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About THE BORDER & Episode Guides

About THE BORDER & Episode Guides

"In a world divided by fear, they hold the line"

The Border Aired From January 07, 2008 - August 10, 2010 On CBC.

About the Show:
In this post-9/11 world the once "undefended border" that divides Canada and the U.S. is no longer considered soft. This CBC programs lifts stories from the headlines to fuel an action-packed dramatic series about maintaining security in today's world. The series follows the Immigration and Customs Security (ICS) main team lead by Major Mike Kessler.

Main Cast and Characters:
James McGowanMajor Mike Kessler
Graham AbbeyDetective Sergeant Gray Jackson
Sofia MilosSpecial Agent Bianca LeGarda
Catherine DisherSuperintendent Maggie Norton
Nazneen ContractorSergeant Layla Hourani
Mark WilsonDetective Sergeant Al 'Moose' Lepinsky
Jim CodringtonActing Inspector Darnell Williams
Jonas ChernickHeironymous Slade

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Season 1 Episode Guide

1. Pockets of Vulnerability
After an innocent man gets caught up in a terrorist plot, Major Kessler tries to clear his name.

2. Gray Zone
After an undercover mission goes wrong, Agent Gray Jackson blames a U.S. Homeland Security Agent.

3. Bodies on the Ground
Major Kessler must recapture three terrorists after their plane crashes in a rural area.

4. Gross Deceptions
Kessler and LaGarda hunt for stolen military weapons.

5. Compromising Positions
Major Kessler releases an illegal Russian stripper as a political favor, sparking a scandal that climaxes in murder.

6. Physical Assets
When Gray and Layla bust a human-trafficking operation, they follow a grisly trail to an old adversary.

7. Family Values
ICS allows a movie star to enter Canada with her adopted son Ali, a Darfur refugee with no papers or official passport. Then a man arrives from the Sudan, claiming to be Ali's father.

8. Enemy Contact
ICS and CSIS uncover plans for a major terrorist attack on Toronto.

9. Restricted Access
A sailor jumps ship in Halifax harbor and tells a disturbing tale of his ship's Captain who threw a Nigerian stowaway couple overboard to drown.

10. Normalizing Relations
A visiting Cuban official is marked for murder by an anti-Castro assassin.

11. Civil Disobedience
Kessler is suspected of leaking classified information, after his daughter Zoe is arrested during a protest at the border.

12. Grave Concern
ICS intercepts a pedophile and finds an image of a kidnapped child on his hard drive.

13. Blowback
When Kessler discovers a Croatian warlord living under Canadian protection, it brings back painful memories of the war in Bosnia.


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Season 2 Episode Guide

1. Stop Loss
After three American soldiers desert and come to Canada seeking refugee status, ICS must deal with anti-war protesters and an angry American general.

2. Target of Opportunity
An assassin arrives in Toronto to eliminate a political cartoonist that has angered the Muslim community.

3. Floral Tribute
When several Junkies turn up dead from poisoned African herion, ICS must track down the smugglers.

4. Nothing to Declare
When a small village on the Quebec/Vermont border threatens to separate, Moose and Layla must relieve tensions.

5. Peak Oil
When an eco-terrorist sabotages a pumping station, Gray and Layla must untangle an international corporate espionage scheme.

6. Prescriptive Measures
When an American rock star is killed by counterfeit pharmaceuticals, ICS must find the Canadian link but Agent LaGarda takes matters into her own hands.

7. Articles of Faith
Gray meets his match while tracking a fundamentalist Christian sect trafficking "child brides" across the border.

8. The Sweep
Maggie becomes personally invested in two victims of a human trafficking scheme.

9. Good Intentions
Kessler believes the Canadian military is covering up a scheme to smuggle Afghan heroin into the country.

10. Double Dating
The discovery of the frozen body of a Russian man triggers an ICS investigation of the smuggling of blood diamonds via the Canadian north.

11. Acceptable Risk
When a U.K. Tamil gang member enters the country for his son's life-saving surgery, ICS must deal with escalating gang violence.

12. Shifting Waters
As international leaders debate Arctic sovereignty, Kessler and ICS fight to rescue a Canadian submarine crew trapped under the polar ice.

13. Deadly Force
When an American waste tanker dumps its cargo in the Canadian wilderness, ICS believes the mob might be involved.


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Season 3 Episode Guide

1. The Dead
After a deadly gunfight, Kessler and Carver struggle to survive

2. Broken
Agent LaGarda returns to Canada escorting a Guantanamo Bay prisoner.

3. Killer Debt
ICS investigates a massive Ponzi scheme.

4. Hate Metal
Gray and Carver go undercover in a white supremacist group.

5. Missing in Action
Kessler travels to Afghanistan and is taken hostage by Taliban forces.

6. Kiss and Cry
Zoe helps an Olympic athlete defect to Canada.

7. Bride Price
Khali helps an Indian woman track down her runaway groom.

8. Dark Ride
ICS must save Maggie's daughter from a serial killer.

9. Dying Art
Darnell and Khali get involved in the sale of a priceless Buddha.

10. Spoils of War
ICS and MI6 uncover a Canadian link to coltan smuggling in the Congo.

11. Credible Threat
Kessler and Carver scramble to stop an assassination attempt of the visiting American president.

12. No Refuge
A journalist's evidence against a drug lord leads to a chilling chain of events involving the members of ICS.

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