How to use the Discuz! Code?

You can use BB Code, a simplified version of HTML, in your posts to create certain effects.

  1. [b]Bold Text Abc[/b] would produce: Bold Text Abc (Bold Text)
  2. [i]Italicized Text Abc[/i] would produce: Italicized Text Abc (Italicized Text)
  3. [u]Underlined Text Abc[/u] would produce: Underlined Text Abc (Underlined Text)
  4. [color=red]Text Abc in Color Red[/color] would produce: Text Abc in Color Red (Change Color of Text)
  5. [size=3]Text Abc in Size 3[/size] would produce: Text Abc in Size 3 (Change Size of Text)
  6. [font=Tahoma]Text Abc of Tahoma[/font] would produce: Text Abc of Tahoma (Change Font of Text)
  7. [align=Center]This is centered[/align] would produce:

This is centered

(Centered Text)

  1. [url][/url] would produce: (Hyperlink)
  2. [url=][/url] would produce: (Hyperlink)
  3. [email][/email] would produce: Donation (E-Mail Hyperlink)
  4. []Donation[/email] would produce: Donation (E-Mail Hyperlink)
  5. [quote]Discuz! Board is a bulletin board system developed by Comsenz Inc.[/quote] (Quoted Text, similar code [code][/code] for quote program codes)
  6. [hide]Hidden Text[/hide] (Hide Text to Visitors Unless Replying this Thread)
  7. [hide=20]Hidden Text[/hide] (Hidden Text According Visitor's Credits
  8. [list]
    [*]first bulleted item
    [*]second bulleted item
    [*]third bulleted item
    [/list] (Lists)
  9. [qq]688888[/qq] (Display "QQ Status", users can click this icon to chat with him/her)

Below codes are available only when [img] code is allowed

  1. [img][/img] (Image)
    would produce:
  2. [img=88,31][/img] (Resized Image)
    would produce:
  3. [swf][/swf] (Shockwave-flash)