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Subject: Fargo Seasons 1-3 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers) [Print This Page]

Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-15-2014 22:19     Subject: Fargo Seasons 1-3 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Fargo Premiered on FX on April 15, 2014

An original adaptation of the Academy Award®-winning feature film, Fargo features an all-new “true crime” story and follows a new case and new characters, all entrenched in the trademark humor, murder and “Minnesota nice” that made the film an enduring classic.  Set in Bemidji, Minnesota, this limited drama series follows Lorne Malvo (Oscar® winner Billy Bob Thornton, Sling Blade), a drifter who meets and forever changes the life of an ordinary insurance salesman, Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman, Sherlock). Other key players include Colin Hanks (Dexter) as Duluth Police Deputy Gus Grimly, a single dad who must choose between his own personal safety and his duty as a policeman; Allison Tolman (Sordid Lives: The Series) and Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad) as a pair of Bemidji cops; Kate Walsh (Private Practice) as a former stripper; Oliver Platt (The Big C) as the supermarket king of Minnesota; Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as an ambitious personal trainer; and Russell Harvard (The Hammer) and Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan) as members of the Fargo crime syndicate.


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Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-15-2014 22:19

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Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-16-2014 00:32     Subject: 1x01 The Crocodile’s Dilemma

Kitty saying to Lester she married the wrong brother was asking for trouble and finding out she gave the high-school bully a hand job must of hurt but hitting her over the head with a hammer was surprising, the stranger in the hospital killing Sam the bully I thought would want something in exchange but turning Sam's kids against each-other was amusing and Lester running into the wall to knock himself out was quick thinking as there were two dead bodies to explain
Author: bala    Time: 4-17-2014 07:58     Subject: Reply 4#4 codebreaker's post

The look on her face when he hit the hammer into her head was amusing but i have to say killing Sam was unexpected because he waited until right moment but at least he died being happy .

Who would of thought one man could be so influential into people lives just by talking to them
Author: bala    Time: 4-23-2014 08:56     Subject: The Rooster prince

Well that deputy really seem only one that suspect Lester but no else in department believes her and Lester isn't doing himself any favours by avoiding her because she not going give up.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-23-2014 11:14     Subject: 1x02 The Rooster Prince

That has to be the worst sign language I have ever seen but cutting the throat was clear enough and so much for Molly letting the Sheriff doing the talking but he was to close a friend to think logically and giving him ideas was unprofessional and I'm not surprised the dick in the bar ended up in the trunk of the car
Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-24-2014 23:32

Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-30-2014 02:07     Subject: 1x03 A Muddy Road

I thought the guy in the trunk was taken from the bar and not where he worked in-front of everyone but Molly dropping the photo was a great way to get a reaction and her timing was great as she scared away the other guys
Author: codebreaker    Time: 5-2-2014 02:11

Author: bala    Time: 5-3-2014 08:43     Subject: Reply 9#9 codebreaker's post

Yes but she seems to be only one in right track which is a shame and that van with all those substance was interesting but taking over the blackmail attempt and step it up was amusing
Author: codebreaker    Time: 5-7-2014 10:02     Subject: 1x04 Eating the Blame

Finding a bag full of money in the middle of nowhere at the exact spot his car ran out of fuel was incredible and you could understand why he thought God was real, the sign language argument was amusing and Lester getting arrested after escaping was a dumb move
Author: codebreaker    Time: 5-7-2014 22:56

Author: codebreaker    Time: 5-9-2014 04:36

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Author: bala    Time: 5-11-2014 06:38     Subject: Reply 12#12 codebreaker's post

Well i wouldn't say it was a dumb move but kidnappers getting arrested was amusing .
Author: codebreaker    Time: 5-14-2014 16:05

Author: codebreaker    Time: 5-17-2014 10:48     Subject: 1x05 The Six Ungraspables

Lester being talked into buying a gun with his socks was unbelievable and Gus needing his daughters help with the computer was surprising, about time Molly finally made some headway with the Chief regarding her suspicions about Lester
Author: codebreaker    Time: 5-22-2014 09:56

Author: bala    Time: 5-26-2014 05:46     Subject: Reply 17#17 codebreaker's post

Yes that was surprising way to get a gun with his socks but have ball barrings in his hand was some evidence some foul play was involved sneaking into his hospital room to get it was risky.

The fable about the rich man was really strange
Author: bala    Time: 5-26-2014 06:45     Subject: Buridan's Ass

Well Lester escape from the hospital was well planned but what a way to sneak out get rid of weapons and than sneak back in .
Author: codebreaker    Time: 5-28-2014 23:22

Author: bala    Time: 5-29-2014 02:58     Subject: 1x07 Who Shaves the Barber?

What a way to get back for the punch by screwing the wife
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-5-2014 01:20

Author: bala    Time: 6-5-2014 05:29     Subject: The Heap

Well it does look like Lester has got away with it but seeing melvo again after 1 year was a surprise to him
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-6-2014 03:52     Subject: 1x06 Buridan’s Ass

I thought Lester posing as his hospital room mate was going to backfire when the nurse wheeled him out as I thought she might of taken him to operating theatre, taping him to the chair before firing shots was an evil was to have him killed by the police and to make things worse he survived the first attack
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-6-2014 04:42     Subject: Reply 22#22 bala's post

Molly surviving being shot by Gus was lucky and Lester screwing Gina after setting him up was amusing but the FBI having lunch with all the gun fire was priceless
Author: bala    Time: 6-6-2014 04:55     Subject: Reply 26#26 codebreaker's post

Well i have to say those cop had no idea what was going on even when Melvo walked in front of them
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-6-2014 05:09     Subject: Reply 27#27 bala's post

Not hearing the gun fire or seeing the bullet holes in the windows was surprising and they was a little slow in reacting to the body coming through the window
Author: bala    Time: 6-6-2014 05:16     Subject: Reply 28#28 codebreaker's post

And what makes this even worse radio wasn't even on -if it had been they would have an excuse as to how they didn't hear the gunfire.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-6-2014 09:20     Subject: 1x08 The Heap

Gina bringing the boys to scare Lester was a waste of time and I'm not surprise the FBI agents were demoted after the killing spree while they were in their car but Molly and Gus being a couple I didn't see coming
Author: bala    Time: 6-6-2014 09:44     Subject: Reply 30#30 codebreaker's post

really i thought they would make a good couple and i knew it heading that way
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-6-2014 11:37     Subject: Reply 31#31 bala's post

Considering Gus was responsible for putting her in hospital after shooting her in the snow blizzard I couldn't see it going that way
Author: bala    Time: 6-6-2014 11:46     Subject: Reply 32#32 codebreaker's post

Yes but it was cute story and when he told her she was very nice about it most women would been pissed but she took very calmly which suggested she like him otherwise she would been mad . I can see what you mean but it's nice that they ended up with each other
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-6-2014 11:49     Subject: Reply 33#33 bala's post

Gus becoming a postman was nice as that was his dream job
Author: bala    Time: 6-6-2014 11:54     Subject: Reply 34#34 codebreaker's post

Yes at first i was confused than i realise he got fired for accidental shooting and became a postman.

It's certainly much safer than being a cop
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-11-2014 12:32

Author: bala    Time: 6-12-2014 05:05     Subject: A Fox, A Rabbit, and A Cabbage

What the hell is wrong with Lester pissing off Malvo . He has just got his life together he should just walked away but he really couldn't help it but use his new wife as a decoy was evil. . She didn't deserve that

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Author: bala    Time: 6-19-2014 06:14     Subject: Morton's Fork

What a season finale with Lester being last man standing but you just know something bad was going happen to him but falling through the ice was one hell of a quick death. .
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-19-2014 07:25     Subject: 1x09 A Fox, a Rabbit and a Cabbage

Lester pushing his luck with Malvo was crazy as he was just getting his life back in order and about time someone was interested in Molly's crime board but missing Malvo at the dinner was probable a blessing as he might of killed them all
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-19-2014 08:07     Subject: 1x10 Morton’s Fork

Lester offering his new wife his coat was evil and going to the coffee shop as a cover was unbelievable but why Malvo didn't kill Lester in the lift with the others was careless as Lester has been a loss cannon from the start, Gus killing Malvo was impressive and Lester falling through the ice was karma
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 20:57

Fargo Season 2
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 20:58     Subject: 2x01 Waiting for Dutch

What a stupid way to threaten the judge when she knew who he was from the start but you just knew he was trigger happy from earlier so shooting up the dinner was a little predictable but the hit and run was karma and the driver driving off with the body on the hood was just bizarre
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 20:58     Subject: 2x02 Before the Law

Ed having to clean up Peggy mess wasn't going to be easy with the damage to the car but the blood and body was going to be easy with him being a butcher and in the shop at night was going to draw attention and I thought Hank pulling up that car was going to be gunned down
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 20:59     Subject: 2x03 The Myth Of Sisyphus

The search for Rye should be interesting with Ed dismembering his body and with the head of the family having a stroke the Kansas City Mob battling the Gerhardt family should be easier, Peggy listening to the ladies new theory about the shooter was bound to have her worried about the car
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 20:59

Fargo 2x04 'Fear and Trembling' Promo
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:00     Subject: 2x04 Fear and Trembling

Taking the kid to the cinema was a good thing as he was able to save their lives and Hanzee finding the car was a little to easy, Peggy using the money for a course knowing Ed was using it to buy the business was bound to be awkward but Lou asking some awkward questions is going to make them realise they are in deep trouble
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:03     Subject: 2x05 The Gift of the Magi

Peggy and Ed disagree about what to do next was understandable as Ed tried to clean up after her mess but Peggy was right to want to leave after what Lou said, Ed was lucky the kid was sent to kill him first as if it had been any of the others he would be dead
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:03

Fargo 2x06 "Rhinoceros" Promo
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:04     Subject: 2x06 Rhinoceros

Peggy declaring Ed's innocence when he was brought in for questioning I thought was amusing as he had been covering up her involvement but with the Gerhardt's on there way to get the kid back from jail could make killing Ed easier, Peggy selling the car has made it easier for the police to examine it for evidence but the way she defended herself was impressive and what the drunk lawyer said was surprising
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:05     Subject: 2x07 Did You Do This? No, You Did It!

Simone betraying her family was asking for trouble but I thought the mob would of been the ones to kill her and Karl staying with Betsy while her husband is busy with the feud was nice
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:05

Fargo 2x08 "Loplop" Promo
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:06     Subject: 2x08 Loplop

Peggy and Ed still managing to stay alive so long with everyone dying around them is incredible but keeping Dodd a hostage was bound to be more trouble than he's worth and the barman spitting in Hanzee drink got what he deserved along with his friends
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:06

Fargo 2x09 "The Castle" Promo
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:07     Subject: 2x09 The Castle

Hanzee killing the garage owner was tragic but he made himself a target by using the phone rather than hiding and Peggy and Ed having better luck taking down the bad guys than the police was amusing, the police taking Peggy and Ed to the Motel mob handed was stupid but them surviving again was incredible and the flying saucer was over the top
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:07

Fargo 2x10 "Palindrome" Promo
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:08     Subject: 2x10 Palindrome

Peggy and Ed have to be the unluckiest lucky people ever after Peggy's accidental hit and run landing them in the middle of a mob war with almost everyone dying around them but Ed's luck running out was tragic
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:08

Fargo Season 3 Full-Length Trailer
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:10     Subject: 3x01 The Law of Vacant Places

The German connection doesn't make sense at the moment but the parole office hiring one of his parolees to steal a stamp from his brother sound easy enough but the fact he was high on weed didn't help as he went to the wrong house and killed the old guy and the parole office's girlfriends plan to drop the air-con-unit on him I thought was impossible but the direct hit was surprising
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:10

Fargo 3x02 Promo "The Principle of Restricted Choice"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:11     Subject: 3x02 The Principle of Restricted Choice

Ray and Nikki may have got away with killing the parolee for now but her message after trying to get the stamp herself was disgusting and what a price to pay for searching for Vargas with his goons throwing him off the car park
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:11

Fargo 3x03 Promo "The Law of Non-Contradiction"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:12     Subject: 3x03 The Law of Non-Contradiction

Gloria was bound to dig into her stepfather's past after his senseless murder especially being a cop but having her suitcase stolen was amusing and Vivian saying she didn't remember Thaddeus was understandable as it had been over 35 years and she was using him as a meal ticket
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:12

Fargo 3x04 Promo "The Narrow Escape Problem"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:13     Subject: 3x04 The Narrow Escape Problem

Ray posing as Emmit in the bank was amusing but only taking $10,000 was stupid especially now he's lost his job and Ray not wanting to press charges after Sy damaged his car but he must of known hitting the other car would have consequences
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:13

Fargo 3x05 Promo "The House of Special Purpose"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:14     Subject: 3x05 The House of Special Purpose

Ray proposing to Nikki just before making a sex tape to blackmail Emmit was amusing especially as the wife seen it first and with her leaving him there's no reason to pay but with Gloria and Winnie starting to put the pieces together Ray and LeFay's connection time is running out for them one way or another
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:14

Fargo 3x06 Promo "The Lord of No Mercy"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:15     Subject: 3x06 The Lord of No Mercy

Varga trying to derail Gloria and Winnie attempt to get closer to the truth only made things worse and Ray forgetting the money was a tragic mistake as he wouldn't of got into a row with Emmit that cost him his life
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:16

Fargo 3x07 Promo "The Law of Inevitability"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:16     Subject: 3x07 The Law of Inevitability

The police catching Nikki trying to get out the window was amusing and Gloria trying to work around the system to talk to Nikki while in her cell was great but Nikki was lucky she stopped the cop from injecting her and no surprise the transfer bus crashed
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:17

Fargo 3x08 Promo "Who Rules the Land of Denial?"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:17     Subject: 3x08 Who Rules the Land of Denial?

Nikki getting out the crashed bus before they got to her was lucky and you just knew they wouldn't give up that easy but decapitating one of them was karma, Emmit taking pills from Varga was asking for trouble after Sy ended up in hospital
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:18

Fargo 3x09 Promo "Aporia"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:18     Subject: 3x09 Aporia

Nikki using a dummy hand-grenade to get them out the truck was amusing and hats off to Gloria as out of all the law enforcement agents it's only her who seems to be on the right track
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:19

Fargo 3x10 Promo "Somebody to Love"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-22-2017 21:20     Subject: 3x10 Somebody to Love

Nikki not taking any chances with all the artillery was understandable after Varga had a sniper the last time they meet and taking out all his extra manpower was impressive but Varga still escaping was surprising, Emmit was lucky to be alive after Nikki and the traffic cop killed each-other but dying five years later was better late than never
Author: bala    Time: 9-23-2017 00:16

I need to catch up on the 3rd season - so many show i am still behind

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