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About THE RIVER & Episode Guides

About THE RIVER & Episode Guides

The River Aired From February 07, 2012 - March 20, 2012 On ABC

About the Show:
Dr. Emmet Cole is missing.

The beloved host of The Undiscovered Country, which brought the wonder and magic of the natural world into our homes for so many years, has disappeared in the wilds of the Amazon. Gone for six months now—and believed by many to be dead—his emergency beacon went off two weeks ago. Now Dr. Cole’s wife and frequent co-host of The Undiscovered Country, Tess, has begun the search for her husband. With the help of her son, Lincoln, and crew members Lena Landry, Emilio Valenzuela and his daughter Jahel, and Captain Kurt Bryndilson, Tess is looking to be reunited with her husband and save the rest of his missing crew.

Documenting the journey will be Dr. Cole’s long-time friend and collaborator on The Undiscovered Country, award-winning Producer Clark Quietly, and a team of renowned camera operators including AJ Poulain.

But the search for Dr. Cole may provide more questions than answers. Where have he and the missing crew been? What mysteries of the uncharted Amazon did they capture on film? Can this family that was torn asunder six months ago be miraculously reunited? The world holds its breath as we wait to find out just what became of Dr. Emmet Cole and his crew.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Bruce GreenwoodEmmet Cole
Joe AndersonLincoln Cole
Leslie HopeTess Cole
Eloise MumfordLena Landry
Paul BlackthorneClark Quietly
Thomas KretschmannCaptain Kurt Brynildson
Daniel ZacapaEmilio Valenzuela
Shaun ParkesAndreus Jude Poulaine
Paulina GaitanJahel Valenzuela


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Season 1

Episode 1: Magus (Feb/07/2012)
When TV naturalist Emmet Cole disappears in Brazil, he is declared dead after six months. However, his wife Tess detects a GPS beacon signal from him and a network camera crew agrees to accompany her on the search for her husband. However, they will only finance the trip if Emmet's son Lincoln goes with her. The crew go down the Amazon River and follow the GPS beacon, but find far more than they are counting on when they unearth a spectral creature.

Episode 2: Marbeley (Feb/07/2012)
Jahel is possessed by Emmet's spirit and he begs his family to stay away for their own sakes. However, Tess persists and the group find a spirit tree decorated with dolls. A child's ghost stalks them and it soon becomes clear that it wants something from them... and will stop at nothing to get it.

Episode 3: Los Ciegos (Feb/14/2012)
When the crew intrudes upon the Morcegos tribal grounds, all of them are stricken blind except for AJ, who must wrestle with his conscience while the tribesmen close in on his helpless teammates.

Episode 4: A Better Man (Feb/21/2012)
The Magus crew find a survivor from Emmet's expedition... suspended by his neck from a noose in the middle of the jungle. The man, Jonas Beckett, is still alive but claims he has no idea where he been for the last six months. As the ship is plagued by insects, storms, and animated vines, the crew realizes that Jonas is cursed, and everyone is willing to sacrifice him except Lincoln.

Episode 5: Peaches (Feb/28/2012)
A mystery ship runs the Magus aground, immobilizing it. The next day, another ship, the Exodus, responds to their Mayday and the crew offers its support... but they're not what they seem.

Episode 6: Doctor Emmet Cole (Mar/06/2012)
The Magus crew arrive at Sahte Falls and find footage that Emmet filmed of the days leading up to his disappearance. Lincoln and Tess have no choice but to watch as Emmet battles for survival on his way to the mysterious Source of all magic. Meanwhile, Lena has a confession to make to one of her crewmates.

Episode 7: The Experiment (Mar/13/2012)
The Magus explore the abandoned research facility and discover it isn't as empty as they believe. Meanwhile, Tess and Lincoln make a startling discovery, and Kurt has to decide what he will sacrifice to keep his crewmates safe.

Episode 8: Row, Row, Row Your Boat (Mar/20/2012)
With a course now plotted for their final destination, the Magus crew suddenly finds itself in complete chaos when a member of their own is shot dead, leading Jahel to call upon the spirit of the Boiúna to help, against the wishes of her father. The crew's quest is threatened further by the unknown killer, as the situation continues to spiral out of control