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About RUBY &THE ROCKITS & Episode Guide

About RUBY &THE ROCKITS & Episode Guide

Ruby & The Rockits Aired From July 21, 2009 - September 22, 2009 On ABC Family

About Ruby And The Rockits

Ruby & The Rockits follows Patrick Gallagher, a former teen icon, who has chosen to lead a quiet life with his wife Audie (herself an ex-'80s music video dancer) and two sons. But when his former Rockits band mate and brother, David, shows up unexpectedly with his new-found teenage daughter in town, the Gallagher family's life becomes anything but normal. David, who refuses to give up his past glory days, comes to Patrick for help raising Ruby while he continues to perform. Patrick must now put the past with David behind them in order to help raise Ruby and keep order within the rest of the Gallagher clan.


Real NameCharacter Name
Patrick CassidyPatrick Gallagher
David CassidyDavid Gallagher
Katie A. KeaneAudie Gallagher
Alexa VegaRuby Gallagher
Austin Robert ButlerJordan Gallagher
Kurt DossBen Gallagher

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Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Pilot
David Gallagher, a rock god from the 80's, and his daughter Ruby move in together after a long time apart. Recruiting the help of his family, David hopes to provide a stable environment for Ruby.

Episode 2:  Save the Last Dunce for Me
When Ruby joins the student council, she helps put together a father-daughter dance. Seeing this as the perfect opportunity to connect with her father, she goes overboard on making the dance perfect.

Episode 3:  Do You Want To Blow a Secret
Patrick buys a new car and forbids anyone from driving it. Unfortunately, Ruby must break the rules when she has to pick up Jordan from a party.

Episode 4:  It's My Party and I'll Lie If I Want To
While Patrick and Audie go away for the weekend, Ruby decides to throw a party with hopes of impressing the popular girls at school.

Episode 5:  Papas Don't Preach
When Ruby decides to date an older boy, Patrick and David fight over what to do.

Episode 6:  Hot For Spanish Teacher
David develops an attraction to the Spanish teacher at Ruby's school. Meanwhile, Ben comes up with a way to make Jordan and him some money.

Episode 7:  We Are Family?
David invites a magazine reporter to accompany him and Ruby on a day they spend bonding. Meanwhile, Jordan wants to know if Ruby is indeed David's offspring, so he tries to obtain DNA samples from them.  

Episode 8:  We Aren't the Champions
In order to get closer to Ruby, Patrick decides to coach her soccer team. Meanwhile, David helps Jordan write a new song.

Episode 9:  Smells Like Teen Drama
Ruby confronts Jordan about his constant interfering with her life. Meanwhile, Patrick and David team up to help Ben get rid of his problems with the school bully.

Episode 10:  50 Ways to Heave Your Mother
When Patrick and David's mother comes for a visit, Ruby feels neglected by her lack of interest in her life.