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ABOUT ANDROMEDA & Episode Guides

ABOUT ANDROMEDA & Episode Guides

Worlds Apart from the Rest

Andromeda Aired From October 02, 2000 – May 13, 2005 On Sci-Fi

About the Show:
Captain Dylan Hunt commands the sentient starship Andromeda Ascendent, representing the vast, utopian All-Systems Commonwealth. When the Nietzcheans betray the Commonwealth, he is forced to order his crew to abandon ship and to pilot the Andromeda into a black hole. When the salvage ship Eureka Maru pulls them out three hundred years later, he finds a universe in chaos, where the Commonwealth is a memory. Alone, with a mighty living warship, and a motley crew (composed of a salvage team, a mercenary from the species that betrayed the Commonwealth, and a monk from a species of savage predator), Captain Hunt will struggle to re-establish the Commonwealth and return civilisation to the three galaxies.

The Cast:
Kevin SorboCaptain Dylan Hunt
Lisa RyderBeka Valentine
Lexa DoigAndromeda Ascendant
Gordon Michael WoolvettSeamus Harper
Laura BertramTrance Gemini
Keith Hamilton CobbTyr Anasazi
Steve BacicTelemachus Rhade

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ANDROMEDA - Season 1 Episode Guide

1. Under the Night

Dylan Hunt is betrayed by his 1st officer when the Nietzschean prides betray the Systems Commonwealth. Stranded on the event horizon of a black hole, Dylan is frozen in time until a salvage crew try and claim the Andromeda.

2. An Affirming Flame

Dylan must protect the Andromeda from the mercenary crew after sleeping the "long night", while Beka and her friends discover they may be fighting for the wrong person.

3. To Loose the Fateful Lightning

Dylan is manipulated into unlocking powerful weapons stores when the Andromeda discovers a Commonwealth space station populated by children who believe that he is the legendary' High Guard' who has come to bring peace by destroying their enemies.

4. D Minus Zero

Dylan and the crew of the Andromeda face off against an unknown enemy when they discover a ship's recorder, forcing Dylan to deal with the tensions between him and his new crew.

5. Double Helix

The Andromeda finds a Nietzschean colony conducting pirate raids on a nearby Than planet. Dylan hopes that saving the Than will win support for his cause, but Tyr's loyalties are divided when the colony presents him with the opportunity to have a mate and a home if he gives them the Andromeda.

6. Angel Dark, Demon Bright

When a slipstream error throws the Andromeda back to the climatic battle of Nietzschean-Commonwealth war, Dylan and his crew must not only decide whether or not to interfere, but which side to interfere on.

7. The Ties That Blind

Beka's brother and his friend come aboard, with her brother claiming to have converted to Wayism. However, it soon becomes clear that they have an agenda of their own, connected to the 'Resters', a group of enviromentalists attempting to prevent all space travel.

8. The Banks of the Lethe

Dylan is able to communicate with his lost love via a black hole as the Andromeda faces off against Nietzscheans, but when faced with the chance to be reunited with her by transporting through time, he must choose whether or not to return to the past and abandon his new mission.

9. A Rose in the Ashes

Dylan and Andromeda are imprisoned on a penal colony where nobody is allowed out; even the inmates' children are forced to remain. As the ship's avatar's power source runs low, Dylan looks to an intelligent woman to help them escape.

10. All Great Neptune's Ocean

Castalians come aboard to finalize the charter of the New Commonwealth, but, when their leader dies, Tyr becomes the prime suspect due to the leader having destroyed a Nietzschean ship during an old war.

11. The Pearls That Were His Eyes

Beka and Trance search for Beka's father's former business partner and discover he is the leader of a large company dealing in a highly addictive drug; meanwhile, the rest of the crew organise a 'garage sale' to gather money for new parts.

12. The Mathematics of Tears

The Andromeda discovers her sister ship, the Pax Magellanic, with a full crew who have not aged a day, only for Andromeda to struggle with the ship's demented AI as the crew try to piece together the mystery of what happened to the ship to remove its slipstream drive and render the crew immortal.

13. Music of a Distant Drum

With the Eureka Maru having been infected by attack-nanobots that disrupt electrical systems, Tyr crashlands on a Nietzschean controlled planet, his memories lost and the Maru damaged, and must try and remember his past before the ruling Nietzschean pride discover him and the crate he was transporting.

14. Harper 2.0

Harper becomes a genius when a Persiod "downloads" immense amounts of knowledge into his brain, and becomes the target of a bounty hunter with advanced technology. Dylan and his crew discover information on the Magog.

15. Forced Perspective

While picking up parts for Andromeda, Dylan Hunt is arrested on charges for assassinating a planetary dictator three hundred years ago, by one of the men who participated in the assassination, leaving Trance to rescue him and solve the mystery of how the man survived for three centuries.

16. The Sum of Its Parts

The crew is contacted by a drone from the Consensus of Parts, a race of sentient machines who live in the space between galaxies, who has been sent to make contact with them, but face danger when the drone takes over Andromeda in an attempt to escape his destruction while his 'master' tries to force Rommie to join the Consensus.

17. Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way

Gerentex kidnaps Trance and Harper and forces them to assist in his quest for power, as he claims to have discovered the location of a map to the lost Commonwealth capital Tarn-Vedra.

18. The Devil Take the Hindmost  

While the rest of the crew of the Andromeda aid in relief efforts for a Than colonly, Dylan and Rev Bem go to the aid of one of Rev Bem's friends to help protect a peaceful people against slavers, but matters become complicated when it is revealed they possess a perfect genetic memory, if Dylan teaches them to kill, their descendents will always remember how to take a life.

19. The Honey Offering

Dylan tries to bring peace to two warring Nietzschean prides by escorting a princess of one to an arranged marriage with the other, but when Dylan and the princess are forced to escape in the Eureka Maru while Andromeda lures away a fleet, he realises that things aren't as they seem.

20. Star-Crossed

Andromeda falls in love with an android who was rescued from a destroyed ship, but she is betrayed when it is revealed that he is the avatar of the warship the Balance of Judgment, who has gone insane after the Fall.

21. It Makes a Lovely Light

Beka attempts to pilot the Andromeda to Tarn-Vedra, a planet that is cut off from the slipstream. In a weakened state, she takes the drug Flash and overdoses, nearly dying.

22. It's Hour Come ‘Round at Last

Harper accidentally activates a hidden personality stored away in Andromeda's system, causing her to forget the events of the past few years and re-enact a top secret mission. While executing this mission, Andromeda becomes overrun by Magog.

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ANDROMEDA - Season 2 Episode Guide

1. The Widening Gyre (2)   

Dylan and Rommie make their way to the Magog Worldship to save Magog egg infested Tyr and Harper, as the Andromeda is critically damaged.

2. Exit Strategies   

Returning from getting parts for the Andromeda, the Eureka Maru tries to elude a group of Nietzscheans, but crash lands on an ice-covered planet.

3. A Heart for Falsehood Framed   

The crew choose to lead negotiations to resolve the return of the Hegemon's Heart from the Chichin to the Than by replacing it with a fake.

4. Pitiless as the Sun   

After Trance is taken prisoner on the planet of Inaris, she is questioned for causing a civil war fifteen years ago.

5. Last Call at the Broken Hammer   

Hunting for the woman who set up the only major interstellar alliance since the Fall, Dylan finds himself in a bar at the edge of a desert wasteland, trying to fend of a Kalderan attack.

6. All Too Human   

Rommie sets out to extract an informant, but winds up stuck on a planet with a strong hatred and fear of Androids.

7. Una Salus Victus   

After discovering Tyr has hidden the remains of Drago Musevini on board the Andromeda, Dylan questions Tyr's loyalty. Beka and a Nietzchean both race to repair their ships before the other destroys them, and Harper is left in command of the Andromeda, and must decide whether or not to protect a convoy and risk losing the Andromeda.

8. Home Fires   

A stranger gives Dylan a message from his dead fiancée leading him to an untouched world with descendants of his former crew and friends, including the descendant of his treacherous former best friend.

9. Into the Labyrinth   

A Commonwealth conference becomes a backdrop for Magog espionage, while Harper tries to discover how one of their spies managed to remove some of his Magog larvae.

10. The Prince   

Teen royalty is the key to the crew quelling an alien uprising, as Dylan and Tyr become co-regents to a recently orphaned young prince.

11. Bunker Hill   

The crew returns for the first time to Earth, where Harper and his cousin try to save the home world from Nietzschean occupation.

12. Ouroboros   

Harper enlists the help of Chief Technical Director Hohne to build a machine that will fold space to remove the Magog eggs, but it's affecting time, as well.

13. Lava and Rockets   

Fleeing an ambush, Dylan hijacks a civilian ship. Unfortunately, the ship is captained by a new female pilot. While Dylan and the pilot get to know one another, the rest of the team tries to figure out who was behind the ambush.

14. Be All My Sins Remembered   

When an old friend of Beka's dies, she tells the crew about her past.

15. Dance of the Mayflies   

The crew of Andromeda encounters plague victims infected by a hostile, nanobot-based life form out to take over the ship.

16. In Heaven Now Are Three   

Beka, Dylan, and Trance attempt to find the Engine of Creation, an artifact able to rearrange space and time.

17. The Things We Cannot Change   

Dylan wakes up to find a wife and kids, but he doesn't accept that it is real. Meanwhile, Dylan's body is slowly dying from lack of oxygen, as he spins around in a space suit.

18. The Fair Unknown   

The crew encounters the Vedrans, the long-lost founders of the Commonwealth.

19. Belly of the Beast   

The Andromeda is swallowed by a space creature, which is believed to be a mythological planet eater.

20. The Knight, Death, and the Devil   

Having learned of a POW camp containing a fleet of captured High Guard warships from the fall of the Commonwealth, Dylan mounts a rescue mission but arrive to find out that the ships are not willing to serve anyone including the restored Commonwealth.

21. Immaculate Perception   

As Tyr is determined to help the Nietzscheans because his wife's colony is one of the prides being attacked, he learns that he is a father.

22. Tunnel at the End of the Light (1)   

The crew of the Andromeda meet an alien race from another universe they were destined to face.



ANDROMEDA - Season 3 Episode Guide

1. If the Wheel Is Fixed (2)   

After Tyr and Beka get trapped in a dimensional tunnel, the crew attempts to reconstruct the situation to rescue them.

2. The Shards of Rimni   

Dylan is framed for murder in order to blackmail him for a shard he possesses.

3. Mad to Be Saved   

The Andromeda picks up a group of refugees who have been subjected to psychological and physical torture.

4. Cui Bono   

Beka's Uncle Sid returns, as a candidate for a leader of the Commonwealth. He plans to use the Andromeda to help his chances, but an assassin has other plans for him.

5. The Lone and Level Sands   

As Dylan, Rommie, Tyr and Harper flee from the Ogami, they encounter a ship with no slipstream drive, the Bellerophon, sent from Earth to explore space over 3000 years ago.

6. Slipfighter the Dogs of War   

After finding out that a planet is developing Nova Bombs and testing them on a nearby star and planet, Dylan takes it upon himself to disarm them.

7. The Leper's Kiss   

Dylan sets out to find an assassin known as The Leper who is trying to kill his good friend Marshall Man Ka-Lupe.

8. For Whom the Bell Tolls   

The crew begins to see a ghost of one of the original crew.

9. And Your Heart Will Fly Away...   

A man, who had hired Tyr to kill his true love, returns.

10. The Unconquerable Man   

Gaheris Rhade sets out to reshape the universe according to his will and restore order amid the chaos.

11. Delenda Est   

The Andromeda tries to stop mysterious attacks occurring on nearby planets and outposts.

12. The Dark Backward   

To save the Andromeda from a lethal intruder, Trance goes through a series of diverse scenarios.

13. The Risk All Point   

When Dylan is invited to the launch of the first Commonwealth ship made in 307 years, the ship explodes and sabotage is suspected.

14. The Right Horse   

When an old flame of Beka's is arrested ona planet where only the truth is told, it's up to the Andromeda and her crew to save the day.

15. What Happens to a Rev Deferred?   

As the Andromeda responds to a distress call from a planet on the brink of destruction, the crew intercepts a transmission from Rev Bem on a ship returning to the surface.

16. Point of the Spear   

When the Andromeda responds to a request to destroy atmosphere generators on Samsarra, they encounter a battle group of Pyrians and stand off until the Commonwealth fleet arrives.

17. Vault of the Heavens   

After receiving a message from an unknown planet, the crew of the Andromeda takes it upon themselves to save the people. The strange thing is that the message is from a woman and it is going directly into Dylan's head and no one else can hear it.

18. Deep Midnight's Voice   

The Andromeda searches for the Deep Midnights Voice, and old Nietzschean slipscout device, which enables mapping of every meter of the slipstream.

19. The Illusion of Majesty   

The Andromeda ends up in the Prolon System where they discover a hibernation capsule occupied by a woman impersonating a dead princess.

20. Twilight of the Idols   

A guerrilla army ambushes Dylan and Tyr while they are searching for the Quachic Pride of the Nietzscheans in the desert world of Amarna.

21. Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath   

When the crew prepares for the launch of The Resolution of Hector, they soon discover that Rommie has had a change of mind and is now working against the crew.

22. Shadows Cast by a Final Salute (1)   

When the Andromeda is attacked by the Dragons to receive the bones of Drago Musevini something seems array. Dylan then discovers that Tyr has united all of the Nietzschean people under his son, the genetic reincarnation of Drago Musevini.



ANDROMEDA - Season 4 Episode Guide

1. Answers Given to Questions Never Asked (2)   

Paroo, a seemingly psychotic Collector, simultaneously takes credit and blames Dylan for the fall of the Commonwealth. He also claims to be holding captive the Triumvir Tri-Jema. The crew must decide whether to accompany Dylan on yet another odds-defying journey to save the Universe or to retire in relative safety.

2. Pieces of Eight   

A power-hungry man named Citizen Eight seeks to manipulate the Commonwealth for his own gain. Dylan receives an unsettling view of his future from a prophetic alien.

3. Waking the Tyrant's Device   

Dylan and his friend Molly Noguchi try to prevent the maker of the Magog Worldship from deploying an army of androids.

4. Double or Nothingness   

Dylan plays a deadly game against two gamblers, but not everything is as real as it seems.

5. Harper/Delete   

The ultimate weapon falls into the hands of a Nietzschean pirate, leaving Harper to disarm it before the Magog arrive.

6. Soon the Nearing Vortex (1)   

The reappearance of Tyr Anasazi and Telemachus Rhade leads to a race to obtain the Route of Ages, which will direct the owner to the location of the Abyss itself. Dylan and the crew plan to use it as a weapon, while Tyr plans on bargaining with the Abyss in hopes of it sparing his empire.

7. The World Turns All Around Her (2)   

In a race against Tyr to control the Route of Ages, the crew find themselves in another universe. To save them, Trance finally reveals who and what she really is.

8. Conduit to Destiny   

The crew assists in the search for escaped prisoners on a new Commonwealth member world. Dylan finds himself playing a role in an ancient prophecy.

9. Machinery of the Mind   

Harper attends a conference of the Commonwealth's greatest minds. Unfortunately, a mysterious assassin has plans for that collected brilliance. Meanwhile, Dylan is being escorted to meet with Tri-Lorn.

10. Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter   

The crew searches for a princess abducted by a ruthless pirate. As usual, nothing is as it seems. Along the way, a secret from Beka's past is revealed.

11. The Torment, the Release   

Tri-Lorn demands Dylan to submit himself for trial to turn over Rhade in order to avoid civil war.

12. The Spider's Stratagem   

The crew encounters a cargo ship with one hundred life forms in a secret hold, and bio-armor on board.

13. The Warmth of an Invisible Light   

Harper's experiment on an unfinished cloaking device goes awry, and Dylan ends up in an alternate reality.

14. The Others   

The crew rescues two people from a spaceship, the leaders of opposing sides in a long civil war on a nearby planet.

15. Fear Burns Down to Ashes   

The Collectors have been using a drug to modify people's behavior, discovering their fears in efforts to control or break them. This is their solution for dealing with Dylan. Led by a message from Rev Bem, claiming to have a weapon that can defeat the oncoming darkness, Dylan lands on a drug-trafficking planet, and is soon taken captive by the Collectors.

16. Lost in a Space that Isn't There   

After being repeatedly attacked by bounty hunters after several evasive slipstream jumps, Dylan determines that there must be a mole on board.

17. Abridging the Devil's Divide   

While on a mission on the Eureka Maru, Dylan, Rhade and Harper are captured by the Templars. The Patriarch of the Templars presses Harper to help him build a time bridge to 210 years in the future. Meanwhile, Beka, Trance and Rommie chase down smuggler ships.

18. Trusting the Gordian Maze   

While the Andromeda is confronted by the Commonwealth fleet and Tri-Jema, Dylan must decide whether or not he can entrust the Route of Ages to them, while being tempted by a beautiful Commonwealth spy.

19. A Symmetry of Imperfection   

Rommie's emotions cause one of Harpers fail-safes to activate, cutting her off from her core AI and shutting down all the ship's systems. This creates problems, especially when a satellite ship from the Magog world ship could come out of slipstream at any moment.

20. Time out of Mind   

The death of a man named Weslow, from Beka's past, sends the crew in search of an archive that can let Beka relive some of her childhood experiences so that she may make sense of Weslow's dying words.

21. The Dissonant Interval (1)   

The Andromeda encounters the Arkology, a society that they believe is the closest to perfection humanity will ever achieve. But the Magog are close, and Dylan and the crew must convince the utopia that peace is not the answer. Conflict arises in the core crew when the leaders of Arkology do not wish to leave. Dylan wants to defend them, and Beka warns him that she's not going to stay and die defending an idea of peace.

22. The Dissonant Interval (2)   

Beka decides to leave the crew to fight for themselves, but after all of the promises that everyone will be reunited, Trance tells them that they will never be as they are again. When the Magog Worldship finally re-encounters the Andromeda after two years, Rommie and Harper race to take the Arkology to slipstream, Rhade must teach the inhabitants to defend themselves, and Dylan and Trance fight off the invading Magog. But as the Andromeda becomes covered in swarmships, Trance tells Dylan that he and only he may escape this alive.



ANDROMEDA - Season 5 Episode Guide

1. The Weight (1)   

Dylan finds himself on Seefra-1, one of nine identical planets orbiting two suns. He soon encounters Rhade, who has abandoned all hope. Rhade hates Dylan for the hope he has brought, and when someone asks Dylan be killed, Rhade agrees to do it.

2. The Weight (2)   

Dylan and Rhade receive a month-old distress signal from Beka. After following the coordinates she left, they find the Andromeda dead in space. On board, he finds Darregacorp engineers trying to salvage it, led by Jonah Derrega, and Beka Valentine.

3. Phear Phactor Phenom   

When a valuable painting gets stolen after Beka, Rhade, and everyone else in the bar inhales a mysterious mist, Dylan jumps at the opportunity to win the reward for reclaiming it so the Andromeda can be repaired. After tracing the nanobots in the mist, they encounter Harper who is accompanied by a beautiful woman named Doyle. But Harper is caught up in the plans of Marika, who wants him to genetically engineer Vedrans, as well as to take over the Seefra system.

4. Decay of the Angel   

When a slipstream event is detected in the Seefra system, Dylan, Rhade, and Beka try to find it, and their way out. Meanwhile, a man claiming to be from the future approaches Doyle, addressing her as Andromeda.

5. The Eschatology of Our Present   

Beka learns she has existed in more than one place at one time when she meets a man who she knows is her father.

6. When Goes Around...   

Dylan encounters Celine, a woman from his past who is trapped in a time loop. The two are happy to see each other, but Dylan knows he may have to choose between Celine and the survival of Seefra.

7. Attempting Screed   

The unexpected return of Flavin takes Dylan on a journey through time, revealing mysteries surrounding Tarn Vedra, the Paradine, the battle with the Worldship, and Trance.

8. So Burn the Untamed Lands   

Dylan and Rhade attempt to infiltrate a mining camp where crystals are extracted, which contain the power needed to restore the Andromeda and leave the Seefra system.

9. What Will Be Was Not   

When Trance believes Rhade and the crew blame her for their situation, she runs off into Seefra-1's underground tunnels. As Dylan and Doyle pursue her, they discover the use of ancient Vedran technology.

10. The Test   

When an old man, with whom Harper is in negotiations over an artifact, dies, a stranger accuses the crew of murder.

11. Through a Glass Darkly   

Harper’s old friend Hohne who’s thought to be dead comes back to save Seefra-5 from being destroyed.

12. Pride Before the Fall   

Beka’s new boyfriend Peter turns out to be a lethal adversary from previous times.

13. Moonlight Becomes You   

While Beka, Rhade, Doyle and Harper search for a treasure, Trance becomes fascinated by a man named Ione, the Sun God.

14. Past Is Prolix   

The arrival of Trance's sun threatens to destroy all the planets except Seefra-1 unless the system problem is fixed.

15. The Opposites of Attraction   

The avatar of the black hole, that trapped Dylan after the Nietzschean ambush, returns to get him back.

16. Saving Light from a Black Sun   

The crew travels to the core of Seefra's sun Methus-2 to repair it.

17. Totaled Recall   

An explosion sends Dylan into an inter-dimensional loop, with a man named Elysian telling him to decipher a riddle.

18. Quantum Tractate Delirium   

As Trance's sun closes on Seefra-9, Rommie is rebuilt by Doyle to help evacuate the planet.

19. One More Day's Light (1)   

The evacuation of Seefra-5 is at risk when a religious sect decides to stay on the planet.

20. Chaos and the Stillness of It (2)   

General Burma arrives on Andromeda, with Harper in tow. Dylan and Rhade head for Methus-2, about to be crushed by Trance's sun, leaving Doyle, Rommie, and Beka to face Burma, and the forgotten enemy he brings with him.

21. The Heart of the Journey (1)   

With the help of the avatars of the nebula, the Andromeda goes through the Route of Ages, back to the Known Worlds, and the Commonwealth.

22. The Heart of the Journey (2)

As the Nietzschean fleet approaches, the Andromeda prepares for the final battle.


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