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Subject: The Bible General Discussion Thread (Spoilers) [Print This Page]

Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-5-2013 03:54     Subject: The Bible General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Discuss Anything About The Bible Here

The Bible comes to life in HISTORY’s epic new series. From Genesis to Revelation, these unforgettable stories unfold through live action and cutting-edge computer-generated imagery, offering new insight into famous scenes and iconic characters. Created by producer Mark Burnett and featuring an international cast that includes Roma Downey, this 10-hour docudrama explores the sacred text’s most significant episodes, including Noah’s journey in the ark, the Exodus and the life of Jesus.

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Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-5-2013 03:55

Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-6-2013 14:47     Subject: 1x01 In The Beginning

Turning into a pillar of salt for looking back was tragic but she was warned by God and Abraham about to sacrifice his son was a hell of a test from God
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-6-2013 15:29     Subject: 1x02 Exodus

Moses with the help of God parting the sea was impressive and drowning the Pharaoh’s men you seen coming
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-8-2013 06:39

Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-12-2013 01:16     Subject: 1x03 Homeland

You can understand why they believe in God with the fall of Jericho but saving the girl and her family and you can understand Samson getting revenge for killing his wife but Delilah being the distraction to calm him was interesting until she cut his hair and at leased he got pay back by bringing down the temple
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-12-2013 01:55     Subject: 1x04 Kingdom

The David and Goliath battle was amusing considering the difference in size and taking him down with one blow was priceless, I didn't know Saul fell on his own sward but glad he did as he was evil but David taking another man's wife because he's King wasn't very sporting
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-16-2013 23:02

Author: bala    Time: 3-17-2013 08:20     Subject: Reply 3#3 codebreaker's post

Well he really did have faith in god which is amazing. These stories would make anyone a believer.
Author: bala    Time: 3-17-2013 08:23     Subject: Reply 4#4 codebreaker's post

Yes but i like that he came back and burning bush was a lot bigger than i imagined but you would think those plagues would made him reconsider but it took losing his own son to let slaves go free.

10 chances sounds ridiculous most people would taken 3 chances before giving in and talk about being stubborn ?
Author: bala    Time: 3-17-2013 08:25     Subject: Reply 6#6 codebreaker's post

I felt Samson and Delia storyline a cautionary tale about trusting women, she chose coins over love ?.
Author: bala    Time: 3-17-2013 08:31     Subject: Reply 7#7 codebreaker's post

I always lead to believe David was a good man and once he got crown he changed. It's really make no difference if you been chosen by god it show us as weak tempted by flesh of a women another cautionary tale about women. it did look like god put women on earth to test men ?.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 10:42

Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 11:10     Subject: 1x05 Survival

You have to say what happened in the fire was magic but they should of grabbed his hand and pulled him into the fire as he was the one who started it
Author: bala    Time: 3-26-2013 11:26     Subject: Reply 14#14 codebreaker's post

Well it was rather amazing to see how strong their faith is
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 11:28     Subject: Reply 15#15 bala's post

The second guy fed to the lions wasn't so lucky
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 11:50     Subject: 1x06 Hope

Mary being told she will give birth to a son but the way Joseph walked away at first was amusing and Jesus going fishing with Peter was going to be interesting
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 12:18

Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 12:29     Subject: 1x07 Mission

The look on the sceptics face when Jesus forgave the disabled guy and the told him to walk was priceless and Jesus resurrecting Lazarus after being dead for four days was another miracle
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 13:12     Subject: 1x08 Betrayal

You can understand why they thought Jesus was going to destroy the temple after what he said to the young girl but the last meal together was sad affair as he knew was was going to betrayed and was going to die
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 13:14

Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 13:15

Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 13:42     Subject: 1x09 Passion

Judas hanging himself after betraying Jesus was another wasted life as it changed nothing for Jesus but Mary having to watch the flogging and being nailed to the cross was sad
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-26-2013 14:27     Subject: 1x10 Courage

Going to the tomb only to find it open was great and the stoning was brutal but the way they tied all the loose ends up was interesting
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-8-2013 20:10

This has now been added to the flash site
Author: bala    Time: 3-30-2015 12:08     Subject: A.D. The Bible Continues

A.D. The Bible Continues - Faith Video (Promo)
A.D. The Bible Continues - We Believe
A.D. The Bible Continues - First Look
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-30-2015 12:22     Subject: Reply 26#26 bala's post

This is a totally different mini series with a totally different cast
Author: bala    Time: 3-31-2015 09:53     Subject: Reply 27#27 codebreaker's post

Was too lazy to create a new topic so i thought i might as well post it here it's not like anyone would notice as you are only one

Maybe i should post this in upcoming tv trailers topic in free chatting ?

More pressing question is why is this topic in the reality section of the forum?
Author: codebreaker    Time: 3-31-2015 10:41     Subject: Reply 28#28 bala's post

There's me thinking Jesus is real so reality fits   but your right it should be in drama
Author: bala    Time: 4-4-2015 11:13     Subject: Reply 29#29 codebreaker's post

Are you going create a new topic for the AD series or should we just use this topic instead as we have way too many topics on this place.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 4-4-2015 11:16     Subject: Reply 30#30 bala's post

It would be just our luck for it to be added and then it would get complicated
Author: bala    Time: 4-4-2015 11:32     Subject: Reply 31#31 codebreaker's post

This place is already complicated but this site still not up to date with all the new shows it going take them a while to ever catch up with amount new show starting this year. I am barely able catch up on this week shows.

i know you are extremely behind to the point you have no idea if you will ever catch up.

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