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Subject: Robin Hood Season 1-3 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers) [Print This Page]

Author: bala    Time: 3-10-2008 07:08     Subject: Robin Hood Season 1-3 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

i'm really looking to watching this-i missed this last year because i didn't even know it was on.

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Author: bala    Time: 3-11-2008 07:39

i've just watched the first episode and i got to admit it was good-i liked how they left first episode of a clif-hanger?.
Author: bala    Time: 3-12-2008 05:44     Subject: Episode 1-8

i know people have watch first season but no-one is chatting about it?

So where do we start, Robin managed crew of thives and managed to steal but i suspect marin is going to cause problem-she suppose marry that gisborn which king return but i suspect that was really smart on her part.

As you see avator i'm fan of marlin she really is beautiful but i just don't know i just don't trust her, she good as playing both grisborn and robin, she really teases both men. that starting to annoy me about the character.

Robin is nice guy but i feeling his angry toward grisborn regards what happend to him in the holy war changed him-way willing to murder. That side of him still exist.
Author: meljones_83    Time: 3-12-2008 09:50

I love this show and have seen all the eps, am not going to comment too much though for fear of giving stuff away! I'm not always good at remembering when stuff happens and I don't want to ruin anything for anyone!

I'd highly recommend it though.
Author: bala    Time: 3-12-2008 09:55     Subject: Reply 4#4 meljones_83's post

just remember up to marin wedding with grisborn is end of season 1
Author: kwargalla    Time: 3-12-2008 12:02     Subject: Season 2 Discussion (may include spoilers)

just got through the whole season and just got to say OMG at the ending.
I have really enjoyed watching the Robin Hood series and can't wait to see what they do for season 3!!
Author: bala    Time: 3-12-2008 12:13     Subject: Reply 1#1 kwargalla's post

i should be finished by tomorrow on this
Author: bala    Time: 3-13-2008 09:34     Subject: Reply 1#1 kwargalla's post

Now do you think she's dead?

they can't rid of her?
Author: Milks26    Time: 3-13-2008 09:42     Subject: Reply 5#5 bala's post

I was checking on an issue for one of the members....Was this show cancelled or are there more seasons to come?
Author: bala    Time: 3-13-2008 09:55     Subject: Reply 6#6 Milks26's post

Yep there is a 3rd season
Author: Milks26    Time: 3-13-2008 10:53     Subject: Reply 7#7 bala's post

thanks for the it a good show?
Author: bala    Time: 3-13-2008 11:40     Subject: Reply 8#8 Milks26's post

depends on whether you like show that set in 1100-it's very similar Xena Warrior princess Show.
Author: Milks26    Time: 3-13-2008 13:08     Subject: Reply 9#9 bala's post

okay...I check it one day
Author: kwargalla    Time: 3-13-2008 19:12     Subject: Reply 3#3 bala's post

i have no idea..... but your right they can't get rid of her she is an intrical part of the myth!!  she was his one great love if they even try to bring another woman into the picture it will ruin everything let alone fans will hate the new actress.  i did hear though that the actress (sorry forgot her name) was signed on for the next season, could be rumors though.  the writers went on and on about the doves and how they will do anything to get to their one true love, maybe they'll figure out a way how not to have her gone.  all i have to say is it better have not been a dream secence for the later half of the season finally
Author: bala    Time: 3-13-2008 23:56     Subject: Reply 4#4 kwargalla's post

her name is lucy griffiths
Author: bala    Time: 3-14-2008 01:20     Subject: Season 2 Discussion

Well i have to say that i liked this season a lot better than the first season because the plot got better with having a traitor on robin hood gang made it brillant and i liked the fact that they didn't drag that story-line too long but in in the end by end of season the traitor back on the gang seem a little bit silly but he did rescue them. i Still don't trust him.

Marin we don't know how they are going bring her back but you got 1 thing right i will be watching this when it comes back on bbc as i had no idea about this show until it got added on here, So Guy of Gisborne and marin finally he find out what she is the knight watchman. i got admit i felt bad for him he really love her and she manipulates him for her benefits that something i can't stand in women but i guess you can say ends justify the means. i understand why Guy of Gisborne killed her i mean she broke it heart twice first at wedding than telling him she loves robin put him over the edge-i kind of wish he get another love interest that love him as much as he loves marin-he deserves it. i don't think he's a bad guy.  

I like the fact they used Djaq character a little better made her look a little more femaine in female outfits, Still end of season declare her love to Will was a bit too much information i just hope next season ain't going love-dovy between these two.

Author: bala    Time: 3-14-2008 01:26     Subject: Reply 10#10 Milks26's post

i would advise you check it out before it get moved at begaining of April
Author: bala    Time: 3-14-2008 02:29     Subject: Reply 4#4 kwargalla's post

Here something i found on internet-this response to a letter a fan send to producer about season 2 finale-trust me the letter that wrote too much post on here.
I’m sorry you were disappointed by Marian’s death in the final episode of Robin Hood. Our aim was simply to tell the best story we could imagine and create a story that felt engaging and surprising for the audience. We felt that Robin Hood mattered most to our audience, and what mattered most to Robin was Marian...and therein lay the most compelling and dramatic climax to the end of Series 2.

Rest assured that Sir Guy of Gisborne has not got away with killing Marian and evil certainly hasn't prevailed over good. This is something that Sir Guy of Gisborne will have to live with forever and Series 3 will see him struggle with the consequences of Marian's death.

Robin Hood is a returning drama series that we hope will be entertaining families for years to come. In order to achieve this we need to make difficult decisions to ensure the series survives, and that there's room to introduce new characters and new storylines.

The show is made with such passion by everyone involved in the production, so we really hope you will give Series 3 a chance.”

Yours sincerely
Sarah Brandist
Commissioning Editor, Drama

Author: kwargalla    Time: 3-14-2008 07:47     Subject: Reply 7#7 bala's post

thanks for finding the letter - it sorta makes it sound that there will be a new love interest for Robin, but she would lose her job if she let on what was gonna happen in the next season.

Re: guy being a good guy - i can see why you say this by the way he protects marian but never forget that he did leave his child in the woods to die and just a couple of the poor were murdered under his watch.  toward the end of season 2 he did look a lot better but it doesn't wash away all his past faults.
Author: bala    Time: 3-14-2008 08:04     Subject: Reply 8#8 kwargalla's post

he did everything for her-now he has nothing more live for.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-14-2008 11:35     Subject: Reply 2#2 bala's post

I've only read the 1st two posts, since I've only watched the first episode. I really enjoyed it.  I liked the way it ended...setting us up to meet those who I'm assuming will become his "band of merry men".  Marian is a great female character, even though she didn't have a huge role in this episode.  It portrayed her as very strong and loyal to her father and those she loves.  It's always great to see a show...especially one mostly about men, have a strong female in the mix.  I tire easily of the "damsel in distress".  Definitely looking forward to seeing more of this show.
Author: bala    Time: 3-14-2008 11:37     Subject: Reply 12#12 waterlilybarb's post

Well trust me your in go a ride-Marin is one hell of a women i just didn't like the fact....well if you get second season-read my comment when you finish.
Author: meljones_83    Time: 3-18-2008 09:07     Subject: Reply 12#12 waterlilybarb's post

Marian is definitely not a damsel in distress! She is a really strong woman and that's also one of the things that I love about the show. She doesn't just sit back and let other people deal with the injustice going on, she actually goes and does something about it, even though it's pretty dangerous at times for her. Keep watching, she'll only impress you more as it goes on!
Author: meljones_83    Time: 3-18-2008 09:12

Well Marian being gone makes me not want to wacth any more as she was one of the main reasons I loved the show so much. As Barb said in the season 1 discussion, it's good to see a strong female character in a predominantly male world. I'll probably give the next season chance but I'm not looking forward to it as much and can't see how they are going to do the legend of Robin Hood justice without a Maid Marian. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
Author: kwargalla    Time: 3-18-2008 16:06     Subject: Reply 10#10 meljones_83's post

totally agree!!
Author: bala    Time: 3-19-2008 09:04     Subject: Reply 10#10 meljones_83's post

i have feeling they will bring her back-witchcraft something along these lines.
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-19-2008 21:21     Subject: Reply 13#13 bala's post

Unfortunately, I unwittingly came across some info I would have rather waited to find out through watching the show.  I was looking up information on one of the actors and caught a glimpse of future storylines.  I hate when that happens!  I know it's not exactly a spoiler, since it's not a new show, but it's new to me, and I don't like to know what's going to happen before it happens.  Thankfully, I only saw one sentence, so not much was spoiled for me.

I've seen episode 2 now and I was right about the "outlaws" in the forest.   I enjoy figuring things like that out.  I'll let you know when I have a chance to watch some more.  I haven't been watching much of anything lately, because of the migraine I had, but maybe next week I'll have a chance to do a little marathon, and at least finish series one.

Author: bala    Time: 3-20-2008 07:21     Subject: Reply 15#15 waterlilybarb's post

quiz coming today
Author: waterlilybarb    Time: 3-20-2008 07:55     Subject: Reply 16#16 bala's post

Good-o!  Looking forward to it.
Author: bala    Time: 3-20-2008 08:41     Subject: Reply 17#17 waterlilybarb's post

i wouldn't if i was you because i'm going get loads complaints about just wait and see what i have done.
Author: superhero    Time: 4-2-2008 09:25

i heard that the actress wanted to leave so she could make movies.I am sad that marian died but am disapointed that 2 of my fav characters Will and Djaq stayed in Acre. :
Author: bala    Time: 4-2-2008 10:54     Subject: Reply 13#13 superhero's post

She didn't say that she said she would be interested in movies but let just see what happen in 3rd season
Author: TimeLady    Time: 7-9-2008 00:33     Subject: Reply 14#14 bala's post

I just finished season 2 of RH....and I gotta say that I liked it that Will and Djaq confessed their love to one another... and it just sucks that they killed Marian...but I have a stinking hunch that she is not totally gone...but they better not introduce another love interest for Robin or resurrect her by bringing in another Marian (i.e. secret twin sister from out of nowhere) and uh uhhh it better not be a dream sequence or I'll be pissed off.  Othere then that....great show great season...!!!
Author: bala    Time: 3-28-2009 06:51     Subject: ROBIN HOOD Season 3 Discussion

Ok guys the new season start in few hours and it going to be interesting how robin meet brother tuck.
Author: bala    Time: 3-28-2009 12:49     Subject: Episode 1

Wasn't really impressed with this episode
Author: gabsimom    Time: 3-29-2009 11:07

I  really hope this was not the preview of what the whole season is like. CRAP!!
I mean you can tell the writers were just flustered that they had no Marion, I mean didn't they just have half her face burned and have her wear a mask so we could have a new actress.
Robin who was suppose to be running non stop from the holy land to kill Guy, looked like he was at a spa that served McDonalds for every meal the last few months. Plus his Band of 3 merry men did nothing but run the whole episode. I am surprised they could deliver any lines without passing out.

Friar Tuck on the other hand was a bright spot so may stick around for that. Plus where are our female leads?
Hope they introduce them soon.
Author: bala    Time: 3-29-2009 11:29     Subject: Reply 3#3 gabsimom's post

the female lead is the next episode-in preview you saw blond lady-she going join the gang

Author: gabsimom    Time: 3-29-2009 11:38

Well at least it is a Blond this time,
Author: bala    Time: 3-29-2009 11:44     Subject: Reply 5#5 gabsimom's post

i don't like blondes

Marian had nice hair
Author: anorocle    Time: 3-29-2009 15:24

Is this series worth watching than?
Author: gabsimom    Time: 3-29-2009 17:45

give it a shot, I loved it until this eppy.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-5-2009 09:05     Subject: Episode 2 Cause and Effect

Good episode the blond or i should say Kate is very head strong she tried to free her brother but it didn't go to plan
Author: bala    Time: 4-5-2009 09:33     Subject: Reply 9#9 codebreaker's post

Yeah that kate chick is cause trouble she already had some effect on munch and you could see love-triangle coming soon with few of the men. Still the speech that robin made was quite powerful, i like beginning of the episode was kind of funny don't you think-those one-liner robin made made me smile
Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-5-2009 09:49     Subject: Reply 10#10 bala's post

Yes the one-liner are great and i can see Kate getting them all into lots of trouble but you can see why she sold out Robin thinking she could save her brother
Author: bala    Time: 4-5-2009 09:52     Subject: Reply 11#11 codebreaker's post

yes she has a good heart but her action have consequence
Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-5-2009 09:55     Subject: Reply 12#12 bala's post

If she keeps doing what she does there will be a lot more consequence to come
Author: bala    Time: 4-5-2009 10:00     Subject: Reply 13#13 codebreaker's post

i think she will learn as time goes on
Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-5-2009 10:03     Subject: Reply 14#14 bala's post

We will see but i think they will start taking orders from her
Author: bala    Time: 4-5-2009 10:15     Subject: Reply 15#15 codebreaker's post

Well only when robin isn't around but tuck seem good control over her
Author: kwargalla    Time: 4-5-2009 14:51

I have to agree with Tina.  this season is crap so far.  I was having trouble with where they were taking the series at the end of last season with the loss of Marion and so far this Kate character is driving me nuts.  yes i can see that she will cause love triangles and keep everyone on their toes but i'm not liking the way the show seems to be heading.
Author: gabsimom    Time: 4-5-2009 17:22

Kate gets on my nerves! I want her gone!
Author: bala    Time: 4-5-2009 22:19     Subject: Reply 18#18 gabsimom's post

i see you changed your tune
Author: bala    Time: 4-11-2009 12:00     Subject: Episode 3

Well another good episode i mean Abbot saying robin hood is going to hell was slightly too much all because he was blackmailed because Sheriff had Abbot bible which was in English.  it alright episode but the Abbot cut very close tell them it was lies.
Author: kwargalla    Time: 4-13-2009 13:18

wasn't thrilled by this episode almost didn't watch the whole thing to the end.  i found it kinda boring and drawn out.  i guess i'm just getting bored with the format of the show:
one of robins men  or robin goes charging in after being told not to,
gets caught
robin & merry men go into save them,
they get caught
than they escape with minutes to spare.
all the while the sheriff is taking it out on locksley...

it's getting really predictable and i'm starting to lose interest.  

which is to bad cause i really did like this show in previous seasons - hopefully it will start getting better.

one more thing - was that the same actress who played Kate last week?

Author: bala    Time: 4-14-2009 01:27     Subject: Reply 21#21 kwargalla's post

was that the same actress who played Kate last week?

Yes it was same actress
Author: gabsimom    Time: 4-14-2009 09:12

she was just less annoying as she was not in the episode as much. This season does suck good thing nothing else is on all day Sunday or else I would not keep watching.
Author: bala    Time: 4-18-2009 10:57     Subject: Episode 4

Well kate has now joined since she had no choice but another good episode
Author: gabsimom    Time: 4-18-2009 14:34

Finally a decent episode, or at least it was bearable to watch. Next weeks looks pretty good. maybe I am just so underwhelmed that I appreciate just about any change to the story. They had to rescue Kate twice instead of once.
Author: bala    Time: 4-18-2009 23:23     Subject: Reply 25#25 gabsimom's post

well let see if they can increase that
Author: bala    Time: 4-20-2009 07:30     Subject: Preview

Author: gabsimom    Time: 4-20-2009 08:25

not available in the usa
Author: bala    Time: 4-20-2009 08:45     Subject: Reply 28#28 gabsimom's post

Sorry about that
Author: carlorica    Time: 4-21-2009 03:41

I have to Agree with Gab on the fact that this season has been a little on the dull side. I can't see it going on much longer. The only story line seems to be Sheriffs problem of making money for Prince John.

Oh well I will keep watching hoping for some better shows.
Author: bala    Time: 4-21-2009 03:44     Subject: Reply 30#30 carlorica's post

You need understand unlike US over here show hardly ever get cancelled
Author: rickman    Time: 4-21-2009 05:48

expats here in japan rarely get to watch great tv shows..... thats why we are happy that we discover this great site... now we can watch it especially the one in free shows
Author: gabsimom    Time: 4-21-2009 06:52     Subject: Reply 30#30 carlorica's post

Like I said before it sure is lucky I have nothing to do on Sunday afternoon, after I watch primeval
Author: rickman    Time: 4-22-2009 00:40

over here we will definitely enjoy the shows while still ok.....
Author: bala    Time: 4-25-2009 10:58

Well another good episode gisborn sister seem like she cause trouble at least next week we meet prince john
Author: gabsimom    Time: 4-25-2009 16:18

this was a much better episode than most. so I hope they keep it up.
Author: rickman    Time: 4-26-2009 03:39

i second demotion tina....
Author: bala    Time: 5-3-2009 11:28     Subject: Robin Hood 3x06

Who found prince john annoying when he keep say  'do you love me?'
Author: gabsimom    Time: 5-3-2009 17:19

he was annoying the whole time but I think that was the point and to also show the ill affects of inbreeding.
Author: carlorica    Time: 5-4-2009 06:21

I have to say. the last two eps have been good. The season started slow but it is picking up nicely now.

Can't wait to see when the Sheriff comes back. His hand moving at the end was really cool!
Author: bala    Time: 5-4-2009 06:24     Subject: Reply 40#40 carlorica's post

It's a great plan that grisborne and  sheriff have cooked up
Author: carlorica    Time: 5-4-2009 06:27

Yeah it is Kind of looks like they may be trying to Either trick Robin Hood or Prince John. I am leaning more towards Prince John but will have to wait and see
Author: bala    Time: 5-4-2009 06:32     Subject: Reply 42#42 carlorica's post

i liked how both of them tried kill each other
Author: gabsimom    Time: 5-4-2009 07:20

Do you think Gisbon really does know the Sheriff is alive?
I agree the stories are getting better.
Do you think the guy playing Robin Hood is leaving because he is Balding?
Author: bala    Time: 5-9-2009 12:13

Well robin & isabella were annoying in this episode i mean how Isabella kept switching sides makes me laugh
Author: bala    Time: 5-23-2009 11:21

This episode really felt average it could possible worst episode this season nothing exciting happen
Author: codebreaker    Time: 5-30-2009 23:02     Subject: Episode 9 A Dangerous Deal

That was a close shave for Gisborne so he keeps his head for another day
Author: bala    Time: 5-31-2009 00:31     Subject: Reply 47#47 codebreaker's post

I thought this was fantastic robin hood episode i can understand why Robin hood want make a deal but She really changed i actually thought she would fair person but she becoming a lot vengeful. Gisborne has a heart after all i liked how he didn't want to be nice to her but she made him   .

Kate you stupid women kissing Robin and munch almost leaving the gang but it was actually nice to see him rescue robin hood
Author: bala    Time: 6-8-2009 08:04     Subject: Robin Hood 3x10

So robin and grisborn have an half brother -will this mean they no longer be bad blood among them
Author: superhero    Time: 6-10-2009 11:24     Subject: 3x10

I thought this was the best episode ever and i loved that it showed Robin as a spoilt brat. It was great character developement. The programmes usually very predictable but 3x10s plot was very intresting and surprising. Cant wait to see Archer.
Author: bala    Time: 6-10-2009 11:30     Subject: Reply 50#50 superhero's post

Well we were all children at what point
Author: carlorica    Time: 6-11-2009 04:08

It was a very good ep. It shows how Robin became who he is now and why he hates those who are rich and greedy. He helped out his people from when he was young and always made it a point to make sure they where looked after.

This was the best ep this season and I cant wait to see how Robin and Grisborn get along.
Author: bala    Time: 6-11-2009 10:31     Subject: Reply 52#52 carlorica's post

i don't think they will ever get along as soon rescue their half-brother there will back at each other throats
Author: bala    Time: 6-14-2009 02:08     Subject: Robin Hood 3x11

Well Archer is chip off the old block isn't here i liked how he really is very selfish person -you can see he mixture robin and Grisborne and from preview it does look like he going to cause trouble
Author: bala    Time: 6-20-2009 23:15     Subject: Something Worth Fighting For - Part One

Wow what a great episode i mean nice comeback i was wondering how he would return and what a return he made i mean it look like great season finale
Author: superhero    Time: 6-21-2009 05:02

awesome episode but i wish   kate died instead of allan   and i kinda hate everyone now for not believing him.
Author: bala    Time: 6-21-2009 05:03     Subject: Reply 56#56 superhero's post

Well Isabella was smart putting doubt in robin's head
Author: carlorica    Time: 6-22-2009 04:34

This was a great ep and i said it earlier. I knew the sheriff was going to be back.

I have to agree with bala also it was an awesome lead up to the season finale.
Author: bala    Time: 6-22-2009 04:44     Subject: Reply 58#58 carlorica's post

i just saw preview for next episode
Author: gabsimom    Time: 6-22-2009 12:35

Originally posted by superhero at 6-21-2009 05:02  
awesome episode but i wish   kate died instead of allan   and i kinda hate everyone now for not believing him.
Me too, Glad Archer changed sides I think what Isabella said to him made him want to be a better person.
Author: bala    Time: 6-22-2009 22:42     Subject: Reply 60#60 gabsimom's post

Question is now is who will survive ?
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-28-2009 08:13     Subject: Episode 13 Something Worth Fighting For - Part 2

Great season final but how can this carry on without Robin
Author: gabsimom    Time: 6-28-2009 09:14

because they are all Robin Hood
Why couldn't Kate eat it too or just her instead of Gisbon.
Archer will most likely replace Robin as leader as he is the rightful Ere to Locksley and the surrounding land.
Author: bala    Time: 6-28-2009 19:43     Subject: Reply 63#63 gabsimom's post

Yes but it's all grisborne fault if he didn't give poison to his sister -well grisborn did say he's going to kill robin hood and he finally did indirectly  
Author: carlorica    Time: 6-29-2009 06:44

It was a great show and I can see Archer taking over as the leader. I also can see everyone calling him Robin Hood.

It was sad to see the death of Robin Hood but it was comming. I mean he nearly bit the bullet in every season finally.

The next question will be... Did the sheriff make it out of the castle before it blew??? Or will be see the gang attacking a new place like say York.
Author: bala    Time: 6-29-2009 06:49     Subject: Reply 65#65 carlorica's post

i highly doubt he survived unless he's superman
Author: carlorica    Time: 6-29-2009 07:51

True but it would make for an interesting story

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