How to use P.M.?

P.M. is short for private message. After logging in, you can click P.M. to enter P.M. administration, then click [Send P.M.] to enter P.M. sending page, then click “submit” (or Ctrl+Enter) to send a P.M. to the receiver.

You can check “Save to Outbox” to save a P.M. in Outbox prior to submit the P.M.

Click “Inbox” to view P.M.s you received.
Click “Outbox” to view P.M.s you saved.
Click "Tracking" to check whether your P.M.s have been viewed.
Click “Search P.M.” to search P.M. in terms of key words, sender, receiver, search range and sequence.
Click “Export P.M.” to export P.M. as htm file on my end.
Click “Ignore List” to set ignore members whose P.M.s will not be sent to you.