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Subject: About THE BLETCHLEY CIRCLE & Episode Guides [Print This Page]

Author: codebreaker    Time: 2-17-2014 11:00     Subject: About THE BLETCHLEY CIRCLE & Episode Guides

The Bletchley Circle Premiered on ITV on September 06, 2012

About the Show:
The Bletchley Circle follows the journey of four ordinary women with extraordinary skills that helped to end World War II.

Set in 1952, Susan, Millie, Lucy and Jean have returned to their normal lives, modestly setting aside the part they played in producing crucial intelligence, which helped the Allies to victory and shortened the war.  

When Susan discovers a hidden code behind an unsolved murder she is met by skepticism from the police. She quickly realises she can only begin to crack the murders and bring the culprit to justice with her former friends.  

The Bletchley Circle paints a vivid portrait of post-war Britain in this fictional tale of unsung heroes.


Actor’s name

Character’s name

Anna Maxwell MartinSusan Gray
Rachael StirlingMillie
Sophie RundleLucy
Julie GrahamJean
Hattie MorahanAlice Merren

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Author: codebreaker    Time: 2-17-2014 11:00     Subject: Season 1

Episode 1: (Sep/06/2012)
Seven years after WWII, four women who worked as codebreakers at Bletchley Park have taken up mundane civilian lives. Susan, now a housewife, has collated data about a series of murders. She tries to convince the police she knows where another body is, but they are unable to locate it and dismiss her. Susan turns to her three friends. They work out where the next victim will be taken, find the body, then decide they are the only ones who can track down the killer.

Episode 2: (Sep/13/2012)
Utilising the statistics the women give the police three names and one is arrested when evidence is found. Meanwhile Jean and Lucy have discovered seven more murders linked where they believe innocent men have been convicted. The women devise a plan to trap the killer using Lucy as bait but it backfires when she goes with the wrong man causing trouble in the personal lives of Susan and Lucy. Another suspect emerges from a top secret war department headed by Cavendish and Susan comes face to face with the killer at a closed mental hospital.

Episode 3: (Sep/20/2012)
Susan returns with the police but the killer has gone. Susan finds a coded message in her home with Cavendish's address, and going there finds him dead. A postcard on Cavendish's desk provides a clue; and Susan, following the thread, walks alone into a trap set for her by the killer. He attempts to kill her but is shot dead by the others, who followed her.


Author: codebreaker    Time: 2-17-2014 11:01     Subject: Season 2

Episode 1: Blood on Their Hands: Part 1 (Jan/06/2014)
Alice Merren is in prison awaiting trial for murder. Jean thinks that she is innocent and starts to reunite the circle to help establish the innocence of one of their own. The girls begin piecing the mystery together and it becomes evident there was another woman involved in this somehow.

Episode 2: Blood on Their Hands: Part 2 (Jan/13/2014)
Alice has now been convicted of murder and is facing the gallows. The girls face a race against time to prove her innocence and save her life before it is too late.

Episode 3: Uncustomed Goods: Part 1 (Jan/20/2014)
Millie introduces Alice to her new business and her associate Jasper. Alice is worried but Millie assures her it’s all fine and just a little way of earning some money until she can get some more translating work. Millie ends up being kidnapped and taken to a seedy Hotel by some Soho gangster types. Alice turns to Jean and Lucy to try and help her.

Episode 4: Uncustomed Goods: Part 2 (Jan/27/2014)
The girls inform the police tabout Jasper's murder and the next morning Ben informs Lucy that the tip off was wrong, there was no dead body and somebody managed to get there first. The girls conclude that there must be corruption in the vice squad so and they decide that catching them red handed is the only option.


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