start acting strangely, making them both realise their enemy has returned.

Episode 2: The Secret of Room 12 - Part 2 (Oct/27/2014)
Benny is able to escape the Prospector but Lady Lyzera wants to pillage Earth completely.

Episode 3: The Quantum Effect - Part 1 (Nov/03/2014)
Tom is suspicious when Benny gets an invite to help a eccentric scientist at the Brook Mill Radio telescope.

Episode 4: The Quantum Effect - Part 2 (Nov/04/2014)
The Nekross master plan to take over the Earth goes awry, as Tom and Benny have to overcome their differences.

Episode 5: The Daughters of Stone - Part 1 (Nov/10/2014)
Tom is reunited with his long-lost grandfather and they need to put aside their differences and save Ursula before Old Bethesta drains her of Magic and wakes her daughters.

Episode 6: The Daughters of Stone - Part 2 (Nov/11/2014)
Katie contacts Tom after something terrifies her grandfather at the spooky disused Blackberry Theatre.

Episode 7: The Key of Bones - Part 1 (Nov/17/2014)
There are more tears in the Line of Twilight as Simeon proposes a quest to find the only object that can heal it: the ancient and lost Key of Bones.

Episode 8: The Key of Bones - Part 2 (Nov/18/2014)
Tom, Michael and Simeon are trapped with Varg and Lyzera on the deadly quest for the Key of Bones by the Quest Master.

Episode 9: Twilight Falls - Part 1 (Nov/24/2014)
Randal Moon find out that the Lady Lyzera intends to allow Warlock to be released from his centuries-long exile on the Neverside. Tom becomes involved in a fight to save the Dayside from destruction with an unlikely partner.

Episode 10: Twilight Falls - Part 2 (Nov/25/2014)
Tom and Moon try to stop Warlock from escaping the Neverside through the Doorway of Long Shadows.