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About QI

About QI

QI is a reality show that premiered in September 2003.

About QI (Quite Interesting):
The panel consists of four participants: three rotating and one regular, Alan Davies, who has the seat to Stephen Fry's immediate right. Davies has appeared in every episode, except for one that was themed on "Divination": he was present at the beginning, but he "teleported" away during the buzzer demonstration. He was at a football match instead but was still able to play as communicated "from beyond. He has only won seven times: since he generally offers up most of the "obvious but wrong" answers, he usually finishes last; however, his seven victories place him joint first with the show's most regular winning guest, Rich Hall. The show's other panellists mainly come from a stand-up comedy background, although there have also been guests from other fields, including Richard E. Grant, Hugh Laurie, Jeremy Clarkson, Gyles Brandreth, Roger McGough and Emma Thompson.

Questions are sometimes misleading or very difficult. Providing an "obvious but wrong" answer results in a sequence of klaxons. In the first and second series, Fry produced the answer on a card to show the panellists, while it also flashed on the large screens behind them (except in the pilot episode and the first show of the first series, when only the cards were used).[9] In the third series and onward, Fry's answer cards were dispensed with altogether, leaving only the screens as proof that the answers given had been predicted.
Because of the show's expectation that hardly anyone would be able to give a correct answer without significant prompting, it instead encourages sheer interestingness, which is how points are mainly scored. As such, tangential discussions are encouraged, for panellists are apt to branch off into frivolous conversations, give voice to train of thought, and share humorous anecdotes from their own lives. The number of points given and taken away are normally decided by Fry or beforehand by the researchers, especially if the points given or taken are very large. For example, one episode asked, "What is the main ingredient of air?" If someone answered, "Carbon dioxide" then 3,000 points would have been deducted, but no-one gave this answer. However, Davies was deducted 10 points for saying "Oxygen"

PresenterStephen Fry
Permanent PanellistsAlan Davies

Source: Wikipedia

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