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About THE MIDDLEMAN & Episode Guide

About THE MIDDLEMAN & Episode Guide

Fighting evil so you don't have to.

The Middlemen Aired From June 16, 2008 – September 01, 2008 On ABC Family.

About the Show:
A struggling female artist is recruited by a secret agency to fight against evil forces.  The pilot episode features a super-intelligent ape who escapes captivity, murders several members of the Italian Mafia, spouts a half dozen catch phrases from American movies on the subject including Scarface, Goodfellas and The Godfather, before being revealed as the pawn of the true villain.

The Middleman is a freelance fixer of "exotic problems," which include mad scientists bent on taking over the world, hostile aliens and various supernatural threats. Because of Wendy Watson's coolness under pressure and photographic memory, Ida, a robot in the form of a grumpy schoolmarm, and the Middleman recruit her to become the next Middleman. The series includes various pop-culture references, including many comic books, such as when Wendy calls herself "Robin the Boy Hostage", a quote from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, demonstrating how Robin was often kidnapped or held at gunpoint by Batman's enemies.

Wendy lives in an illegal sublet apartment with her young, photogenic, animal activist friend Lacey, across the hall from lyric-spouting Noser, and had a boyfriend in film school named Ben.

The Cast:
Matt KeeslarThe Middleman
Natalie MoralesWendy Watson
Brit MorganLacey Thornfield
Mary Pat GleasonIda
Jake SmollettNoser
Brendan HinesTyler Ford

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Episode Guide

1. The Pilot Episode Sanction
Wendy Watson is thrust into the middle of a science experiment gone wrong while temping at a laboratory. Fortunately for Wendy, The Middleman, a crime fighting comic-book-like superhero, shows up to save the day.

2. The Accidental Occidental Conception
Wendy and The Middleman attempt to stop a revived Terracotta Warrior from unleashing a hail of fire upon Earth.

3. The Sino-Mexican Revelation
The martial arts master Sensei Ping arrives in town to train Wendy. Now Wendy must get the temperamental teacher back to base—despite a beat up car and hordes of lucha libre wrestlers—while The Middleman is otherwise engaged.

4. The Manicoid Teleportation Conundrum
A group of peaceful aliens with a fetish for precious stones and a resemblance to extensive plastic surgery patients are being hunted down by a homicidal man. Meanwhile, Ben puts his and Wendy's break-up video on the internet: Wendy is not thrilled.

5. The Flying Fish Zombification
Wendy and The Middleman work to contain a trout-eating zombie outbreak.

6. The Boyband Superfan Interrogation
The Middleman and Wendy investigate a haughty 14-year-old named Cindy who has a dangerous obsession with Varsity Fanclub, "the most popular boy band in the world".

7. The Cursed Tuba Contingency
Wendy and The Middleman don Edwardian clothing to destroy a cursed tuba from the RMS Titanic before it can harm innocent civilians. Elsewhere, The Middleman and Lacey share a movie together and consider dating.

8. The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation
Wendy goes undercover as a sorority sister to investigate ghost sightings at a university. Meanwhile, Tyler resurfaces and mistakes Lacey for the woman he met on the day of the lucha libre attack.

9. The Obsolescent Cryogenic Meltdown
A former Middleman, Guy Goddard, is revived from his cryogenic slumber to do battle with his arch-foe, The Candle.

10. The Vampiric Puppet Lamentation
To prevent the resurrection of every vampire that has ever lived, The Middleman and Wendy search for a possessed puppet that once belonged to Vlad the Impaler. Meanwhile, Noser pulls a disappearing act.

11. The Clotharian Contamination Protocol
Infested by evil nanobots from outer space, Ida dupes The Middleman and Wendy into initiating a lockdown at Middleman HQ, in a Clotharian plot to destroy Earth's technology.

12. The Palindrome Reversal Palindrome
When The Middleman and Wendy investigate a series of strange thefts, a supervillain named The Palindrome opens a portal that sucks Wendy to a bleak alternate universe, run by the ironfisted Fatboy Industries.


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