Fast Skip Keywords:

You can use Fast Skip Keywords to skip to a new page without hint message to quicker operation. The following is frequently-used Fast Skip Keywords list:

Keyword Hint Message or Function
login_succeed Logged in
logout_succeed Logged out
thread_poll_succeed Voted the poll
thread_rate_succeed Rated the post
register_succeed Registered an account
usergroups_join_succeed Joined in users group
usergroups_exit_succeed Quited users group
usergroups_update_succeed Updated users group
buddy_update_succeed Updated buddy list
post_edit_succeed Edited post
post_edit_delete_succeed Deleted post
post_reply_succeed Reply sent
post_newthread_succeed New thread posted
post_reply_blog_succeed Blog comment posted
post_newthread_blog_succeed New Blog posted
profile_avatar_succeed Avatar set
profile_succeed Profiled updated
pm_send_succeed P.M. sent
pm_delete_succeed P.M. deleted
pm_ignore_succeed Ignore List updated
admin_succeed Administration operation implemented (Note: the system will forward you to new page directly after your administration operations completed. )
admin_succeed_next  Skip to next administration operation
search_redirect Search completed