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About - TREME & Episode Guides

About - TREME & Episode Guides

About Treme:
This musician-themed HBO TV series is set in a New Orleans neighborhood. From the creator who brought you The Wire (David Simon), "Treme" follows the lives of struggling artists and musicians in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. "Treme" refers to one of the oldest… More neighborhoods in New Orleans where the African-American and Creole culture come together.

Real NameCharacter Name
Khandi AlexanderLadonna Batiste-Williams
Rob BrownDelmond Lambreaux
Kim DickensJanette Desautel
Michiel HuismanSonny
Melissa LeoToni Bernette
Lucia MicarelliAnnie
Clarke PetersAlbert Lambreaux
Wendell PierceAntoine Batiste
Steve ZahnDavis McAlary
John GoodmanCreighton Bernette

Source: IMDB

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Season 1 Episode Guide

1. Do You Know What It Means
A New Orleans neighborhood celebrates its first second-line “parade” since Katrina, reuniting many of its musicians and residents, though many more have yet to return.

2. Meet De Boys on the Battlefront
Albert takes the law into his own hands. LaDonna gets news about her missing brother.

3. Right Place, Wrong Time
Albert makes a shocking discovery. Davis barters freedom for piano lessons. Antoine hits rock bottom. Annie gets a birthday gig.

4. At The Foot of Canal Street
Antoine heads to Baton Rouge for a holiday visit with his sons. LaDonna and Toni probe a case of mistaken identity in New Orleans. Sonny takes a gig in Texas, leaving Annie behind. Albert accepts a dinner invitation from Darius’ aunt Lula. Delmond considers a tour offer. Davis and Creighton decide to take their angst to the masses. Albert’s Indians bury their Wild Man.

5. Shame, Shame, Shame
Albert presses a councilman Ron Singleton to reopen housing projects. Davis enlists some top local musicians to cut a campaign CD. Janette cooks for four celebrity chefs. Annie fails to embrace Sonny’s house guest. New Orleans celebrates the return of displaced residents with a second-line parade.

6. Shallow Water, Oh Mama
Toni tracks down a former cop in search of clues about Daymo. Davis raises his profile on the streets and on TV. Janette considers suspending operations at the restaurant. Albert vents about the lack of tribe lodging. Sonny crosses a line with Annie.

7. Smoke My Peace Pipe
A judge’s ultimatum gives hope to LaDonna and Toni. Albert makes a stand and pays the price. Antoine gets an airport gig but loses a mentor. Davis scores a get-out-of-jail pass. Janette takes her cooking skills on the road. Annie auditions for a Cajun gig.

8. All on a Mardi Gras Day
As New Orleans gears up for its first Fat Tuesday since Katrina, Albert is sent a less-than-celebratory message by the NOPD. Sonny leaves Annie to her own devices; LaDonna puts her bad news on hold; the Bernettes make a Mardi Gras appearance, though Creighton's heart isn't really in it.

9. Wish Somebody Would Care
Davis concocts a remedy for the post-Mardi Gras blues; Annie makes a decision that Sonny takes personally; Janette's latest chef's gig gets bogged down; Antoine becomes unexpected benefactor; Colson warns Albert to avoid trouble on St. Joseph's night; Creighton is inspired by a classic novel set in old New Orleans.

10. I'll Fly Away
Toni’s concerns about Creighton turn to anger; Albert and the Indians suit up for St. Joseph’s night; Antoine gambles away a big payday; Davis tries to convince Janette to stay put; Annie weighs her future options. A funeral procession offers its mourners a chance to reflect on the events of the last year in New Orleans.

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Season 2

1. Accentuate the Positive
In the Season Two premiere, Antoine contemplates a move while LaDonna resists one; Davis moves in new directions.

2. Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky
Antoine decides to form a band; Vincent Abreu drops a suspicious death case on Toni.

3. On Your Way Down
LaDonna confronts the return of the crime problem; Sofia channels her father's YouTube rants; Toni takes the Abreu case; Janette and Albert apply for Road Home money; Sonny barely escapes arrest.

4. Santa Claus, Do You Ever Get The Blues?
Aunt Mimi and Davis form a record company and sign rapper Katey Red; Janette makes her dramatic departure from Restaurant Brulard; Antoine reluctantly lands a teaching job.

5. Slip Away
Lt. Colson questions the quality of police investigations; Janette lands at Le Bernardin; Annie attempts composing; Davis discovers new talent; Sofia gets an internship.

6. Feels Like Rain
Hidalgo does a favor for a councilman; Antoine appoints a straw boss; Janette discovers that Jacques is in trouble; Sofia has a realization; John Hiatt and Henry Butler perform.

7. Carnival Time
The 2007 Carnival season features the unveiling of new plumage from Albert and the discovery of a different sound for Delmond. Meanwhile, Davis hopes to stay in the city when Annie attends a rural celebration with Harley; Antoine takes his sons along for the ride; Cornell gives Sonny an alternative to the party scene; and Eric Ripert allows Janette to connect with her New Orleans roots.

8. Can I Change My Mind?
Davis' band debuts, but Annie is hesitant to perform her new song. Meanwhile, Delmond runs his fusion sound by Dr. John; Nelson makes a deal with the city; Sofia falls in with the wrong crowd; and Janette mulls moving to a less intense job. Performers include Susan Cowsill and Leroy Jones.

9. What Is New Orleans?
Davis is upstaged by an up-and-coming rapper; Albert's attention to detail irks Delmond; Nelson makes the best of a frustrating situation; Toni questions murder witnesses; Colson moves to the homicide division; LaDonna faces a difficult choice; Annie experiences the good and bad of New Orleans; Antoine changes his tune on his teaching gig. Cowritten by George Pelecanos and David Simon.

10. That's What Lovers Do
Janette gets a new nickname; Toni relies on Colson for another favor; Sonny finds an unlikely reason to go to the docks; Antoine pays a price for his onstage antics; Albert and Delmond travel to make their record.

11. Do Watcha Wanna
The second season ends with Jazz Fest 2007.

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Season 3

1. Knock with Me - Rock with Me
Season 3 begins in the fall of 2007, as the neighborhood is shocked by police officers' response to a brass-band procession for a fallen musician. Meanwhile, Delmond and Albert experience different reactions to their new album; Toni finds a new ally in her ongoing crusade for justice; LaDonna is uncomfortable in her temporary lodgings; and in New York, Janette is reunited with Enrico Brulard.

2. Saints
Antoine’s students show interest and Annie’s demo hits the mark; Sonny and Linh show interest, but no marks are hit; L.P. Everett’s new case has smoke and fire; heat at the in-laws’ house forces LaDonna to move; Hidalgo discovers a new angle; Janette’s resistance slips; Albert learns he has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

3. Me Donkey Want Water
Janette, Aunt Mimi and Annie commit to new deals, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. Toni may have found the killer she seeks, but Terry is still looking for his; L.P. meets his victim’s family; Antoine plays his bone in Texas; Sonny plays his music closer to home.

4. The Greatest Love
Antoine does a good deed, and a homeowner suspects Nelson’s deeds may not be so good. Davis fails to sign “Sugar Boy” Crawford for his opera, but Delmond gets his father to sign up for assistance from New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic. L.P. learns that his headless skeleton wasn’t always so.

5. I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Say
Antoine does the “Cupid Shuffle,” as Desiree’s mother’s house collapses. Annie’s visiting parents learn about her record deal. Albert’s kids learn about his lymphoma. Toni learns about Sofia’s boyfriend. Sofia gets stopped by Officer Billy Wilson, prompting Toni to appeal to NOPD captain Marcus Grayson. Janette has a reunion.

6. Careless Love
Sonny rushes, but still misses the boat. Fats Domino tickles Davis’ fancy and a few of the ivories. Antoine seeks reading help for Jennifer. Janette endures corporate hell. Toni and L.P. get a witness. Desiree gets a new ally.

7. Promised Land
It’s Carnival time: Toni finds Judge Gatling dispensing judicial orders and potables at Galatoire’s. Janette seeks counsel from Emeril Lagasse and deconstructs crawfish etouffée with Al Roker. Sonny falls on the wagon. As Nelson schmoozes, Annie sits in with the Neville Brothers at the Washington, D.C. Mardi Gras Ball.

8. Don't You Leave Me Here
Desautel’s on the Avenue opens softly. Sonny pawns instruments to buy jewelry. LaDonna gets threats from a stranger and support from Albert. Sofia gets evicted for her own protection. Terry finds a case collapsing and his popularity declining. Desirée confronts Robinette.

9. Poor Man’s Paradise
Janette gets attacked by crawfish ravioli. Terry survives an assault; his position at the NOPD is “untenable,” but his position with Toni is improving. LaDonna learns the meaning of those threatening gestures.

10. Tipitina
Davis and Cheeky Blakk go “full ghetto” on Davis’ goodbye to the musician’s life. Tim Feeny reveals himself and his intentions to Janette when he finds out that she’s throwing an unauthorized benefit for Gigi’s. Delmond parts ways with the powers that be. Toni sees hope that Joey Abreu’s killer may be prosecuted.

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Season 4

1. Yes We Can Can
New Orleans celebrates the election of Barack Obama; Desautel opens her own Bywater restaurant; LaDonna rebuilds Gigi's bar; school band director Batiste gets invested in his students' lives.

2. This City
Lambreaux learns his cancer has spread; Delmond plays with Terence Blanchard in New York; Annie wins song of the year for "This City"; violence strikes one of Batiste's students.

3. Dippermouth Blues
McAlary and Desautel spend New Year's Eve together; Batiste picks up a movie job; LaDonna comforts Lambreaux; Colson offers to testify, and the NOPD retaliates.

4. Sunset on Louisianne
McAlary celebrates his 40th; Bernette gets a break in her case; Annie dumps her band; Lambreaux insists that Delmond carry on as Big Chief after he's gone; Everett returns to New Orleans.

5. …To Miss New Orleans Series Finale
Colson is offered a transfer; guardians send Lambreaux home; Batiste takes his sons to a Dr. John gig; Hidalgo returns to Texas; McAlary revisits his pothole, now decorated.

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