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Subject: Alphas Season 1-2 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers) [Print This Page]

Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-9-2011 10:14     Subject: Alphas Season 1-2 General Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Alphas Premieres on Syfy on July 11, 2011

Alphas is an action-packed thriller from writers Zak Penn (The Avengers, X-Men: The Last Stand) and Michael Karnow.  In the series, five ordinary people are brought together to form one extraordinary team of Alphas -- people with the unique power to stretch the capabilities of the human mind giving them superhuman physical and mental abilities.

Operating within the Defense Criminal Investigation Service of the U.S. Department of Defense and led by preeminent neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Lee Rosen (Emmy Award-winner and Academy Award-nominee David Strathairn), an expert in Alpha phenomena, the team investigates cases that point to others with Alpha abilities. As they work against the clock to solve this new brand of crime, they must prevent their own personality differences and disparate backgrounds from interfering with their ultimate mission to catch the enemy.

In addition to Academy Award nominee David Strathairn (Temple Grandin, Good Night, and Good Luck), the ensemble cast stars Malik Yoba (New York Undercover, Why Did I Get Married?), Warren Christie (October Road), Laura Mennell (Watchmen), Ryan Cartwright  (Mad Men, Bones) and Azita Ghanizada (Castle).

Discuss Anything About Alphas Season 1-2 Here

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Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-9-2011 10:15

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Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-10-2011 13:39

Author: gabsimom    Time: 7-10-2011 16:03

looks awesome
Author: sanggye    Time: 7-10-2011 17:15     Subject: Reply 5#5 gabsimom's post

I agree, hopefully it will last a few seasons so we can get it on VIP
Author: bala    Time: 7-11-2011 10:11     Subject: Reply 6#6 sanggye's post

well it does look good but it need humour to be successful like Eureka or Warehouse 13
Author: bala    Time: 7-12-2011 00:36     Subject: pilot

Well i have to say i really liked the first episode it was quite good and i hope it gets better i think most impressive part was the character interaction with one another which i think is good. i love how they introduced each character showing what they can do rather than gloss over it.
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 7-12-2011 09:31     Subject: Reply 8#8 bala's post

I enjoyed the episode.  I liked the intro to the characters through their abilites as well.  Good opening.
Author: bala    Time: 7-12-2011 09:38     Subject: Reply 9#9 arksongbird80's post

i am annoyed people are compare this to mutant X ... h&orderby=movid
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 7-12-2011 19:05

how did I miss mutant x.  Hmm....
Author: bala    Time: 7-12-2011 23:04     Subject: Reply 11#11 arksongbird80's post

Because we have too many shows on this site
Author: bala    Time: 7-12-2011 23:44

Syfy's Alphas started off strong, grabbing 2.5 million viewers for its Monday series premiere. It became the network's biggest debut since 2009. [Syfy via press release]
Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-13-2011 10:40     Subject: Reply 8#8 bala's post

It was great introduction to their abilities and disappointed that they could so easily be turn on each other but impressed with the shooting
Author: bala    Time: 7-13-2011 10:45     Subject: Reply 14#14 codebreaker's post

in what way was it disappointing the point is that the bad guys are more realistic you can't control other people powers and it certainly make the show more interesting.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-13-2011 11:02     Subject: Reply 15#15 bala's post

If it wasn't for Nina overpowers Bill the Ghost would of been able to influence him to kill Dr. Rosen
Author: bala    Time: 7-13-2011 11:07     Subject: Reply 16#16 codebreaker's post

but i love that she kissed him
Author: woothdye    Time: 7-14-2011 04:34

So I see that Codebreaker changed his suggestion for Love Bites to Alphas and then Bala requested it shortly after.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-14-2011 04:37     Subject: Reply 18#18 woothdye's post

It seems pointless requesting a show that is now here and i think bala beat me to it
Author: bala    Time: 7-14-2011 04:56     Subject: Reply 18#18 woothdye's post

Well we don't many new shows to request since they added most of new show
Author: bala    Time: 7-19-2011 07:20     Subject: Cause & Effect

Didn't anyone felt this was rip-off of a fringe episode about man who could cause accident with a pencil i know on this the person created it with a coin but what a way introduce another story-line on top of pervious one we found out in last week episode. Not only is there rough Alpha fraction now there is human experimenting on captured Alpha . This becoming rather good for the 2 episode we have seen.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-19-2011 14:46     Subject: Reply 21#21 bala's post

Well at leased he reported the first accident and getting his coin back was amusing
Author: bala    Time: 7-20-2011 02:34     Subject: Reply 22#22 codebreaker's post

Yeah that was nice of him but i hope he comes back
Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-20-2011 02:54     Subject: Reply 23#23 bala's post

This is starting to get a feel of Heroes with their different abilities
Author: bala    Time: 7-20-2011 03:35     Subject: Reply 24#24 codebreaker's post

It's nothing like heroes since no team work in heroes it was a bunch random people with powers.
Author: casper27    Time: 7-20-2011 04:01

Loving Alphas gonna watch the second episode later so have not read any of the comments yet for spoilers.
Will be back laters. Im getting a Fringe feeling though which could be good as Fringe is now second fom top of my list after Eureka.
Author: bala    Time: 7-20-2011 04:08     Subject: Reply 26#26 casper27's post

long time no see craig -been busy at work
Author: casper27    Time: 7-20-2011 10:31     Subject: Reply 27#27 bala's post

Yeah been really busy, managed to catch the last episode. I was right and agree with your earlier comment about episode 2 been a clone of a Fringe episode "The Plateau " S03xE03. Was a very cool Fringe episode and this wasn't bad either but just goes to shows how storylines transend, just look at Family Guy and The Simpsons.
Overall a great start and its definately picked my interest up.
Author: kellemanske    Time: 7-22-2011 12:48

I liked the new episode, but you just know he hasn't going to die and I'm wondering how long it's going to take for him to help Rosen puzzle everything together. And now you see, It's not because you're paranoid that you don't have a reason to be.
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 7-22-2011 18:01

I am having the hardest time watching this show this week.  NO ONE has it posted anywhere.  I'm going to have to get up tomorrow morn and catch it at 9am on Syfy.   It's a sat...annoying.  (I have something to do so it's not a big deal, BUT still....)
Author: bala    Time: 7-23-2011 03:57     Subject: Reply 30#30 arksongbird80's post

It's available on-line you just need to know where to look and next time pm either me or codebreaker we will let you know if it's available.
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 7-23-2011 04:48     Subject: Reply 31#31 bala's post

Okay.  That would be great.  I checked all my usual hot spots and nothing... :/  Thanks.
Author: bala    Time: 7-25-2011 03:04     Subject: Alphas Upcoming Episodes Comic-Con Trailer

Author: bala    Time: 7-26-2011 03:29     Subject: Anger Management

Well another good episode it did look like the girl was alpha but it was her boyfriend but killing a federal agent was unexpected and what a consequence.
Author: kellemanske    Time: 7-26-2011 05:04

looks like that alpha the jumped of the bridge was right. In the treatmentcenter are bad things happening and I can't believe that Rosen is closing his eyes for it.
Author: bala    Time: 7-26-2011 05:14     Subject: Reply 35#35 kellemanske's post

i think he has too much things on his plate once he has mastered his team abilities and they have full control he can focus on that other matter. he's only one person his first priority is find dangerous Alpha. .That's a secondary issue. plus if they shut down that place where would they put them ?. he doesn't have any resources ?. For timebeing he has no choice he allow that happen short-term.
Author: gypsiegirl66    Time: 7-26-2011 05:39

That was a descent episode, even though I didn't like agent jerk-face, I didn't want to see him get killed either. That was a bummer for the other agent who did it, for someone who is normally a protector of people to be manipulated by pheromone control (or whatever that power is called), into killing your partner was sad to see.
I'm excited to see how these characters grow, I think their group has some growing pains to go through, but it will be interesting to see where the writers take them along the way.

Author: kellemanske    Time: 7-26-2011 10:00

I'm kind of worried about this show. I had big expectations and I don't know if they are being filled. I hope they don't become predictable and boring.
Author: bala    Time: 7-26-2011 10:08     Subject: Reply 38#38 kellemanske's post

in what way did you have big expectation ?
Author: kellemanske    Time: 7-27-2011 05:04     Subject: Reply 39#39 bala's post

The previews looked great and I really like the supernatural element and all. I love that they combine it with policework. But I hate the stereotype. Gary as the crazy kid, the other young girl as someone who can't say no and letting her yell against her family that kind of things.
I also thought I would be looking forward to the new episodes like with Rizzoli and Ilses, but I don't, I'm just watching it and I'm already losing some of my interest in this show.
I don't know, it's like the chemistry of watching the show isn't there for me and it's rare for this kind of show to have that effect on me.
Author: bala    Time: 7-27-2011 05:09     Subject: Reply 40#40 kellemanske's post

ok i understand i feel same way about Rizzoli and Ilses i don't look forward to it but i watch it. For me i had low expectation of Alpha since i only saw teaser one before watching first episode. They are building up bad guy very well which is keep me interested.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-27-2011 07:05     Subject: Reply 34#34 bala's post

I had a feeling it was the guy from the start but the girl coming out of the hostel confused me and federal agent was the one that got him angry with his aggressive nature
Author: bala    Time: 8-1-2011 23:41     Subject: Rosetta

i can't believe we meet the one of the bosses of red flag and Gary was smart but she was rather convincing.
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 8-2-2011 13:59     Subject: Reply 43#43 bala's post

I didn't fully understand her ablility.  I am glad gary stood up for himself though.
Author: bala    Time: 8-2-2011 22:42     Subject: Reply 44#44 arksongbird80's post

She can translate anything and recode them into anything she like the codebreaker of everything in communication.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 8-6-2011 01:23

This has now been added to Realplayer site
Author: codebreaker    Time: 8-8-2011 02:40     Subject: Reply 43#43 bala's post

The way Gary figured out how to understand what Anna was saying was impressive but red flag working for Anna was a interesting surprise and how did the guy knock out their vehicles and not the tanker
Author: bala    Time: 8-9-2011 08:27     Subject: Never Let Me Go

Well another good episode who would of thought it was the mother who was responsible.
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 8-10-2011 07:13     Subject: Reply 48#48 bala's post

Did anyone notice Lindsay Wagners Character is the same on Warehouse 13?  Anyone think the two will merge???
Author: bala    Time: 8-10-2011 07:18     Subject: Reply 49#49 arksongbird80's post

Yes she seems but it could be coincidence but she does CDC that is her cover so it great
Author: bala    Time: 8-16-2011 07:24     Subject: Bill And Gary's Excellent Adventure

Well Bill and Gary being partner was rather amusing but i had a feeling he would be forced to bring the whole team in and I should figured it was her it was obvious she was responsible.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 8-19-2011 07:09     Subject: Reply 48#48 bala's post

You can understand why Jessica wanted revenge for her sons death but the way they stopped the bully from running away was amusing
Author: codebreaker    Time: 8-19-2011 07:53     Subject: Reply 51#51 bala's post

You have to feel sorry for Bill being partnered with Gary and Gary's big mouth scaring the phone guy away but Bill's ex partner getting tasered was amusing
Author: sanggye    Time: 8-19-2011 16:37     Subject: Pilot

Well I finally got around to the show, hopefully i can catch-up, wish i didn't have to work        So this was a good episode, I guess I could get to like this, but I like most super powered shows     It was a good intro, liked how they showed everyone's powers to begin with.
Author: sanggye    Time: 8-20-2011 13:59     Subject: Cause & Effect

I liked this episode, someone mentioned it reminded them of the pen guy in Fringe, well i don't think it is a rip-off, just two people who both could see probabilities and by using that get the effect they want.  The whole coin thing was because of the shrink, saying that about a flip of a coin, randomness.  I also like that because of their abilities there is something that balance its, for most it seems psychological, s in Gary's autism, the ghost's excessive-compulsive, and this guy's paranoia.  They all have something like that (Bill, anger or controlling issues?)
Author: sanggye    Time: 8-20-2011 14:54     Subject: Anger Management

Ok, I thought it was the guy, briefly thought it was the girl when she came out of hostel, then we saw him.  I like that they all also have real world problems.
Author: sanggye    Time: 8-20-2011 17:16

Originally posted by codebreaker at 8-8-2011 05:40  
The way Gary figured out how to understand what Anna was saying was impressive but red flag working for Anna was a interesting surprise and how did the guy knock out their vehicles and not the tanker
He sent the electrical current through the water, and only shorted out the one vehicle, the other had to stop cause it was behind it.   I like this episode, noce to see that Gary realloy isn't that far on the spectrum and has some social skills if he wants to, though staying friends with Anna might be trouble
Author: sanggye    Time: 8-20-2011 18:16     Subject: Never Let Me Go

Wonder if they are going to focus on one character per episode, last one was gary, now it was Rachel.  So A character from Warehouse 13 (and yes it was the same character) puts Warehouse 13, Eureka (so sad it's going away ) and Alphas all in the same universe.
Author: sanggye    Time: 8-21-2011 14:04     Subject: Reply 53#53 codebreaker's post

I feel more sorry for Gary having to work with Bill  
Author: bala    Time: 8-21-2011 22:47     Subject: Reply 59#59 sanggye's post

i felt bad for Bill
Author: bala    Time: 8-23-2011 11:06     Subject: Catch And Release

Good episode but having Summer Glau guest star will always make popular choice with sci-fi fan but i wished she would of joined the team and Gary mother knowing what he does was a surprise i love Gary stood up to her. Her daughter was nice twist to story-lines
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 8-23-2011 15:39     Subject: Reply 61#61 bala's post

I really enjoyed this.  With Summer the plot twist, Gary and his $800 cab ride and the teams dynamic it was a great blend.  Summer being a full time character would have been fabulous!  She really needs to get back on TV perminately.
Author: bala    Time: 8-23-2011 22:15     Subject: Reply 62#62 arksongbird80's post

i am guessing they can't afford her because she is in demand
Author: sanggye    Time: 8-25-2011 12:16     Subject: Reply 63#63 bala's post

Enjoyed this, love seeing Summer, but I don't think having her as a regular would work, for one thing her power is too powerful.
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 8-25-2011 17:53     Subject: Reply 63#63 bala's post

How is she in demand?  I last saw her in the Cape...
Author: bala    Time: 8-25-2011 22:36     Subject: Reply 65#65 arksongbird80's post

Well i am sure she get lot of offers but it's up to her to take them.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 8-29-2011 15:13     Subject: Reply 61#61 bala's post

I'm glad they helped Summer and her daughter to get away and destroying the coolest gadget she ever built was great
Author: bala    Time: 8-31-2011 11:23     Subject: A Short Time In Paradise

This was the first awful episode of Alpha only thing significant was the doctor shooting that guy who deserved it.
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 8-31-2011 12:10     Subject: Reply 68#68 bala's post

Author: bala    Time: 8-31-2011 12:11     Subject: Reply 69#69 arksongbird80's post

Well we know every season of sci-fi show has at least one bad episode
Author: sanggye    Time: 8-31-2011 16:16     Subject: Reply 70#70 bala's post

What was wrong with it?  It was alright, I kind of liked that they all got sucked in in by the light.
Author: bala    Time: 9-1-2011 11:21     Subject: Reply 71#71 sanggye's post

If you have to ask than you don't share our opinion which is fine i think the thing was all previous episode were good and in this episode cameron decides to go to an AA meeting and find an Alpha at least with the previous episodes those Alpha were more impressive it just felt like it was lazy attempt at an episode. Do you really consider that a power?.
Author: sanggye    Time: 9-1-2011 15:04     Subject: Reply 72#72 bala's post

If he wasn't a religious fanatic, can you imagine what he could have done? he made them all basically happy little zombies, following his every command and loving it, even to the point of betraying friends, willing to burn to death.  If he was truly evil and used it to attack people, rob banks and other criminal acts, then you would have liked it.
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-7-2011 01:23     Subject: 1x08 A Short Time In Paradise

Rachel asking Gary to be her date at the family event was amusing and getting her father to seek medical advice was hard work but asking her to check the mole was funny
Author: spratt89    Time: 9-7-2011 10:48

Exclusive: Syfy Renews Alphas for Season 2

Alphas‘ Nina just may have gotten the ear of a Syfy bigwig, because the network has renewed the successful sci-fi series for Season 2, TVLine has learned exclusively.

“Alphas’ smart, innovative approach to a superhero franchise has clearly caught on with our audience,” Mark Stern, Syfy’s president of original content, says of the pick-up. “From the first-rate writing to the outstanding cast lead by David Strathairn, we’re very proud of what was achieved in its first season and look forward to seeing this series fulfill even more of its creative potential in a second season.” Thirteen episodes have been ordered for Season 2, to air in 2012.

Alphas stars Strathairn (an Academy Award nominee for Good Night, and Good Luck) as Dr. Lee Rosen, a neuroscientist/quasi-therapist who oversees a collection of “alphas” with unique abilities. Among them: Warren Christie (October Road, pictured above) plays Cameron, who boasts superhuman agility; Malik Yoba (New York Undercover) is strongman Bill; Laura Mennell (Watchmen) is Nina, a beauty possessing the power of suggestion; Ryan Cartwright (Bones) plays, young man living with autism who can “see” airborne data streams; and Azita Ghanizada (Castle) is Rachel, a gal who can super-amplify any one of her senses.

Season 1 guest stars included Lindsay Wagner (The Bionic Woman), Alaina Huffman (Stargate Universe), John Pyper-Ferguson (Battlestar Galactica), Summer Glau (Firefly), Garret Dillahunt (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Rebecca Mader (Lost)  and Brent Spiner (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

After giving Syfy its most-watched scripted premiere in two years with its July debut, Alphas has averaged 3.3 million weekly viewers (with Live+7 DVR data factored in).

Author: bala    Time: 9-7-2011 11:01     Subject: Reply 75#75 spratt89's post

great news
Author: bala    Time: 9-13-2011 11:13     Subject: Blind Spot

Well this was good episode two alphas for the price of 1 . Nice guest stars as well.
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 9-14-2011 06:40     Subject: Reply 77#77 bala's post

this one totally made up for the past lame episode.

Who was the chick gues star??

Rachel was the hero of the day and Gary saying he would duck and cover, protect and cover.  FUNNY
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-14-2011 07:38     Subject: Reply 77#77 bala's post

Good episode, Gary using the camera across the road was interesting and Rachel finding another use for a laptop was great
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-14-2011 07:38     Subject: Reply 78#78 arksongbird80's post

The guest star was Rebecca Mader and some of the things Gary says are amusing
Author: sanggye    Time: 9-17-2011 17:56     Subject: Reply 74#74 codebreaker's post

Brent Spiner (Data) as someone with sonic powers and an "blind spot girl" wonderful.  Loved Gary's comment about "why do we always have to fight someone with abilities?"
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-20-2011 02:05     Subject: 1x10 The Unusual Suspects

Nathan capturing the entire team was interesting but having that many alphas together was always going to be hard to contain and none of them picking up that Rosen was an impostor until it was almost too late was a little disappointing
Author: sanggye    Time: 9-23-2011 16:52     Subject: Reply 82#82 codebreaker's post

I thought something was up when he started accusing, Rosen would never act like that.  Bill is in some trouble.
Author: bala    Time: 9-25-2011 12:35     Subject: Reply 82#82 codebreaker's post

Well he was good shape shifter and you couldn't tell either could you?
Author: bala    Time: 9-27-2011 11:19     Subject: Original Sin

Well Rosen really blew the lid open didn't he made for a great clif hanger
Author: codebreaker    Time: 9-27-2011 13:18     Subject: Reply 85#85 bala's post

What a blood bath and a close call for some of their own and there is no going back from that news conference
Author: arksongbird80    Time: 9-27-2011 15:32     Subject: Reply 86#86 codebreaker's post

Heck no!  Bring it on.    Well done.  Great season finale.  So sorry to see Anna go.  Such a blow for gary.
Author: sanggye    Time: 9-27-2011 16:25     Subject: Reply 87#87 arksongbird80's post

You can't trust the Federal Government, there was no reason for them to start firing.  The government doesn't want there to be any alphas as we have seen in this episode and many of the previous ones.  Anna was slowly coming around to Gary's thinking I felt.  He did a very brave thing...
Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-8-2012 23:32     Subject: Alphas Season 2 General Discussion (Spoilers)

Season 2 Premieres July 23, 2012

Discuss Anything About Season 2 Here

Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-8-2012 23:33

Author: codebreaker    Time: 6-20-2012 19:51

Author: bala    Time: 7-17-2012 07:46     Subject: Alphas - Wake Up Call - Sneak Peek

Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-21-2012 10:33

Author: codebreaker    Time: 7-23-2012 22:17

Author: bala    Time: 7-24-2012 06:55     Subject: Wake Up Call

Well he knew there would be an incident but i don't think he knows that his daughter is working for bad guys which leads to an interesting situation later on in this season, when he will find out but could it be she did it for her father so he be out.  It was great to see the team back together but you could see why they need him to help them become a better team. Without a leader we saw what happens to the team. I really hope he get full control over the program since he seems to be the only one that understand what to do compared to the government who just wants to lock them up.
Author: sanggye    Time: 7-25-2012 06:04     Subject: Reply 7#7 bala's post

Well that was part of the deal, he would have full control, let's just see if the government follows though.  Wonder why the destroyed the train, has to be for a reason.
Author: bala    Time: 7-25-2012 06:36     Subject: Reply 8#8 sanggye's post

There are making an statement that they can't be stop
Author: sanggye    Time: 7-25-2012 07:47     Subject: Reply 9#9 bala's post

maybe, just seemed a little contrite.  If you wanted to do something that sends a statement, a terroist attack on a train that can be done with explosives doesn't say much
Author: bala    Time: 7-25-2012 07:53     Subject: Reply 10#10 sanggye's post

That takes planning they can attack any part whenever they want-there no need for them any planning if they want derail a train they can do stright-away at a distance. I get what your saying but look supermarket attack that was another form attack that really took little planning.
Author: sanggye    Time: 7-25-2012 13:39     Subject: Reply 11#11 bala's post

But there was planning with the supermarket attack.  From what it looked like was to make it look like a normal attack, but the point was to get digital-girl arrested, so when they tried to "chip" here, her feedback would destroy the chips.... see planning

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