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About OVER THERE & Episode Guide

About OVER THERE & Episode Guide

Over There Aired From July 27, 2005 - October 26, 2005 On FX

About the Show:
Over There centers around members of a U.S. Army Unit deployed to Iraq for their first tour of duty. The series explores the effects that being in the center of a war has on soldiers fighting, as well as on their families back in America. Instead of exploring the politics behind the war, Over There focuses on the challenges, including physical, emotional, and cultural, that the soldiers experience while on tour in Iraq. Aside from being one of television's most graphic and violent shows in history, Over There was also the first scripted series to be set in a current, ongoing war in which the United States is involved.

A week after the last episode aired, FX announced that the series would not be picked up for a second season due to a significant drop in ratings.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Erik PalladinoChris "Sgt. Scream" Silas
Jimmy "Jax" PinchakEddy Dumphy
Josh HendersonBo Ryder
Keith RobinsonAvery "Angel" King
Lizette CarrionEsmerelda "Doublewide" Del Rio
Lombardo BoyarSergio Del Rio
Luke MacFarlanePvt. Frank "Dim" Dumphy
Nicki AycoxBrenda "Mrs. B" MItchell
Omid AbtahiTariq Nassiri
Sprague GraydenTerry Ryder


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Season 1

Episode 1: Pilot
In the first episode of this war series, the Army unit faces many physical and emotional situations including a standoff near a mosque which quickly escalates into a bloody battle. Later, the soldiers record video messages for their friends and family.

Episode 2: Roadblock Duty
After his injury, Bo's estranged, alcoholic father visits him while he's recovering in the hospital. The rest of the unit are assigned to a dangerous roadblock where they are forced to shoot two drivers when they refuse to listen to the unit's commands.

Episode 3: The Prisoner
When a colonel uses physical and mental distress to force a prisoner to give up the location of stolen missiles, the unit begins to question interrogation methods used by the colonel. Meanwhile, Bo requests to be taken off morphine and Terry is by his side to help him through the withdrawal pains.

Episode 4: I Want My Toilets
During an important delivery mission, the supply trucks are helped through a dangerous area by skillful shots by Angel. Meanwhile, Terry makes the house wheelchair accessible before Bo's return.

Episode 5: Embedded
After a mission, Smoke is implicated in the death of a civilian. The unit's reporter disappears when he suggests that the civilian's death was set up by an Iraqi. Meanwhile, Smoke's mother's condition worsens after she hears of his situation and Bo begins to walk with his new prosthetic leg.

Episode 6: It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding
The team goes on a mission to rescue a journalist, John Moffett, when they get word that the Iraqis kidnapped him and have threatened to kill him. Meanwhile, a bounty is put out on Smoke and Bo reunites with his family back in the states.

Episode 7: Mission Accomplished
At a makeshift prison guarded by the fire team, an Iraqi inmate with explosives strapped around him threatens the team and their safety. Meanwhile, Mrs. B is given leave so she can care for her autistic son.

Episode 8: Situation Normal
The fire team is sent to protect American oil workers while they build a pipeline through an Iraqi villiage. Meanwhile, Bo pushes the limits of his new leg when he tries running on it and Mrs. B travels to Hollywood where she runs into trouble.

Episode 9: Spoils of War
When millions of dollars are uncovered in a mansion during a sweep, the team has to decide whether or not to turn over the money. Meanwhile, Mrs. B returns from her absence and Bo gets into an argument with Terry over his discharge from the Army.

Episode 10: Suicide Rain
When a U.S. soldier is taken hostage, Angel single-handedly prevents the situation from getting any worse. Back in the states, Sergio's relationship with Anna progresses and Vanessa continues to try to make up for her past actions.

Episode 11: Orphans
Scream is ordered to evict the residents of a local orphanage, but is conflicted about whether or not he should follow orders. In the states, Sergio continues to deal with his feelings for Anna, and Terry looks into why Bo is no longer receiving a check from the military.

Episode 12: Weapons of Mass Destruction
The fire team, assisted by poorly trained Iraqi soldiers, search through a village to find a bomber who continues to avoid capture. In the U.S., Bo confronts his father about taking his military checks from him.

Episode 13: Follow the Money
In the finale, the fire team tries is assigned to protect a convoy traveling a highly dangerous stretch of road. While doing this, the team becomes distrustful of Lieutenant Underpants' leadership. In the states, Bo meets with a man who can get him back into the Army and Sergio is surprised by news that Anna delivers.